My Little Barney


Kenji falling asleep on the floor while playing with his toys

Look at thatttttt, isn’t he adorable with the cute purple Dino tail tied to his waist. Heheheh, yeah, I made that thing. I was in dire need to sew something easy and simple as I’ve been off from sewing far too long (due to raya holiday) till I felt soooo lazy to get the ball rolling again. Hence, the dino tail project. It turned out that my kids love it so much so I was thinking that maybe I can try to squeeze my time for a proper photo shoot session with the boys wearing the tails (will make one more too for Ichiro) Yeah… wishful thinking… I know, but I’ll try, insyallah

But only after I finish my “real” sewing works as i’ve got couple of telekung to be sewn asap. Already working on one. Wish me luck to finish all of it on time and I can have some fun sewing the tail.


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