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Connected Tots interactive website

I think by now you guys should have already understand how brain cells connecting and why it is important for a growing child to connect the tots, especially after watching the You Tube video attached in my previous entry. You can actually browse the website to get more infos and experience many interesting things in the website.

Story reading – cuteness!

Here are basically things that you can explore at Connected Tots website;

  • What is brain cells connections – explanation on how does it work
  • Tips for mom – guidance on how to stimulate brain cells connections
  • Story reading – using “connected tots” story for mother to read to her child
  • Cell connections stimulator – Moms and children can play together and share it on social media side
  • Request for sample

Sample request

Yes, you can request for Free sample! Yay! Oh well..everybody loves free sample right? Who doesn’t anyway? But for me, I didn’t request for a free sample because I’ve got something better than that….guess what? Anmum sponsored me for a year supply of milk……..haha kiddin u! No lah dream onnnn nk dpt free supply hoho……it’s actually because I’ve a few unopened Anmum Essentials in the kitchen! Yup, my son Ichiro is an Anmum Essentials baby for about a year already.

To be honest, previously when my husband and I decided to change to Anmum Essentials, it was solely because of the honey (one of the main ingredients) and we have no idea about the gangliosides thingy even though we often saw it written on the box/tin ehe. But, since now we know that gangliosides is important for a growing child especially for connecting brain cells and for faster learning, we were so delighted that we did such decision :) With honey and gangliosides, Anmum Essentials is definitely a perfect choice!

Other than free sample, you can actually try the interactive story books, games and read about the mom’s roles and brain cells connection on the Connected Tots website. I have to admit that I was a bit (a bit only ok) addicted to play the games repetitively . Haha. It’s quite fun actually, like the iPhone games that I often play with Ichiro. For child age 1-3 years old, you can try the animal talk game where there will be a sound and the kids need to guess which animal the sound belongs to. Quite interesting I should say, now I have a new game to play with Ichiro rather than just watching the Barney show over and over again at you tube LOL. Sometimes sampai Ichiro pon boring, he will shake his head and begging me to show him other videos / games that is more interesting.


Nilam Boutique 1st Mini Open Day

Sorrryy for lack of updates. I really wanted to update this blog from day to day. But was too busy sampai tak menang tangan nk buat semua kerja. So as for now, I just wanna say thanks to those who responded to my unofficial invitation to Nilam’s mini open day. At first I didn’t plan for an open day pun. I just simply invited few frens to come and see latest collections/stocks of Nilam products especially shawls and snood. But later on, I thought it would be nice if I make it a proper event.

Since, I don’t have a shop yet, so I asked my MIL’s permission to use our ruang santai. It’s a small space without perimeter walls, only grills. It’s quite airy and very open. There’s a wooden blind to cover one side, but the other side is completely open with only grills to confine the area. From that space we can hear the water pouring from my DIL’s fish pond and it gives a soothing and relaxing feeling just like spa. So, I think it is indeed a great space to turned into my small so -called boutique :D

So, bought some cushions and curtains (to cover the open grills). Jusco OU is having make over sales. All items must go. Cheapos gilaaaaaaa. They are going to close for 6 months for make over. Susah la nk beli barang lepas ni. And I also bought a double pole garment rack to hang all of the scarves.

The polkadot scarf in picture is also available for sale. 1 piece left. Material is chiffon for the shawl and cotton spandex for the snood inner. I was totally forgot to snap picture of a model wearing this scarf. Arghhh. Isma you should wear this for the photoshoot actually. But blame me, mmg I lupa gila2.  Color of the curls (front part of the shawl) is white and snood inner is also white. Maybe one of these day I shoot myself wearing it lah. Jadi model utk product sendiri. Sila jangan muntah yer :D Hehe.

Original Price : RM115. Introduction/current price : RM100 only

3 Sold, 1 available

Go here to contact us to purchase.

I was so excited preparing the space and not forgetting to provide a mirror also, important tu. I planned to add 2 fans as well, but totally forgot about it on the day coz was too busy taking pictures and entertain my frens. Insyallah second mini open day I tk lupa ok :D and insyallah I’ll buy a taller mirror and a fitting room since soon Nilam will be introducing its clothing line :D . So be sure to subscribe to our NILAM BOUTIQUE NEWSLETTER to get the invitation and newest update from us.

The small event went smoothly and ended around 2pm. Since everybody have their own agenda including me, so we fixed the time to start at 10 am and end 2pm. Alhamdullilah we managed to complete everything within that time frame. Thanks a lot to Nilam’s Make Up Artistry – Ary, she can make up all 3 faces very the pantas and still santek :D . Errr why did I say Nilam’s MUA? Hehe, that’s another story will announce it soon too.

