Sophie Paris Catalogue 15 is Out!

Good news for those who are interested to purchase Sophie Paris products, you can now browse for the product pictures in my new gallery. The gallery is super awesome and I’m super excited to use it ^_^ , it comes with a slideshow (as currently displaying on my sidebar) and comment box for each photo with an ability to comment using your FB id (you may drop your comment to inquire  or to place order) I’ll attend to all the comments soonest possible ok.

It’s late already and I don’t have much time left to blog since I’ve spent most of my “working” time chatting with friends just now (ehehe) Sophie Paris catalogue 15 is out already and you may start purchase item from catalogue 15. Feel free to visit my gallery for a complete catalogue and pleasant viewing.

Sophie Paris V.15_1

Sophie Paris Catalogue 15. Try to click on picture and see what happens :) Don’t forget to like and comment ok

Sophie Paris V.15_3

Mobile wristlet case. It’s a woman best friend. Very spacious and you won’t need to be worried about accidentally slipping handphone from your grip. Just carry few important cards and bills inside it , you are ready to go! Leave the big handbag at home and keep snatch thief away.

Sophie Paris V.15_22

I’m loving this and definitely gonna get myself one, love the pants too (but don’t think it’s for sale)

Sophie Paris V.15_17

Green is my favourite colour (well, actually I love many colours , green is one of it) and maybe it’s your favourite colour too ^_^

Sophie Paris V.15_27

I’m a sucker of black and white! Steal this look! The bag is only RM80 and wallet is RM45 (but of course if you sign up as Sophie Paris member, you are entitle for 20% off for all normal price item , awesome kan? Dah murah …murah lagi!) Check out my gallery to know further about signing up as member or starting your own Sophie Paris business.


Wordless Wednesday : Super Daddy

superhero daddy and little boy


He's My Man


Wife being absurd. Husband being a true lover. Hail to all the good husbands in the world.

Picture courtesy of Quotes Lover

Dulu kan, zaman blogging otak mereng (haha that’s what I decided to call it) adalah kes di mana seorang blogger ni contact me and accused me for something (apa kesnya…biarlah rahsia, nnt korang dapat teka plak sapa blogger tu huhu)

Then I told my husband about the incident and pung pang pung pang I kasi my hujah2 utk membidas tuduhan yg dikenakan kepada I oleh blogger itu. Husband pon angguk2 jer la melayan isteri yg histeria pasal blog (memang merepek habis, pasal blog pon nk kecoh mcm tu)

So cerita tu habis kt situ jer lah.

But, few days later, I tengok ada orang cam tulis dan mengecam blogger tu di “shoutbox” blog blogger itu. I told my husband about the stranger harsh comment dengan begitu bersemangat sebabnya yesss bukan aku sorang jer yg rasa blogger itu sangat poyo (semasa itu lah)

Then, cerita tu habis kt situ jer lah.

Few years later, tak tahu la mcm mana boleh terbukak kisah ni balik masa borak2 dgn husband…

Imran : Ingat tak dulu ada orang komen and cakap owner blog poyo kt blog “toot”

Me : Ha, ingatlah

Imran : I la yg komen tu, I tak tahan dgr u cerita pasal dia, dan I rasa dia poyo

Me : (stared at him in pure disbelief)

Moral : Just when you think your man doesn’t care much about your girl issue, you would never know how far he’s willing to go to defend you, even if he knows that you are just being absurd.That’s my man ^_^ Blogger tu ok jer sebenarnya, cuma masa tu we didn’t know each other well. The saying…”tak kenal maka tak cinta” is indeed true :P


Fight Urinary Tract Problems White Discharge & Candida Naturally

urinary problemPicture courtesy of io9

Too “busy” to drink water? “Inconvenient” to drink water? as you are always on the road? All these increase your risk of getting urinary tract infections, urinary problems (difficulty in urination, frequent urge to urinate, painful/burning sensation during urination, cloudy urine, sensation like bladder is full, discharge, itch and odour) and Candida attack

Siapa pernah kena mcm simptom2 yg disebutkan di atas? I think most of us have experienced this before, right? I’ve experienced “burning” sensation (burning sensation ni mcm masa nk buang air kecil, rasa mcm perit melecet) during urination 3-4 years back, and tell you…. it was soooo painful till I almost cried but was lucky as I healed quite fast after taking medicine prescribed by doctor. Nevertheless, I believe there are others out there who suffered frequent urinary problems and white discharge; and to take medicine on daily basis seems not a good option. Furthermore, it’s best if one could minimize usage of drugs in our life and we can do that by taking natural supplement.

Hence, would love to introduce Cran-Max® Plus (do you see the “R” symbol? yes it’s patented, means it’s good, original and potent) An all-natural, drug-free solution to provide quick relief for urinary tract discomfort and combat Candida infection. Not just one, but 2 patented & clinically proven ingredients – UTIROSE™ roselle extract and Cran-Max® cranberry extract.

urinary problems, discharge, candida

50 chewable tablets. Normal price is RM98, but worry not we have 1 month promo now and current price is RM59 and second at RM39 To order kindly contact me here

Details of Cran-Max® Plus

  • Just 2 per day for quick relief
  • Urinary relief as early as the 1st day itself
  • Sugar-free formula with xylitol for healthy teeth & gums
  • Fights Candida & relieves symptoms associated with Candida overgrowth
  • Beneficial for oral care – reduces plaque, better breath, reduces cavity
  • Relieves problems associated with UTIs – difficulty in urination, frequent urge to urinate, painful/burning sensation during urination, cloudy urine, sensations like
    their bladder is full, discharge, itch and odor

cranberry-juice-and-sauceBenefit of Cran-Max® (cranberry extract)

  • Super concentrated cranberry extract – more effective than common cranberry extract
  • 2 tablets (500mg Cran-Max®) provide the anthocyanin equivalent to 7 glasses of cranberry juice!
  • Reduces Candida & bad bacteria adhesion by over 97%
  • Clinically proven – as effective as antibiotics to reduce UTI recurrence!
  • Published studies in Canadian Journal of Urology, The Gynaecologist’s & Obsterician’s Journal and Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

utirose roselleBenefit of UTIROSE™ (roselle extract)

  • Roselle extract with polyphenols : flavonoids (gossypetin) and proanthocyanidins. Standardized to > 40% organic acids, > 5% sambubiosides, > 45% phenolic compounds
  • Potent anti-microbial effects against Candida and antibiotic resistant bacteria
  • Works within 24 hours to eradicate bad bacteria E. coli
  • Clinically proven in randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study

Those who suffer urinary tract infections (UTIs) can try this product to stop the pain and stop the stupid bladder now! No guarantee though, but since price is quite reasonable, why not give it a try. If you have a history of kidney stones, it’s not advisable to consume this product.



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