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My New Gadget! Brother 3034D Serger Machine


Iyahhhhhh krup krup krup (bunyi tulang jari jemari) Wahh gila lamaaaaaa tak update blog, my last update was for MH370. That was like more than a month ago. The ill fated plane still has not been found yet, pray for the best.

Thousand apologies, for abandoning this blog, I am too preoccupied with my current obsession….SEWING!! Haha finally , daftar masuk kelas menjahit. I should have enrolled longggg ago. Better late than never. Ingat lagi ada la sapa tah, perli I kt blog ni, kata I fashion designer cokia sbb tak tahu menjahit. Well, I would like to thank that lady (I believed she’s a lady) for leaving such comment in my blog, sbb her comment did motivate me to learn more about sewing. Big thanks to you stranger! Really appreciate your mean comment. Hehehe.

Tujuan utama belajar menjahit bukanlah utk mengambil tempahan, tetapi lebih kepada untuk “backup plan” , sbg contoh kalau tiba-tiba tailor2 saya ada emergency atau masalah kesihatan tidak dapat jahit, tidaklah production terhenti terus, saya masih boleh keluarkan produk ataupon sambung siapkan kerja2 yang terhenti itu.

Tetapi kalau nanti ada cara ada kelapangan, saya berkemungkinan akan mengambil tempahan juga. Tetapi yg pasti adalah sangat limited kuantiti tempahan yg akan saya ambil utk sebulan, kerana utk menjaga kualiti (ye saya jahit sgt lambat) dan juga saya nak kasi ruang utk benda2 lain boleh dilakukan juga, jadi tk boleh ambill banyak sgt orders. Insyallah nnt saya kongsikan gambar2 jahitan saya. Setakat ini saya dh jahit kurung moden, kurung biasa dan 6 panel skirt.

Oh selain itu, just bought a new serger machine. So excited! I can now do the narrow roll hem (normally seen on shawl edges) Yay! Sesiapa nak hantar jahit tepi biasa dan jahit tepi halus di area PJ/Kelana Jaya boleh lah hantar to me ya. Utk jahit tepi halus harga ialah RM1.20 semeter (minimum 4 meter utk setiap kali jahit) dan utk jahit tepi biasa warna hitam atau putih cuma RM0.80 sen semeter Saya tak guna benang polyester yg bulu2 dan senang sangkut tu, saya guna benang nylon yang sama dgn benang jahit baju biasa, lebih tahan lebih cantik.

Ini adalah contoh hasil jahitan mesin jahit tepi Brother 3034D , to those who are interested to buy this, harga ialah RM1300. Memang mahal machine2 ni, tapi berbaloi beli dan cuma peminat2 jahitan jer yg tahu feeling bila ada mesin jahit yg bagus dan boleh jahit cantik. Heee.

serger brother 3034D 2

Contoh jahit tepi biasa

serger brother 3034D 1

Contoh jahit tepi halus

Ok sambung next time ok.


My Brother & Singer sewing machine

Well, I did mention in my previous entry here that I would put up some photos of my new sewing machine. Sadly, haven’t got the chance to do so, sorry. My mom had placed the machine inside our old house [made of wood, with zinc roofing], and it’s pretty hot in there during day time, close to temperature of a burning oven. Hence, comfortable to sew during night time only, and the lighting is very poor so end up I didn’t take any photos.

But fret not, the machine now is no longer in our wooden house. We moved it into the brick house [ehe], so that I could use the machine whenever I got the chance to [read as whenever Ichiro is sleeping]. Good news, I also have a couple of photos of the machines.

I had a tough time using the machine in the beginning. Even though the machine is semi-computerised, but for someone like me who had zero knowledge about sewing , it could be a nightmare

Things getting worst, when my mom also having trouble to familiarize herself with the machine. She kept on making noise on how difficult to sew thick and soft fabric with the machine that I newly bought [my mom was a tailor, has been sewing for about 20-30 years].

I love the machine, I love new technology, I love gadget. But sewing machine ain’t a computer or handphone or camera that I can just simply explore. Sewing machine is super sensitive with the needles and moving mechanical parts, you need to really know what you are doing. I chose Brother over many other brand because of…errrrr…I don’t know. Simply attracted to it, mungkin sbb ia canggih, semi-computerised. Yeah I love everything about computer and if I boleh surf internet dgn sewing machine ni sure lagi best. Huhuh.

