Lemon or Oren?

Him: U nak fabric starch kan?
Me: Ha’ah
Him: I dekat Giant ni. U nk yg regular or yg lemon?
Me: I nk yg oren
Him: Regular ker lemon?
Me: Oren
Him: I tanya u regular ker lemon apasal u dok asik jawab oren ni? Oren tak der la.

Goshhh…what was I thinking? Hahaha…tu la berangan banyak sangat.

I wanted the fabric starch so urgently till I call up my husband and ask him to buy and post it to me [knowing me I can't wait]. I’m at my parent’s house now and I don’t think kedai amoi yg I selalu pergi ada jual Kiwi Kleen fabric starch / kanji.

Vintage charcoal iron

Speaking about starch. When I was still schooling, my mom used to soak my uniform in homemade starch and iron it with vintage charcoal iron, I swear I think the uniform can almost standing on its own! And the side line was extremely sharp. Siapa terkena baju I boleh terbunuh la I rasa. Haha. How sweet old memories, I missed being a small school girl tho.

I was so happy upon receiving the starch on the next day, but was actually laugh out loud when seeing this.

Yeah, my husband was actually sent the starch together with the bill!! He also called me later of the day and reminded me to pay him the amount including the pos laju fee. Yes he’s serious about it. Dasar ceti! Cesssss.


My Brother & Singer sewing machine

Well, I did mention in my previous entry here that I would put up some photos of my new sewing machine. Sadly, haven’t got the chance to do so, sorry. My mom had placed the machine inside our old house [made of wood, with zinc roofing], and it’s pretty hot in there during day time, close to temperature of a burning oven. Hence, comfortable to sew during night time only, and the lighting is very poor so end up I didn’t take any photos.

But fret not, the machine now is no longer in our wooden house. We moved it into the brick house [ehe], so that I could use the machine whenever I got the chance to [read as whenever Ichiro is sleeping]. Good news, I also have a couple of photos of the machines.

I had a tough time using the machine in the beginning. Even though the machine is semi-computerised, but for someone like me who had zero knowledge about sewing , it could be a nightmare

Things getting worst, when my mom also having trouble to familiarize herself with the machine. She kept on making noise on how difficult to sew thick and soft fabric with the machine that I newly bought [my mom was a tailor, has been sewing for about 20-30 years].

I love the machine, I love new technology, I love gadget. But sewing machine ain’t a computer or handphone or camera that I can just simply explore. Sewing machine is super sensitive with the needles and moving mechanical parts, you need to really know what you are doing. I chose Brother over many other brand because of…errrrr…I don’t know. Simply attracted to it, mungkin sbb ia canggih, semi-computerised. Yeah I love everything about computer and if I boleh surf internet dgn sewing machine ni sure lagi best. Huhuh.

But ever since I got more access to the machine [thanks to the new placement], am starting to develop my skills using the machine, had done some googling on tips and proper method to sew via the internet. But was bit frustrated since I couldn’t find video tutorial that I want, thus I thought that maybe I could make video tutorial / tips for beginner. I truly understand the agony and suffer that beginner need to go through, so I hope I can share little knowledge that I have about sewing. Expert can watch but please don’t laugh :D Hehe.

In the video I will use my own sewing macine and serger/overlock machine which are Brother Innovis 50 – NV50 and Singer. Thus, please refrain from asking me on how to use other brand ok.

Ichiro yang sibuk nk menjahit jugak

Till then…daaaaa.


Digi Broadband Second Review

I will follow you!

Ok since there are so many of you had requested to me to do another review on Digi Broadband, so here goes my latest review of Digi Broadband.

Digi Broadband continuously giving me good internet connection and I have no complain so far. NO COMPLAIN (notice the caps?) hehe. Yeah, am a satisfy user of Digi and would like to recommend it for those who are ;

1) frustrated with your current wireless broadband service
2) thinking of getting one for yourself but do not know which service provider you should go for, since we are truly spoil with numerous number of “bad” choices actually. Ha ha.
3) looking for affordable plan that start from hmm i think around RM50 ish a month. But mine is RM108 per month, which is the medium package. They have another package specially tailored for heavy internet user and who download lot of stuff from internet everyday

For all package, it comes with free modem. However, be sure to check on the coverage for your area first before buying. There are certain areas aren’t covered by DIGI or has a very poor signal. For example industrial area. Shall your office situated at the industrial area, I would highly advice to check with DIGI first.

For PJ area [my house area] the connection is pretty awesome. Love it and encounter no problem so far with the connection. Even at my hometown in N9, I can still surf the internet using DIGI but the speed is somewhat slow. But am ok with that, because I have been informed before hand by the SA what kind of speed that I should expect at my “kampung” house.

Been using it for about hmmm 6 months [wow that half a year already] and I would say am a happy user of DIGI BROADBAND. Please don’t ask me how fast the speed and so on, because frankly speaking I don’t know. I’m not a technie’ kind of person. What I know, I can open multiple browser, tab, chatting, update blog and download stuff simultaneously. Roughly i can open 1 website page and fully load the page in within 10-15 seconds [ i guess so lah]

DIGI also has 7 days return policy. You can quickly return the modem and terminate the service if you think DIGI is not for you. My entry is solely base on my own experience using DIGI and am neither a staff nor affiliate of DIGI.

So happy choosing your mobile/wireless broadband!

p/s: to Digi , you guys should pay me for this entry or waive my bills :P


Usana Testimonial – Diabetes

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Autumn in Malaysia?

It’s autumn in Malaysia! I was sitting on the swing with my son just now and saw fallen leaves from the “pokok mangga” covered the area entirely. It was somehow very soothing to my eyes and decided to take few pictures of it. It is also reminded me to the autumn season in 4 seasons country [definitely not malaysia] maple leaves and autumn in my heart [the korean movie].

My son as usual, tido masa duduk atas swing ok. Haha. The pictures are rather dark because sky was little bit cloudy this morning.

Yeah, am at my hometown again. I slept at 4 am last night as I was too preoccupied with my sewing project. Overjoyed a bit, sbb yayy! my skill on sewing is getting betterrrrr and yesterday I discovered few more tips and I’m now totally a happy mother who ehem…sew.


p/s: hope you guys won’t feel so stress out today to start work. it’s a short working week this week  peeps so be happy!