Can't seem to let go..

I find it rather hard for me to not bother about my ex-company anymore. In fact, I’m still in touch with my ex-colleagues and we often exchange stories. Kinda sad…as I could say, there’s no end to office politics. Latest news, one of my ex-colleague follow my lead and tender his resignation very recently.

I should not bother about it at all, but somehow I feel happy that my friend also leaving the company. Hohoh. Keji? Yes, I know…what an evil to feel that way. But I can’t help myself. There must be something wrong with the company, if more than 1 person quit kan? In my case company ok, cuma yg branch Malaysia ni sengal. Kalau nk kerja dgn my x-company tu, better pergi main branch or HQ in Sweeden and Denmark. Furthermore, semua quit about the same time. Kalau I sorang jer yg quit, then something wrong with me la kan. But hello [to management], have you ever think before why ALL [yer semua yerr..bukan sorang dua] the engineers come and go just like that?

Before myself, one of my ex-colleague also had tender his resignation. One of the main reason kiterorg terlalu byk sangat kerja and problem nk kene solve at one time. Dah lah kerja from A-Z sorang2 kene buat, totally one man show. My male ex-colleague yg quit earlier than me tu siap menangis sbb tak tahan pressure. That bad. I pon nagis jugak [almaklum drama queen] Lepas dah siap bina plant and run the plant, kalau ada problem within warranty period tu, tetap kami2 jugak nk kene handle. Project baru masuk pon nk kene buat. Last-last kerja jadi menimbun! Iron Man pon boleh lumpuh separuh badan mcm ni tau.

I don’t want to give a damn about it anymore, but can’t seem to let go the memory or forget everything about my previous job. However,  as much as I hate it…..I’m very much still keep on thinking whether not the bosses understand message that we are actually trying to convey. Takkan nk satu department tender baru nk sedar? We are done with the company. At least I think am done with it.

On a similar note, tomorrow will be Imran last day. He also being lured to stay by few of his bosses. Dari boss kecik…sampai la ke boss Jepun besar! Tapi what’s the point? Dulu2 kenapa tanak appreciate? Dah nk blah baru nk keluar mcm2 plan for him and counter offer bagai. I think diaorg ni kene belajar art to deal with people especially staff la. Learn to appreciate. Long term investment tu.

Ok la, I know am jobless now, should not talk much about this. Huhu. Ok la org tkder kerja ni nk tido tengahari. Sila komen yer. Nnt karang I reply. Dalam pukul 4.


Iron Man 2

You don’t need to be a genius in order to know why I love Iron Man movie so much. Iron Man has some pretty impressive gadget tech within Stark’s laboratory such as “to die for see- through monitor screen” which is really really cool. Knowing me, gadget and computer thingy is my cup of tea. There’s a lots more actually in the movie, it just that hmm..I don’t seem to know the machine/gadget/tools’ name, let alone to describe its function. You really got to watch the movie to see em’ all.

Oh not to forget, I love the Iron Man briefcase the most! Never thought that, the metal briefcase can actually transform into Iron Man suit! [I thought it stores some kind of high-tech weapon inside it] Well, I should have guessed it earlier, it just that I’ve been wondering, how on earth a massive robot suit can be “fold” and being kept in a small briefcase? Kalau Spiderman or Batman or Superman costume , should be no problem [seluar kecik jer pon yg nk disimpan] But for a bulky metal suit, u’ve gotta be kidding me. And the transformation process is really unbelievable, it somehow reminds me of Transformers. Sgt super.

Neway, I didn’t read any Iron Man comic [I don't even know the comic exist before], so kalau saya adalah seperti orang jakun and benda ni dah ada dalam komik, please show your mercy and bear with me ok. Simply pardon my ignorance.

Secondly, there’s also a fair amount of humour scattered throughout and in places, lots of funny dialogue and statement such as “get a roof!” I really enjoy the comedian in Robert Downey and he fits role as Iron Man incredibly well. He was born to be an Iron Man. Period. But wrinkles on his face somewhat annoying [err hawt still], I thought that after he had the power source which consumes his being removes from his chest and replace it with a new atom created by his late father, he will regain his health and change [possibly] to a healthier look [with good skin]. Nahhh..that’s not happening at all.

I love Tony Stark [Downey Jr.] narcissism and sarcastic statement too. [prefer him in Iron Man than Sherlock Holmes. Found it rather hard for me to understand his accent in Sherlock Holmes movie]

There’s a hint for The Avengers as well. But, I don’t really fond of other superheroes, especially superheroes with tight suit dan memakai seluar dalam diluar [so lame] Hence, unsure whether not I will like it. Iron Man is totally different sbb dia canggih and ada styleeee lah.

Rasa mcm nk tengok Iron Man 2 again, but contemplating in between Iron Man 2 and Prince of Persia. I watched my hubby plays the Prince of Persia game not long ago and addicted [to watch hubby playing the game] since then. Tapi dia mmg tahyul banyak la.



Happy Birthday dear...

Siapa punya birthday ni?

Things were bit chaotic. Imran was in a war trying to put Ichiro to sleep on the eve of his birthday, and few minutes before the clock strike 12 midnight, Ichiro presenting his dad with an advance birthday cake. Hihi. I can’t stop laughing at him while he was busy cleaning up Ichiro’s bottom.

