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Storage Idea for Small Bathroom


I’m a sucker of storage and I believe that we don’t need a big spacious house to live comfortably, but good and creative storage will definitely help to increase the living experience in a small space


Be Creative with Old Tennis Ball

I was supposed to update my blog yesterday regarding something that really put me in “tearing my hair out” situation (was trying to keep calm when it happens, but surely I need to vent it out) But that’s ok, I’ll write about it tomorrow. Today is Tuesday, time to be creative!

Do you have any family members that love tennis? What I meant by love, does also includes playing the sport ya and not just watching Federer and Nadal on TV. So, if they are playing the sport…I bet for sure there will be at least one or two old tennis ball being forgotten and unused in the house. So! What to do with this ball? Before your 4 year old toddler (read Ichiro) start throwing the poor little ball around, you better do something with it.

creative ideas with tennis ball

Tennis ball as envelope holder, pen holder, key and bottle holder and many more. Brilliant and not to forget cute too. You may need a very sharp knife to cut the ball though.

Here a few ideas for you for a start. I believe if we let our creative juice to possess (yes possess, like naik hantu mcm tu) our being, we can create many wonderful things. I just wondering, is that true that being creative is a gift from god? and only selected people would have it? Or was it the ability of your mind and thinking that blocking you from being a creative person? Creative is the way you think. I rasa semua org diberikan otak yang boleh berfikir, kalau kita rajin berfikir diluar kebiasaan, jadilah kita org yg kreatif. Cuma nak dengan tak nak jer ;)

Ok, got to stop, hardly can open my eyes now. Need my power sleep. By the way, Telekung Fatema new stock sudah update di blog Nilam Boutique KL, boleh tengok dan order secepat mungkin kalau berminat sbb stock seperti biasa limited. Mesti ramai cakap, apasal la buat sikit2? Hmm banyak faktor sebenarnya. Nnt I’ll write in another entry ok. Now, really need to sleep. Bye buddies.

p/s: am revamping my blog, expect 360 degree change soon.

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