Calling for Tailor

Will keep this one short as I’m still not well. I am in the midst of setting up another business. For that reason, I’m looking for the best tailor available in town. Damansara and PJ area is preferable. Will discuss further, things that you need to sew. Once selected, you will be appoint as official tailor for my project. I might need to start from zero, but the potential is pretty huge. More than 1 tailor will be selected.  

Please drop me an email and brief a little bit about yourself and your sewing skills if interested. Leave your contact number as well. Click Here.



Under the weather

I’m down with fever, strong headache, cough and flu. I have been under pressure lately due to my hectic work. Dateline after dateline need to be meet and at the same time I also need to respond to every punch list from previous customers. Punch list is normal. But since I have on going project that need to focus and concentrate, all these punch list are seriously feel like a real punch, punching me badly.

If it doesn’t affect my health, I won’t complaint so much.

Busy and now fall sick, please pardon me for a while. I’m not able to update blog. Hope I will get well soon, can finish my work and not behind schedule.

It’s really testing my limits.


Photo Session with TripletsPlusOne.Com


Went to Munirah’s house last weekend to take some photos of Ichiro. We were having good time with Harith, Athirah and Uzair as well. Harith is such a lovely boy. We were enjoying every moment watching Harith in action helping his mummy taking our photos. Selalu tengok kt blog jer and was amazed with Harith capability obeying his mom instruction. Sangat patuh ok. To those yg selalu baca blog Munirah and read about her kids, I suggest you guys book a slot for photo session and tengok sendiri anak-anak dia in action. Mmg interesting since her kids were once premature babies but I hardly can tell that now. Seriously.


Phewww never thought photo session is actually tiring. Dulu masa wedding was not that bad sbb it was just me and Imran. Tapi sekarang ada Ichiro kiterorg terjerit-jerit nk attract him but end up most of the time dia lagi suka tengok tanah. Hahaha. Harith pon tolong juga passing ball dekat Ichiro but mungkin sbb Ichiro masih rendah and langit terlalu tinggi utk dia tengok so dia lagi suka tengok tanah. Huhuhu.


But, I salute Munirah sbb haku dh pancit hokay, but she’s still can run here and there took out as many toys as she could to attract Ichiro and terpanjat sana-sini utk get the best angle and shot. I was like wah perempuan ni buat benda ni hari-hari mmg energetic ahhh dia ni. Perhaps sbb dia makan Usana kot. Opss sempat promote kejap…Hihi

Ok, things didn’t go as planned. Actually I nk buat outdoor shoot di pagi hari, with the sun shine beautifully and tk terik. Pagi-pagi dah sms Munirah telling her that we are coming to her place. Tapi tk lama lepas tu Ichiro dah kene kidnap , dgn tk mandi pagi lagi nenna and grandpa dah cilok dia bawak gi mamak pekene teh tarik. Hahaha. So terjadi lambat, dgn mandi nk berkemas semua last2 about afternoon mcm tu baru sampai. So thanks to cuaca Malaysia yang berbahang, berpoloh-poloh ketiak den ok.  Ichiro lagi kesian panas but tk meragam maintain hensem just that lepas 2-3 jam dia dah penat start to meragam and we know it’s time for us to make move. Ichiro straight tertido dalam kereta on the way back to. Kesian my son panas and letih.


I was having fun posing in front of the lens sbb dah lamaaa giler tk amik gambar puas-puas. Sejak pregnant I dah tk berapa amik gambar of myself sbb I was so huge back then. But now menyesal tk amik sbb boleh buat testimonial. Haha. But yeah, Munirah is right, I was bloated and huge and fat and even walk like a penguin!! She’s not the only one yg cakap I mcm penguin, my colleagues too.  That’s to confirm that yeah I was terribly over weight. My weight shoot up to 75kg, I gained weight about 30kg during pregnancy! The doctor pon geleng kepala but he said as long as tkder diabetic should be ok. Huhuh.


So kali ni mmg bergambar puas-puas. Wpun body tk berapa slim but see the white pant that I wore that day? Haaa last 2-3 weeks tk boleh hook ok. Kalau hook jugak sure dia akan tercabut and terpelanting sbbnya perut buncit sangat lagi. But recently I can fit into it again and siap ada ruang-ruang lolos. My secret?

Usana Nutrimeal + Fibergy = twice a day

Usana Essentials = once a day

Being happy = All the time

Smile & Laugh = A lot

Weigh myself = Once a while only

Drink = river or sea of water



I was on pain killers again. I took it during lunch time yesterday since I can’t stand the headache and it made my skull as if it’s going to explode anytime. I wonder how long I can continue to work and to be under pressure if it meant to affect my health.  

This morning I woke up with my eyes and face swollen. My job sometimes can be extremely tough. Something that I learnt from my past experiences, the higher your position the tougher it would be. It always comes with a steep price. Yeah can’t deny the wage is good but is it worth? That’s another question to ponder. I don’t think so; I don’t want to get killed by my job.

But, with Usana things work vice versa. That’s the beauty of doing Multilevel Marketing.  However, I’m still juggling whether not I want to quit my day job and concentrate on Usana fulltime. I have yet to decide. Have been working for 6 years and it’s not that easy to simply give up my work.

I miss my son so badly. At this very moment when I need extra hugs and loves, Ichiro would be the most potent remedy for my pain.

Sorry to all, once a while you guys need to read such a gloomy entry.

Well, I’m only human. Same like you too.


Hobin Jang Hobin


Muahahahah walaupon saya tatau berapa Negeri Sembilan score smlm tapi menang tetap menang ok. Janji monang bebbbb! Yayyyyy. Neway, saya tak tengok pon match tu tapi cam dalam hati dah konfiden sure monang.

Pagi tadi Era pasang lagu kemonangan Hobin Jang Hobin by Poe. Huhuhu moghomang bulu ok. First time dengar lagu tu. Mmg diaorg compose dat song utk kali ni punye match eh? Layannnn la lagu tu, kelakar pon jugak la. Saya dengan Imran gelak mcm haram dalam kereta dengar dat song. Hihihi.

Pastu dan dan pagi tadi Era call pelakon Ebby Yus. I was like apa la kono mongono Ebby Yus dongan bola nih. Tapi Ebby Yus mmg rawk ok, dio pelakon nogori yg paling ku sukai. Heeee. Saper yg suke tgk citer nogori, mesti kenal Ebby Yus ni sbb dia bapakkk lawak. Hehe.

Hmm I kene pergi KLCC today ada exhibition dekat sana, so dpt tulis sket jer la yer today. Neway, tahniah la kepada waghih-waghih nogori den.  Kepada Kelantan, jgn la bersedih ok, kalau nk menang final I rasa Kelantan kene lawan Johor kot (hahahahaah adoi pengsan, Khai istighfar byk2 ok)

On similar note, Man U kalah malam tadi. Caittttttt.

p/s: Imran tanya hobin tu apa? Hobin tu mcm kasi belasah habis-habis  or pukul giler-giler la.