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My Little Barney


Kenji falling asleep on the floor while playing with his toys

Look at thatttttt, isn’t he adorable with the cute purple Dino tail tied to his waist. Heheheh, yeah, I made that thing. I was in dire need to sew something easy and simple as I’ve been off from sewing far too long (due to raya holiday) till I felt soooo lazy to get the ball rolling again. Hence, the dino tail project. It turned out that my kids love it so much so I was thinking that maybe I can try to squeeze my time for a proper photo shoot session with the boys wearing the tails (will make one more too for Ichiro) Yeah… wishful thinking… I know, but I’ll try, insyallah

But only after I finish my “real” sewing works as i’ve got couple of telekung to be sewn asap. Already working on one. Wish me luck to finish all of it on time and I can have some fun sewing the tail.



Ichiro's First Bowling Experience


Image courtesy of Kiss Me Kate Kiss Me Kate is the creation of two friends, Kate Brown and Yolanda Cerra who realised they share a common interest and passion for planning elaborate and stylish events. Together, they combine their skills and expertise in artisan cake decorating, marketing, visual merchandising and together use their creative finesse to deliver to you a range of fun, stylish and whimsical party packages.

We went to The Curve mall yesterday afternoon to check on something, and hmmm I was kind of promised to Ichiro that he would have chance to ride a train at the mall (big mistake). Once there, we can’t find the train. Dulu ada. I felt bad already since Ichiro has been asking for the train non-stop. There were also few other rides available, like the furry animal ride, car, motorbike and the likes, unfortunately none he interested with. Sigh. I was starting to run out of options. Help!

I felt terribly bad and told Imran that we couldn’t go home just like that; we must let him play something. However, as we continue walking toward car park area, we still couldn’t find anything for Ichiro. Then suddenly when we were approaching the exit, Ichiro pointed to a bunting with a bowling pin image on it. I asked him whether he wants to play bowling? He said yes.

ichiro bowling

So off we went to Cineplex bowling center and bought two games for husband and Ichiro. I wanted to play but didn’t bring my socks, hence can only watch hehe. In the meanwhile, Kenji was sleepy and he just sat on the stroller with eyes half close. Hehe. Even so, he still manages to clap his hands whenever he sees his brother jumping with 2 hands up in the air. Victory! Bought two games and daddy was allowed to throw the ball for 5 times only! Ichiro asked his daddy to just sit down and watch him play. Haha. Parents mmg kena banyak mengalah :)

I just knew that the bowling lane has a border along left and right lane to prevent the ball from rolling into the gutter. It’s a good idea kan? So that kids will have more fun playing bowling as their balls did not end up rolling into the gutter for each throw. Looking forward to play bowling soon, I’ll make sure that I play too (since it’s the only sport that I’m kinda good at) will remember to bring socks. Promise.


Hiring Tailors / Beaders

Ramadhan is approaching and am super excited! We all love Ramadhan don’t we? (except org yg tk puasa hahaha) By the way, Raya order for baju kurung/baju melayu sudah ditutup yer. Thanks to all yg menempah. But baju for wedding or blouse or anything else still open.

I know I still new in this fashion biz, but I can’t thank god enough for the orders that pouring in and also thanks to internet & old friends yang believe in me. I really really appreciate that a lot. Bila buat bisnes and u know you can do it, but nobody nk order/buy your stuff, the feeling is truly sucks tau. But alhamdullilah, syukur kepada Allah sebab so far I still dapat order, small-small order tho but I appreciated it a lot. Insyallah from small-small order akan jadi big orders kan?

Here are a few pictures of previous orders yg I managed to snap. There are a few more coming up soon. Harap2 before raya semua settle lah.

Empire dress for Aida & Simple wedding dress ala Kate Middleton (sample). Red satin fabric supplied by Nilam Boutique and red flower prints cotton customer own.

Kurung for Iza’s daughters. Robert Kaufman fabric supplied by Nilam Boutique. RM50 per meter.

Evening dress for Hai-O business woman – Siti Fatimah. She wore the dress during award ceremony. Border lace, french lace, italian satin for skirt and traditional high quality pewter brooch supplied by Nilam Boutique. Price RM1,200.

It’s a long flowy dress

Pink polkadot kurung pahang for Ainul. Fabric supplied by Nilam Boutique. RM35 per meter.

Kurung for Ain (mrs azi) with pink beaded lace at the sleeve edge. Fabric customer own, but I can also supply the same fabric.

Ok ni I nk buat iklan sikit, I nk cari tukang jahit dan tukang jahit manik. Blog I ni mmg tk banyak komen, tapi I know there are many readers yg read my blog. So, nk mintak tolong u guys yg baca ni, tolong sampai-sampaikan kepada yg berkenaan tentang iklan ni ok. Sangat hargai if u all boleh “like” this entry so it will appear on your FB wall. Who knows, you might actually helping someone yg really need a job kan?

