Celebrating 3 decades

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I’ve a prize presentation dinner to attend today at Alexis, The Gardens for the HP contest [read my entry about me winning the contest here]. My husband finally would gonna had the chance to get his hands on the machine. I’ve decided that he can’t use it yet tho since he failed to clean up our room as he promised earlier [he promised to do housekeeping to spare some space for the pc] and till today the room is still a total mess! I’m having a hard time looking for Ichiro whenever he plays in the room. Hope you can imagine how semak it is? mcm kene puting beliung.

He made a face whenever I nag and threatened him. That’s fine with me. He’s gonna realize how serious I am once the computer came into our possession soon later of today.

Apparently I need to calm myself, since I’ll be so eager to try the computer too! Hello! it’s the latest touchscreen computer by HP, how could I resist to that? Definitely cannot! Mainan Ichiro yg setakat guna bateri Ever Ready tu pon saya dah kemaruk nk mencuba, inikan pula a touchscreen computer! Tsk..

Maybe I can change the rules a bit to favor me. Hehe. The computer can be powered up and connected to internet, but sorry mr husband can’t use it. How’s that? Hmmm…it’s sound like a third degree crime to me since the computer is actually his and I got no rights to drive test the machine before him.

We gonna see how situation may fits later. For now, I keep thinking how HP touchscreen computer gonna beat Apple iMac? Oh wait am not really comparing “apple to apple” [no pun intended] iMac ain’t a touchscreen pc.

Neway, this gonna be the best birthday present ever for my husband. He’s gonna hit the big 3-0 on this coming labor day [1/5] so memang rezeki dia we get the computer few days earlier. Other siblings will chip in to buy an external hardisk 1 Terabyte for him. That would be a cool companion for his HP computer. And there’ll be a special cake for him too [which I ordered immediately after it made me drooling with saliva menjejes by just looking at its picture....pada suatu malam yg sepi]. Can’t wait to taste and camwhore with it…Hehe.

Happy birthday in advance hon, love u muahs!

Hope the dinner ends early. I don’t really fancy posh dinner, not that I don’t know how to get along well with people and socializing among high society people just that, I am a low profile type of person, I prefer etika makan-makan yg lebih simple di mana people won’t laugh at you if you use a wrong spoon for the soup. Plus, Ichiro will not tag along so I hope we could rush back home soonest possible.

Oh btw, my sister is organizing handmade jewelry class. Do email or add her ym for more infos. Basically, details of the class are as below. You can view some of her creative works on her facebook fan page here [she has about close to 6k fans on facebook]

Flower wire brooch by Riqzmie Creation. Wanna learn how to create something similar?
Join the class then!

BASIC WIRE JEWELRY KELAS TELAH BERMULA! (istimewa untuk student yang tiada basic wire work sahaja)
DATE: 9/5.2010


Darwis Ichiro - 10 months old

Hehe ni gambar lamaaaaa. Gambar bulan 1 masa friso event. Gigi pon tkder sgt lagi masa ni.

My son is going to be 10 months old next week. How time flies :) Until today, I’ve no regret quitting my day job and working for my son instead. Hehe. Usually when we’re jobless, we feel like slapping anyone who question us “kerja apa sekarang?”, “dah dapat kerja?”, ” try la jadi cikgu..” and bla bla bla. Like do they really care? [shrug..] It’s not that I underestimate profession as a teacher. Tapi cara diaorg cakap, mcm senang gilerrrrr nk apply jadi cikgu and as though the easiest way out is to be a teacher. Blarghhh. Tanggung jawab menjadi cikgu adalah besar, bukan boleh nk jadi cikgu sbb suka-suka, pegang amanah nk didik anak bangsa. U think that’s easy? I slap u.

I”ll definitely miss this moment, when he gets older nnt.

Being a WAHM is an exact definition of total freedom to me albeit it’s not easy. To mothers out there who also aiming to be a WAHM like me, I just wanna say, do it! Do your proper planning, insyallah everything will be ok.

Ok lah..sure nk tengok gambar kan? Entry tanpa gambar tk seronok bukannnn. Mari tengok gambar Ichiro panjat tangga. Seronok dia ada org nk layan main tangga. Hehe.

Menuju puncak! [bukan AF ok...]

I jarang update pasal milestone Ichiro. Sbb nyer I ni jenis malas nk expect for something. I suka benda tu terjadi secara takdir. Haha. Apakah ayat ini? Mcm Usana, I tk kira pon berapa ramai I enrol, berapa byk I buat sales, berapa lama nk achieve target, I just buat membuta tuli but sepenuh hati la. At the end bila dpt award bagai, rasa true bliss.

