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Selamat Hari Raya 2014


Assalamualaikum, whoooaaa dah 4 bulan tk blog. Lama gila. Dah banyak kali cuba nak blog tapi keadaan mmg tk mengizinkan sbb kalau nk blog kena aman.

I just bought a new phone, bigger screen and faster processor, hope with this new phone I can blog more often

Laptop? memang tak boleh la, sbb bila on je byk la yg bergayut, lagipun sekarang laptop mmg dah selalu off sbb kalau boleh tak nak Ichiro and Kenji addicted to computer and gadget. Handphone quite easy nak sorokkan.

Ok insyallah will blog more. Banyak ni benda nk cerita, dh lama sgt tk blog, dari tk pandai jahit sampai dh pandai jahit hehe. Ok goodnight!

Selamat Hari Raya dari Mr & Mrs Imran sekeluarga


English Cotton fabric for sale!

As promised earlier, here are some pictures of the english cotton fabric that are still available to be purchased. All are pre-cut to 4 meter length. Cuma ada certain design, odd length sbb I potong since customer requested. But, I prefer to sell 4 meter rather than potong2, sbb if dah tinggal sikit2 tu nnt, tk tahu nk jual macam mana and boleh buat apa jer with the balance. So, minimum length to purchase for each design is 2 meter ya. But if beli 4 meter terus lagi bagus and our priority goes to customer who wanted to purchase 4 meter.

Fabrics are selling fast and do grab whichever you like quickly ok. Here are general details of the fabrics. Utk details like colours and etc, drop comment below, nnt I reply. Sbbnya I malas nk taip sesatu details tu. But dekat fb i ada update detail lengkap for all the fabrics. Do check it out! http://www.facebook.com/nilamboutique

Kalau nk terus order and confirm details with me just email me info [at] nilamboutique [dot] com or send your message here http://www.nilamboutique.com/contact-us

  • Price : RM85 (4 mtr) or RM44 (2 mtr)
  • Tempah kurung pahang/kurung biasa : RM75
  • If order fabric + tempah kurung together : RM150 (original price RM160)
  • Postage : RM7

* Tempahan kurung will be close soon, so please confirm your order in urgent manner. Thank You!

Blue butterfly design can be match with below stripe (blue-ish) design.


Daisy (black) can be match with below stripe (black) design.

2 meter + 1.5 meter available for this daisy purple design. Minimum length to purchase is 2 meter. But can also purchase all 3.5 meter. Ladies with small body frame can still make a decent kurung with 3.5 meter. Selling it for RM22 per meter. This design can be match with below polkadot design.


Only 1/2 meter available for this daisy pink design. Selling it for RM10 only. Crafters can use this to make craft item.



Baju Raya! Baju Raya!

Sebenarnya kan, I macam tkder semangat nk update blog lagi. It always like that. Bila preggie jer sure tkder selera dgn blog. When I was pregnant with my first child, pon sama tkder selera nak update blog  up to the point tgk blog boleh nk rasa muntah. And it was then I changed my blog design and now I think I need to revamp my blog again. Arghhh boleh bankrupt macam ni. Kalau mengandung 10 anak? 10 kali nk tukar design blog? Huhuh.

So sorry for lack of updates. Mmg tkder selera nk berblogging sangat. But I still available on the social network site like facebook and twitter. So, apa-apa hola me there ok. Ok can also drop comment here, I selalu jer monitor comment and will reply soonest possible. Update blog jer jarang. Ehe.

Available in 5 colors. Biege sold to someone already. So, there’s only 4 left, light mustard, dusty pink, fuchsia and olive green. Price is RM299. Material is satin and comes with pretty border lace in black/white. I designed the sleeve as such (mcm ada fin at the back) so that you can roll up your sleeve easily while taking ablution (wuduk). I make all 5 in M size. Org size lain jangan sedih ok. Nnt kalau ada rezeki I can make for other size also. Actually there’s one more Abaya Dress available in grey-purplish , but that one material is cotton mix and ada ropol2 cantik dekat sleeve and neckline. Tapi yg tu, the sketch is in my other pc, so tk dpt upload. Size is M also and price is RM199 for that one.

Oh about the entry title. I mmg jual baju raya sebenarnya. Still dlm pembikinan. Insyallah June siap. Limited pieces available. Very very limited. Sbbnya, sajer nk try test market. I tk pernah buat baju ready made, so this is first time everrrr and it would be a very decent Abaya Dress for Nilam Boutique Ramadhan Collection. Very nice sesuai pakai masa gi terawih , but ada unsur2 glam sket sbb i letak narrow beaded lace along the neckline and sleeve utk kasi menyerlah sket so sesuai dipakai masa raya nnt :)

Tudung raya pon insyallah akan ada, very limited pieces juga dalam 10 pieces (5 colours), thinking nk buat half moon shawl/veil with beads and also thinking of selling some chiffon printed shawl. Tapi masih dlm planning sbb esok baru meeting with tailor. Other than that, insyallah next week I update gambar2 kain cotton comel utk buat kurung ok. Boleh beli kain and tempah kurung terus dgn I, save time, save petrol, save energy. Dah siap I can just post the kurung to you.