As demand is growing, so I need to get more tailors. At the moment I got 4 tailors, 2 malays and 2 chinese. But my past experience searching for tailors wasn’t that smooth. Nanti 1 sweet day I cerita ok pengalaman I berhadapan dgn berbagai ragam tukang jahit. Ada yg buat I betul-betul down dan tk lupa juga yg buat I bertukar menjadi naga.

Normally bila I nk suruh tailor buat sample, I’ll provide them fabric. But most of the time, hasilnya adalah tidak memuaskan hati, dan kain-kain I terbuang membazir begitu sahaja sbb potongan dan hasil jahitan sangat mendukacitakan. Jadinya, utk kali ini dan di masa depan, sesiapa yg nk mencuba utk bekerja dgn Nilam Boutique, saya rasa ada baiknya sediakan kain sendiri utk buat sample ok, cth design akan diberikan. Kain murah2 pon boleh. Lagipon dari situ baru saya boleh tahu kesungguhan utk bekerja. Begitu juga dengan tukang jahit manik, sama juga boleh tunjukkan sample-sample hasil jahitan manik.

Antara kriteria-kriteria yg saya dambakan (wah wah bahase) utk tukang jahit/tukang jahit manik;

  • Jujur dan kuat semangat nk bekerja dan jgn banyak alasan macam-macam.
  • Sediakan fabric utk sample
  • Mempunyai mesin yg bagus, mesin yg jahit tk lawa saya tk boleh terima ok.
  • Jahitan mesti kemas, kalau mesin ok, tapi tukang jahit yg jahit asyik terbabas pon saya tk terima.
  • Kalau boleh duduk dekat area Selangor, area PJ lagi terbaik lah.
  • Patuhi dateline yg dipersetujui.
  • Pencarian tukang jahit akan sentiasa berterusan. Sbb saya suka ada banyak tukang jahit sbb utk elak tukang jahit demand tk tentu pasal dan juga utk mengelakkan bisnes saya terhenti kalau tukang jahit back out. Dah pernah terkena sekali dan sangat mengundang marah.

Kalau berminat isi form kt bawah ni.



In the mood for watching movie? Try "Megamind" :)

I’m in the mood to write as Ichiro is still sleeping and I feel a little bit free since I’ve completed decoration for hantaran last night (can’t wait to see the end result this coming weekend)

To be honest I have no idea what is happening around the world except for Zaid Ibrahim who recently resigned and quit PKR party. Hohoh. Other than that, I think I’m quite clueless, blog orang pon tk sempat nk baca, facebook pon tk sempat nk belek (except replying comments from customers), newspaper pon baca sepintas lalu….haihh I wish I had more time.

By the way my husband and I went to watch 2 movies last week, 2 days in row. First day we watched the “Unstoppable” and on the second day we watched “Megamind”. Actually we didn’t plan to watch “Megamind” , but my sis in law had to cancel her plan to watch the movie sbb dia terlupa she got another plan that night, so ended up she passed the tickets to me and Imran. She volunteered to baby sit Ichiro for us.

“Unstoppable” is quite pleasing to me despite the fact that beginning of the show was somewhat boring. Story line is a bit predictable but still to a certain extent am kinda loving it. Maybe because it just a simple movie with straightforward script and story. So less thinking needed. I can just relax and enjoy the show. Unlike “Inception” where some says lepas tengok boleh tumbuh uban. Hihi. I like “Inception” too, but I think it’s too heavy for me. Setiap hari pon I dah mentally exhausted, tkkan la nk masuk tgk wayang nk kene fikir berat2 lagi? Ahhh not my cup of tea.

Megamind? Simply funny and not a typical super hero movie :) I like it. But I think it can be lotss better if “Megamind” tu hensem sket. Baru la ada feel. The face and the blue color skin, I can still accept, but big bald head? Oh no-no. So, to those yg berkira-kira nk tengok movie, maybe you guys can watch “Megamind” mmg entertaining. Unstoppable tu I tk sure ada show lagi ker tak, but it’s about a mission to stop a speedy train. Nak kene hop into the locomotive and pull the break, but it wasn’t easy sbb the train moving very fast. To make things worst, it carries explosive materials and approaching steep elevated corner , so chances the train might derail and explode in the middle of a town is very high. The train has been mistakenly released without a driver to control the train.

So, roughly that was the story lah. Weekend ni we don’t have any plan to watch movie sbb we got to attend kids event at Petrosains and also on Sunday I have another “syok sendiri” (ahaks) photo shoot with my customer who recently purchased a scarf from Nilam classic range. It’s pretty challenging because we don’t have a proper props, so let’s see how nnt.

Till then..daaaa


Ichiro's First Birthday Party Celebration!

Ichiro’s birthday cake

I can’t thank enough to those who managed to make it to Ichiro’s first birthday party! I had such a great time on that day as I’ve finally got the chance to meet up with friends!

Thank you to my uni friends Mimi, Julia and McD
Thank you to Bukit Bintang Boys and gang Firdaus & GF, Zahir & Hylda and Aidan & family
Thank you to all bloggers Fizamior, Munirah, Jua, Nanoor, Sanaa, Intan, Afidah, Ary, Farah and Anita

Thanks for coming!

