Own a franchise store/pharmacy for FREE?

Me in one of Co***y/eCo***y Pharmacy in Kelana Jaya. Many other brands are also available besides co***y products. Love it!

Ok I exaggerate a bit, there’s no free lunch in this world. No …nada. But this one is close to free. Would you like to get a high end store, with nice ambiance and interior for  well…almost FREE? But in return you need to some tasks (it’s do able to those who have a very strong friends connection) and some initial capital. Not that much, it’s affordable.

I was introduced to eCo***y business ni last 2 weeks. When first being approached I wasn’t so interested, sbb Co***y, hehe rasa mcm tkder la minat sgt pon barang co***y, entah tatau la maybe minat sbb dulu pernah join as member tapi dh lama tk tgk katalog so jadi lupa dah la apa yg ada, yg ingat ada sabun basuh yg wangi n pekat tu je. Hehe. Lagipon masa tu muda remaja, so barang2 yg co***y jual takderla minat sgt, tapi ni dh jadi mak orang, haaa terus berubah. It’s true people change over time.

Supplement and vitamins section, there are blackmores and many other brands of supplement available

But then, when I was told that, dapat kedai yg ditanggung sepenuhnya oleh co***y dan kedai co***y sekarang dh boleh upgrade jadi farmasi. I mula la memancar2 minat kan. Sbb since semua cost ditanggung, itu sudah baik. Kalau tk laku tkder la panas hati sangat. Pastu sbb boleh apply for eCo***y farmasi. Wahh itu sudah best ok! Farmasi mcm guardian tu, kan best kan? I can shop in guardian for hours tau. Haha geram tengok barang2 banyak. So takder la just jual barang co***y, but boleh jual barang2 lain juga dan juga drugs (ubat-ubatan)

Drugs section, pharmacist is also provided by Co***y

Tapi masa tu tk berapa clear sgt sbb person yg introduce the business is in Penang, so she arranged for her leader to meet me. Sementara nk sampai hari appointment tu, I dah start research (sbb I mmg jenis tk sabar punya orang, semua yg kenal I tahu perangai I yg satu ni, buat semua benda mesti nk laju especially benda yg I suka or minat) So, kaji2 makin lama makin interesting. By that time I dah tahu dah apa tasks yg nk kene buat in order to qualify and ada kene letak capital sikit (ada risk sket kt sini sbb kalau tk qualify or tk perform tkleh dapat shop tu), but am willing to take the risk. Sbb, hello? mana ada investment tkder risk? Ada ke? Lagipon it’s not really bad lah, sbb from the capital money I can get tonnes of co***y products, bermacam jenis bukan just satu product jer sampai 10 pieces. Plus seriously the initial capital it’s not that expensive, no need to apply for personal loan and in return you get a high end shop yang boleh disentuh, that you can pass to your heir if you dah tanak the shop later on. Sweet.

For bigger store, 2 cashier station will be provided, complete with computer and POS software. RM200 being subsidize to every store for internet and phone billing. CCTV is also provided, that thing is actually hanged above and facing the cashier so I didn’t take any photo.

And bila dh register dapat katalog, phewww makin banyak barang co***y rupanya and the best part, semua benda yg kita guna hari2 cosway ada jual, and the best part lagi u beli, u dpt kupon, then boleh guna utk beli barang lain. Kalau beli kt giant ada ke dpt kupon? Dapat salah diaorg label harga barang ada lah. Huhu.

So, it’s a good business, dapat shop yg tk perlu dah nk jerih perih promote kt org suruh dtg kedai, sbb sapa tk kenal co***y? Dah 30 tahun in business and barang co***y tk pernah tk laku. So what you think? I terus buat research lagi and calculate the chances and risk. But I dah quite determine to try. So, I’ve already registered myself as business owner and on my mission to get the free store. Ada org kata, ada hidden agenda. Betul! benda2 free ni mesti ada udang sebalik batu kan? I think yg people think hidden agenda tu is part task yg nk kene buat in order to qualify and chances to pass the interview. It’s not really hidden since we have been told upfront kene buat this and that, so sapa tanak tk yakin tkyah buat, nobody going to force you. You decide what you want for your life.

