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Autumn in Malaysia?

It’s autumn in Malaysia! I was sitting on the swing with my son just now and saw fallen leaves from the “pokok mangga” covered the area entirely. It was somehow very soothing to my eyes and decided to take few pictures of it. It is also reminded me to the autumn season in 4 seasons country [definitely not malaysia] maple leaves and autumn in my heart [the korean movie].

My son as usual, tido masa duduk atas swing ok. Haha. The pictures are rather dark because sky was little bit cloudy this morning.

Yeah, am at my hometown again. I slept at 4 am last night as I was too preoccupied with my sewing project. Overjoyed a bit, sbb yayy! my skill on sewing is getting betterrrrr and yesterday I discovered few more tips and I’m now totally a happy mother who ehem…sew.


p/s: hope you guys won’t feel so stress out today to start work. it’s a short working week this week  peeps so be happy!


More pictures of the aqiqah ceremony

Few more photos for the aqiqah ceremony as promised. Just received a photo cd from the photographer and goshhh there are about 400++ pictures in the cd, hence I just select a few to be publish on my blog. Too many , I can’t upload it all here, pening nk resize bagai. Enjoy the photos!

Bunga rampai harum sungguh, rasa mcm kt bali :D

Ichiro tanak tgk kamera

Getting ready :) Hai son!

Tengah buat joke, sendiri buat lawak,sendiri ketawa besar..haha sengal

Stim, gigit jam daddy

Ichiro tk reti dok diam ok. Tgk muka I berkerut semacam , imran dok nk rasuah Ichiro dgn cushion..haha classic!

Oh I love this pic! Tgk baju baby, cute kan? Ada ribbon besar! heart it :)

Gerammmmmnyeeeeee! Cium sampai penyek hidung

Comel nyer baby girl, can’t wait for my turn dapat baby gal plak..hihi

Alisha mcm nk flying kick Ichiro. Ichiro maintain stim gigit jam tk habis2. Huhu

With marhaban group



Remember in my previous entry I wrote that Ichiro went out with grandpa to the park, so that I could have my own “me” time. About half an hour visiting the park, my dad brought home my son in his arm. Dad said that Ichiro had fallen asleep while playing the swing. Later dad showed me video of Ichiro. Poor boy, he was so tired until tertido masa main swing. Hihi. Here goes short video. Sorry the quality of the video was not that good because ayah guna henfon biasa-biasa jer. Not a smartphone.


Lose the cravings. Lose the pounds

I seldom write entry for my blog during daytime. Usually, I will burn the candle and stay up till late night to update my blog. My priority goes to my son and Usana during daytime.

But, today is different. Ichiro went out with grandpa to the park and I got some “me” time now. While replying customers email, I think maybe I can update my blog now and sleep early tonight.

Wow, suddenly I am running out of idea what to blog despite last week I was hell suffocated when thinking about entries that are pending to be wrote and publish. But now, I can’t seem to think of any topic to write. Next time, I should jot it down. Must!

Since dah tkder idea, I think I wanna write about my diet progress. I weighed 50.5kg as 2 days ago. And I can now fit into all my old clothes [except jeans sbb tk cuba lagi]. My dream weight is 45kg or 46kg. Apparently, still got few miles to go.

Ada lebihan about 2-3 inches [rasanya]

Ni nampak jelas sket [abaikan bilik yg bersepah]

The white lace kebaya that I worn during aqiqah was already too baggy for me. Since, I don’t like to alter my baju-baju, I think I will just keep the baju instead for my next pregnancy. Seriously, I tk suka alter baju especially size. Kalau setakat panjang seluar nk potong sikit ok la, tapi kalau nk kecik or besarkan baju…hmm no thanks. I would prefer to keep the baju for future use or kasik jer kat saper-saper yg muat.

Side view [i pegang baju dekat belakang]

Front view [i still pegang baju dekat belakang, kasi betul2 fit]

Btw, speaking of diet and Usana, maybe I can include some frequent questions yg org dok tanya I about diet with Usana;

1) Kene pantang makan tak kalau amik Usana?
Tidak perlu. As long as consume Usana 2 kali sehari [utk ganti hidangan biasa] dan makan nasi seperti biasa dalam kuantiti yg tidak menyerupai sebuah bukit atau gunung, you are good to go already :)

2) RESET tu apa? Mesti kene buat ker RESET ni?
RESET ni program diet Usana, 5 hari on shake tanpa nasi utk reset badan dan cara pemakanan. Lepas 5 hari, badan akan rasa lebih ringan dan lebih berdedikasi kepada hari-hari yg mendatang utk diet. Selain tu, bagus utk detox dalam masa 5 hari ini. Buat tk buat terpulang kepada diri sendiri. Macam I, I tk buat. Hehe. Malas. I mesti nk reward myself dgn food sehari sekali. Hence I neglected the RESET program.

3) Mana lagi bagus Usana ker? HL ker? Jus Diet Mate 5 ker? SDII ker?

