Devil only knows one word....

I would love to share something that is very interesting which I downloaded from Robert G Allen’s website. It is a caricature of devil and devil most favorite word “BUT”… [I wrote about Robert G Allen in one of my entry here]

I am hooked to Robert G Allen’s book which called “Cash In A Flash” . In that book he wrote about the devil voice that lingers in our head [brain, ears or mind] and also give some guide on how to turn off the bad voice volume so that we can ignore it which obviously bring no good to us.

Literally, am going to admit that this inner whiner is true and me myself also experience it every now and then. But fret not, now I think I know [i think lah..] on how to deal with it and always believe on positive thinking, tawakal and dua’. Yup positive vibes as many say. Hence, I will try to be as positive as possible walaupon kadang-kadang la ada lah seperti hangennn mcm haremmm jugak. Hihi

Along my journey in business, I get to know many people. Some of them very energetic, inspiring, strong determination and hardworking. But there are also many quite hesitate before even giving it a try [even though they admitted that they wanted to change their life and be successful]. But I don’t blame them tho, this is nature of human. God created us this way. We do have good and bad thoughts. [myself included].

We are what our mind think about ourselves. No?

After you have finished reading/ viewing attachment below, do let me know how you look at the idea. Do you think that your mind is indeed very powerful to form you as what you are today?

If you watch the “Wake Up Project” video, you will know how “they” actually controlling our mind.

Happy Groggy Monday!! :D


Can't we just buy the frying pan?

My husband has a fetish for collecting Giant stickers. You know the one yang u can collect and exchange with frying pan. [roll eyes]

Yeah, husband I tgh aim nk kuali besar. But the largest size pan requires 130 stickers! [he has only about 90++ stickers at the moment..i guess la] Sekarang dia mcm risau2 takut tk dpt nk redeem kuali besar sbb tarikh tutup nk kumpul the stickers sampai end of next month jer kot rasanya.

Here goes a photo of him sticking on the sticker. Bertungkus lumus nampaknya disitu.

I never met a guy who’s really enthusiastic on collecting supermarket stickers other than my very own husband. Whenever after we had done some shopping at Giant, he will quickly took the sticker sheet and start the sticking business as soon as we arrived home. Sangat semangat.

Thing is, it is not only applicable to Giant stickers, tapi Guardian stickers yg boleh tukar dengan plush animal toys tu pon dia nk konker. For example dat day, I went to Guardian and got few stickers [i paid for it so the stickers are mine, no?] I dh banyak kali dapat, but selalu hilang. [ not really into collecting stickers..huhu] When we were standing on the escalator, I took out the Guardian stickers and made an attempt to stick it on the sticker sheet. I saw Imran face suddenly changed and then he spoke up….

Him: tunggu la sampai rumah baru tampal
Me: apasal pulak?
Him: nanti cicir [he looks damn different than usual when he uttered this]
Me: tkkan la cicir, I pegang la kuat-kuat [melawan seperti biasa, tk lawan tk sah]

I took my time to examine his face tho. But I know my husband more than he knows himself. That’s a fact. While he was still looking at the stickers that I hold in my hand, danggggg I knew it! I should have guessed it much earlier…..

Me: Ala I tahu, U sebenarnya yang nk tampal stickers I ni kan?
Me: U mcm, semua stickers pon U sorang jerrrrr nk tampal…
Me: kannn??
Him: He cracked the weirdest smile I ever seen

….and with that I know that I was indeed right. I rest my case.

To think again..yeah he’s cute in his own way :) and I love him for being HIM.

Oh off topic sket, this is Izzat’s [my bro in law] cat. Dia lah makhluk yg paling penat masa kenduri aqiqah hari tu. Tido sampai nganga. Over tau. He’s such a spoiled brat and he’s afraid of Ichiro. Ehe.


6 Jars

These are my 6 jars [in burger and donut shape..ehe].

Yang satu tu muka sangat garang, adalah takut kalau tk simpan duit dalam tabung tu.

Rich people mange their money well. Poor people mismanage their money well. ~ Thomas Stanley, author of The Millionaire Next Door

When I was introduced to the 6 jars system somewhere around last year by Naya, I was genuinely interested to the idea. Nevertheless, I neglected it since I was too busy juggling my life and little did I know that the most important tips that being told over and over again by many successful people in the world is…

“act now”
“do not delay in action”
“jangan bertangguh”

Maybe that was one of the reason why I’m not a millionaire [yet]. Hohoho.

6 Jars money management method is based from book by T.Harv Eker “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”, Read about the book here:

Here are some excerpts from the book…
Wealthy people are not any smarter than poor people; they just have different and more supportive money HABITS.

It may not be the most glamorous of topics, but it comes down to this: the single biggest difference between financial success and financial failure is how well you manage your money. It’s simple: to master money, you must manage money.

As for those who use the “I don’t have enough money to manage” rationale, they’re looking through the wrong end of the telescope. Rather than say “when I have plenty of money, I’ll begin to manage it”, the reality is “when I begin to manage it, I’ll have plenty of money.”

Saying “I’ll start managing my money as soon as I get caught up” is like an overweight person saying “I’ll start exercising and dieting as soon as I lose twenty pounds.” It’s putting the cart before the horse, which leads to going nowhere…or even backward! First you start properly handling the money you have, then you’ll have more money to handle.

