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Cosway Online Super Awesome Plan


I’m currently attending Cosway briefing on their latest online shopping mall, and I tell you the commission plan is so crazy and easy to do.

Kalau ada sesiapa minat nak bisnes Online, ada dedicated website, modal murah dan boleh dibuat dari rumah jer pon guna Internet. Sesuai utk students, makcik, kakak dan lain2 lagi. Secara jujur I dah guna produk Cosway about 2 years dah dan saya rasa mmg produk semua terbaik, berkualiti dan berpatutan harganya. Contact saya ok utk dpt info lanjut!


More Updates on Cosway Epic (Cospic) - An Evening with Glen Jansen

Epic Cosway event with Glen Jansen 1

Event was held at MAS Academy Hall

Hectic and chaotic, that would be the right set of words to describe my life now. Hence, really really sorry for lack of updates here. With Cosway Epic program has started, taking orders for my online boutique, managing kids, catch up things with husband and attending my sewing classes; I hardly have time to blog. So, sorry again I didn’t mean to neglect this blog, apparently I need more “me” time in order to blog often.

Epic Cosway event with Glen Jansen 2

Me selfie before the event started

Now, I’m trying to get my “me” time early in the morning. Right after my hubby leaves the house for work. I’m not complaining tho ^_^ just trying to to make things work for me and my life.

What about Cosway Epic event? Founder of Epic Era company Glen Jansen came down to Malaysia with  his team last week and in the conjunction with that my group leader and the committee has arranged a simple event with Mr. Glen since this would be his first visit ever since Cosway Epic program has been approved by the government of Malaysia. We are so excited to hear what Glen has to say about the program, payout and future plan!

Epic Cosway event with Glen Jansen 4

Mr Glen on stage delivering his speech with MLM revolution background. Cospict tagline is ” we didn’t invent MLM but we change the way distributor success”

Good one I would say..

The event started with Mr. Glen parading into the hall with a Kompang troupe! Haha I didn’t expect that at all, since it was quite a last minute planned event (but perhaps MAS Academy Hall offered the kompang service in the hall renting package) Few leaders were called upon onto stage to share their experiences in Cosway & Epic (semuanya jenis dapat income 6 figures, I wonder how they do it eh? Aiyaiyai, should learn more) And then finally, Mr. Glen was invited to be on stage to address his speech. It was an inspiring speech by him since he shared some information about future plan, bonus, trip and etc. Who doesn’t love great news? Everybody loves it.

Epic Cosway event with Glen Jansen 3

Me with Alex, Mr Glen’s son

Some of the great news are HERO bonus will be extended (yesssssssss, disebabkan Epic ni baru, so tkder siapa yg start dgn level bawah sekali, sbb Glen kasi kitaorg yg dah lama in Cosway terus naik rank HERO, best kan? HERO ni level yg 4 dari atas, kira ada 3 lagi level nak naik sampai rank teratas sekali iaitu HUMANITARIAN ), then restructuring pon extended, jadi we all still ada masa untuk recruit new member and earn maximum income for the first payout.

Epic Cosway event with Glen Jansen 5

Me with my eCosway & Epic very hardworking upline Anne

Epic event 6

Group photo with other associates and Mr (can’t remember) , he’s responsible for either the data migrating and syncing between eCosway and Epic or payout (I can’t remember that as well)

Glen also explained the meaning of the rank’s name, unlike other companies that labelled their rank after “Gemstones” or precious medal like “Gold, Silver, Bronze and etc”  Glen decided to name Cospic rank base on our business journey. Interesting right? Start from Marketing Partner, then we become Ambasaddor, Mentor and so on. The top rank calls HUMANITARIAN as we are expected to “gives back” to community and team. As a Humanitarian we need to help and guide others to success, that is one of the criteria to become a Humanitarian. Interesting…interesting…

Kalau ada sesiapa berminat nak business, Epic is the right business for you. Why? Because it is;

  • Affordable
  • Easy
  • Weekly income
  • Online website (will be provided soon insyallah)
  • No selling is required since we have Cosway store available everywhere, we just need to get people to buy the products at the store :)

Sample of Epic compensation plan, but this one is US plan, Malaysia plan is a bit different here and there. They haven’t produce a video for it yet. Soon insyallah.

Contact me to know how to start Cospic business, initial Capital is as low as RM350. Grab the chance now and be among the first few to join Cospic (Cosway Epic Smart Consumer Business) Call me 0126737765 or click here to message  me via contact form http://www.mrmrsimran.com/contact-us/


Sponsored Video: Toyota - Dream Car Art Contest - Malaysia

toyota dream car art contest

Hi, Toyota is currently having a contest for anyone in this country (Malaysia) who aged 15 years old and younger. The contest is pretty simple, the kids just need to draw a picture of their dream car with suitable backgrounds to support the idea.