Paisley cotton kurung pahang. This one not for sale ya. It’s for yours truly. Heee. But if you wish to get lovely cotton fabric as above, wait for my next update ok. Am gonna sell some next week insyallah. Price range would be around RM85 for 4 meters. And to those who wants to tempah kurung pahang with me, yeah I still got some slot available for tempahan. But you must hurry ok, afraid if I need to close order soon.

Beria-ia nk raya? Puasa pon belum lagi? Ok, tahun ni mmg I nk buat preparation awal for my family and customers. Firstly sbb I deliver baby insyallah in August yakni bulan ramadhan! Tkkan la nk sibuk2 dengan tempahan lagi time tu kan? Another thing, I prefer bulan Ramadhan ni, my husband relaks and boleh menunaikan ibadah dgn tenang dan aman, tanpa perlu nk sibuk2 tolong I ke sana kemari, settle kan orders dan juga tailors pon dah cakap bulan Ramadhan tkkan menjahit sbb diaorg nk gi terawih. Jadinya, semua kene siap awal sebelum bertemu Ramadhan yg mulia :)

Contoh kurung untuk kanak-kanak. Harga tempahan bermula dari RM30 – RM50 (berdasarkan umur). Yang gambar ni, contoh kurung dengan border lace dekat lengan. Pretty pleaseeee.

Oh yer selain dari Abaya Dress, I ada juga sediakan telekung siap utk dijual. Juga limited pieces. Almaklum biznes kecil-kecilan , everything kene start small dulu. Design bahagian muka agak special, memandangkan kebanyakkan telekung dipasaran , bahagian muka selalu tk fit muka sangat, often terlalu besar dan longgar. Jadi, I try buat design yg bahagian muka tu lebih selesa dipakai. Yg confirm ada 5 pieces pink, grey and white (polyester) and 2 pieces white stripey emboss cotton with embroidery sarong. Price vary depending on type of fabric. Sepatutnya ada lagi 5 pieces from cheaper type fabric, tapi yg ni I tk sure lagi jadi ker tak nk buat.

Since, I ada quite many item to sell, I need few female models. So sesiapa berminat nk jadi model for my boutique. Kindly email me your photos at info [at] nilamboutique [dot] com. I juga tengah mencari duta for my product, meaning I akan guna model tu utk jangka masa yg panjang. Jadi saper rasa diri layak, boleh apply ok. Ciri-ciri adalah seperti di bawah.

  • Cantik, manis, pretty, lovely and beautiful (can’t stress more on this)
  • Photogenic
  • Good skin complexion
  • Height : 165cm – 170cm
  • Weight : 55kg-60kg
  • Preferably muslim (other race also can be considered)
  • Preferably a hijabi
  • Preferably single (married woman also can be considered)
  • Confident to pose in front of camera is an advantage

I know I jarang update blog, but watch this space for cotton fabric update, insyallah next week ya. I planned to buy about 10 set of fabrics only, hand pick by me. So, you guys got to be hurry ya.

Till then…oyasumi nasai (selamat malam)


Work work work

Separuh dari fabrik yg dah dibeli, another half not in picture.

Been busy for the past few weeks. I’ve conducted several discussion session with customers for wedding and raya outfits. Some ada yang drop by my place, some through email and whatsapp jer. Cool kan technology? Without meeting up face to face, once can actually order custom clothing. So, to those yang got no time to meet up with designer or got no time to look for an affordable designer and dress maker. I’m here for you ok :)

I went to Jakel Malacca for the first time that day. Okaylah not so bad, choices are quite limited tho, because the building seems quite small. Bukanlah kecil sangat, but kecil if to compare with Jakel KL/Shah Alam or even Segamat. Yeah I’ve officially been to all Jakel stores. Dulu when I was still a small kid, selalu ikut my mom pergi Jakel Segamat. Since my house is actually kinda situated at the border of Malacca and N9 and also kinda near to Segamat. So, I got the chance to go to all Jakel stores. Huhu. Not a fan of Jakel (in terms of fabric, or maybe sbb I’ve been there so many times till all fabric looks no longer pretty to my eyes. Huhu), but Jakel by far the biggest textile supplier in Malaysia kan, so senang sket sbb byk pilihan.

