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Practice Makes Perfect!



I’m so sleepy and can’t think of good words for my entry but got to show you guys some of my new sewing project. Well it’s not a new item though, it just that before this all of the telekung was sewn by someone else, but now with sewing ability that Allah has granted me, I manage to sew all the telekung myself, alhamdulillah. 

Those who are interested to order, may do so by contacting me or make your way to my Nilam Boutique blog and fill up a contact form there. Will sew with lots of passion and love. Pinky promise!


Feedback from one of my customers

p/s: insyallah I’ll blog about my husband’s Organo Gold Coffee Business soon. To those who have heard about it before and want to know more, feel free to contact me.


Happy Anniversary Chocolate

It’s really really late already, I should be sleeping by now hence will keep this entry super short! I’m in PJ already and esok akan bermula acara-acara makan di open house sampai jadi paus. Then esok juga nk ambil gambar raya di studio juga, theme color is blue andddddddddddd I don’t have any blue outfit okkkkk. Baju jersi Imran ada lah biru. Tapi mana mungkin I nk pakai jersi bola utk gambar rayaaaaaaaa. Giler la kan.

I ada laaaa baju biru, but baju tu mcm besar I bought it when I was still fat (now still tk slim, cuma tk segemuk dulu) Jadinya, terpaksa la pakai baju biru putih yg I pakai dalam gambar yg I dukung Ichiro tu. Nk beli baju tk sempat dah, esok pagi-pagi nk pergi kedai gambar sudah.

Ok apa aku merepek cakap pasal nk amik gambar. Baru teringat I’m supposed to keep this entry “super” short! Ok lah, I nk update pasal chocolate actually. I wanna thank Chics kerana selepas dia membuat entry utk Lonia, zassss few query sudah masuk inbox and some dah siap bayar full payment. So, officially kami dah start buat chocolate semalam.

Ini order dari Zainah for her husband utk wedding anniversary diaorg :)  Santek tak? Thanks Zainah for your order. Hope you like it :) Ada huruf / alphabet atas wafer cube cookies yg disalut chocolate. Nasib la baik muat-muat elok jer semua alphabet and the box pon mcm tiba-tiba jer kakak I beli before dia balik kampung, so mcm mmg rezeki Zainah :) Satu box ni contains  of 35 assorted chocolates, ada yg ada almond ada yg ada filling orange, yg merah hati is white chocolate di bancuh dgn strawberyy, then ada coffee yg coffee sedap rasa mcm kopiko!

We purposely buat semua color dark chocolate and sedikit white chocolate sbb nk kasi “love” pop. But kesian dgn shape rose, dia terpaksa menjadi rose kaler gelap. Hehe. Kesian si rose.

To order your chocolate ( we can also suggest you type of designs suitable for your gifts) just email us at info[at]loniavillage[dot]com . Or better still you can just drop your message here or head to my “contact us” page and shoot a message to me.

Ok berakhir sudah entry “super” short. Nanaittttt.

p/s: harap I tak nampak mcm ikan paus dalam gambar esokk…grrrrr. oh btw excited juga Imran dah approve nk together-together sign up utk gym. Yayyyyy!! Harap tidak malas yer.

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