Me & My "Mission"

Suddenly I feel like going shopping today. cannot. Maybe I will go tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Hmmm on second thought tomorrow would be better than day after tomorrow.


What I want to buy?


  1. Make Up
  2. Beaded clutch (evening bag)
  3. Scarfssss
  4. Top / baju bajan
  5. More make up
  6. Bungalow
  7. Sport car
  8. Sony lappy
  9. Flight ticket to somewhere

 Not to forget


  1. Swimming goggle for  my husband
  2. Futsal short

My wish list is pretty long (I reckon it is not long enough). I know that. And it does contain item that we actually don’t use “shopping” as a term when buying them, such as bungalow, flight ticket and sport car. Yeahh, I know.


Neway, just put that matter aside. It doesn’t make any harm to me, let alone to any of you who just reading this, because that wasn’t really the worst case.


The most serious one is where the hell I could dig such a big amount of money to buy all those? Where? Where? Please don’t tell me to dig it at my husband’s bank account. Not because I pity him, but because I’ve been there and done that. Licinnn sudah. Ehe.


I am kinda person that when I have toooo many things to buy and have very limited moolah to spend and splurge I would be ended buying nothing.


So fret not, tomorrow will be just another ordinary visit to the mall and am pretty sure I will leave the mall empty handed.


Hmm..I am not rich, but hey soon to be rich ok. Hohoh. I have to hold on that to motivate myself to work harder and stay focus……..


which meanssssss I need to stop crapping & day dreaming and start working now. :P


Kenapa la susah sangat nk start buat kerja ni. Arghhhhhhh.


p/s: tapi esok konferm gi mall. Hehe.




Blue Moon

Am kinda in a rush, it is 11.40pm now and it’s time for me to go to bed. But before that, I can’t wait to show you guys my new handcrafted wire wrapped jewelry, the “Blue Moon”. It is a choker and I am actually kinda impressed with my own work!!! I love it to bits and it is sooooo hard for me to part with this choker.

The best thing about this choker is it can be worn with “tudung”. The model is me anyway (in case you guys wondering) and you can see the choker sit nicely on my collarbone. So to all “bertudung” girls, more reason to be fashionable and chic and more reason to buy a choker from me. Ehe. Betul tak? Betul laaaa. Pleasssseeee.

Actually, I have another 2 new pendant; will show it here later. My brother facing some problems with his internet connection at home, so he can’t update my Narmi webbie. I am anticipating for the details of this choker and other 2 new pendants to be update at the webbie in these few days. Just stay tuned ok.




Cameron Highlands - past & present

“Haii…mana la si gedik manis ni??? Puas haku mencari satu bukit teh!”

“Saye si gedik manis ada di sini!!! Shhhhhh….”

What a long week. But fret no more as we are now reaching the end of it and tomorrow we are going to have fun. Aren’t we? I don’t have any plan yet for tomorrow, since my husband got to work, so perhaps I will just stay at home and make new piece of jewelry. We’ll see.

Oh by the way, I forgot to let you guys know that during recent Raya Haji, I went to Cameron Highlands with my husband. We went there because we got a free voucher that we received upon signing up as a member at this one travel agency in Bangsar.

Cameron nowadays not as soothing as it was during earlier days. I don’t understand why they doesn’t want to preserve the area since Cameron is one of the tourist spot that pretty famous in Malaysia. I saw rubbish everywhere, along the road, at the market; frankly speaking it is basically everywhere!! What a shame. And another thing that upset me was the condition of the butterfly garden, Strawberry Park, orchid farm and etc. The design of those park and decorations was too outdated, let alone structure and landscaping. I wonder they know or not what renovation is. I don’t expect something grand and lavish, but as long as they keep everything in place nicely and change the looks of their premises a bit to parallel with time that would be good enough.

But the tea plantation was as good as it was. Me and husband have a great time at Boh Plantation tea and we were like snapping thousands of pictures with the tea leaves. Very the gayat ok (gayat means jakun here). Haha.

Neway, yesterday out of sudden I asked my husband again (because I ask him this question so many times, and I always like the answers that he gave me every time I shoot him the question. there will be no two answer alike regardless how same the question is. He is so special, I tell you. Huhu)

“Dear, why do you love me and how would you like to describe me in words?” I asked him.

“I always love you dear because you are my strawberry park, vegetable, fruits farm and tea leaves”

Now, do I resemble Cameron Highlands?

How strange the answers that he gave me, but I loikeeeee.

So sweet.

p/s: I got a new pendant. Will update it at my Narmi Jewelry website soon.