Organic products is also available for those who are health conscious

Section signage , attractive and neat

I attached herewith picture that I took from a new eCo***y pharmacy at Kelana Jaya, for you to know how the store looks like. It will be the same standard for all eCo***y store, so if you managed to get your own store in the future, more or less it will look like this.

Demonstration station for water filter/converter. Enjoy life demonstration in your store :)

Co***y products. Shampoo, beauty cream and etc. Everything in one store, co***y and non-co***y products. Come come shop here!

Here are some of the details. About the tasks you need to do in order to qualify for the shop, feel free to email me, so that we can discuss more personally, through skype or ym or facebook. Email me mrsimran[at]mrmrsimran[dot]com or click here

About the ecosway shop

  • Renovation cost
  • Bills
  • Rental fee
  • CCTV
  • Computer
  • TV
  • CD player
  • Stocks (products, consignment basis, dh jual baru bayar kt cosway, kalau kedai sendiri masak la nk fork out money utk sediakan stock barang)
  • Pharmacist (if it is a pharmacy)
  • Everything paid by Co***y, for internet and telephone line RM200 will be subsidize.
  • The whole shop is insured, so in the event of robbery, do not protect anything in the shop except yourself.
  • The glass door of the shop is lock with digital lock.
  • As a shop owner, you can one day transfer ownership of the store and all income (from sales and network) to your heirs. So, it’s like a job insurance for your kids, since they already got a job and income waiting for them.
  • You can suggest your desired location for the store. Co***y team will survey the area in terms of population and etc, if it is suitable for the store, then location suggested will be approved. If not, they will suggest another location , which they think is more suitable
  • Shop ambient is very soothing and high end. Air conditioned and if the area is wide enough for toilet and meeting room, you can have that in your store as well. But co***y store in the mall, is quite small hence no toilet or meeting room, maybe only store room is available.
  • Open to Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, UK, Russia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, USA, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Columbia, Brunei and Mexico. If you are residing in these countries and interested to join, feel free to contact me.

About the income

  • eCo***y will pay 4 types of bonus and also direct profit income. Basic income you can get is 10% from monthly sales profit. Averagely, one eCo***y store’s sales profit is around 80-90k, so you can bring home RM8-RM9k a month from the shop at least. But that’s not including bonus from your network, so it would be more. In record minimum sales of eCo***y store in Malaysia is around 50k. Basically your income will not be static if your network is growing. If you earning is RM9k for the first month, don’t be surprise if your income increased to 6 figures in a year time. Yes it is proven possible.

About the requirements

  • Female (If you are male, your wife or family member can apply
  • 20-50 year old (if I’m not mistaken)
  • Can run the shop fulltime with assistant/staff at least for the first few months. After that, you are free to be at the shop at random period/time
  • Must open the shop 6-7 days a week, 12hrs daily
  • 2 days holiday for Raya
  • Must not fail to bank in the sales money in the same day, after closing the shop.
  • Must able to prepare RM10k as security deposit before running the shop. This amount is refundable once you surrender the shop providing all stocks are intact.

Venturing into franchise business

Hi, it’s 2.32am, so this will be a quick one. I was introduced to eCo***y free concept store last week and was busy browsing for information since then. And I’ve finally registered myself as business owner last 2 days and am on my goal to qualify for the free eCo***y store.

I will definitely write more on this very soon. Hope I can find some time to write about it.

To those who’ve heard about it before but don’t give it a damn, and now kinda change your mind already, feel free to email me at mrsimran[at]mrmrsimran[dot]com or click here

Note : can’t write the full name of the company due to copyright and commercial policy thingy, do contact me to know further


Ichiro first day to school and more coloured telekung!

