Meet my Eva!

Hi all, wanna introduce you guys to my new pet here name Eva :) She’s not a living thing neway, she’s a dollie ;) I use her as measurement mannequin. Initially, I was “googling” for doll/mannequin image, but none of the image that I found on the internet good to be use. Ada yang image too small, there’s also yang besar but comes with watermark pula, then ada yg size ok but with clothes on pula.

Then I was thinking to get someone to draw the 3D dollie for me, but I scrapped the idea since my favourite graphic designer is currently too busy with work. So lastly I got this idea to buy a barbie doll and snap photo of the doll myself. So, I bought this doll from Daiso OU at RM5 only [Yeah, everything sold in Daiso is RM5, no matter big or small item]

Well…I just finished wrapping the ribbon on Eva to mark the measurement point. Will shoot Eva tomorrow and edit the image soonest I can. With Eva, I hope it would be easier for Nilam’s customer to have some idea of Nilam standard / custom sizing. I will include the sizing with picture of Eva attached next to it.

While wrapping and sticking ribbons on Eva, I thought that it would be nice if I can make all Nilam clothing and scarf collection in super mini size for Eva. Like a real clothes but in smaller scale. Oh-some kan? Well, insyallah maybe I can order few clothing for Eva soon. Don’t be surprise or jealous? if you see Eva wearing exactly the same Nilam Riding Hood dress that I wore before or Nilam scarves :D


Lonia's recent orders

Alhamdullilah here are few more pictures of our most recent orders for Lonia. I don’t photograph all of the orders nowadays coz I think Lonia have quite many photos already to showcase what we can offer to our customers. So, normally I’ll just snap picture of our products which is new in terms of ideas, design or mould.

When we started our business last year we received a lot of small personal gift and also chocolate for party favors orders. And now as we our business grow matured, we start receiving a lot of inquiries and orders to cater for bigger event like wedding especially. Up to date we have done quite a few “wedding gift” / “hantaran” orders and I truly loving it. I love doing decorations , fact is am a craft people :) I love craft and always get stunned whenever am seeing something is beautifully crafted with hand.

This chocolate gift is for Ary actually.  A friend of hers ordered the chocs from me and when I passed the chocolate to her Ichiro pau both of the lollichocs (buttferly and hat lollichocs) . Isk.

My mother dulu pon buat hantaran, I used to sit next to her waiting for chocolate hantaran yang terlebih tk dpt nk masuk atas tray so akan masuk mulut I. Hehe. Tapi tk pernah pula terfikir I’ll continue her legacy in making modern chocolate hantaran :D Like biar benarrrr?? ( I rasa I dah tulis pasal ni banyak kali dah, takper abaikan…huhu)

2 tier chocolate box!

Neway, enjoy the pictures, I pon dah update blog Lonia, normally cerita penuh setiap creation I tulis dekat blog Lonia. Dekat blog ni ringkasan jer lah. Happy monday ya’ all. Jangan moody2 ok. Nnt I tulis pasal my weekend is sempat. Very seronokss sbb I dapat jumpa many blogger frens and also menggayakan Kurung Pahang from my Nilam Traditional series. Yeap kurung babe. I think baju melayu traditional is evergreen so why not I include it in my Nilam collection kan :) Stay tune for the write up.



Black Swan

Wah lamanya tak update blog. Apa nk jadi la? I’ve been busy (yeah lame excuse, i know). But honestly mmg sibuk sangat-sangat. Kerja sendiri ni mmg lagi sibuk and teruk dari kerja di pejabat. Cumanya seteruk2 or sesibuk2 bekerja sendiri, hati tetap happy and puas dengan apa yg dikerjakan because I do things that I love and love doing it.

I got lot of pictures to share, but not today kot. Today I just nk tulis entry bersantai. Upload gambar bagai ni leceh. Stress haku jadinya. Tapi hari ni tk boleh stress sbb hari ni hari Jumaat! Yay! Malam ni macam nk pergi Daiso. Nk pergi beli some stuffs for Nilam and Lonia, then nk tengok movie?

Ahhh talking about movie, dulu I used to share sikit2 movie yang i tengok, now not that often kan? Actually me and husband selalu jer pergi tengok movie mcm dulu-dulu. It just that time doesn’t permit to write such entry sbb terkejar2 ke sana ke mari. Dulu masa kerja di pejabat, almost everyday I update blog. Now nk update blog sekali seminggu pon payah. That’s the obvious comparison yang I boleh kasi lah. If ada org cakap jadi Working At Home Mom adalah senang-lenang…errr I guess orang – orang tu kene think again lah. It’s never that easy…

Poster sangat santek! Love the make up. (knowing me mmg saya suka mekap2 avant garde mcm ni :D ) Harus try mekap ni utk shooting Nilam. Ngeh ngeh.