Narmi Jewelry - Handcrafted Wire Wrapped Jewelry & Home Deco

Ok how should I begin my entry today? Alright, maybe some of you have visited my new jewelry website yesterday since I got the opportunity to approach you guys personally. But, today I wanna invite all of you, to view my new Handcrafted Wire Wrapped Jewelry & Home Deco website. Please click here. I hope you guys will like it :). I wanna thank my brother since he is the web developer (ones that can stand with my fussiness), dengan ucapan ringkas “nnt akak bayar la duit upah, jgn bising2 ok”. Haha.

This is how my Narmi Jewelry website looks like. It seems that I can’t runaway from pink, errr can I anyway?

Thanks to Khai for the great logo walaupon tk fengshui but I like it bro! Nnt u buat la logo utk I for the next 10 years yg ala2 buffy the vampire slayer tu. Ehe.

Thanks to Farah Alida for the name card, sticker, brochure and etc. To those who want to make flyers, call card and so on, you might want to try Farah service. She is talented, she has a beautiful baby, wonderful husband and family (yeah I know it is not related to those promotions thingy), but hey you must know to whom you dealing with before you decide to do business with them right? By the way mak farah tu buat my wedding cake dulu. Setapppppp and cantikkkkkk. Saper nk tgk my wedding cake boleh tgk dekat fotopages farah.

Hmm who else should get the credit eh. Oh thank you to Nora and Naya too, since it is indeed such a pleasure showing all my new creations to these two people because they know how to value and appreciate it. Handcrafted wire wrapped jewelry is something which pretty uncommon in Malaysia, seriously rare and sometimes I can’t help myself from hesitating about the feedback that I might get. But am afraid no more, the comments that I got from them is really overwhelming and menjadikan I lebih bersemangat seperti Sin Chan! (berkata-kata ini sambil mengoyangkan punggung).

Neway, there are still a lot of empty boxes in my website waiting to be filled. I need moreeee time to create more items. I hope you guys could just wait patiently ok. Oh (byk betul oh hehe), Narmi Jewelry introducing a new packaging complete with a velvet pouch (tiffany n co pon kalah ni, huhu), stay tuned to see how it looks like.

Way off from my handcrafted wire wrapped jewelry & home deco website topic that newly launched, hmmm do you guys remember I wrote in my previous entry about I want a perfume demi tahun baru ni? Ingin memberitahu, telah mendapat!! I think it is another law of attractions also as that morning I was thinking to buy a new perfume since my current perfume could only last for few days, so I blog about it and plan to buy it soon and I actually planned to buy it with my own money. Fortunately that evening, I went to fetch my husband at his factory and while in the car he showed me his payslip. Hohoho another bonus for us!! So I guess, you guys would know by now how the story ended. Yes, my hubby bought me the perfume. Hmmm I loikeeeeeeee. Neway, at the beginning I intend to buy the Bvlgari Rose Essentielle perfume, but later change it to Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy. I reckon Britney Spears perfume is my signature perfume as I just can’t stop loving it.

Don’t forget to visit Narmi Jewelry ok



Happy New Year!

Saye menghabiskan sisa-sisa tahun 2007 dengan sangat skema iaitu berkerja seorang diri hari ini, di mana semua org lain adalah telah bercuti. Tapi tidak mengapa saye tidak keseorangan sebenarnya kerana pak guard juga adalah bekerja hari ni kerana kalau bercuti pon dia tetap tercongok dekat pondok guard itu. Cuti tidak cuti adalah tiada beza baginya. Sbb diaorg Nepal dan bukan org Negeri Sembilan. Tapi ingat, walaupon saye bekerja hari ni, tetapi saye bukanlah org Nepal ok.

Sambutan Tahun Baru bagi saya mungkin akan berlansung di depan tv ataupon di atas katil ataupon di alam ghaib. Tetapi yg penting saye akan membeli perfume baru demi tahun baru.

Oh saye telah terlupa mengenai azam tahun baru. Azam tahun baru saya adalah tidak mahu membuat azam. Sama juga seperti tahun2 yg lepas. Sbb saye rasa kelahiran saye dari perut emak saye pon bukanlah kerana azam. Bila sampai masa saye keluar juga tidak kiralah emak saye berazam atau tidak utk melahirkan saye. Saye rasa saye sangat genius. Oleh itu, saye rasa Astro punye channel yg sekarang sampai 3 digit mmg sangat celake.

Selain dari berazam dan membeli perfume, apa lagi yg selalu dilakukan oleh manusia sempena tahun baru? Oh ya…mengira ke bawah. Saye sebenarnya tidak lah faham kenapa harus mengira ke bawah. Saye tidak suke. Kenapa tidak suke? Entahla. Saye lagi suke pergi membeli belah.

Saye mahu cuba bekerja, jangan menganggu.