Oh my bum bum, looking delicious? Jaga-jaga ada hadiah berwarna kuning menanti di dalam…

So, it applied to Ichiro jugak. For me I rasa tk perlu utk compare or being to serious on achieving the target. Sbb, nnt I put too much pressure on myself and Ichiro. Let my son choose at what pace he wants to do things and learning. Of course , we have to monitor kalau terlalu delay dari jangkaan sebenar, tapi delay about 2-3 months should be ok kot I rasa. I don’t ask much, as long as my child is healthy, energetic and happy, I’ll be one happy mother, like I am now :)

How come I’m still not reaching top yet? Even the Everest not this high..err I know because I’ve experience climbing the Everest before or something that look similar to Everest , it’s mount on my mother’s chest. [haha, saper ada tetek setinggi everest? gilo]

Btw, these are few things that Ichiro capable to do now including his physical growth

  1. Walking! Baru 2 steps.
  2. Teeth! Lottts of ‘em. Haha. I think there are about 7 yg dah visible! Bulan lepas I mcm perasan ada 2 jer? Ker mata i kero? I think the latter.
  3. Body gesture, waving hand [he actually putar his hand instead of the normal wave..putar mcm as though he saying " habis dahh", but itu wave la bagi dia]. Every time we say bye bye, he will putar his hand and say “bah bah” or “tah tah”. Cute eh?
  4. He loves adult food! Baby food tk heran. Bubur daging , with chicken sup, choc moist cake, banana, apple, cheese, keropok ikan, aiscream, ikan steamboat…among his favourite. Kalau u sajer-sajer gi bancuh nestum and suap, boleh start tengok drama kanak-kanak kene dera. Hehe.
  5. Dat day I showed picture of him climb into the walker kan? I tk dpt amik gambar lagi, tapi latest dia dah panjat keluar pulak. Kali ni, mcm acrobat sungguh. He will put one of his leg atas besi walker tu, then push himself out. Keep pushing sampai both legs dah naik atas, then support his body dgn tangan on the floor [mcm nk buat push up]. Dia akan buat in slow motion, firstly sbb he knows the walker is moving and another reason, he doesn’t want his mommy notice what he’s doing. Apa yg buat dia berusaha keras nk keluar dari walker? Because he wants to play with the vacuum cleaner, secretly, behind my back.
  6. Dah boleh turun katil sendiri, ni dari bulan lepas dah boleh kot? Entah lah.
  7. Dah boleh judge and estimate height. Contoh mcm dekat tangga, he will crawl very fast towards the stair, tapi will immediately stop once reach. Even though it’s good to know that he understand the danger, but we don’t really count on him yet. Sbb dia selalu berguling2 tk hingat dunia. Tahu-tahu dah duduk tepi2 katil or tepi2 tangga. Hehe.
  8. Showing interest towards music and piano. Dat day I main piano with him on my lap, suddenly he fell asleep. I wish I had my camera masa tu.
  9. Went to see paed last few weeks, the doctor told us that based on the child growth chart, Ichiro is tall and slim. Goshh..I really hope that he won’t be too skinny like his ayah dulu. Tinggi ok, but skinny…aahhh terrifying la.

Ahhhh dah sampai pit stop :) Rest sekejap.


Put it back, it's mine...

I found these statement luggage tag sold at room decoration shop in One Utama. I think they r cute, aren’t they? Bought 2 tags that I think got the best statement, there’s a couple more with different statements but not that many tho, the colors are also quite limited.

I think the tag will attract more attention to my luggage which actually hmmm not really helping in avoiding attention to my possession during traveling. But I think I can handle it. I swear I will monitor my luggage like a hawk then errr..or maybe Imran can do that for me. After all he’s the one with 4 eyes. I just want to buy the damn tag. Ehe.

Oh by the way, the moment we walked pass by MAC store, I stopped a while (i do this every-time we pass by the shop actually ehe, yeah desperate i know) and asked the SA when will they start selling the iPad. He then said, they are expecting it end of this month. I went to…migoddd…end of this month? They gotta be kidding me! Mana nk gali duit ni!

Nk iPhone? …Nakkkk!

Nk iPad?…Nakkk!

Nk iMac…Nakkk!

Nk i Lempang U(Ha ha)?….Agak sengal la kalau nak kan?

I heart MAC so much. When has MAC failed me? Never and not going to happen I guess. When will they stop inventing and creating cool stuff? I’m running out of money to buy all of em’! Shesshhh.