To be honest, I’ve tried to compose an entry on the 9th, but couldn’t finish it and can’t find suitable time to continue. Only now, I got the time to log into my blog and erased my draft. Cerita dah basi dah pon. Huhuh. Sebenarnya nk cerita pasal Ichiro first day going to school, tapi ni dh masuk minggu ketiga dah pon.

Ichiro ok la pergi school, on second and third day he cried when we send him to school, but once at school, after few minutes he stopped crying. Then on the fourth day and so on, he didn’t cry anymore but keep saying that he doesn’t want to go to school, but bila i siap2 kan utk pergi school, dia tak der la memberontak ker apa ker. He just quietly sit down and let me put on his uniform, socks and etc. But, from the face I know la he’s kinda sedih and mcm homesick. How did I know that he’s homesick? I know, because I’m like that. Even bila dh dewasa pon I still feel homesick bila I nk pergi office or kene pergi outstation dulu. So, I’m pretty sure my son is as same as myself. Thus, can’t complain much on that. Plus, he still a small boy, for his age I think he’s doing pretty good dah. I dulu 6 tahun baru gi tadika, Ichiro at 3 year old dh masuk preschool, so he’s way more advance than me.

Send him to Genius Aulad, after few weeks ni, I ada la few things yg I rasa the school can improve, but I just keep it to myself lah sbbnya, hidup kita ni kalau nk asyik komplen jer, baik buat sendiri semua benda kan? And so far, benda2 yg cikgu dah ajar Ichiro ni, belum tentu I can do, now ok sket lah, I just ulang balik apa yg cikgu dah ajar, sbb the hardest part cikgu dah handle. But still, hope during parent teacher sharing day nnt, I could highlight some of my thoughts and observation.

What else? Hmm ok, I have few ready stock coloured prayer robe (telekung berwarna), banyak dah sold out. So, tinggal sikit lagi. Kalau berminat email me ok at info[at]nilamboutique[dot]com or click here

Ok I know it’s still early, tapi pejam celik pejam celik dah tinggal about 6 months before Ramadhan. So, saper2 yg nk tempah baju ker, or nk telekung ker let me know awal2. Tempah awal2, sbb tahun ni I rasa mcm tkkan ambil tempahan utk baju byk sangat sbb I nk focus produce tudung sahaja, utk jualan harian dan hari raya. I akan terima tempahan baju tapi kene menepati beberapa criteria huhu. Baju pengantin mmg akan sentiasa terima, sbb I suka buat baju pengantin yg cantik2. Baju kurung biasa dan kurung moden biasa pon akan terima sbb ia mudah dan tk leceh. Tapi baju kurung moden or baju fashion2 , yg tu akan I limitkan, sbb dari segi harga dan kesusahan utk menghasilkan baju2 fashion ni, sometimes ianya jadi tk berbaloi. Dapat stress jer lebih. So, I nk avoid those situation, hence I akan ambil but being selective a bit lah.

My next entry maybe a month from now, but lets hope I can update more often sbb hosting and domain ni isn’t free I kene betul2 guna the web, if not rugi bayar mahal2 setahun. Ok lets say that I can only blog again in a month time, insyallah will write an entry about kiteorang punya holiday nnt. Excited, can’t wait for it. Everything dah bayar and booked, hope Ichiro will always be healthy so he can enjoy the holiday nnt, because we are going to the wild….jungle, waterfall…sanctuary..yes back to nature!

p/s: feel so relief…finally manage to finish this entry after few attempts!











Telekung berwarna untuk dijual!

Assalammualaikum, hi! It has been a month from my last post, I have many stories to write, but kinda lazy  and busy (good combo eyh?) and you know not good at language either, be it Malay or English, am not good at expressing my feeling or voice out my opinion through word. Totally have no idea why did I choose to write a blog at the first place.

Well, it’s too late to reconsider whether to blog or not, I guess I just have to keep going till the day I die. Ok, that’s sound bit creepy. Hihi.