So, how this 6 jars thingy works? Ok easy peasy, am not an expert neway, I just simply google and here goes my findings: Once you’ve set the methodology a natural habit or your monthly routine, your monetary problems and worries will gradually disappear.

The six jars are to be labeled as:

  • Financial freedom account (FFA): This jar if for your financial freedom. Each month put 10% of your income in this jar. Money you put in this jar can be used to invest, start a business, create a passive income streams, residual income streams [perfect example for residual income = USANA] etc.
  • Put 55% of your income in this jar for your necessities. It’s for things like paying bills, food, necessary clothing etc.
  • Long term saving for spending (LTSS): Put 10% in this jar. You may have more than one LTSS jar. It’s for things like a plasma TV, your family vacation, contingency fund, your children’s education etc. If you have more than one LTSS, divide the 10% between the jars according to your priority.
  • Education (EDU): 10% that goes in this jar if for your own education . It could be used to attend seminars, buy books etc. Basically, it’s for your continual education and learning.
  • Allocate 10% of your income for you to have fun guilt-free. Use it to go to a fancy restaurant you’ve been eyeing, or a massage at a spa. Just do something fun. Let your inner child play.
  • Giving (GIV): Allocate 5% of your income to give to charity. If you want to allocate 10% for giving, take 5% off your NEC jar.

The percentage attributed to each jars above, represents the percentage amount of money which you must put into the jars every single month. All you need to do every month is to allocate a certain amount of money for the money management jars. And tried to do it without fail every month. Hihi [that the hardest part I think]

But, be positive! I will try this 6 jars method and will update the outcome later. I’m very very very poor at managing my money till Imran had to use his dictator power [hahah] to force me to save my money in Ichiro’s account instead of mine. So, I think I am the perfect person who should try this method. Hihi.

Wish me luck ok! Bismillahirahmannirahimmmmmm…

Source: various source from


Lemon or Oren?

Him: U nak fabric starch kan?
Me: Ha’ah
Him: I dekat Giant ni. U nk yg regular or yg lemon?
Me: I nk yg oren
Him: Regular ker lemon?
Me: Oren
Him: I tanya u regular ker lemon apasal u dok asik jawab oren ni? Oren tak der la.

Goshhh…what was I thinking? Hahaha…tu la berangan banyak sangat.

I wanted the fabric starch so urgently till I call up my husband and ask him to buy and post it to me [knowing me I can't wait]. I’m at my parent’s house now and I don’t think kedai amoi yg I selalu pergi ada jual Kiwi Kleen fabric starch / kanji.

Vintage charcoal iron

Speaking about starch. When I was still schooling, my mom used to soak my uniform in homemade starch and iron it with vintage charcoal iron, I swear I think the uniform can almost standing on its own! And the side line was extremely sharp. Siapa terkena baju I boleh terbunuh la I rasa. Haha. How sweet old memories, I missed being a small school girl tho.

I was so happy upon receiving the starch on the next day, but was actually laugh out loud when seeing this.

Yeah, my husband was actually sent the starch together with the bill!! He also called me later of the day and reminded me to pay him the amount including the pos laju fee. Yes he’s serious about it. Dasar ceti! Cesssss.


My Brother & Singer sewing machine

Well, I did mention in my previous entry here that I would put up some photos of my new sewing machine. Sadly, haven’t got the chance to do so, sorry. My mom had placed the machine inside our old house [made of wood, with zinc roofing], and it’s pretty hot in there during day time, close to temperature of a burning oven. Hence, comfortable to sew during night time only, and the lighting is very poor so end up I didn’t take any photos.

But fret not, the machine now is no longer in our wooden house. We moved it into the brick house [ehe], so that I could use the machine whenever I got the chance to [read as whenever Ichiro is sleeping]. Good news, I also have a couple of photos of the machines.

I had a tough time using the machine in the beginning. Even though the machine is semi-computerised, but for someone like me who had zero knowledge about sewing , it could be a nightmare

Things getting worst, when my mom also having trouble to familiarize herself with the machine. She kept on making noise on how difficult to sew thick and soft fabric with the machine that I newly bought [my mom was a tailor, has been sewing for about 20-30 years].

I love the machine, I love new technology, I love gadget. But sewing machine ain’t a computer or handphone or camera that I can just simply explore. Sewing machine is super sensitive with the needles and moving mechanical parts, you need to really know what you are doing. I chose Brother over many other brand because of…errrrr…I don’t know. Simply attracted to it, mungkin sbb ia canggih, semi-computerised. Yeah I love everything about computer and if I boleh surf internet dgn sewing machine ni sure lagi best. Huhuh.

But ever since I got more access to the machine [thanks to the new placement], am starting to develop my skills using the machine, had done some googling on tips and proper method to sew via the internet. But was bit frustrated since I couldn’t find video tutorial that I want, thus I thought that maybe I could make video tutorial / tips for beginner. I truly understand the agony and suffer that beginner need to go through, so I hope I can share little knowledge that I have about sewing. Expert can watch but please don’t laugh :D Hehe.

In the video I will use my own sewing macine and serger/overlock machine which are Brother Innovis 50 – NV50 and Singer. Thus, please refrain from asking me on how to use other brand ok.

Ichiro yang sibuk nk menjahit jugak

Till then…daaaaa.