Darwis Ichiro - 4 Months Old

Amik gambar before bertolak jalan-jalan kirai duit

I’m thinking to update my blog as today is the day Ichiro embark on the 4th month of his life. But so unfortunate, I don’t feel very well now. been attacked by strong headache since morning. I do look and feel sick due to lack of rest and sleep.It would be a total bliss if I can sleep a while. I guess what I need now is bed andpain killers <—baddd pain killers, no good.

I will still update about my loving son later tonight perhaps. Stay tune ok. Let me fight with this headache first. Shooshhh shushh go away please. I gotwork to do and a son toraise.


Hari ini anak kesayangan kami berumur genap 4 bulan . Pejam celik pejam celik tau tau nanti darwis ichiro dh satu tahun :D cepat betul masa berlalu..hopefully by that time ichiro will start calling me daddy hehe.<—his first word for sure will be MOMMY ok. you dream on jer la [sampukan sang isteri]

Sila abaikan gigi mommy ichiro yg nampaknya tidak berada dipaksi yg betul

Last week, we went to Dataran Pahlawan in Malacca coz wifey nk carik kain for my sister’s wedding. And so it was the first time ichiro “jejakkan kaki” ke sebuah shopping mall, and was the first time also for him riding/lying inside the baby stroller. Since it’s the first time for him to ride it, the wife n I actually haven’t finished studying the stroller..we just know how to push only..hehe neway dekat parking lot Equatorial hotel ( MP and DP parking full la at that time ) tu lah yg kitorg terhegeh2 nk pasang n adjust the stroller’s bar utk recline..sebbaik it takes a little while only (5 minit la gak)..yang x solve cuma roda stroller tu, we assumed dat the wheels can’t be turned according to the direction of the driver (ingatkan kene tolak straight je hehe)

Ichiro muntah atas mommy, tu tk kire saliva lagi. Terus kene pakai perisa. Hilang hensem.

Punyelah happy, sampai terloncat-loncat!

I think my son feels a bit odd lying inside the stroller..dh la boleh bergerak plak tu kan..tu yg mata terbeliak je, x dpt menikmati perasaan berbaring or tido inside it..we had to cover the top to make it dark inside the stroller..baru la ichiro dpt tido dgn puas..

Neway, hepi birthday 4 months old sayang :)



I weigh myself again yesterday and good newssssssss I shed another kilo.Wohoooo I don’t expect at first, but still hoping I was. Huhuh. I’m getting addicted to lose weight as I can see the results very fast with Usana. That’s what I love best about Usana. Losing weight can never be this delicious and addictive!

I was so sacred to take pictures few months ago due to my weight problem. Am still now. However, thanks to my good friend TJ, who managed to snap few pictures of us during break-fasting last Ramadhan. I was pretty shocked to see my own transformation [I always adore the others' progress, and always wonder how could they get the result so fast?]. As usual I don’t expect it. I don’t really thinking about losing weight as I do not want to pressure myself and givin up before achieving my dream weight. So just simply replace my meal twice a day with Nutrimeal, not thinking about losing weight at ALL, drink a lot of water, consume Usana supplement, get myself busy with work and step on the weigh scale once a week ONLY [ I don't even measure myself as I do not want to too concentrate on losing weight and inches]

But, it really a paid off business. Usana did produce results!

Before Usana – Kembangnyaaaa termasuk dengan hidung-hidung sekali..huhu. Imran muke malas.

Before Usana – Pipi macam kek cawan. Gebusss.

After Usana – Picture taken during one of training session at Usana HQ with my new downline Niza. Notice my slimmer cheek and shoulder? Saya pula bermuka malas. Huhu.

After Usana – Bagusssss jari kelingking juga sudah slim sedikit . Hehe

Ok, to reward myself [asik bagi reward jer la kan], I bought few yards of fabrics at EuroModa Malacca yesterday to be worn on my sister in law wedding end of this year. Since there will be few occasion, so I bought the fabrics enough to make 3 Kebayas. Yeah, I am a Kebaya fans. I love Kebaya and Baju Kurung as well. It’s not only comfortable and elegant but also more value for your money. Sbb, tk rugi invest buat baju kurung and kebaya since you can wear it multiple times, as long as you can still fit into it.