But ever since I got more access to the machine [thanks to the new placement], am starting to develop my skills using the machine, had done some googling on tips and proper method to sew via the internet. But was bit frustrated since I couldn’t find video tutorial that I want, thus I thought that maybe I could make video tutorial / tips for beginner. I truly understand the agony and suffer that beginner need to go through, so I hope I can share little knowledge that I have about sewing. Expert can watch but please don’t laugh :D Hehe.

In the video I will use my own sewing macine and serger/overlock machine which are Brother Innovis 50 – NV50 and Singer. Thus, please refrain from asking me on how to use other brand ok.

Ichiro yang sibuk nk menjahit jugak

Till then…daaaaa.


Things that I ponder, things that I do

Ok I know, I know….u guys must be expecting frequent update from me since I quit my day job already. Well, I planned to update my blog everyday too, but the problem is I don’t think it’s possible. I got a teething baby to take care, entertaining my usana customers and downlines and also busy setting up my next coming biz. I could say that I’m very productive! Can you guys guess what time is it now? It is 2 o’clock in the morning and it seems that this is the only hour I’m free to update my blog, watch tv and do some reading. See, pukul 2 pagi baru free. This is even worst compare to my previous life. Haha.

Well, even though I’m not working anymore and busy with my own thing, it does not mean that I totally give up to work. I’m still looking for job especially in oil and gas industry. In fact I never stop looking for job in O&G field for the past 6 years! And I will keep on trying, who knows tiba-tiba boleh dapat, huhu. If I manage to get job in O&G company, I will for sure accept the offer sbb people are dying to work in such industry, so do I. Ehe. But sejak 6 tahun lepas, ada few times dapat interview and cuma sekali jer I was this close to be hired, tapi takder rezeki tetap takder rezeki, so tk dpt la. I’m not going to give up..yet. I know it’s not easy tho since I came from different industry.

However, this is only applicable to O&G industry, if not O&G….hmm my spirit to work kinda fade already la. Haihh. That’s scared me tho. Question now, when the time comes, when there’s an opportunity arise, will I be back to work? Like for real? Sekarang berani la cakap nk kerja balik. Nnt later on serabut. :P Faham sesangat dengan diri sendiri.

Orait, I have been meaning to tell all of you about my next coming biz yg I dok bising-bising kasik hint dalam entry :) I have to control myself from writing about it all these while sbb I have no idea whether not me and my mom could make it. But as for today, we managed to sew few already, of course banyak tak jadi masa mula2. So far progress is very promising, my mom and me, we made a really good team :) Terima kasih mak. My mom she used to be a tailor, dari kecik sampai besar I pakai baju yg dijahit oleh emak. But since mata dah tk berapa nampak, she retired from sewing. Nevertheless, now she’s back! So, to make thing easier for her I bought 2 new sewing machine [Singer for edging and Brother for jahit biasa and simple embroidery]. Will definitely buy the cover stitch machine once the biz dah ok :)

Initially since my mom still using the antique machine, byk fabric yg agak susah nk dijahit, kalau boleh pon jahitan serabut. Tkkan barang yg nk jual nk jahit cincai-cincai kan? Dah ada machine baru, it gets better. We stayed up late every night, sewing, ironing, gunting kain, buat plan and etc. Dengan nk familiraize ourselves with the new machine pon satu hal. But kinda like the machine, computerize machine pretty easy to use :D Bagusla utk I yang tangan mengelupur ni. Huhu.

So far dah jahit banyak giler dah, but baru malam ni berjaya buat yg memuaskan hati but not perfect yet. Sebelum ni, ada yg terkecik, tersalah potong, jahitan tk cantik, tersalah fabric banyak la benda yg salah. Determination mmg kene really strong, if not, tell you sure give up. Di samping bersedia utk kerugian banyak kain juga. Huhu. Nnt I tunjuk gambar2 product yg tk jadi tu. Hahah. Motif? To tell the world that my mom and I indeed start from scratch.

Parallel with that, I need to ready with a website, tailor made for the biz as well. That’s the proper way to do an online biz I guess. Many think that it is not necessary to have a website, we can just you know… simply use the free blog platform yang banyak bersepah2 sekarang, but for me, I look at different angle and I always think a proper, attractive and neat website is very important to attract customers. No? Branding, labeling, packaging, marketing are among the areas that I need to pay attention too.

Happpy…hmm esok hari apa yer? Can’t seems to remember the date and day since tk kerja ni. Huhuh. Mcm la masa kerja I ingat hari..heee. Oh yeah I did remember especially Friday!

p/s: will update some photos of my new sewing machine [my new gadget!] tomorrow around 2-3pm

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