If u ask me, for sure la I jawab Usana. Hahaha. Ok la, honestly I rasa HL and Usana equally good. Sbb I dh try both. Taste wise I prefer Usana and kesenangan nk order online pon I prefer Usana. Sbb I can just log into Usana website and order. Dari segi berapa cepat turun berat, I rasa sama. Tapi, sometimes cepat or lambat ni lebih bergantung kepada seseorang individu dan disiplin yg tinggi. Utk brand lain I tk sure, I just get some input from my current customers yg dh pernah cuba the other brand but prefer to buy Usana then. Tapi kalau secara logik, semua pon elok. It’s all about preference. Kalau nak good result, kene lah usaha utk displin. Kalau tak disiplin amik la bapak meal replacement pon, kalau makan kuat, gemuk tetap gemuk ok.

4) Kalau tk amik Essentials, amik Nutrimeal and Fibergy jer boleh ker kurus?
Boleh. Tapi honestly I think Essentials will help you to lose weight at maximum speed. Bukankah itu yg anda mahu? Kurus dengan cepat? Essentials is indeed good to maintain health and strengthen immune system. The truth is kalau nk lagiiii bagus, advisable to consume Proflavanol 90 sekali. I consume all. Including Biomega and Coquinone.

5) Kalau stop amik Usana, gemuk balik tak?
Mesti la gemuk balik KALAU tk control your food intake. You are free to stop anytime. But, be sure to pick your food wisely. Kalau u pandai control what goes into your body, with Usana or not, slim you will be forever [intonasi mcm green jedi, master yoda]. To cut it short, Usana tkkan gemuk kan badan u kalau u stop consume it. Yg akan gemukkan badan kiter , adalah diri kita sendiri [tapi kalau amik pil diet yg tk sihat, mmg ada chance jugak naik berat mendadak lepas stop, sbb cara kurus yg tidak natural]

6) Boleh ker turun 60kg dalam masa seminggu/sebulan?
Mengarut. Tk boleh. Kalau boleh pon, I tanak. Bayangkan anda adalah belon. Bila belon tu kuncup secara berdesup, belon itu akan kendur dan mengeleber, betulkan? Bayangkan…… Paling normal about 2-3kg la in a month.

7) Mrs Imran kenapa I consume Usana, I mcm pening2 and muntah?
“Most probably” because too many toxin berkarat dalam badan. Usana is cell nutrition, so it’s kinda normal utk beginner akan rasa cam funny sket. Tummy mungkin akan upset sket, kepala pening and muntah. Adalah 2-3 org my customer yg experience such reaction, tapi temporary sahaja. After 2-3 days back to normal.

8) Kalau breastfeeding boleh consume shake Usana?
Boleh mmg boleh, tapi utk tujuan diet and nk kuruskan badan I tk galakkan kalau u fully breastfeed your child. Sbb normally kalau diet or puasa, secara automatik susu badan juga akan kurang, so that’s why I tk galakkan. Tapi kalau u jenis yg puasa or diet mcm mana pon, susu tetap melimpah ruah, then why not kan amik Usana.

9) Boleh ker campur Nutrimeal and Fibergy? I baca dekat forum ada distributor tu kata tk boleh. Dia kata ada pakar pemakanan nasihatkan jgn campur.
Hmmm…I tk sure la pakar pemakanan mana yg nasihat tu, tapi I dh check dgn Usana punye nutritinonist dia kata mmg boleh [rujuk email di bawah] By the way, nobody told me to mix the Nutrimeal and Fibergy. I came out with the idea myself. Sbb dari pemikiran I, Nutrimeal and Fibergy adalah food component. Kenapa pula tk boleh campur eh?

Cuba bayangkan u makan nasi goreng paprik, letak kuah tomyam, letak papadom, tambah telur mata kerbau…tidak kah itu mix namanya? Nutrimeal dan Fibergy tu adalah makanan. As simple as that.

Thank you very much for your Email.
Indeed, Nutrimeal and Fibergy are “healthy food”.
Yes, it is perfectly okay to mix Nutrimeal with Fibergy if you wish.
It is true, you can feel more filling with more fiber in your meal.
Well done !! Mrs. Imran,

Have a wonderful USANA day!

Best Regards

Tyson Ng SRD
USANA Hong Kong Ltd.
Suite 2504-06, 25/F, World Trade centre
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel 216218218 Fax :21621828

10) Boleh campur soy milk or juice ?
Boleh. Utk lagi sedap boleh tambah bubble jelly :D Sila baca di SINI. Just that jgn campur byk-byk bahan sangat la to the Nutrimeal. Sbb takut you add on more calories to the shake.

11) Boleh tak minum shake Usana tapi saya makan mcm biasa jugak? I love food so much.
No. Definitely cannot. You will gain weight instead! I don’t believe on products yg kata boleh makan banyak mcm biasa but still boleh turun berat and tk gemuk. For me nk kurus ni mcm nk kaya. No easy way to jadi kaya and same goes to lose weight jugak. Kalau ada product yg boleh buat org suka makan banyak jadi kurus wpun tk kurangkan food intake, I rasa dunia ni dah tkder org gemuk dan istilah obesiti pupus dari kamus.

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