Me: Sedap nampak “bday cake” u dear…

Him: Syadap lah.

Terbeliak mata tgk candles..:)

It was already past 12 midnight, Ichiro still refuse to sleep. So, we just lighted up the candles, sang the birthday song and brought the cake into my room. Ichiro mata terus terbeliak bila tengok kek and lilin, so mmg tk der makna nk tido. Huhu. Therefore, kami pon bawak dia sekali to join our small birthday party. To think again, nasib baik Ichiro tak tido lagi since this is the first time ever Imran celebrating his birthday with an offspring of his :)

30 Y.O

Somewhere over the rainbow…

It was rather a short and very very small birthday occasion. Mmg style mcm gini every year utk semua family member. Pukul 12 tu semua dah ngantuk2, tapi still boleh makan kek :D I ordered the cake with macaroons from Ayesha, Bite Me blog. Thanks to Foxyfarah who introduced me to the cake and yeah the rainbow cake is indeed lovely. But, I think the icing and macaroons are too sweet for my liking. The cake and macaroons are fine and well done, sedap. It just that if I were to order more cakes from her in future, I would definitely request to her to reduce the sugar. Ehe. Kek mmg sedap, up to today dah tinggal 1/4 jer lagi.

To my beloved husband, it is always a wonderful experience being a wife to you. You treat me as your best friend, bring me along whenever you wanna hang out with your guy friends and even share your darkest secret with me. I appreciate it a lot and together we walk through the thick and thin of marriage and parenthood.Gambatte!


Kemana arah tuju...mohon bantuan

Next week will be last working week for Imran at company that he’s currently working with. He’s gonna start work with the new company early of June. So, we thinking of going somewhere for holiday or honeymoon before he back to work in early June nnt.

I need suggestion or recommendation on great destination for vacation within Malaysia. Our first choice is around JB area since I need to go down to JB to meet my aunty there and discuss some business matters with her. So, boleh just terus bercuti dekat sana.

But, if tkder tempat best dekat JB, we don’t mind to consider other state. So, please please pleaseee help me in finding one great place for me and husband [ichiro tk ikut kot] to berkuch kuch hota hey :D

Kalau ada website lagi bagus ok. Kalau u all ada family business yg run resort/chalet business ker, and nak suggest to me pon boleh. I am open to all kind of suggestion and recommendation ok. Dah lama tk bercuti2, am so excited! I prefer island or tempat2 yg I boleh tengok alam yang indah dimana shopping mall adalah tidak perlu – menyibuk sahaja kalau ada pon.

Tolong yer kawan2!


Tidur bersepah-sepah

Am not in the mood to write new post. Blogging is indeed a very tiring job. Hari-hari mcm sesak nafas sbb fikir blog dh lama tk update. Bila update jer, lega sekejap pastu selang sehari mula ah mengelupur balik.

Tapi kan, I lebih rela tk update, dari update berkali-kali dgn entry yg entah apa-apa.

Hari ni malas nk pening2 tulis entry, I nak letak gambar jer la. Gambar i tertido atas sofa bertemankan kucing. I mmg duduk atas sofa tu tiap hari. Kiranya area sofa tu mcm pejabat Usana I la. Bahagian tempat yg I selalu duduk tu dah tenggelam lebih sket dari bahagian lain sofa yg lain. Sedih…berat lagi haku ni rupanya. Isk. Harus berdiet lebih gigih!

Kaki, tangan dan rambut bergulung. Nicky tu tk digulungkan, dia mmg tidur bergulung mcm tu.

Selalu I kalau ngantuk, I akan tido dalam bilik la, tapi kalau malas dan penat mmg tertido terus kt situ jer. Bila ada tetamu datang lintang pukang langkah meja lari masuk bilik. Kucing tu pulak nama dia Nicky. Dia hari-hari temankan I dekat office I ni. Tapi dia mmg sleeping partner la. 24 jam tidur jer kerja. Mmg tk boleh harap sgt. Tapi ok la jugak, malam2 pukul 3-4 pagi dia masih setia temankan I. Hujung sofa tu, port feveret dia.

Gambar ni Imran yang amik. Masa ni i tgh kepenatan dan ngantuk layan customer sehari suntuk sampai tk sempat nk tido tengahari mcm selalu. Rugi wooo..rugi tk tido tengahari. Nikmattt.

Yg ni plak gambar Imran tertido atas lantai.Ish ish ish. I yg amik gambar ni. Dia tertido masa nk bukak kotak komputer HP yg baru tu. Dashat dia ni. Masa nk bukak kotak pon boleh tertido? Tatau dari gunung mana dia bertapa sampai dapat belajar jurus hebat seperti ini. Sebenarnya I suruh dia tunggu sekejap masa nk bukak kotak tu, sbb I pon nk join la tgk dia unpack the computer. Sementara menunggu tu la dia boleh tertido plak. Kesian..huhu.

Itu jer la entry hari ni. Entry tido bersepah2. Ni tgh taip ni pon terasa nk tertido dahhhh. Kalau tertido atas sofa ni sampai esok pagi, harus cushion sofa ni mendap terus sampai nipis tinggal kayu. Hihi.

Goodnite all.