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Dead Sea Salts, Miyami 2-Way Foundation Powder & Make up Eraser Pencil for Sale!

Lama dah tk jual barang-barang beauty and health since my Usana days. Haha. Other than clothing, I mmg suka jual barang2 kecantikkan dan kesihatan. Dulu jual barang-barang dari Strawberrynet Tapi dah lama dah tk buat sbb since Strawberry tukar percentage commission jadi lagi sikit, I rasa dah tk berbaloi jual lagi, so I stop. Sekarang ni sbb dah join Cosway dan banyak produk-produk yang bagus dan berkualiti dan sah selamat (bukan mcm byk produk kecantikkan yg melambak-lambak sekarang ni, yg tak tahu asal usul), so I thought maybe I can start selling the products on my blog. I know yang kedai Cosway dah banyak but still banyak juga yang tak tahu apa product yg ada tapi masih juga ramai yg tak tahu yg non-member pon boleh beli sebenarnya. Bukan member shj yg boleh beli.

Dan lagi satu, ada juga yg bermasalah nk pergi ke kedai, kesuntukkan masa, malas nk parking and so on. Pastu dah pergi kedai sekali barang tak ada stock pula, so, I bring the products online so that you can order online and I can post it to you. Selesai masalah :) Tkyah start kereta nk pergi kedai, tk perlu susah nk carik parking, tk perlu nk angkut anak pergi kedai, tkyah berpanas2 kalau waktu siang dan byk lagi faktor yg menyebabkan malas nk ke kedai. In sha Allah my new blog nnt (new look, revamp in process) akan ada shopping section, jadi lebih mudah utk membeli. But for the time being, I’ll just update sikit2 mcm ni ok. Before that please read the following;

  • I’m selling the products at retail price.
  • Kalau nk enjoy discount boleh register online thru me to become a member. Registration very simple, just email me few details yg I akan request nnt and bank in amount utk registration fee. Yup that simple.
  • Untuk existing member yg dah join Cosway, can also purchase from me at member price for 2 months only. If you think that you like my service and would love to continue to order from me, I would really appreciate if you could join under me , so win-win situation kan? :) I’ll guide you how to change your membership later.

Alzara Dead Sea Salts

Alzara dead sea salts. Garam laut mati with lavender essential oil. Bagus utk skin, utk lembutkan kulit dan juga yg ada skin problem like eczema or psoriasis. My baby Kenji ada masalah bisul, boleh baca entry “Dugaan” and sekarang I tgh try treat him with dead sea salts ni. Sbb doktor sarankan utk rendam baby dalam air garam. So I was thinking utk dapatkan special garam, try cari garam bukit tapi supplier yg I kenal tu mcm takder stock. Last-last senyap gitu jer. Then baru perasan yg garam laut mati ada dalam katalog. Jadi I try beli and guna utk baby. So far, from my pemerhatian abscess dah improve a lot sbb no more pus. If not 8 bulan nanah on and off non-stop. Cuma selain dari guna garam ni, mmg kami ada byk berdoa dan kirim doa ke Mekah dan faktor tumbesaran baby juga ada kaitan. So I guess semua ini berlaku atas izin Allah juga. Kita just ikhtiar and tawakal. By the way bau garam ni pon sedap. Harga RM28 (member & non-member). Postage fee = RM8. Untuk order boleh message saya guna contact form

Colour Sense Make up eraser pencil

I loveeeeeee this make up eraser , because it’s very easy to use and it works like a charm! It can remove or erases tiny lip and eye make up mistakes, smudges, smears and creases without disturbing the rest of your make up. Para pemekap tegar sure tahu mcm mana susah nk erase kalau guna cotton bud or tisu. Last2 make up rosak. So this thing is a must have for make up user. Tapi yg tak best sket dia sangat lembut and fragile so be extra careful when you holding it, don’t drop it ok. Sbb once drop the eraser tip terus patah like mine. Waaaaaa. Got to buy a new one. Sbb dia lembut like a lipstick/lipbalm. So I think it’s best to keep it in its box, nk guna baru keluarkan dari box. This make up eraser pencil is RM9.90 (for member for April 2013) and RM19.90 (for non-member). Postage fee = RM6. Untuk order boleh message saya guna contact form

Miyami two way foundation powder

Loveeee this Miyami two way foundation powder also. To be honest, I was a bit hesitate to purchase this Miyami two way foundation due to its blue packaging. Hehe. I rasa packaging dia mcm very tak comel. So, I bought L’oreal instead , but too bad I got a wrong shade and the powder pon tk best sbb it’s a bit cakey, and bila dh pakai lama2 sampai tengahari dia jadi cam tk even and sopak2. There goes my RM60. Since I need a powder urgently sbb I mmg guna two way foundation ni bila keluar jalan-jalan and my Chanel dah habis (and I wanted to try other brand sbb dh lama sgt pakai Chanel dah 4 tahun rasanya) , so nak tak nak I try beli Miyami ni. And to my surprise I love it so much and I think it way much better than my Chanel or maybe at the same par with Chanel. I don’t know, you just got to try this. Coverage dia mmg best, cam bila u apply senang je dia nk rata seluruh muka, meaning tkyah nk apply berkali2 to get the ideal amount of powder to cover all your skin imperfections. Secondly sangat intact! Sampai petang pon tahan ni, nampak elok je, just wipe minyak2 kt muka sket and you are good to go, sbb the powder mmg intact. Before I bought this 3 people recommends to me to buy Miyami two way foundation powder, kalau kita buat experiment kt sekolah pon, kene buat 3 kali utk confirm kan? Hehe. So in sha Allah you’ll love it too.
Harga RM16.80 (for member for April 2013) and RM28 (for non-member). Postage = RM6. Untuk order boleh message saya guna contact form


Cheating on make-up? No?

