Curious Britney Spears

Today is my last day work. Nahh..i’m not quitting my job, don get me wrong. It just that, I will start my marriage leave tomorrow and it will last until Thursday next week. Hitherto, I think I have finished all my work and just hoping that I will have a very lovely wedding and peaceful holiday. Yesterday my fiancé came to my house. He brought all da “hantaran” for our wedding and I was so excited when I saw he bought me da hair serum which I have asked him to buy before. Despite of getting a wrong serum for me, I still feel like wanna cry with his huge effort to buy me da serum. He just so sweet and full of surprise. Perhaps henceforth I could give him a hint about Britney newly born perfume “Curious Britney Spears”. Who knows, he might bought it for me! Ohh please..please this entry..;D.



Tranquility Breaker

Its Monday again.. I’m so sleepy today…i’ve yawned for a hundred times already. I went to bed quite late last night. I did some house chores and little stuff for my wed. My body seem cant accept this kind of lifestyle anymore. Lack of sleep and being a heavy thinker lately, makes my body doesn’t function well like it always does. But, its only a few days left for all this, so..please my darl body…please hang on okay!

I hate rude people. I’ve been so doomed to talk to someone extremely rude over the phone on deadly Monday. Eventho, its only a phone conversation, I seriously thinks that she was soooo damn rude and so inappropriate! And to be more exact, I deserve to be respected since my company is not working for her company, but her company is! In spite of everything, she was da one who has started it first at da first place How dare she talks like that to me? After I did some physiological thoughts, I’ve managed to control my displeasure, cool down and try not to bother about her anymore. Let her act like that for her entire life and being hate by everyone else in this world, and more importantly being cursed by me!



Childhood Superhero

While doing internet banking just now, something suddenly pop up in my mind. Do u eva being asked, “What is your childhood hero?” whenever u attempt to create an online password? Well, whad makes my small brain thinking was, whad was my childhood hero??

I still remember, when I was a kid, I had adored so many superhero. Superman quite famous during the 80’s, followed by Incredible Hulk, Ninja Turtle, Spiderman, Batman, Bionic Woman..etc.. For me I fancied supergirl more than da other superhero icon. Supergirl was not so legendary, plus I only saw Supergirl movie once in my whole life.

Supergirl did not come in any cartoon series. Da one and only supergirl movie I had watched , was when im in standard 3. I can’t sleep after watching dat movie. I just so craved to be like her and thought dat she was so kewl. I don know whether u guys know or not about this supergirl. But I tell u guys, she can fly, she can flirt and she can kill too!

Da story of the movie was quite comparable with superman, it just dat this supergirl wasn’t a man. Her parents saved her from their enemies which had attacked their planet by sent her away to da earth. Sound familiar right? At da time she landed on earth, she was still a baby, but has grown up to be a very dazzling teenage girl in a couples of days only. Woo..she was so damn cute and im so damn fat with a messy curly unshaped hair! How could it be! It’s so unfair……………..

Well every human being aspire to have their own super power. And im not excluded. Should I can choose what super power I desire to have, I would rather want to be invisible! So now please excuse me ladies n gentlemen, I got someone life and earth to be saves.



He Had Me At Hello

It’s about less than fortnight left before I get married. Everything seems practically come to its end next week. 5 or 6 years back, at da moment I met Mr Imran for da very first time, ma feeling during that time was so hard to describe with any possible word , but trust me, it was a very huge sensation, which I neva felt before for my entire life! I felt kinda flying without wings.. For me he’s so adorable, sweet, soft-spoken, humble, loving and sweet. He had me at hello. We are so different in many ways, but yet we are so compatible in many other ways too. All these years, we have been confronting with lots of dare and Im truly glad that it would end with a grand wedding ceremony n not otherwise. Last but not least, May us live…



Woohoo !

Yo guys n gals..wassup!Its me `ere, da gonna be Bridegroom muahahaha..well i would like to thank u guys for coming in to see this blog that me and my fiancee got together. Sorry i didnt post earlier coz i was kinda bz. I cant really describe how i feel right now actually, just that kinda nervous and excited all at the same time. To those that are going thru this, u know how i feel hehe..To start a new life with da one u`ve been all this life, its just a dream come true. With all da preparations going on, its kinda hectic..glad that im gonna go thru this once only! hahaah. Think i`ll stop here guys. gonna help my fiancee packing stuffs heheheh.. Till then, じゃね!(That`s mean “See U Then” in Nihonggo)


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