Entry Guidelines

  • Entry period    September 2013 – end of March 2014. The 8th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest is open.
  • Eligibility    The contest is open to anyone in these countries, aged 15 years old or younger.
  • Age categories    7 years old and under; 8-11 years old; 12-15 years old.
  • Theme    “Your Dream Car”
  • What can I use to create my artwork?    You can use any standard drawing medium you like. Perhaps you could try coloring pencils, crayons, watercolors or markers Our only restriction is that you don’t use digital tools to create your artwork.
  • Your task    We’re looking for hand-drawn colorful artwork, which shows “Your Dream Car”. Remember to include a background that supports your idea. Your picture could be seen all over the world, so make sure people from different cultures will be able to understand it.
  • Artwork size    Please try and use A3 paper for your artwork (that’s 420 x 297mm). If you can’t get a piece of A3 paper, between 420-450mm (16.5-18in) and 270-300mm (11-12in) is fine.

The contest timeline and requirements may vary in different countries or regions. Please confirm the contest details with the TOYOTA distributor in the country or region of your residence.

Parents can check full entry information and entry guidelines here http://www.toyota-global.com/events/dream_car_art_contest/entry.html


Kemaman & Kuantan Flood 2013

banjir kemaman kuantan 2013 aPicture courtesy of Shabery Cheek Official FB Fan Page

We were tested greatly when natural disaster specifically flood, hit Kemaman and Kuantan about a week ago. Syukur alhamdullilah all are safe except one.

Communication and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek said the critical period for flood victims throughout the five days in Kemaman, Terengganu was ending and it was time for cleaning works to begin.

He described the phenomenon this time as unusual, saying it was probably to serve as a reminder to the people on the importance of being united and avoiding conflicts before being tested with catastrophes such as in Aceh, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

“Everything was unusual. The rainfall reading in Jabur on December 2 was 777mm in a day. This is a 100-year phenomenon. Normally during the monsoon season, the level is 350mm in a month – See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/critical-period-for-flood-victims-almost-over-says-ahmad-shabery

banjir kemaman kuantan 2013 bPicture courtesy of Shabery Cheek Official FB Fan Page

I was so keen on donating some money for the victims, however I always a bit hesitate especially when the money needs to be transfer to individual account (individual that I don’t know, hence need to do some checking and investigation before transferring money) Other than that, I also don’t really like to wait for tac number from the bank for online transaction. When all these sums up, it made me kinda turned off or “liat” to donate my money online. I wonder is there any donation method that is easier and simpler for our flood victims?

And suddenly  my prayer answered when I saw DS Shabery Cheek posting this on her facebook wall. Many thanks to him for introducing this “tabung” as we can now donate our money with peace of mind.

derma tabung KKM menerusi sms

I give it a tried by just simply donating RM1, and I get this reply immediately after I sent the sms. The amount that you donated will be charged to your postpaid bill or deducted from your prepaid credits. Let’s donate! RM1 for 1 person, if 1 million of people donating RM1, we can get RM1 million. Awesome!

tabung kemanusian komunikasi dan multimedia

 Haha bateri kaput!


Epic Era Fever - Part 1

Saya ada berita baik utk semua yang masih tercari-cari perniagaan yang boleh dijalankan dari RUMAH dan mampu memberikan pendapatan yang stabil. Saya akan “update” dengan lebih terperinci dgn business ini bermula dengan bahagian pertama ini dulu ok. Sesiapa yang tak sabar nk tahu lebih details (memandangkan tarikh pendaftaran semakin hampir) boleh lah contact saya, dan saya boleh explain dgn lebih detail ok.

Mesti ada yang kata dalam hati, ah sure boring, sure just another typical direct selling company..Ok I don’t blame you sebab most of us are like that. Tapi kali ini, you got to read till the end if you really looking for an ideal and simple business that you can just do with merely a computer and internet line at home. Antara ciri-ciri lain yang anda harus ambil tahu tentang perniagaan ini ialah;