Really in need to be a millionaire. My road to millionaire project is still on! Am not a quitter. But still, who can lend me some money now? Because, mcm lambat jer lagi nk jadi jutawan. Hua hua hua. I want the iPhone and iPad so badly. Both in about the same time. Ha bengkok tk bengkok?

This entry kinda rojak. Am jumping from one topic to another. Just wanna tell you that my favourite blog is a blog that belong to a guy. I stalk his blog quietly for quite some times. Not going to disclose the blog url tho, because am stalking him, remember? No point being a stalker if I tell the world about it out loud.

In case if you guys wondering, no he’s ain’t handsome. But he is funny and I love his witty writing so much.

How about u? Which blog you stalk? Mine?

On different note, regarding Anna’s make up class. Am thinking to join the class. Anyone out there interested to join? I need 8 heads for this special session , if not she needs to call it off, which is such a waste! Make up class is not cheap [especially with experience make up artiste like anna] and she’s very generous to offer [I requested to her actually, since I thought maybe I could do some favor for my readers who interested in learning the correct way to do make up from the expert] the class for RM100 only for my readers. So, I do the advertorial post for the benefit of my readers also. Baik kan I? Hehe. The actual price for the class is actually around RM150-RM200. I get it half of the price for you who reading this.

If I digested the info given by Anna correctly, she also has lots of experience working with some of the best photographer in Malaysia like Daniel Zain. Betul tak Anna? Kalau salah sorrie ok. But, in general, yes she has worked with many experienced and famous photographer before.

Do contact me or Anna, if you want to join the class ok. Details of the make up class are as below;

Fee: RM100 (10pg-1ptg)
Topic: Make up essentials + 1 day make up + 1 night make up
Venue : Puchong, The Make Up Room [anna's house]
Date: 25th April 2010
*bring your own make up
*notes will be provided

To make it easier for you to contact either me or Anna. Just send us message by filling up below form.


Make-Up by Anna Lady Cherrie

Find out on how to join Anna’s make up class exclusive for Mr & Mrs Imran readers only by reading this entry till the end.

tempayan, rumpun hijau, kain batik, kebaya, bunga, bibir merah

There is a fish in the “tempayan”. I was worried actually if suddenly it jump into my mouth.

I love make up, eventho I know my make up adalah “ala-ala” sahaja. Huhu. Other than everyday look makeup, I am a huge fan of costume make up, which for certain people (people like me) it might be a luxury lifetime experience to get such make up done. But trust me, I could never describe how fun it is to see yourself as Snow White? or Barbie Doll?. Well, to hire a make up artiste (MUA) to do it for you might cost you an arm and leg. So, why not sign up for a class and do it yourself! You can find details on how to join Anna‘s make up class at bottom of this entry [open and exclusivo for Mr & Mrs Imran's readers only]. Am thinking to join the class too…hmmmm. Pastu leh ber’camwhore dekat blog. Ehe. The make up class is only for basic make up tho, but for me as long as you have a very good make up basic, for sure you can paint your face with more colors and create the look that you desired :)

Mengembalikan kegemilangan zaman kesultanan Melaka

Jua’s favourite. She said I look like “Mahsuri” in this pic.

The moment Anna introduced me to her make up stuff and class….to be honest I was 50% interested only (or maybe less) because I don’t fancy typical malay make up which is often too thick, too white and too much of everything. Sometimes bulu mata palsu, palsu yg sangat-sangat melampau. (but there are also many talented make up person out there, it just that they didn’t / haven’t approach me yet. ehe.) But when she showed me her portfolios, I was instantly awed. She definitely has set her standard different from others. Well, literally…yes she is a pro, judging from her portfolios and she is more to commercial type of make up rather than wedding.

I was sitting on a giant SYABAS water pipe.  Such a nice photography prop it made. Dah la selalu bocor tu. Hehe.

One thing that I love the most about her work, she’s very talented in creating fun/fashion/quirky/art/ or whatever-you-call-it look. Knowing me, I love looking at things from different perspective. I really fancy seeing myself in costume make up. Sbb I always terfikir, how do I look like if I’m a Vampire? or a Catwoman? My percent of interest sky rocketed towards Anna’s work then. We did discuss on what type of look that I want and we finally settled with “Malay Look” and “Natural” (since it’s pretty easy to get a matching wardrobe). I swear actually I wanna try fantasy look with flowers or butterfly on my face or perhaps the AVATAR look (blue face with stripe and yellow dot) . But the idea seems too wild for an advertorial entry. Haha. And saya adalah takut utk memakai cawat ala Avatar. Ehe. Maybe I can try it some other time. Cawat boleh tukar dgn skirt. Ahaks!

