What's Your Number?

What’s Your Number is the latest movie that I watched together with my husband. We were actually invited to watch the premiere screening of the movie. How cool is that kan? Well…I got the tickets from Nadia FlyFM. She tweeted about it and the first 2 replies will got the tickets and apparently I managed to get it lah.

We watched it on the 4th and it’s a free seating tickets so got to rebut2 sikit. But lucky we arrived there pretty early, so no need to rebut2 huhu. We looked out for our favourite coordination spot (wahlauwei) , dulu masa zaman belajar suka duduk tengah2 wayang, sbb konon2 nk dpt best view. But bila dah tua ni, prefer duduk tepi, sbb senang nk rushing balik rumah or senang nk pergi toilet.

Movie was good, I love it. I had a good laugh also :) It’s a comedy romantic movie and Chris Evans as handsome & hot & crazy as always. There are couple of scenes featuring him naked with just a piece of cloth covering his penis, hohoho. All in all, it’s a good movie, entertaining and funny :)

Thanks to Nadia and Fly FM. I jimat 20 ringgit for wayang this month hehe.



Lonia Homemade Chocolate - updates

Corporate door gift for our corporate customer.  A box of praline chocolate complete with islamic pattern wrapper and ribbon. Theme colors are green and blue. More story here

Syawal melabuhkan tirai, insyallah jika diizinkan Allah kiter akan bertemu Ramadhan and Syawal lagi next year ok. In conjunction with that me and my sister (Lonia) would like to thank all our beloved customers for trusting us to supply chocolates, cookies and apam for Raya celebration. We are so delightful to know many new customers across Malaysia and would love to know more of you as we (Lonia) continue our journey in homemade food business.

Praline chocolate in moon and star shape (symbols that related to Syawal) , gift box shape and guitar pick shape chocolate decorated with transfer sheet pattern (hardly can see because color of the pattern is light blue)

Special edition oreo chocolate for Shyda’s cousin engagement/wedding (not sure) hantaran. More stories here

We received a lot of orders for the apam (sangat laku utk jamuan hari raya), so we have good news for apam lovers that we gonna introduce 2 new designs for the apam soon , which I think most likely will be the “Angry Bird” and “Rainbow” , the current design Polkadot, Fern and Ladybug remain available , we’re just adding more selections :)

Grated chocolate and polkadot design

As always enjoy few photos of Lonia’s latest creation/orders. Stay tune for next week as we gonna publish another special order featuring our chocolate bar in mini envelope for the first time, insyallah.

Till then…tah tah



Book Review : Membongkar Misteri Dajjal

The one eye

It has been a super loooong time I didn’t read any books. Totally zero literature, shame on me. I should cultivate the reading habit again. Therefore, it feels incredibly great when I managed to finish reading “Membongkar Misteri Dajjal” book in only few hours.

Here details of the book and short review from me (spoiler alert! I attached few snapshot of the book content below)
Author: Muhammad Nurani Maarif
Pages: 277 ++
Price: RM37.90
Where to buy?: through me or through my bookstore here (register as a user first at the bookstore to purchase books)
Synopsis: Book was written by someone who was initially wanted to write a book about world’s wonders but at the end of the day he found himself writing about Dajjal since the evidences and hundreds of facts found lead him to Dajjal instead. To those who is always (like me) and really want to know further and deeper about Dajjal’s mystery, this book is definitely for you. Simple language use and clear explanation will surely help you to solve all the puzzles and mystery of Dajjal. Logic and facts were carefully included to ensure no missing link in between stories. Personal opinions of the author all backed with facts, hadis and nas. Dajjal is undoubtedly exist, is he a human? or half blood? some kind of animal? is he still chained in the cave as many believe? when will he be released? where did he live now? what are his plans? how do we prepare ourselves to face Dajjal? had we prepared enough? how can we spot Dajjal among us? All these can be answered and discovered by reading this book. Buy one today as a gift or for yourself. You can buy the book through link provided above or also through me just simply drop me a message.



Here few other books that you might be interested too:

I’m an independent distributor of Stormreaders. More distributors are needed. Kindly contact me if you are interested to join Stormreaders as a distributor/normal member. For book worms who are not really into business, discounts are also available for you guys too, just simply join as normal member without obligation to become as a distributor. You know the drill, contact me for further info.

Happy reading!


Stormreaders Books

This is just a quick update. I believe I’ve mentioned earlier that I’m now a member of Stormreaders and recently upgraded my membership to become a distributor. Will share with you guys benefits you could get if enrolled as member or distributor. For now, just wanna show you guys some of the books that I ordered recently. If ada yg berminat dengan buku yg dalam gambar ni let me know, you can buy it from me. It is for sale, if it’s not for sale pon I can always repurchase. Sbb ada buku mmg I beli utk I baca especially buku-buku sejarah tentang islam, yakjuj makjuj and dajjal. I dunno lah I mmg suka baca buku-buku misteri alam macam ni, mmg sejak kecil I suka buku-buku misteri kejadian alam semesta dan kewujudan benda aneh di dunia.

Then buku amalam ibu mengandung tu I just buy for my own use for my future pregnancy, insyallah. Dulu masa pregnant pertama takder buku sangat, just baca2 dari internet. Tapi it a bit thin la, I haven’t unwrap it yet so have no idea how good the content. Tapi kalau nipis tapi cukup dgn tips2 dan doa2 yg penting dah cukup for me kot. Sbb sometimes tebal2 pon bukan amal semua huhu, and also kalau jenis pregnant yg tk larat n nausea sepanjang 9 bulan tu, better la yg tipis dari berat and tebal.

