Phewww…lama tk updet yeh. Ekceli tkder apa la yg menarik terjadi. Tu yg I tatau nk updet apa.

Hmm..since I tkder apa nk cerita ni, just wanna let u girls know, am now helping my sisters selling swarovski crystal accessories. I will upload the pictures later ok. We’re using only the high end crystal, genuine and long last. Swarovski ni ada byk gred la, but the one yg my sisters guna yg high gred ones and original (we can show you the swarovski packaging)

Price range would be less than RM100, which is around RM70-RM80 per bracelet. Of course the set one will be more expensive. You can request your desire design; I will provide the color chart later, so u guys could choose your favorite color too! Besides bracelet, we do have earrings and necklaces as well.

Neway, yg I tahu la, I tk pasti sgt la kan tapi I rasa (from my random survey) harga swarovski crystal kt market is RM100 over (for bracelet, itupon am in doubt with originality of the crystal), as we have contacted one of the swarovski crystal seller, she told us that her crystal price would always triple times higher than the price that she offers at the internet. This is due to sewa kedai, sewa longkang, cukai pintu…semua tu la kirenya. So, kalau harga dah less than RM100 it is definitely a good bargain. Of course la, you can’t really compare actually the price, as it is also depend on the design, how difficult design and the material price. So all these must be countercheck first before you judging the item price.

So dah nk raya ni kan, apa la kata memakai accessories kelip-kelipan dan glam. Tk pon beli buat hadiah kasik mak ker, gilfren ker (khai..u kene beli..ehe).

Later I will edit this entry with pictures of the crystal ok. I dun have many piccies neway, I upload sesikit ok dulu.

Tah Tah



Second Anniversary



TOUS..why la so mahal?

It does feel good when you finally managed to buy something for your love ones. Even tough at beginning I was pretty clueless and the image of the perfect gift for him remains vague, I just walk directionless and enter every single mannish shop one after another to see if there’s a thing that might light up the spark. 3 hours had passed, I was still walking empty handed. I was thissss close to give up. But suddenly, I found myself stood in front of TOUS shop. The price was pretty phewwww, expensive for the entire item. I did complain about the price to the salesgirl. I know I might sound so kampong, but then again..mahal ok. Aku komplen la. Huhu. There was a bangle that looks so nice, but the price made me backed off.

After I’ve finished looking and adoring at all of the TOUS item. I just simply walked away. There’s must be something that isn’t so expensive, I told myself. Something that, I could reckon as a perfect gift … perfect price.

While walking away slowly from TOUS, I can’t help myself from thinking about the bangle. Revolving images of my favorite guy wearing that bangle made my step even slower.


presenting….the TOUS bangle for my husband.

I don’t care how much the price of the bangle anymore, as the happy face of my husband while receiving this bangle was……….priceless.

p/s: our anniversary is actually on 14/8 but for some reasons I have to give him the bangle early. One of the reason is for sure…sbb haku tkleh sabar la kan. But there is also another reason. Stay tune. Cewahhh mcm La Usurpadora la plak kan. Suspen. Huhu. Neway I baru bace komen for previous entry ,I baru perasan Hanis suggest beli bangle TOUS. Hehe. Hanisss I dh beli dah bangle TOUS..taraaaa.



What shud I buy for him?

What is the perfect anniversary gift u guys think wud be? Since I’ve gotten my anniversary gift (the watch..but honestly, secretly I hope he wud surprise me with a second anniversary gift..ehe), it is so inconsiderate of me if I dun buy anything for my favorite guy. When it comes to buy something for my man, am, always dun have a clue what to buy. Man is not like woman. We, woman got million…zillion of things that we crave for and the list will never meet its end. But for man things that we cud buy for them wud always rotate from shoes, shirt, watch, perfume, wallet, belt and shoes again. Haihh. And they also seem errr not bother at all. Am I right? ( kalau bother pon..haku anggap tk bother jugak..huhu)

Newwaysssss…I really want to buy him something, something expensive (tapi tkleh lebey bajet la) as the values of having such a good husband like him, worth a lot more. I could never measure that value with any kind of measurement tools exist in this world.

Tomorrow I think is the perfect day to go to the mall, since my husband need to work, so I will have my own time to choose a gift for him or maybe errr a couple of tops for me, a pair of shoes for me, few books for me….ok ok fine. I should just forget about myself this time. Oh God please give me the courage to do that. The MegaSale Carnival is so damn tempting. That’s the problem ok. Bukan I sajer-sajer ok. Eleh u all pon sama jerrrr. Ehe.



Joget Cinta Sakti

I am sooo in love with this song (mana taknyer hari-hari HotFM dok putar lagu ni). Haa..jgn disangka I tk dengar lagu joget ok. Hee…this song is super cute, lurvveee it. And Rosma’s voice is sooo lemak merdu la. I am not her fan tho. And Haziq tu, honestly I think he looks like Iza & Hani’s little bro. Ker adik diaorg yg rupa cam Haziq? Ehe.

Sumpahhh..lagu ni setappp ok. Baik korang gi download sekarang. Patu nyanyi dgn boifren dalam kereta. Konferm syokkk dan chenta bangat.
Dun worry lagu ni senang jer nk nyanyi..tkder high pitch mcm lagu Heart. So nnt kalau nyanyi dgn boifren kire mantap jugak la, sbb tkkan ada la mana-mana pihak yg suara tk sampai or suara tersepit. Sila la cuba yer.

Joget Cinta Sakti
Usah bimbang jangan ragu
Bila pulang daku tentu
Datang bertandang
Sakit cinta mabuk rindu
Pada kasih aku mengadu
Simpan dalam rindu
Setia dalam kalbu
Debar hati bukan calang
Juara hatiku telah pulang
Bagai bukti cinta padu
Pada kasih aku mengadu
Dendam dalam mimpi
Rindu dalam janji
Jangan turutkan hati
Meranalah diriKasih yang selari
Bukti tidak pudar seri
Hai hai hai…
Kasih telah bersemi
Jauhkan curiga di dalam hati
Harus diselang seli
Rajuk dan rindu sudahlah mesti
Cintaku teguh membakar sakti
Tidak sekali berbelah bagi
Cintamu tulus mengangkat diri
Semuga kasih kekal abadi