  1. Epic Era ialah sebuah syarikat dari Utah, US yang bergabung dengan Cosway/eCosway untuk mewujudkan satu plan perniagaan “Trinary” (yup you heard it right, trinary not binary ya) yang PERTAMA di dunia
  2. Epic baru dilancarkan pada bulan lepas iaitu October 2013, dan pendaftaran utk di Malaysia akan bermula pada bulan depan 16th Dec 2013. Jadi rebut peluang utk menjadi antara yg pertama menjalankan business ini dan menjual product Epic
  3. Gabungan Epic dan eCosway , menjadikan perkongsian ini lebih kukuh kerana tidak akan wujud masalah “product saturation” (iaitu satu situasi di mana syarikat tidak mempunyai banyak “product range” yang boleh dijual, yang menyebabkan pelanggan tidak boleh membeli barang lain selain apa yg dijual sahaja, ataupon produk tk ada stock, ini adalah masalah utama produk direct selling) Cosway/eCosway memang terkenal dengan seleksi barangan yang sangat banyak dan kini ada pertambahan dgn produk dari Epic, menjadikannya “one stop shopping center” utk semua orang. Produk Epic juga akan dijual di semua kedai Cosway.
  4. 1 network 2 bonuses! Oleh kerana Epic dan eCosway/Cosway bergabung jadi ia dikira seperti satu network, tetapi yang menariknya bonus diberikan oleh kedua2 syarikat ini. Buat kerja sekali, bonus 2 kali. Yup something like that :)
  5. Everything can be done ONLINE! Semua disediakan utk kemudahan anda memperkenalkan business ini secara online. Ada website, boleh order melalui website, boleh mendaftar ahli baru menggunakan website, online training, boleh check activity network dan sales melalui backend office yg juga adalah online, boleh promote product secara online juga kerana Epic menyediakan video iklan utk produk2 mereka. Tutorial untuk enroll (daftar ahli baru) juga ada disediakan dalam bentuk video.

epic era

Ok, I think cukup dulu 5 kot :) Nanti baca banyak2 pening. But yes, the above are 5 reasons that you should give this business a chance. Yang pertama di dunia tu, kena cuba ok :) Pada saya lah, kalau saya nk buat business saya prefer banyak produk, sbb tk kisah lah apa jua yg pelanggan minta, kita boleh sediakan. Ada juga yg kata, we need to have STAR product or killer product, jadi tk perlu jual banyak2 sangat. Itu pon betul juga, tetapi it depends on the type of product juga, kalau STAR produk tu mcm kek chocolate moist yang harga murah dan org suka nk beli berkali2, mmg ada 1 produk jer dh cukup utk dapatkan repeat sales, especially utk org yg gila kek mcm saya. Saya sanggup jer nk beli kek tu berkali2 sebulan. Tapi andai kata produk STAR tu mahal, harga 100++ dan utk kesihatan pula tu (ramai tk minat nk beli supplement or produk kesihatan, nk kene ketuk sekali, beli sekali) , kalau setakat 1 – 10 produk mungkin agak susah utk maintain sales yg bagus. Boleh tu memang boleh, saya tk kata tk boleh. Tapi agak susah sedikit berbanding jika anda boleh supply mcm2 produk. Customer pon sangat suka kalau ada byk pilihan. Mereka boleh memilih mengikut bajet dan “preference” . Nak supplement pokok senduduk ke, nak supplement tanam kt gunung himalaya ker…u just name it! (hehe joking..)

Contoh “training” video Epic. Just Listen. Interesting, I tk pernah tengok video training ala2 filem ni. Huhu.

Setiap “business owner” Cosway akan secara automatic menjadi ahli Epic, ini bermakna saya akan automatic menjadi ahli Epic, apabila ia bermula december ini. Jadi sesiapa yang nk join group saya, yang di mana kami memang ada group center yang sangat bagus, menjalankan aktiviti2 pembelajaran produk, marketing plan, oppurtunity talk, team building and etc Saya jemput sangat2 dengan tangan terbuka utk anda menyertai kami. Berkenaan dgn yuran pendaftaran dan lain2, akan saya update di blog, tapi buat masa ni kalau nk tahu , boleh contact saya dulu ok. Sbb sekarang ni mmg tk sempat lagi nk digest harga pendaftaran kerana dia ada byk jenis (since combine dgn eCosway), so mmg ada a few type, jadi nk explain kt sini I nk kene type panjang lebar. But now I need to sleep dulu. Huhu.

Ini adalah salah satu video iklan utk produk Epic iaitu Epic Curb. Curb sejenis “oral spray” yang boleh mengurangkan rasa suka dan ketagihan kepada makanan-makanan yang manis. Sangat berguna disaat2 gula naik harga eh? Hehe.

I really need to stop now, ladies (i believe majority my blog readers are ladies) if you want to among the first to be in Epic Era and run this fantastic business, do contact me

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