Ichiro was busy testing out all the new toys

There were surely butterflies in my stomach prior waiting for the guests since it was our very first party which we hosted and organized our self (partially) of course with the help of entire family especially my mom, mama, hani and both of my sister. Not to forget every guys in the family contributed as well.

I still remember few years back, we were having a conversation about organizing a birthday party for our future kids and at the end we concluded that most probably we won’t be able to throw any party since many of our friends at that time was still single and unmarried. But then there’s a thing call BLOG and little did I know at that time that I can actually make lots of friend via blog and one good thing about bloggers is they are very supportive. Go bloggers!

“Rumah dah siap, pahat berbunyi” ~ malay proverb. Well there were few things about the party that I wasn’t really satisfied with and wish that I could fix it during the event;

  1. The bubble didn’t want to cooperate with us! It was my fault actually. I thought that normal soap can also be use to produce bubbles but oh boy, I was completely wrong! I should have buy some or google on how I can make bubbles on my own.
  2. I forgot to buy the rhyme songs CD, if not certainly it will be more happening singing the birthday song along with music, hmm but that’s ok my mother in law sang really out loud, she could easily replace the missing music.
  3. I should prepare 3 pools instead of 2 for the children. I did plan to buy a new pool which is bigger but then don’t know why I didn’t go ahead with the plan.

Mama suggested SOTO (a type of malay cuisine) for the main dish as children can also eat it since it’s not spicy (nk pedas kene tambah cili hitam/kicap) and also because Ichiro loves the soup so much. There’s also potatoes “bergedil” mix with minced meat which is also suitable for kids & adults, fried chicken and the famous sate Hj. Samuri. We bought it from Hj. Samuri Damansara uptown restaurant. Of course besides that we do have lots of cakes, cookies, kueh and etc. We were very happy since all the food finish entirely the next day. No left overs! Ada la sikit-sikit cakes, cookies and muffins yg tinggal. But then kiterorg dekat rumah ni makan 1-2 hari terus dah licin. Mmg dasar kuat makan. Hihi.

Colourful felt keychain, bookmark and hairclip sponsored by Riqzmie Creation

Close up ~ flower crochet

I would love to say thanks to my angah (sister) who sponsored some items for the goodies such as bookmark, hair clip and keychains. My sister is also very talented in making unique handmade wire jewelry accessories like bangle, brooches, earrings, pendant and many other. Those who are interested to check her other creations and place order kindly make your way to her Facebook fan page which currently being liked by 6000 fans! Check it out! To angah thanks for the beautiful handmade stuff. Lain kali nk sponsor cakap awal-awal tkyah ayu beli hadiah lain. Ahaks! (gelak style IRC)

Handmade chocolate by my Kak Long

Close up ~ Manchester United

And to my elder sister (along) , thank you to you too! I didn’t know that you are the one who actually made all those lovely and delicious chocolate! Mula-mula ingat ko gi kedai kek or choc dan beli (sbb kau selalu buat cam tu jer kan) pastu tiba-tiba angah cakap ko ada demam sket gi buat homemade choc. Hahaha. Alonggggggg biar benarrr ko buat??? Ko kan pemalas so agak terkejut dgn hasil yg sebegitu marvelous. Hihi. Jangan marah , raya nnt salam ahhh. Tapi neway, lawa and sedap. Ayu lepas tahu choc tu ko buat cepat2 gi cari kalau2 ada yg lebih-lebih. Nasib baik jumpa satu! Apa-apa pon Manchester United memang terbaek. Ada gak fans Chelsea gi makan choc tu, harap-harap tk kene keracunan usus. Huhu. My Kak Long is about to open order for the homemade choc for Hari Raya, will announce soon. Those who are interested can place the order via me, I want to earn some sales commission :D

Carrot cake my fave!

Chocolate cake pon ada..

Then to my mom jugaaa. Walaupun buat kek dan kueh2 di pagi-pagi buta on the same day, sempat juga buat semua. Omak, ayu suka cookies ala famos amos versi mak! carrot cake pon sodap! Kek carrot menjuarai kek yg pertama habis licin mengalahkan kek birthday Ichiro. Hihih.

Click on the slide to view the photos on Flickr site. There was caption available for every photo, not sure how to make it appear here. But it does appear on Flickr site. Appreciate tips on how to make the caption appear on my blog.

Urmm..was wondering is this Ichiro’s party or mine? Hahaha. So enjoy some of the pictures. Regret to say that I don’t have, not even one picture of the bloggers, so saper2 yg ada gambar, hope you guys can share some of the pics so that I could upload it on my flickr and link it here. I was too busy to snap pictures and I didn’t hire any photographer for few reasons , firstly I thought that my party is just a small party so it isn’t necessary to hire one and secondly we were really under tight budget. Hehe. So, photographer is consider luxury.

Lastly, ladies…do you wanna claim your belongings?

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