I still remember, when I was scouting for my wedding outfits fabric, I was some sort rambang mata. Everything pon nakkkkkk. Everything pon nampak so santekkkkk. But sadly I can just buy fabric enough for 2 outfits jer. Nk beli banyak-banyak…tak cukup duit satu, lagi satu kejadah hapa la kan haku nk pakai baju kawen banyak-banyak. Heee. I was 24 year old masa tu and I chose and bought my own wedding outfit fabric alone. Yup alone. I tk bawak sesiapa penasihat or designer. I was very confident and I know what I want despite the fact that I was quite young masa tu. Ramai kata org muda tk pandai and tak tahu pilih kain. I beg to differ! Walaupon I tk pernah buat baju mahal-mahal before I get married, paling mahal pon I beli was kain Opel. Masa I umur 23-24 tu kain Opel tengah top. Huhu.Tapi alhamdullilah dengan kebolehan yg Allah anugerahkan kepada saya, memilih fabric adalah benda dan perkara yg paling paling saya gemari!

I bought my sanding outfit fabric di EuroModa and nikah at other shop yg I dah lupa nama , itupon selepas masuk few other kedai and tk jumpa fabric yang I nak. When I showed my fabrics to the designer, his remark was “pandai you pilih kain…” I was then smiling from ear to ear and felt so satisfied and proud of myself. Hihih (perasan best masa tu) And now, sejak ada boutique business, I dapat beli kain cantik selalu for my customers and rasa sangat bahagia ok!

This year, I beria sikit ambil orders awal-awal and keep reminding my regular customers to order theirs soonest possible before end May. Sbb by early July I wanna make sure all orders have been completed so that I could go through last stage of my pregnancy with a peaceful mind. Lagipon my tailor said bulan puasa dia tanak menjahit.

Jakel Malacca was formerly known as Astana Moda. Now dah rename as Jakel rasanya as I being told. They gonna open new shop soon near Jusco area to accommodate more fabrics. I loike!

Ok a bit of my pregnancy, alhamdullilah syukur pregnancy kali ini nampaknya sedikit mudah dari yang pertama. Kalau yg pertama sehinga ke akhir pregnancy I muntah and tiada selera makan, berserta angin yang tiada hentinya and kaki yang membengkak. Utk kali ini, muntah dah tkder cuma selera makan tu agak memilih, makan goreng2 kt kedai tu tkleh makan sangat, makanan bandar pon tk minat sangat. All I want is my mom cooking. Lauk kampung, cakes, donuts, kuih-muih, chocolates….semua ni jadi makanan ruji dah. Huhu. Chocolates or cakes tu kalau tk dpt makan, rasa mcm nk mengamuk ok. Jadinya, mesti makan walaupon segigit. Hmm macam-macam betul eh? Hihi

Gender baby tk tahu lagi, my sister kata I scan guna mesin cap ayam. Hahaha. Tapi kali ni mcm nak rahsia la gender baby, biar family suspen sikit :) Nama baby? Arghhh tk decide and finalize lagi. Dulu yg first siap boleh buat peraduan teka nama baby saya. Hahah, kali ni nama pon tk decide lagi , gender pon tatau lagi.

Ichiro pula mcm tk sabar nak adik keluar. Dia selalu tengok you tube guna iphone and sandar kt perut I sambil usap-usap perut I. Konon-konon tengah tgk you tube (selalu tengok Pingu) dengan adik dia. Hehe. Itu tk kira lagi bila asyik big hug and kiss perut I. Kadang-kadang ngeri takut dia jadi geram and gigit. Pernah terjadi okkkk dia gigit my belly button. Ouchhhh.

Okaylah itu sahaja. Sorry terpanjang pulak, tapi dh alang-alang lama tk update kan. Selamat bekerja!



Lonia Homemade Chocolate - updates

Corporate door gift for our corporate customer.  A box of praline chocolate complete with islamic pattern wrapper and ribbon. Theme colors are green and blue. More story here http://www.loniavillage.com/blog/2011/09/06/corporate-raya-door-gifts/

Syawal melabuhkan tirai, insyallah jika diizinkan Allah kiter akan bertemu Ramadhan and Syawal lagi next year ok. In conjunction with that me and my sister (Lonia) would like to thank all our beloved customers for trusting us to supply chocolates, cookies and apam for Raya celebration. We are so delightful to know many new customers across Malaysia and would love to know more of you as we (Lonia) continue our journey in homemade food business.

Praline chocolate in moon and star shape (symbols that related to Syawal) , gift box shape and guitar pick shape chocolate decorated with transfer sheet pattern (hardly can see because color of the pattern is light blue)

Special edition oreo chocolate for Shyda’s cousin engagement/wedding (not sure) hantaran. More stories here http://www.loniavillage.com/blog/2011/10/01/im-not-an-edible-image-oreo-chocolate/

We received a lot of orders for the apam (sangat laku utk jamuan hari raya), so we have good news for apam lovers that we gonna introduce 2 new designs for the apam soon , which I think most likely will be the “Angry Bird” and “Rainbow” , the current design Polkadot, Fern and Ladybug remain available , we’re just adding more selections :)

Grated chocolate and polkadot design

As always enjoy few photos of Lonia’s latest creation/orders. Stay tune for next week as we gonna publish another special order featuring our chocolate bar in mini envelope for the first time, insyallah.

Till then…tah tah


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