Newayyyy, yup I got more coloured prayer robe for sale. Just replenish my stock and am dying to sell everything fast as my room is turning into some kind of a warehouse or storage room or something. And I definitely can’t live like that. So, please buy, I beg to you. If you don’t want to buy, ask your friends, your mother, your family members or anybody that you know that might be interested to buy. Or you can also buy for someone that you love, please…bring one bring all to buy Nilam Boutique coloured prayer robe. Heheee.

Ok, I have here a picture that shows set of colours that is available, I have another picture that show second set of colours but haven’t got time to edit the picture. Hence, at the moment I think I will just list out all the colours and type of prayer robe (telekung) that is ready for purchase in my stock. Will try to update the second set of colours soon. Tapi I belum upload the picture pon, 1 one of the colour dah sold out. So, sorry kalau ada yg minat pula with that colour, will try to restock later.

Please refer to colour swatch for true colour of the telekung. The colours always change under the sun, hence I can’t get the actual colour with my camera.

Colour available (jersey type – RM99)

  • Carribean blue (2 pieces)
  • Lavender (sold out)
  • Electric blue (1 piece)
  • Chocolate (1 piece available, 1 piece reserved)
  • White (10 pieces)
  • Dark blue ( 2 pieces)
  • Deep red ( 2 pieces)
  • Mustard bronze (sold out)
  • Candy pink (2 pieces, slightly darker than soft pink)


Colour available (polyester type – RM160)

  • Burnt orange ( 1 piece, the colour is actually darker and more to brownish)
  • Teal blue (1 piece, the colour is actually darker and more to greenish)

Limited Edition , cotton with digital embroidery and stripe embossing in white – RM185 , 1 piece available, no restocking.

Kindly email me at info[at]nilamboutique[dot]com to order. Thank you for helping me to empty some space in my room (if it can be call a room now…)

Good night all!





Tiba-tiba terasa nk menulis blog malam ni. Mungkin disebabkan bahang panas buatkan saya tk boleh nk tidur. Ichiro plak kt sebelah sibuk tengok you tube , video truck, bising betul lah. Hari-hari pon tengok truck. Imran baru jer terlena, kesian penat kerja, balik rumah layan anak-anak pulak.

Akhir-akhir ni terasa banyak pula dugaan yg mendatang. Rasa collapse tapi …..alhamdullilah still standing. Dari dugaan anak-anak yg tk berapa sihat, sampai la ke dugaan menyelesaikan masalah2 tempahan baju.

Bulan lepas Kenji kene bisul di punggung. So worried dia jenis bisul yg “fistula”, which means kene undergo operation utk remove the abscess thread completely, if not bisul will keep coming and repeat. Masa Kenji kene kali pertama, dan bisul pecah, kami bawa jumpa paed surgeon, and diaorg drain kan nanah yg still remain. The process made me cried like a crazy woman dekat hospital. Tk ada bius, just diaorg letak sejenis cream yg boleh buat the area numb but still…can feel the pain lah kan. The surgeon cam buka sedikit opening dan picit keluar nanah, and lepas tu cuci dgn air. Mmg sedih tgk anak kesakitan. At the moment I wish all the pain transfer to me. Sakit bersalin tk habis lagi, biarlah saya tahan pula sakit bisul anak ni. Sedih sangat. Tapi Kenji quite ok, lepas selesai cuci, dia terus tidur jer. Mungkin penat tanah sakit.

Amik masa seminggu utk luka heal, tapi unfortunately bisul tu mcm develop again. Lagipon area dalam diaper sentiasa lembap jadi agak susah utk heal. Kali kedua bisul keluar tapi tk sebesar yg dulu, agak kecil dan tak begitu meradang. Lepas tu mungkin sbb asyik bergesel, bisul pon pecah. Kali ni, kami kasi antibiotik sekejap jer, sbb I tanak terlalu depend dgn antibiotik, kemudian kami guna antibiotik cream, still mcm so-so jer healing process tu. Doktor kata kalau terpaksa buat operation, try to delay it. Jadinya, I try nk cari natural solution. I did some research and cari petua utk keringkan/kecutkan bisul. Terjumpa org suggest tea tree oil. So, kiterorg pon beli tea tree and sapu. Surprisingly the wound looks better in a matter of few hours. Ni dah beberapa hari guna tea tree, bisul dah jadi very small, tiada nanah dan luka dah tertutup. Sangat2 syukur, alhamdullilah. But kami continue sapu, sbb hope the whole thread yg menyebabkan bisul tu akan clean, sbb tanak nnt datang balik lagi and hope boleh pass the operation.

