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Me on Bella NTV7

Update : Hey I just managed to watch the show tadi and I tell you what, it was not bad at alllllll. Ramai org kata my suara is dengar tk dengar. But bila I tengok, mmg thats me! I mmg cakap mcm tu in my real life! Haha. Truth is I mmg pelat tk kisah bahasa apa pon I cakap including bahasa melayu, mmg saya pelat and cakap mcm tersekat2 mcm tu. Huhu. Hihi am actually happy now :P Korang sajer buat haku suspen. Kalau dh mmg normal I mcm gitu, mmg tk dpt den nk nolong. Cuba compare dgn myself in Safiyya, lebih kurang jer kepelatan, kesengetan mulut, ketajaman hidunggggggg and double chin. I should sit in the middle. Ok lesson learned!

Me with Elaine Daly and Calvin Thoo on Bella set

Hehe. How do I start eh? Actually it happened pretty fast. Producer of Bella NTV7 contacted me and invited me to participate in Bella. It’s a live show, so I wasn’t sure whether I can do it or not. So, I was a bit hesitate and since it was also a pretty short notice. Sbb, she contacted me 3 days ago and the show is actually yesterday morning. Haaa cepat kan?

My husband laughed at me when I told him I was kinda regret accepting the invitation (but later I was kinda enjoying it). Hahaha. The interview was about dilemma of tailors and designers in finishing raya orders. Even though my raya order not as many as the other famous designer Calvin Thoo who also joined the show, but still panicking tau. Haha. I ada 3 lagi baju dekat tailor, satu tunggu manik, satu tunggu alter and satu tunggu nk siap jahit. Haha.

It was my first appearance on tv – LIVE! Nervous sudah pasti, but I think I was less nervous than my first tv shoot utk Safiyya dulu . Maybe sbb host Bella Elaine Daly yg sangat tinggi dan cantik itu, very friendly and she conducted the interview session like a lepak-lepak discussion session. But thing is nervous is nervous and I was sitting on a set with spotlight and 2 famous person. How do you cope with that? Hihi. Jadinya suara mcm keluar tanak keluar. Hahah. Ok la malas la banyak cakap. Sila makan hati tengok gambar I dengan Elaine Daly and Calvin Thoo. Hihi.

Me, Elaine Daly and Calvin Thoo

Many friends complain that they missed the show (including my parents..ehe) because I didn’t tell them. Well, thing is I don’t like people that I know watching me on tv. Hihi. Mcm tah hapa-hapa kan? What’s the point muncul di tv pon I tatau. Oklah chow!

p/s: Setelah bersahur dengan Usana shake setiap hari dan work out di gym selama seminggu, I lose 1.5kg already! Wohooo. Oh btw, to those yg pernah consume Usana Nutrimeal and Fibergy , just nk inform yg fibergy baru very thick because it contains a lot of fibers compare to the old fibergy. So, I sahur Usana sampai ke berbuka pon tk lapar. Love Usana!



Health Nugget - Combating kidney disease with vitamin?

I love reading Health Nugget send via email by Dr. Ray Strand. Who is Dr. Ray Strand? Well…he’s a doctor and you can read more about him HERE . He writes book also and he has visited Malaysia several times previously to explain more about Usana. NTV7 Breakfast show has once aired and featuring Dr. Ray Strand in that program.

Ok enough about Dr. Ray Strand. I nk tulis about Health Nugget actually. Health Nugget is actually a short note about health, diseases and supplement that good for it send by Dr. Ray Strand. Kinda good juga, sbb he uses layman term yg senang nk faham especially to non-doctors and it’s short and straight forward.

So, when I read the health nugget I can roughly have an idea about the diseases, consequences, root cause and prevention. However, this is not a free service, you got to subscribe Dr. Ray Strand’s website and get access to all the goodies offered :)

Here one of the latest Health Nugget. Apparently Vitamin B1 (which if Usana brand, you can get it from Essentials, utk brand lain I tak sure, sbb I only consume and sell Usana products) is good for kidney diseases especially for the diabetic patients. This is quite new to me, sbb all these while I thought diabetic is only associate with kudis-kudis and luka yang susah nak baik and later merebak jadi sgt teruk sampai kene potong bagai.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) has been shown to reverse early signs of kidney disease in diabetics in a recent study reported in the journal of Diabetologia. Diabetes significantly increases the risk of kidney disease. Forty diabetic patients that had signs of protein in their urine, which is an indication of early kidney disease received vitamin B1 in supplementation. The researchers observed a 41% decrease in protein being excreted by the kidney and 35% of the participants saw their kidney function return to normal. Dr. Rabbani stated, “This study once again highlights the importance of vitamin B1 supplementation in our diabetic patients.

Kidney diseases is quite dangerous, dan tak boleh amik sebarang ubatan or supplement without consulting doctor. Sbb kidney patient setahu I lah (yg bukan doctor ini), nk minum pon kene bersukat. So, mmg information yg I tulis kt sini about Vitamin B1 (thiamin) bagus utk kidney diseases especially for diabetic patient, tapi before deciding to consume any outside medication or supplement, please let your doctor know first and get his/her advice ok.

Insyallah sama-sama sihat. To those who in need of good supplement to combat many kind of diseases, do not shy to contact me. As always I’ll only recommend the best brand for health products as this is health that we are talking about, thing that we cannot buy and compromise. Buying supplement is not as easy as buying chocolate, let me help you in this. I do have ready stock being replenish monthly and I would be able to ship in most cases within 24 hours. But sometimes, if I got things to do,  it would take me up to maximum 48 hours only. Tak pernah lah sampai 3 hari I tk pos2 lagi :)

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