Eventho, I lose weight steadily, my face remain chubby. Blarghh. Oh the belt is new addition to my wardrobe, lurveee it! Cuma the hook is not very good, sbb asik terbukak. Orange blouse is from Blook and scarf is Tie Rack.

Posing sambil menahan gigitan nyamuk!

We were having so much fun during the session and photo-shoot last Friday. I would love to thank to Jua also since she managed to come and snap plenty of gorgeous photos! To Jua, I am very positive that your recent “huge” investment for your photography business gonna paid off soon. Way to go! Thanks a lot again for coming. I know that I don’t have the face, the height and the body. That’s why I was so glad that when Jua came to the rescue and her photos apparently have done enough justice to the gorgeous make up by Anna.

Oh btw, in case you guys wondering what did I do after the shoot, well…i just simply wash my face. Haha. Such a waste! Jua snapped quite many photos that day, but couldn’t upload it all here. Fret not, here a slideshow, showcasing  some of Jua’s best shots.

p/s: my make up was very minimum actually, because I requested it. lepas yg “perempuan melayu” look tu we were actually running out of time sbb dah petang sangat, so mcm tak sempat nk touch up. jadinya tk berapa nk flawless. hihi. tapi overall, ok la i like it. tak heavy look. kalau nk create the same look even kalau pakai baju yg sama pon, sumpah i rasa tkkan jadi kalau mekap sendiri. lepas belajar nnt jadi kot? ehe.

About Anna Lady Cherrie
She is very young and has lots of experience in make-up field. She develops her skill by attended many make up course conducted by a teachers/instructors graduated from UK/overseas . Anna is actively doing many jobs for talent house, artists, models, stage show, fashion, magazine and etc. She’s also in the midst of setting up her own make up business empire and I have no doubt that she’s gonna hit success soon.

Anna’s Portfolios
Here are are some photos taken from her portfolios and some photos of her with Malaysian artists that she has worked with before.

perempuan melayu, indian, wedding, make up, fashion, art

perempuan melayu, indian, wedding, make up, fashion, art

Anna in action

Anna with Chef Wan

Anna with Aril and Akim. Sorry gambar blur

Make up class with Anna *Exclusivo for Mr & Mrs Imran’s readers only
Anna is organizing a make up class exclusive for my blog readers. I would say the fee is quite affordable for a professional make up class which RM100 only per head. You may want to book your seat now as this special price is limited to 8 pax only. You can’t expect any other class with Anna in near future since she’ll be so busy with make up jobs and traveling. Hence, book your seat today, grab this golden opportunities to ace your make up skills and get RM10 discount should you come in pair.

Fee: RM100 (10pg-1ptg)
Topic: Make up essentials + 1 day make up + 1 night make up
Venue : Puchong, The Make Up Room [anna's house]
Date: 25th April 2010
*bring your own make up
*notes will be provided

Make up product/brand
I took a peek to her make up case and I think she’s using various type of brand. But the main ones are MAC and Manly (derive from chinese word mun-lee and the meaning is pretty or something..) I’ve seen many other make up bags belongs to MUA before, and I could say that if to compare..hmm I think Anna’s make up stuff is very minimum. I was actually thinking, how she gonna create the look with such limited make up? But she did it very well. And my “Perempuan Melayu” look was actually created by using an eyeliner, mascara, foundation, blusher and red lipstick only. No eyeshadow, no heavy shading. Coolness.

Here the Manly make up pallet. There are 120 colors. I googled for review and apparently Manly is actually a fav to many other MUA. Not bad for a brand with a “manly” name, I guess. Ehe. If you are interested you can purchase the Manly pallet from Anna. She’s selling it at RM70  for 120 colors and RM140 for 180 colors pallet.

manly make up palletemanly make up pallete

How to contact Anna?

If you are interested to attend the class, feel free to email her or visit her facebook page and leave your message there. Or you can also use the contact form that I attached below.  To those who wants to hire Anna for make jobs, you can email her also, but I could say she’s pretty busy and more to commercial. But no harm asking right?

Her portfolios:
Her facebook fan page:!/profile.php?id=1650886843
Her facebook page:
Her email:anna.beaufaces[at]gmail[dot]com

Do you want an entry like this for your products or services? Shoot me a message HERE. We can further discuss the details. Thank You


Sneak Peek : Make-up session with Anna Lady Cherrie

A sneak peek to my make up session with Anna last friday. Will write details and show many other photos soon. Stay tune. Hope I can get the entry done by Monday ;) Enjoy your weekend!

make up, make over, anna lady cherrie, malaysia, make up artiste, gadis melayu look

Make Up : Anna Lady Cherrie
Photographer : Jua
Location: SS2, PJ