Selamat Hari Raya 2014


Assalamualaikum, whoooaaa dah 4 bulan tk blog. Lama gila. Dah banyak kali cuba nak blog tapi keadaan mmg tk mengizinkan sbb kalau nk blog kena aman.

I just bought a new phone, bigger screen and faster processor, hope with this new phone I can blog more often

Laptop? memang tak boleh la, sbb bila on je byk la yg bergayut, lagipun sekarang laptop mmg dah selalu off sbb kalau boleh tak nak Ichiro and Kenji addicted to computer and gadget. Handphone quite easy nak sorokkan.

Ok insyallah will blog more. Banyak ni benda nk cerita, dh lama sgt tk blog, dari tk pandai jahit sampai dh pandai jahit hehe. Ok goodnight!

Selamat Hari Raya dari Mr & Mrs Imran sekeluarga


My New Gadget! Brother 3034D Serger Machine


Iyahhhhhh krup krup krup (bunyi tulang jari jemari) Wahh gila lamaaaaaa tak update blog, my last update was for MH370. That was like more than a month ago. The ill fated plane still has not been found yet, pray for the best.

Thousand apologies, for abandoning this blog, I am too preoccupied with my current obsession….SEWING!! Haha finally , daftar masuk kelas menjahit. I should have enrolled longggg ago. Better late than never. Ingat lagi ada la sapa tah, perli I kt blog ni, kata I fashion designer cokia sbb tak tahu menjahit. Well, I would like to thank that lady (I believed she’s a lady) for leaving such comment in my blog, sbb her comment did motivate me to learn more about sewing. Big thanks to you stranger! Really appreciate your mean comment. Hehehe.

Tujuan utama belajar menjahit bukanlah utk mengambil tempahan, tetapi lebih kepada untuk “backup plan” , sbg contoh kalau tiba-tiba tailor2 saya ada emergency atau masalah kesihatan tidak dapat jahit, tidaklah production terhenti terus, saya masih boleh keluarkan produk ataupon sambung siapkan kerja2 yang terhenti itu.

Tetapi kalau nanti ada cara ada kelapangan, saya berkemungkinan akan mengambil tempahan juga. Tetapi yg pasti adalah sangat limited kuantiti tempahan yg akan saya ambil utk sebulan, kerana utk menjaga kualiti (ye saya jahit sgt lambat) dan juga saya nak kasi ruang utk benda2 lain boleh dilakukan juga, jadi tk boleh ambill banyak sgt orders. Insyallah nnt saya kongsikan gambar2 jahitan saya. Setakat ini saya dh jahit kurung moden, kurung biasa dan 6 panel skirt.

Oh selain itu, just bought a new serger machine. So excited! I can now do the narrow roll hem (normally seen on shawl edges) Yay! Sesiapa nak hantar jahit tepi biasa dan jahit tepi halus di area PJ/Kelana Jaya boleh lah hantar to me ya. Utk jahit tepi halus harga ialah RM1.20 semeter (minimum 4 meter utk setiap kali jahit) dan utk jahit tepi biasa warna hitam atau putih cuma RM0.80 sen semeter Saya tak guna benang polyester yg bulu2 dan senang sangkut tu, saya guna benang nylon yang sama dgn benang jahit baju biasa, lebih tahan lebih cantik.

Ini adalah contoh hasil jahitan mesin jahit tepi Brother 3034D , to those who are interested to buy this, harga ialah RM1300. Memang mahal machine2 ni, tapi berbaloi beli dan cuma peminat2 jahitan jer yg tahu feeling bila ada mesin jahit yg bagus dan boleh jahit cantik. Heee.

serger brother 3034D 2

Contoh jahit tepi biasa

serger brother 3034D 1

Contoh jahit tepi halus

Ok sambung next time ok.


Pray for MH370



More Updates on Cosway Epic (Cospic) - An Evening with Glen Jansen

Epic Cosway event with Glen Jansen 1

Event was held at MAS Academy Hall

Hectic and chaotic, that would be the right set of words to describe my life now. Hence, really really sorry for lack of updates here. With Cosway Epic program has started, taking orders for my online boutique, managing kids, catch up things with husband and attending my sewing classes; I hardly have time to blog. So, sorry again I didn’t mean to neglect this blog, apparently I need more “me” time in order to blog often.

Epic Cosway event with Glen Jansen 2

Me selfie before the event started

Now, I’m trying to get my “me” time early in the morning. Right after my hubby leaves the house for work. I’m not complaining tho ^_^ just trying to to make things work for me and my life.

What about Cosway Epic event? Founder of Epic Era company Glen Jansen came down to Malaysia with  his team last week and in the conjunction with that my group leader and the committee has arranged a simple event with Mr. Glen since this would be his first visit ever since Cosway Epic program has been approved by the government of Malaysia. We are so excited to hear what Glen has to say about the program, payout and future plan!

Epic Cosway event with Glen Jansen 4

Mr Glen on stage delivering his speech with MLM revolution background. Cospict tagline is ” we didn’t invent MLM but we change the way distributor success”

Good one I would say..

The event started with Mr. Glen parading into the hall with a Kompang troupe! Haha I didn’t expect that at all, since it was quite a last minute planned event (but perhaps MAS Academy Hall offered the kompang service in the hall renting package) Few leaders were called upon onto stage to share their experiences in Cosway & Epic (semuanya jenis dapat income 6 figures, I wonder how they do it eh? Aiyaiyai, should learn more) And then finally, Mr. Glen was invited to be on stage to address his speech. It was an inspiring speech by him since he shared some information about future plan, bonus, trip and etc. Who doesn’t love great news? Everybody loves it.