There was one comment that I received yesterday suddenly awaken me, like from a real deep sleep. I didn’t realize that I have been cheating on make up for “the brand” supplements since labor (or was it much earlier than that?)

The commentator was asking for a recommendation of an eye primer potion (to replace the urban decay eye primer potion). Although I never tried the urban decay eye primer potion, but I know there are many make up lovers out there swearing on this product. If I’ve not mistaken Michelle Phan (former a you tube make up videos contributor, but now hired by Lancome as their online make up artist, how cool is that?) also using and featuring the urban decay in many of her videos.

I watched quite a lot make-up video tutorial on you tube and the bubbly Michelle Phan is always my fave! She’s genius, you must subscribe to her you tube channel if you really into make up. Not only that she do great make up but also all of her videos are awesome! and interesting to be watched.

For now here is my favourite video in which she’s creating Sex City Look. Well, this is one of many of her videos that I heart, I recommend you to watch this one since she’s demonstrating on how to draw a perfect cat eyes using liquid and pencil eyeliner. As for the blue eyeshadow thingy, I don’t think it would look good on me, but it does look good on her tho (orang lawa, tenyeh la apa pon, tetap hasil terbaek, yg tk berapa nk lawa do it on your own risk..hoho). Just focus on how she draws the eyes, if you are not really into the eyeshadow art. It’s a brilliant idea to draw the shape using pencil eyeliner first. Never thot of that! Boo to me.

As for the make up, my signature look is always thin layers of powder foundation by Chanel and Studio Fix by Mac, lip liner by Estee Lauder, blusher and eyeshadow by Mac again, mascara by Maybelline (magnum, yg kuning tu), lipstick by Chanel, liquid blusher by Benefit and ..err I think that’s all. Oh pencil eyeliner by Silky Gal kot tk sure, sbb brand dia dah pudar dari kayu pencil tu. Hihi. But I don’t like it quite much as it isn’t that black, I used to love pencil eyeliner from Stila.

Other than the above, am actually a fan of Benefit too. Most probably because I was attracted to the packaging and name of each of the make up. Very unique I suppose! I was browsing Benefit website just now and quite amaze to see so many new additions to the range. I am soooo far behind, I think I careless about make up as I don’t use make up much nowadays compare to previous days when I was still working. It’s good since make up no cheap hokeh! Here are some of the Benefit make up that I think I would love to try.  They are tempting indeed, aren’t they?

Stay, Don’t Stray (am quite particular when it comes to apply something on my eyes as I don’t want my eyes to be dry, this product might be ok for me, since I suspect it is in a liquid form like lotion or something, not sure)

Why they love it: This dual-action power primer works 360° around the eyes to make concealers AND eyeshadows STAY PUT. Concealers don’t crease, eyeshadows stay vibrant and true…you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

BADgal liner waterproof (there is another type of BADgal which is quite thick so I don’t fancy much, but this one is slimmer)

Why they love it: Our extra black slimline BADgal liner waterproof eye pencil stays put rain or shine

the POREfessional (not sure what are the differences between this and the former Dr. FeelGood Balm, would love to try)

Why they love it: Quickly minimize the appearance of pores! Apply this silky, lightweight balm for translucent pore coverage and smoother-than-smooth skin. Pores…now you see ‘em, now you don’t! Complements all skin tones.

Smokin’ eyes (for smoking eyes lover and on the go type of person, this kit is a must have. For smoking eyes tips check Michelle Phan video)

Why they love it: This complete eye and brow kit has everything you need for that sexy, smoky look. Now even amateurs can go pro!

Bathina , “take a picture…it lasts longer…” (not so new, but haven’t got the chance to own one yet, it smells delicious)

Why they love it:This shimmering, glimmering body balm adds a seductive golden-pink sheen to legs and body. It’s pure body luxury!

Benefit store in Malaysia can be found as below;

Parkson, KLCC: 03- 21642187
Parkson, Pavilion: 03-21414601
Parkson, 1Utama: 03-77253566
Parkson, Gurney: 04-2293702
Metrojaya, Mid Valley: 03-22829266
Robinsons, The Gardens: 03-22846266
Dimensi, KLIA: 03-87873393

All pictures are taken from Benefit website.


No matter what brand..I'll always look the same :P

Notice: Stand a chance to win FREE Usana Biomega. Read here for further info.

Remember my entry regarding my make up wishlist? Yup, I bought a new set of make up stuff, which I consider very basic ok. I didn’t buy the whole lot ehe. I have to pass the eyeliner and gloss tho, since it’s not that critical. Duit i lagi kritikal. Hehe.