Ohh tgk dah melalut. Ni nk cakap pasal movie Black Swan. I’m a sucker or mystery and thriller movie. But not hantu2 zombie lah (tapi hari tu my fren kata ada drama series citer zombie best, rasa mcm nk try tgk juga). Black Swan ni I terus teringin nk tengok sbb baca synopsis cerita dia mcm ala-ala alter ego sket. Haa haku suka la kan cerita pasal org2 yg alter ego ni. Nak nak plak Black Swan ni pasal Natalie Portman (suka suka suka dia) seorang ballerina yg kene menari utk watak White Swan but at the same time dia kene bawa watak Black Swan juga yg payah bagi seorang perempuan yg baik and sweet seperti dia. So, mcm dalam usaha dia nk mencari “Black Swan” dalam diri dia, she found something evil yang eventually consume her being.

Starting cerita mcm bosan and slow sket (imran la cakap). I rasa slow juga tapi tk bosan sbb I minat ballet. Hehehe. Then masuk nk tengah-tengah cerita I rasa mcm tk dpt nk follow cerita dgn betul sbb asyik tutup mata. Sbb byk sangat scene yg berdarah2 luka-luka sana sini. I was like oucchhhhh.

Ada scene 18SX tapi of course la kene cut kan. Hihihi. Pastu ending dia…not really a happy ending lah. But that’s ok sbb baru thrill kan? Neway, quite entertaining and ada Mila Kunis juga berlakon dalam movie ni. So, boleh la tgk movie weekend ni. Enjoy!!


For Sale ... oppss SOLD OUT

Sorry pictures quality kinda bad because I was using my internal camera. All these photos are a self-taken photo snapped by iphone and edited using Instagram filter.

Tajuk macam giler kan? Heee. Actually I wanted to publish few photos of myself cam whoring with Nilam scarves from Nilam On the Go series. Originally the scarves were available for sale, but all are sold out as I type this. I’d tweeted all these pictures on twitter few days back and one of the scarves being grabbed on the spot and another one a day later, so sorry if lately my blog follower is no longer being the first to read all fresh updates from me. Don’t get me wrong. I love blog..still. It just that twitter is way much faster and easier. No one can deny that. If you haven’t try twitter , then I think you should now and don’t forget to add/follow me @ladyimran @nilamboutique and @loniafairy . Heee. Yer saya ada 3 account twitter :D Gila kuasa kan? Yeerrrrr benerrr

Going retro? Black chiffon shawl with white polkadot and white curls. Inner is a snood type in black also. I tied the scarf at the back and bring it to front and lock it with simple knot like a bow.

So, these are two scarves that I’ve mentioned. So sorry both has been taken [but it is possible to restock, hope the fabric is still available]. I just wanna show it here so that you guys can see some of my Nilam collections and be alert for new batch of scarves , dresses and many more. Stocks are pretty limited, yeah like seriously. For upcoming scarves, if I’ve not mistaken there are only 1 or 2 pieces available for each design and colors. So, freak out bebeh :D [yeah I know gimmic lebey, but hey am no lying here ^-^ , stock is really limited because I prefer to make my product in small quantities]

The same scarf that Nilam’s Amidala wore for the photo shoot the other day. White crumple chiffon like material with transparent sequins. Inner is a snood type in dark brown. I tied the scarf with a simple knot on left and right to resemble real “hair” . If the shawl is black, it would looks more real I guess ;)

Apa-apa pon sorry pagi2 hari Isnin dah kene tengok muka saya cam whore. Cak! Selamat Hari Isnin! Jgn bermuram durja ok and Selamat Bekerja!


Wedding, Love & Gift

First of all this is not a belated Valentine Day entry and for your record I’m not celebrating V-Day ;). Just that I wanna share some pictures from Lonia most recent orders photos collection. Business is getting busier each day for Lonia and Nilam, and am starting to feel “tak cukup tangan” . Insyallah if everything goes really well in the next 2-3 months, maybe I can/need to arrange for something to make my life easier.

For now enjoy photos of Lonia Chocolates and Cookies. To view more photos do check out our FLICKR and FACEBOOK PAGE. And to read more stories of Lonia or to place order, do check out our official BLOG.

Till then, be happy guys. Hey it’s TGIF!!!!!

Why wait for February to celebrate love? when you can celebrate it everyday! Once a while make it even more special by presenting Lonia chocolates for your loved ones :)

Icing cookies for wedding favors. Bake by my mom and iced by me. Am loving it!

Sorry for the reflection of light on the chocs, this is due to the cling wrap that we use to wrap the chocs to ensure the chocs intact and clean. We don’t always cling wrap all of our chocs, only by request or whenever we think it is necessary. As for this, it is for a wedding gift. So, we don’t want the chocs to misshape or gets spoilt and dirty later on when it undergoes decoration process and being display openly on wedding gift tray