Thanks to Doc Hanim and sister (Darina), Nelly, Fid, Isma and Ary for coming and menjayakan mini open day Nilam ni. We have few more scarves left. Feel free to order via our official blog, there’s a contact form, just fill it up and provide the code number of the products. Here are few pictures that I managed to snap on that day, there are lots more available in our facebook fan page and also our flickr gallery. Limited pieces available. If possible I kinda prefer to sell all the scarves and snoods offline, so that I can show you how to wear it.

Featuring model wearing Nilam “On the Go” series scarf . White shawl with curls attached to a wrap around snood in dark brown.
Code : NOTG – 001
Color : Nilam On the Go crumple shawl with scatter sequins in WHITE and Nilam Wrap Around snood in Dark Brown
Material for shawl – Sheer crumple chiffon like fabric
Material for inner/snood – cotton spandex
Quantity :
1 Piece Available
1 Piece Sold
Original Price : RM115. Introduction/current price : RM100 only
Go here to contact us to purchase.
The white shawl being rolled and pin to left and right (near the ears) to resemble the Queen Amidala looks. It can be worn loose and let down.

Featuring model wearing Nilam “On the Go” series scarf . Biege shawl with black damask prints attached to a wrap around snood in black.
Code : NOTG – 002
Color : Black Damask prints shawl in Biege with Nilam Wrap Around snood in Black
Material for shawl – Cotton (soft)
Material for inner/snood – cotton spandex
1 Piece Available
1 Piece Sold
Original Price : RM115. Introduction/current price : RM100 only
Go here to contact us to purchase.

Price quoted without buckle/pin.

Featuring model wearing Nilam “On the Go” series scarf . Plain light yellow shawl attached to a wrap around snood in dark brown (body) and brown yellow floral prints

Code : NOTG – 003
Color : Plain light yellow shawl attached to a wrap around snood in dark brown (body) and brown yellow floral prints
Material for shawl – Chiffon
Material for inner/snood – corduroy (front part) and cotton spandex (entirely)
Quantity :
1 Piece Available
1 Piece Sold
Original Price : RM115. Introduction/current price : RM100 only
Go here to contact us to purchase.

Price quoted without buckle/pin.

This is Nilam Wrap Around. It’s a snood that wrap your head and neck snugly. Very easy to wear , just snap few buttons on the neck (left side) and you are ready to style it with any shawl or wear it as it is. You can also tie a bow scarf around the neck. I have few more stocks left. But black dah sold out. I’m restocking black now.

NWA – 001 (Black) – Made of cotton spandex entirely

NWA – 002 (Dusty Pink) – Made of cotton spandex entirely

NWA – 002a (Dusty Pink with floral prints at the front part like picture above)

NWA – 003 (White) – Made of cotton spandex entirely

NWA – 004 (Dark Brown) – Made of cotton spandex entirely

At the moment introduction price for snood is RM70. In future price will based on materials. Minimum starting price is RM78.


Drama Gemilang TV3

U know guys I sukaaaaaaaa giler cerita Gemilang @ TV3. Not sure about the airing time tho, but selalu tertengok time tengah dinner. Maybe around 9 pm something and day pon tk ingat. Macam 1 kali seminggu kot?

Me watched it online anyway. Since I always missed it, so thank god there’s a thing call e-tv. Hehe. So, I watch it at all the first 3 episodes ada dekat situ.

Lagu tema Gemilang Suatu Ketika <—-sedap jugaaaaa

Gemilang is based on true story and directed by Kabir Bhatia. Yes!! Khabir Bhatia confirm lah best kan? I didn’t know this is a drama series directed by him and I was genuinely interested at the very first sight. I tk sure what’s the correct term, tapi movement camera, angle, story flow semua best. Gambar sangat shantekkk juga.

First episode sangat sedih and I watched it twice. As for the second time I dragged my hubby to watch it with me. At first he was bit reluctant and sleepy (masa tu pukul 12.30 midnight and esoknyer is working day) Tapi suami saya tu tk sampai hati kot, so dia temankan saya tengok first episode tu.

And guess what? He cried…hihi yeah, I know my man would cry punya. I didn’t look at his face and tanya “u nagis yer?” I just look at his reflections in my laptop’s screen. I can see he’s weeping and shedding tears.

Can’t wait for next episodes. This is way better than Glee. (hahahaha, glee best juga)

So saper suka Gemilang? One thing tk berapa logik sket, hero adalah badan berbuku2, is he a weight lifter or body builder? gym freak i suppose. Wahahah, lelaki zaman dulu ada ker badan mcm tu eh? I mean average man? apatah lagi student U and seorang guru? Tapi senyuman hero mmg tipis and manis. Tidak syak lagiii. Uuuhhhhhhh.