Ichiro pula, hari tu terkena infection dan demam sangat panas sampai temperature shoot up to cecah 38-39 degree. Dan kali pertama tengok Ichiro demam sampai kejang. Lucky masa tu husband ada di rumah, masa Ichiro kejang tu I was holding my books and drawing kits, bila tengok Ichiro kejang, semua benda in my hands i campak. Kelam kabut suruh husband bawa Ichiro ke klinik terus. But before that kami basahkan Ichiro dengan air. Balik from clinic makan ubat and dia tidur. Kemudian terbangun and kejang again. Aduhhh panik gila. But after few days ok dah, so kalau anak2 demam panas and kejang cepat2 check doctor ok. Dikhuatiri terkena sawan dan merosakkan saraf otak nnt.

Alhamdullilah episode anak2 tk sihat nampaknya dah berlalu buat masa ini. Huhuh. Masa anak-anak sakit ni, saya pula menghadapi masalah dgn tukang jahit dan tukang manik. Tukang jahit ni mmg saya dh biasa tempah dan hasil adalah memuaskan, tapi tiba-tiba entah apasal hasil kerja dia caca marba. Buat saya tk leh tido malam , kemudian dgn tukang manik yg ambil masa terlalu lama utk menyiapkan baju menambah2 lagi kerisauan. Tapi dalam pada semua ni terjadi , saya belajar banyak benda dan insyallah lebih bersedia lain kali.

Cumanya kepada tukang jahit, buat lah kerja betul2. Skill yg ada guna sehabis baik. Kalau belum rasa bersedia utk jahit baju fesyen, belajar dan praktis lah dulu sebelum kata boleh buat, dan kemudian rosakkan fabric orang sbb salah potongan. Kemudian presentation itu penting, jgn lah baju yg dh siap podok2 jer dalam plastik bag. Iron la siap2, tajam2. Ni bila saya tanya kenapa jahitan tepi baju ni berkedut2? …”oh ni nnt kalau iron ok ni” Soalannya skang, kenapa kau tk iron? Bukankah utk mendapatkan kelim jahitan yg cantik dan rapi, kene iron dan press elok2 masa pembikinan baju? Jadi mcm mana baju kau jahit leh berkedut jahitan nya? Ni mesti masa jahit tu mmg tak iron. Nak short cut. Hasilnya caca marba.

Dan satu lagi, kalau buat bisnes ataupon kalau tk bisnes pon, bila org message or call tolonglah reply. Ni mcm nk gila call dan sms, tapi tk reply. Mcm bercakap dgn tunggul. Tak ada respect langsung dgn orang. Kalau di whatsapp lagilah, reply message tu free jer, dan kita boleh tahu bila org tu last check message2 dia di whatsapp, so bila ternyata sengaja tk membalas message mmg saya rasa org mcm ni tk ada rasa tanggungjawab dan respect kepada orang lain, especially org yg saya bayar utk service (dalam kes saya service jahitan lah). Kalau saya boleh tolak ansur bila tailor bagi alasan anak sakit dan itu ini. Jadi tolong jangan pijak kepala. Saya ada anak, dan anak saya sakit juga. Saya tk ada masa nk kesana kemari dan buang masa saya tertunggu2 awak nk balas message/call. Sad to say semua ni tailor melayu. melayu! melayu! melayu!

Kadang-kadang saya malu nk mengaku melayu.

Ok bye.