But, I was quite worried also sbb my body still in process of losing weight thus, my body measurement in 2 months time from now on will definitely different. However, I don’t have time to wait until I get my dream weight as the wedding is just about 8 weeks away [begitu juga dgn wedding cik kerengga] So, I guess I can just pray that I will still look good in it even though the size will be slightly bigger.

Here some of the fabrics [notice the "some"]. Ehe.

p/s: don’t ask why I always wear the same black tudung. I got 5 of it.ehe.



I miss Ichiro so much. We have been talking about Ichiro a lot lately. Yup, we were thinking to bring Ichiro to stay with us soon. However, I’m still in dilemma because I don’t like baby sitter. I don’t like my son to be taken care by a stranger. Even though we have found a baby sitter already (we have found her before I deliver  Ichiro), but still I just can’t allow myself to accept the fact that Ichiro is going to be taken care by someone that does not related to him at all. Sob sob sob. Seriously, I need to find a solution; if it needs me to sacrifice my career, I am quite positive I will go for it (providing my business is doing very very well)

Well….can ‘t wait for Friday to meet my little hero. Hope this week I can arrange my time to take new photos of Ichiro.

On the other hand, last week I bought few new tops. One of it was a short sleeve, so I need to wear the inner la kan utk pakai dat baju. Tapi alangkah malangnya part tangan tu mcm ada butang and dia sedikit ketat, ala-ala muat-semuatnya gitu la, ditambah dgn inner wah ketat sungguh. Nk angkat ketiak rasa tersekat. Shesssshhh.  Rasa nk pengsan tgk my arm yg sebesar balak. Ok fineeeeee, I just put the top aside and try not to think about it. Fed up.

But this week, again…. I’m having trouble looking for baju utk dipakai setiap hari ke office. Then I remember the top that ehemmm..accentuated my big arm. Ok tkper, haku boleh pakai jacket kasik cover <—berkata-kata di dalam hati. But when I put on the shirt, I was thisss close to scream. Guesss what????? Haaaa the sleeve sudah longgarrrrrrr omigoshhhhhhhhhhh. Rasa sangat terharu ok. It means I’ve lost inches. Weeeeee. Happy.

My body now is in its way to back to its old shape. I can now fit into M and S size already. But M is more comfortable. I can also fit into Free Size garments as well. Huhu. Bliss. But perut tk kempis lagi laaa, sgt stress. Thus, yesterday to reward myself I shop till drop. Huhuh.  I bought new dress, skirt, pant, short and lingerie. Dear husband, I don’t need to cilok your collar shirt anymore :D Yay!

I am still banning myself from uploading my photos on this blog selagi I tk slim. Heee. Gambar Raya adalah kes terkecuali ok.

I send my Nokia N97 to be updated yesterday and little did I know it erased everything;  the internet setting, my instant messenger, gravity (for twitter), email setting and etc. It’s totally a new handphone now. Sigh. I should have told the guy earlier, just that I thot it won’t erase the application .Cesss.

So today “ladyimran” is offline ok. Not ym, no gtalk, no twitter, no facebook. Oh duniaku adalah sangat membosankan tanpa semua itu. Any question or queries especially regarding Usana please send it to my email mrsimran [a] mrmrsimran [dot] com or click here


Browsing with Safari 4

Wow, I discover lotssss of interesting thing that I can do with my Macbook Pro laptop. And I’ve spent hoursssss exploring one plugin/application after another. I lost in hundreds of choices until I can’t decide on which application should I install first to my laptop. Feels like installing ‘em all.

But, of course that won’t happen. I must be crazy to run thousands of application on my laptop. So far I’ve installed a few. Safari 4 and Mail Plane are my favourite.