One of the book I dah baca sampai habis dalam masa hmm few hours jugak. Sbb very interesting so I can’t afford to delay my reading, tkleh tahan mesti nk baca habis cepat. It’s the book by the title “Membongkar Misteri Dajjal” Very interesting, simple to understand, logic dan berdasarkan fakta dan hadis. I love it sbb kesimpulan yang dibuat adalah yg terbaik setakat ini yg pernah saya baca, sbb selama yg saya baca bahan2 di internet ni berputar2 dan at the end penulisnya sendiri tidak berani nk buat apa2 kesimpulan.

According to this book, Dajjal adalah seorang lelaki yg rupa dan bentuk badan adalah sama seperti kita. Dia juga adalah manusia. Tetapi bentuk asalnya adalah seperti raksasa dan bermata satu, tapi oleh kerana Dajjal berdarah campuran Jin dan Manusia dia mempunyai kebolehan menukar2 paras rupanya utk merapati manusia seperti kita dan menyebarkan fitnahnya. So jangan kita sangka raksasa bermata satu tak keluar lagi maknanya lama lagi dajjal nk keluar dan mana mungkin ada raksasa mcm tu tiba2 keluar kt klcc kan? Dajjal tu pintar makhluknya dijadikan oleh Allah s.w.t sebagai satu mahkluk yg panjang usianya dan tersangat tinggi akalnya = genius. Mestilah dia akan menyamar utk mengaburi mata kita semua.

Nnt I’ll do a simple review with a few snapshot of the content, ada 208 pages ni. Then buku Yakjuj and Makjuj and also Alexander adalah Zulkarnain , isinya adalah tersangat padat dgn fakta sejarah dan rumit perjalanan ceritanya. So, nk kene baca dgn aman tenteram.

To those yg berminat nk beli buku-buku boleh pergi ke e-store I di boleh beli terus dari sana, register as user or boleh juga email kan buku yg nk beli and beli through me kalau malas nk register bagai.

Utk yg kalau suka membaca dan suka nk beli buku atau majalah selalu dan nk discount, boleh join as member stormreaders dan sapa yg nk buat business buku (actually product stormreaders bukan buku jer, cd, perfume pon ada) boleh jadi distributor. Tapi jadi member and jadi distributor ada kene bayar fee sikit yer. Kalau berminat boleh CONTACT I ok. I would be happy to assist you.


Fashion Illustration by me :)

U know what I love colors. I could spend several hours in stationery shop browsing and selecting colors that I want and it always ended up with me buying all of it. Haha, I’m a terrible chooser when it comes to colors and stationery. They are all darn cute, aren’t they?

These are my current humble collections of color pencils, glitter pen, color fineliner (the one budak-budak uni and spm suka beli konon2 nk buat nota rainbow, last2 penat nk tukar2 color and confuse dgn penggunaan warna terlalu banyak tatau mana satu yg penting dalam itu nota…aha sound familiar?), then I do also own bunch of markers yang I tatau kenapa I beli? because marker that I want takder jual so I just beli whatever marker yg ada but ended up tk guna sangat, buat guna tulis nama food and date dekat plastic makanan yg nk dibekukan. Actually utk lukis illustration ada type of marker yg sgt sesuai, the one I bought mmg tk sesuai , it soak my paper and round tip , I tk suke round tip sgt but yet I beli. Haihhh. Bukan satu lak tu, cam about 6-8 kot)

Color pencil pulak dah banyak kali beli but dah entah ke mana2 sbb konon2 nk ajar Ichiro colouring, lepas tu tatau tah apa dh jadi dgn warna-warna tu. Dah la tu kotak besar! Warna sekarang bukan murah ok, dulu boleh la beli below RM10 satu kotak. Sekarang bapak mahal! Mencanak naik sampai 30-40 hengget sekotak. Cam nk sama dgn umur I plak. Kalau umur I naik 32 harga warna naik jadi 32 ringgit. Kalau umur 60? Uishhh itu pensil warna electronic gamaknya.

Ok whatever, kenapalah aku merepek pasal warna ni sbb actually wanna show you 2 of my latest design that I managed to sketch – ahhh finally. Because I’ve been under the weather for 3 days, not feeling well sejak Ichiro tk sihat hari tu. But neway, alhamdullilah siap juga my sketch. I will only sketch the design complete with color scheme once everything has been confirmed and discussed thoroughly with customer. Tanak la karang dah cantik2 color bagai, cakap nk tukar design. Confirm I charge double nnt ok. Hehe.

Ini I design utk Siti Fatimah punya baju raya haji. She’s a regular customer of Nilam Boutique. To those who wants me to design, sketch, buy the fabrics and sew the dress/blouse/skirt/anything for you, feel free to contact me ok click HERE. I’d be happy to take your orders including wedding dress tau. Insyallah I can take orders to make custom shoe as well. In the sketch, you can see there’s a note part kan? Yg dekat bawah. That will be space for me to stick my fabric swatch for the design and once complete I’ll make a color copy of the sketch and pass it to my dressmaker.

Wow, I can’t believe am actually doing this, design and such. Now I know why am so obsessed with colors and art since I was a child. I know that maybe my sketch is no good, but hey am proud of it :)baju-baju yg i design normally mmg simple and practical. Cuma kalau baju wedding ada lebih perincian and details sket. So wait for my 2 new designs, kali ni baju pengantin pulak :) complete with veil and tudung special :) Stay tune!

Happy monday and cheer up ok. Can’t wait for weekend by the way coz I wanna eat my mom’s masak lemak labu, sambal belacan, terung goreng cili api, bubur nasi dengan sambal ikan bilis arghhhh drooling yo. Sodap tak terkata ( Ini lah dia org yg dah 3 minggu tk balik kampung hehe)