Give me RM5

Ekceli kan..sebelum I pergi kerja, suami kesayangan I mesti kasik I duit belanja. Kadang-kadang kalau dia baik hati dia kasik la RM10, kalau tiba-tiba hari tu mood dia jelik..dia kasik la I RM5. Tapi pelik tk pelik, I lagi suka dia kasik I RM5 dari RM10. Tahu kenapa? Ha sbb nyer…nilai dan bilangan hari yang ditentukan oleh suami saye adalah agak meragukan la. Saye pon tatau la berdasarkan apa dia timbang tara itu, selalunya la dia kata RM5 utk sehari…okey la kan. Tapi yg RM10 tu utk seminggu!!. Ha pelik tk pelik suami ku itu? Nk kata tk pandai kire…dia punye add math SPM lagi terer dari haku…tkyah kata add math la…ni matematik darjah satu pon dah boleh solve dah kire-kire ni.

So..i sebagai isteri yang pandai bijak lagi jelita, haruslah akan memilih yg RM5 sehari kan?

Hmm…neway kenapa la I tulis ni pasal ni hari ni kan?

Firstly sbb skang ni tgh bosan.

Kedua sbb I tgh nk hilangkan malu kt diri sendiri sbb I teringat hari tu kt KLCC masa exhibition palm oil, tengah I berdiri dgn eksyen depan booth kampeni I, tiba-tiba I terperasan I tk zip seluar. Celake. Dah la I pakai panty pink ok…nyesal tk pakai black..sbb pagi tu dh nk pakai black dah…tapi disebabkan I dh pakai suit all I decided I tk nak pakai panty black…nnt mcm all black sgt…tapi mcm lah org leh nampak kan color panty apa yg I pakai kan?. Tapi disebabkan I tk pakai panty hitam la…kejadian ni jadi lebih meruncing.So I telah diam-diam mengzip seluar sambil menutup dengan fail. Hohoho.

Ketiga, sbb Imran lupa kasik I duit belanja hari ni. Waaaaaaaa. I kene pinjam duit kawan tauuuuuuuu sbb dalam wallet ada 2 hengget je. Heeeee.

Okeylah…sambung kerja.

p/s: tj…marilah ketemukkkkk.



"the white WiZARD"

I love to read sci-fiction books besides chic lit of course. Terry Brooks is one of my favorite book authors and I’ve the entire range of his Shannara most famous series. Alright, since I love the books soOOOO much, therefore I’ve named my first bracelet from Mr & Mrs Imran Jewelry collection as “the white WiZARD”.

Psss..I was about to give it some jiwang name la such as “kau kunci hatiku dalam hatimu” ker…” taman rashidah utama” ker…tapi rasanya mcm ramai jer org buat…so tk jadik la…

Here presenting first decent bracelet from my own collection, taraaaaaaaa

“the white WiZARD”

This is a handmade bracelet. A perfect combination of freshwater & swarovski pearl. The length is approximately 15cm complete with extension around 2.5cm. Selling price is RM60 (free shipping to any destination within Peninsular Malaysia). Grab it now for AidilFitri and should u guys want a set of this that complete with necklace and a pair of earring. No sweat! We could make it for YOU!

This is my first attempt to become a model. So, big applause for my errr hand. Heeee



So innocent...but yet so sinful

I really love Benefit catalogue. It is so colorful and retro. And somehow while flipping over page by page you might feel you are not browsing a catalogue at all! It is more like reading a comic book instead. Well..I love make me feel like hmm..splurging money on make no big deal. Hoho. Maksudnyer macam…membazir duit utk membeli mekap adalah innocent. I dun know where the hell I get that idea…honestly…

Ok now, to those who didn’t know, Female magazine for this month is enclosing a Benefit new catalogue andddd it comes together with a coupon for a mini make over! Ok…fine it is only a mini makeover..but better than nothing right? Perhaps they would let us try their new product….which I soooo wanttttt it!!!

Here are few items that I am dying to have now…Ohhhh tempting…

“Cupid’s Bow”

“My Date’s My Brother”

“D’Finer D’ Liner”


“That Gal”

Although, the Benefit product so far is far from beneficial, but their packaging and they way they naming each of the item is pretty clever I should say. “me” to be exact can be easily being deceived by cute packaging and whatnots.

Ok now, how am going to convince my husband that all these are essential? I did a pretty god job convincing him that a swimsuit is an essential….but for make up? I need new trick.



Smiling Ghost

Finallyyyyyyyy. I am able to smile again. Ohh my precious smile and laugh….. My colleagues told me that I look like a ghost since a month ago. My face pale like there’s no blood flow, I look so ghastly, my eyes rarely blink, I skipped my lunch, I seldom talk, hardly laugh and smile.

Today, am so glad that my work is almost finish (almost ok..not finish yet), but still…it is fair for me to rejoice about it a bit.. and tomorrow night I can watch Rush Hour 3..smuggling my favorite edible ball Tako Tao inside my handbag and bring it into the cinema and laugh crazily at Jackie Chan’s sengal’ness. That wud be BLAST!!

Oh wait, for tonight am gonna go to OU with my favorite guy as he has promised to buy me the Triumph black swimsuit which I’ve been eyeing since last month. Can’t wait!

Last weekend, while I was browsing some old photos inside my computer, I came across DeltaElle photos. How I miss my DeltaElle girls. We were having such a good time together. I dunno what have become to all the girls. What I know, they kinda so silence these days. Therefore, I hope that to all DeltaElle girls, please show up. There have been so many things happening which cause our club to be forgotten. However, we could plan something to make our club alive again! Perhaps another pool party? This time we make it for real la babe. TJ, Ary & Ida what say u guys?

I am so sorry for abandoning the club for a while; I know it is all my fault. But it isn’t my main intention to left the club behind, it just that…well I think u guys know better…So how about we spice up everything again? Come onnnn…..

I think that’s all for today. Oh btw, Herbalife promotion this month would be a swarovski bracelet for each Start Now Pack purchase. I have 9 different colors in stock. The early bird could select your desire colors, whilst the late one….. you guys got no choice other that to satisfy with whatever color left.

Allright guys, c yah!




Today is another tough day for me. I dun want to write or even talk about my work as I dun want to spread the pressure and stress to all my readers. As for me, I hate reading blog that reminds me about my work, therefore I dun want to write sumthing that might remind you guys about works. Neway, I suka bace blog yang bahagia dan dipenuhi gambar barang lambakan shopping. ;) Itu sudah pasti.

How I wish, that I have a cat now. A cat that could make me forget everything about works a while. A cat that so gemuk dan berlemak. A cat with a white-snowy fur and a pair of blue eyes. A cat that of course knows the difference between bed and toilet. And a cat that won’t say “bersabarlah banyak-banyak , I know u can do it” every time I moan to her about ..well…you know shits. Because I know, mmg kene bersabar, but the problem is I can’t. So sebarang nasihat ataupon sokongan moral berupa nasihat “umum” seperti bersabarlah adalah langsung tidak membantu.

Saper nk sedekah kucing? But make sure it well trains la la yer. Kang dapat yg bangsa kencing kt langsir mmg terbunuh la kucing tu nnt. Hehe. Kejam kejam.

Allright, I shud stop here, before there’s really something or someone got killed. Marilah berbunuhan membuat kerja sampai siap. Sekian.