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Storage Idea for Small Bathroom


I’m a sucker of storage and I believe that we don’t need a big spacious house to live comfortably, but good and creative storage will definitely help to increase the living experience in a small space


Amazing Kitchen Storage

I always wanted to design my own kitchen, but for now since I’m still staying with my in laws, so the idea slowly rotten in my mind. Hahaha. It’s pretty hard to get an affordable house around PJ, was hoping for housing market price to drop tremendously or another option is I to become a rich woman overnight (and both of that are not going to happen anytime soon , I guess? LOL), then I can buy a 1 million house¬† (yup that’s the current price of the land housing in PJ) Of course there are many affordable houses around outskirt area, but it’s too far from everything! Too far from my favorite textile shop, far from Cosway training center, far from shopping mall, far from Imran’s workplace, far from my tailors and etc. So we think that, no point juga if we save on money to buy the house but later we spend lot more on petrol, toll and whatnot and not to forget time and energy wastage.¬† So, for the time being no house for us, but we’re still looking and being optimist hoping for miracle to happen hahaha. Condo and apartment pon kiteorg consider juga.

Amazing kitchen storage

Ok back to the designing my own kitchen topic, I found this amazing kitchen storage! Just like what I had in my mind for my future kitchen. I like the set up to be as practical as possible and optimize usage of kitchen space and this kitchen storage perfectly being designed the way I wanted it to be. Maybe a bit different here and there but the concept is more or less the same. I can imagine, with this kind of set up for my kitchen cabinet, I can bake mountain of cookies and cook like I were to have feast everyday! (hahah ni biasalah ayat semangat sebelum dapat sesuatu benda, bila dh dapat kemungkinan jadi tukun adalah 90%) Hahaha.

Care to share your dream kitchen?

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