Epic Cosway event with Glen Jansen 3

Me with Alex, Mr Glen’s son

Some of the great news are HERO bonus will be extended (yesssssssss, disebabkan Epic ni baru, so tkder siapa yg start dgn level bawah sekali, sbb Glen kasi kitaorg yg dah lama in Cosway terus naik rank HERO, best kan? HERO ni level yg 4 dari atas, kira ada 3 lagi level nak naik sampai rank teratas sekali iaitu HUMANITARIAN ), then restructuring pon extended, jadi we all still ada masa untuk recruit new member and earn maximum income for the first payout.

Epic Cosway event with Glen Jansen 5

Me with my eCosway & Epic very hardworking upline Anne

Epic event 6

Group photo with other associates and Mr (can’t remember) , he’s responsible for either the data migrating and syncing between eCosway and Epic or payout (I can’t remember that as well)

Glen also explained the meaning of the rank’s name, unlike other companies that labelled their rank after “Gemstones” or precious medal like “Gold, Silver, Bronze and etc”  Glen decided to name Cospic rank base on our business journey. Interesting right? Start from Marketing Partner, then we become Ambasaddor, Mentor and so on. The top rank calls HUMANITARIAN as we are expected to “gives back” to community and team. As a Humanitarian we need to help and guide others to success, that is one of the criteria to become a Humanitarian. Interesting…interesting…

Kalau ada sesiapa berminat nak business, Epic is the right business for you. Why? Because it is;

  • Affordable
  • Easy
  • Weekly income
  • Online website (will be provided soon insyallah)
  • No selling is required since we have Cosway store available everywhere, we just need to get people to buy the products at the store :)

Sample of Epic compensation plan, but this one is US plan, Malaysia plan is a bit different here and there. They haven’t produce a video for it yet. Soon insyallah.

Contact me to know how to start Cospic business, initial Capital is as low as RM350. Grab the chance now and be among the first few to join Cospic (Cosway Epic Smart Consumer Business) Call me 0126737765 or click here to message  me via contact form


eCosway Epic Fever!

I got so much things to do of late. With Epic eCosway plan has finally approved by the government of Malaysia and lots of work need to be done in terms of helping downlines and preparing digital flyer for the business…my hands are really really full now.

My second direct downline will be opening her Cosway shop in Shah Alam mid of next month. Alhamdullilah, hope everything will goes smooth. So, Insyallah…in total I would have 2 Cosway shops under me soon (one is already operating in AEON Anggun Rawang, another one coming soon in March). Alhamdullilah, I can’t thank Allah enough for everything. Hope I can repay him by elevated my deen (yeah I know maybe some would think that I sound macam a bit poyo or macam bagus, but that’s the truth right? I mean, I try to be a better muslim, since Allah has gives me so much great things in my life and love me even I do sins. Shouldn’t I be thankful for that?

Insyallah I’ll join stock checking and counting session for the new shop next month. Will update more pictures. To those who is not keen for the shop, but still thinking to do something to generate income, why not join me and we can do Epic eCosway together. Epic is Smart Consumer Business program would be suitable for those who just want to generate income with hassle free program (but networking is still needed)

Epic has been a phenomenon ever since we start the program on the 15th Feb, sales kedai Cosway telah mencanak-canak naik dek kerana Epic program. Jadi takkan anda cuma berdiam diri dan lihat sahaja harga barang meningkat dan nilai duit menyusut? Marilah sertai kami berniaga dan tambah pendapatan. Epic masih baru jadi market masih lagi luas bertebaran, malahan Epic eCosway merentas benua dan negara kerana kita boleh menaja ahli baru di 20 buah negara! Ha banyak tu prospek boleh dapat :) Baru-baru ni stockist Cosway di Kota Kinabalu Sabah berjaya dapat 1 juta sales dalam masa kurang 12 hari disebabkan Epic. Sampaikan owner kedai terduduk menagis setiap hari, sebab terharu tak percaya boleh dapat 1 juta! Itu baru 12 hari, belum full month lagi. Jadi rakan-rakan yang membaca blog saya ni, marilah segera jangan lengah-lengah ok. Sertai Epic sebelum ianya dirasmikan secara rasmi March nnt.

Tapi apa-apa pon pastikan sertai the right group. Because this is based my own experience, if you want to success in networking business, join the right people and group, Insyallah things will be easier.

Other than that, I’ve also enrolled myself into a sewing class! Hah finally! And I’ve attended my first class and managed to sew myself a Kurung Pahang / Riau already. Awesome right? Mana la tk sibuk, dgn butik online lagi, dgn kelas menjahit lagi, dgn Cosway lagi dgn this coming Saturday I ada kelas Google Adwords pula, pheww am I a bionic woman or what?? Semoga Allah berikan saya kesihatan yang baik. Aminn.

Ok itu sahaja, continue later. Sorry for lack of updates. Ini pon i terpaksa stay up late utk tulis entry ni. I dah tak tidur lewat lagi sekali. Not good for health. Orait Assalammualaikum.

p/s: nak join eCosway Epic sms me 0126737765 or contact me here

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