How to make my son eat his food?

Inilah dia si kenit yang susah nk makan…Gambar ni pon I snap masa dia tengah lari dari kene suap.

I geram betul lah. Ichiro ni tak nak makan. If dulu, kami tukar2 menu sket, letak kuah bagai, dia layan kan jugak makan. But now, mmg tak nak langsung. Gerammmm. Nk kasi makan dekat 2 jam! Itu pon belum tentu habis 2 sudu.

Dulu, kalau kami buat2 drama sket, cakap ada elephant ker, cat ker..dia makan juga, skang ni we cannot play the same tricks lagi. Ahhh buntu giler lah. Ada apa-apa tips ker eh nk kasik toddler makan? Kalau kami dapat suap dia makan pon, dia akan keluarkan balik food from his mouth. There goes our susah payah nk masukkan food dalam mulut dia. My husband said, boleh botak cepat mcm ni and I cakap ni baru satu, nnt if second one pon mcm ni, how? I tanak botak cepat okayyy. Haha.

So, mommies tolonglah kasik tips apa2 yg boleh pujuk my hero ni makan. Sometimes, kami kasi dia makan sendiri, end up dia nk suap org lain bukan suap mulut dia. Pening eh? waaaaaa…helppp


Hantaran and Gift Basket

I can’t think of any good title for this entry. Too many entry for Lonia already and am kinda running out of idea for the title. Ehe. First of all how’s your weekend? Long weekend for those who’s working in Wilayah kan? Then Thursday and Friday hols lagi for Chinese New Year. Malaysia is so blessed with public holidays. Am loving it :) Even though am no longer working, but I still appreciate public hols, since hubby will be off from work.

Am quite concern for the Egypt riot too. Do pray for Malaysian especially students who are currently living in terror in Egypt due to the crisis. Hope Malaysia can do something to evacuate about 11,000 Malaysian there. Prayers said for them. Here a link to Krisis Mesir, Nasib Pelajar Kita blog . Bila jadi perang, rusuhan begini, I am so thankful to god that am living in a peaceful country.

A little bit on Nilam, I can’t wait to show some design for Nilam clothing to my tailor. Hope I would manage to start my clothing campaign soon so that you guys can start placing order for Raya clothes. Insyallah this year, I won’t be facing the-last-minute-cari-baju-raya issue, because I’ll be wearing clothes from my own label. Isn’t that sweet? About the design, I prefer dress/top that is practical to be wear, besides looking gorgeous I should be able to chase my son when am wearing the clothes.

Other than that, am also getting my inspiration from high end designer design and came out with my Muslim version for that clothing. Sebab, often baju cantik from designer not suitable to be worn by a Muslim, often too revealing without proper coverage and most of the time nk kene pakai inner for full aurah coverage. I don’t like wearing inner because it makes me feel fat, but I find myself wearing inner quite often since all the baju yang cantik selalu jarang or lubang2. Hehe. I hope I can get my sample fast, then I can upload the piccas and u guys can pre-order ok. Another thing, kene order cepat sebab takut tailor dah tk amik order for raya lagi.

Speaking of tailor, I’ve finally found a tailor that can really work well with me. Alhamdullilah. After 2 YEARS!- 2 years okayyyy searching highs and lows, finally this is the one yang I nak. That day I jumpa juga tailor, at first I thought she was ok (she’s not malay neway and she has a tailoring shop with 10 tailors working under her), but lepas dah buat my bulk orders, I was extremely unhappy with the quality. I almost cried upon looking at all of my ruined fabrics. Cutting and measurement semua off! I was really mad too. First sample yang she produced for me was ok, but later bila hantar bulk semua jahit cincai poncai mcm school project yang tk siap. Yeah, that’s a price I need to pay to make my Nilam one big name in Muslim contemporary fashion industry. That’s why bila Zleqha (my favourite Muslim label besides Nilam of course..hehe) price their clothing quite in the high end, I don’t have much complain over that, because I know the pain and how I shed blood and tears in producing my stuff. I believe Zleqha also has their own prick story.

For now enjoy few pictures of Lonia recent orders. It’s a hantaran / wedding gift and a gift basket. The hantaran ordered by Zakiah and gift basket ordered by Farah Rasol. I just opened Lonia official blog to public about 2 days ago. Here is the link to Lonia’s blog . Feel free to bookmark and grab our badge located on the right sidebar. Our online shopping portal is still under construction. In the meantime, I will make use the blog to update everything about Lonia. Hope you guys can support me and follow that blog too :)