I bought mineralize eyeshadow and blusher, studio fix (powder foundation) and make up primer lotion – all from MAC. The current blusher that I’m using is from Benefit, powder type and a benetint. I love the benetint but not the powder. The powder type is too sheer and hardly can be seen. Hence, I need to apply few times before the color blush up.

MAC blusher is pretty good and I love the shimmering effect. Same goes to eyeshadow. Easy to apply, sbb mcm sapu sket jer color dah nampak. Thumbs up for both. No need to review on the studio fix, sbb it has been my favourites for quite sometimes and this is my 6th purchase of the studio fix.

I was bit hesitate to buy the make up primer lotion since normally my day moisturizer is good enough to moisturize the face and help my make up to stay intact. But the SA insists. She said that MAC make up primer has been their best selling products so far. Sometimes many of their customer came to buy the make up primer only. Since I didn’t want to spend too much on make up [eventho it is quite reasonable sbb it had been a year i tk beli make up sangat], so I bought the make up primer instead of eyeliner. My experience using the make up primer? Hmm I rasa ok kot. I dunno, hardly can judge sbb my Usana SENSE day moisturizer pon giving the same effect. To control oil and make my make up stay. Nevertheless, I prefer Usana SENSE since it is natural and anti aging. Dah la pakai make up and with lots of chemical substance on my face. I need some kind of so-called make up antidote. Huhu.

Then, I went to Bobbi Brown counter to check on the liquid foundation skin finish. But sadly, no one entertain me, so I just simply walked out and make my way to Chanel counter. Liquid foundation has always be my weakest point in make up regime. Yeah, I am not an expert in painting my face and I always avoid to use the liquid foundation since am afraid it will be oily, splotchy and cakey few hours after applying it. However, to get a flawless skin look, I know I’m in dire need of the liquid foundation and I need to learn how to use it. So, making another “good” investment would not be too much I think [never in my life spend so much on make up in 1 day], hence I bought the Mat Lumiere and a lipstick as well. Thank god, the liquid foundation was pretty easy to use and I love it!

Sila abaikan baju I yg gebeh2 itu. Tempah the baju about sebulan lebih nan lalu. I lost few more inches I guess judging from the kelonggaran of the baju. Huhu.

A picture of myself taken on the “Akad Nikah” day of my sister in law. Please do not expect my look akan terjadi mcm ala-ala Wardina, sbb not matter what brand of make up that I use…kalau I yg make up my face sendiri, hasilnya setiap kali akan sama jugak seperti gambar di atas ini. Heeeee. Sebabnya? I bukan reti sgt mekap ni, kekwat jer lebih nk beli mekap2. Haha.


Make up wishlist. Help needed!

I mcm gila serabut sekarang. I ada entry yang belum disiapkan need to submit before or on 27th, my sewing project tu baru half siap, new website semua tk settle lagi and my sister in law [adik imran] wedding is just around the corner. Hari Ahad solemnisation for Hani and aqiqah for Ichiro as well. Baju Ichiro tk cari lagi, my make up stuff dah habis, got to buy new one. I rasa dh lama giler tk beli mekap. Sejak I preggie kot. Hohoho. Masa I baru nk preggie, make up mcm baru jer beli and banyak lagi. Then selama 9 months I preggie tu, I didn’t really wear make up.

Hmm am thinking to buy the liquid foundation. Tapi I’m not that expert la nk pakai liquid foundation. All these while I just use the MAC studio fix and Chanel 2 way cake foundation. But, to get the drama look and to flaunt my Usana SENSE skin [hik hik], thinking of trying the liquid foundation. But to play safe, I must get ready with powder foundation jugak. Heee. Sbb I kuat merasakan cam tk berjaya jer pakai. Hehe.

Here goes few items that I planned to buy;

1) Chanel liquid and powder foundation
2) MAC studio fix [ni kalau sempat nk gi Midvalley]
3) Gloss [what brand eh yg best? I suka Stila, tapi dah tkder lagi jer rasa]
4) Lipstick [please recommend brand yg best, I sux big time at buying lipstick, selalu end up terbeli tk best!]
5) Blusher [been using Benefit for almost 2 years dah, thinking of trying other brand ker, no?]
6) Eyeshadow [ni paling critical! hari tu nk pakai, korek satu almari boleh tk jumpa eyeshadow ok. baru teringat masa I preggie, I buang semua eyeshadow I, hahaha tatau menyampah ker apa, but I guess Ichiro nnt tk suka perempuan pakai make up kot. Huhu. Tapi daddy dia merenyam suka plak :P]
7) Last but not least, fake eyelashes? I loveeeeeee fake eyelashes tapi I tk reti laaaaaaa. Helppppp. Bila pakai gam tu cam terlekat kt kening pulak. Hahahah. [ok I exaggerate a bit here]
8)Eyeliner. I love yg black, very black. Stila dulu eyeliner dia sgt pekat, best tapi kalau terlebih pakai jadi mcm blackmetal. Hihi. Any other brand yg I shud try?

So any recommendation?

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