Picture 1

I don’t fancy Safari at first. I still prefer browsing using Firefox. Safari 3 has been preinstalled to my laptop tho, nevertheless I just use it occasionally [in the event when my firefox buat hal]. Yesterday I stumble upon a way to fully maximize Apple laptop application at You Tube and that’s how I found out that Safari is actually pretty cool. For your record, actually I knew that Safari is way much faster [in terms of page loading] and I’ve experienced no crash at all so far. Unlike other browser Safari is quite stable. But still it’s not good enough to make me switch to Safari.  But the top sites features really made me think different ways towards Safari. See screenshot above. That’s how my top sites on Safari 4 looks like. I know Google Chrome also having about the same features, but I don’t think it has the 3D effect. Plus I can also search history of browsing in style by flipping the page like photo album! Now, you will not surprise anymore why I set my default browser to Safari. Hehe.

Picture 5

Ok I’m an email freak. Not because I have many emails account, but because I check my emails every 3 secs. Huhuh. [cek sahaja ok, balas belum tentu in split seconds. But I do reply email pretty fast…kalau tk busy sgt la] Recently, I’d also synchronized my email with my latest gadget N97 and it will notify me almost immediately every time there’s a new email coming in. Itu la ciri-ciri freak. Hehe. I’m a fan of Gmail, even my personal hosted email also using Gmail as a platform. I have no complaint so far for Gmail. The gmail chat is awesome I like it so much, simple and convenient. But, there’s one problem, I cannot sign into all my Gmail accounts at one time. I need to sign in and sign out and sign in again to different account. Which somehow is really annoying. But fret not, now the problem is solved with Mail Plane! Yayy. I loikeeee the plane icon. It’s super cute! What Mail Plane can do? Yeahhhh, I can now switch from one account to another conveniently. In within 1 single click!

Picture 4

Orait dat’s all for now la. Yg lain-lain I sambung later. Bagus jugak nnt time tkder idea nk blog, I blog about those application :D

Esok kerjaaaaaaaaaa….rasa nk  pengsan! DATELINE DATELINE DATELINE…I rasa mcm pergi berperang laaaaaaaa. Seriously, saat-saat mcm ni la rasa nk quit kerja on the spot. Haihhh.




What is papadom ? apart from it being one of the appetizers in 1 of the popular dish in m’sia, papadom is also the latest movie produced by Afdlin Shauki, do google it up guys if u don’t know who  is Afdlin Shauki.

Neway, wifey has been bugging me since 2 weeks ago, ajaking me 2 go n watch this movie. 2 weeks ago when wifey ajak n watch dis movie, I gave alasan “papadom ni x kuar lagi”.Last week pon same gak, ajak tgk papadom but instead of giving an excuse, we queued and asked the counter guy bout the tix. The answer was “blom kuar lg la bang ( it was 2 days prior to the official launching of papadom ) , so melepas la kitorg nk tgk last week.

So today, we wen to tgv OU but it wasn’t being aired over there, alas we had to walk to GSC ( seb baik ada 2 cinema operators in OU ). And it was certainly the wait..the movie is entertaining and it was not a surprise dat the movie had won the best film award in FFM 22. It was far better movie than Momok ( menyesal giler tgk citer ni.. why cant KRU [bukan KRU la sayang, I pon salah info hari tu, sbb ikut idea u la tu..huhu <---mrs imran menyampuk lagi] amik afdlin shauki to direct the movie instead ?! )

Papadom is an emo movie..aku sendiri nangis x dpt tahan air mata hehe..story of a father who wants to protect the only daughter and child from the sins and heartache of the surrounding network/, since byk gejala maksiat berlaku di sekeliling kite, I hope dat I wont have to be like this kind of extreme father yg slalu menjaga anak…in a sense, it’s the right thing to do but, it’s certainly not fair to the child la kan..

Soooo, happy parenthood to all of u , and do watch the movie..mesti nangis nyer !

p/s: Q Haidar was hilarious! Hahahaha. <–sampukan lagi