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Hexagon DUO Water Filtration System

Sebenarnya dah start nk taip blog sejak dari pukul 12.30 malam. Tapi dok baca sana sini , browse sana sini…last2 dah nk pukul 2 pagi, satu benda pon tk taip lagi. Dan my curfew mmg sampai pukul 2 pagi jer boleh stay up sekarang ni, so let’s make do with the good 10 minutes left ni.

hexagon filter 1

Weekend is rather short kan sekarang ni? Pung pang pung pang dah Ahad. Haihh. I jual 2 Hexagon DUO Water Filter minggu ni. Harga retail is RM800, tapi kalau join member harga baru sekarang RM399 (dulu RM450, sekarang dah lagi murah, best kan?) Join member Cosway tk mahal RM30 sahaja. Itupon you akan dapat printed catalogue yg sangat menarik dan cantik berwarna setiap bulan. Senang nk shopping. Just tengok katalog, and let me know mana yg berkenan. I can order kan for you (guna your ID , so point dan kupon semua u boleh dapat) dan pos kan kepada u. Senang kan? Tk perlu susah nk berkejaran ke kedai Cosway, nk cari parking lagi and etc. So cut all the hassle and order through me ya.

filter 2

Hexagon DUO ni best sbb katrij dia tu tk perlu nk tukar2 selalu sangat. Dia maximum can go 12 months, tapi kalau rasa air dh lain, kene tukar la, tapi manufacturer kata kalau 10k gallon air, katrij boleh guna up to 12 months. Cuma kt dalam tu ada ceramic filter warna putih, yg tu kalau kotor boleh just bilas jadikan dia putih balik ok. Warranty setahun and katrij tu kalau nk beli can just order through me or buy at any Cosway store ok. Cara nk pasang pon bapakkkk senang, I’ll siap2 attach the tube for you, so nnt sampai rumah can just pasang ke kepala pipe.

filter 3

So, what say you? A superb filter like this cost only RM399? Kita ada juga filter yg harga ribu2, tapi yg ni paling affordable and reliable :) Nnt kalau dah ada duit extra or budget extra can buy yg harga ribu2 pula ya, sbb lebih kualiti air nya dan kita boleh dapat air alkali straight from the tap. Air alkali ni bagus diminum sbb badan kita penuh acid yg at certain point boleh jadi racun kepada kita. Jadi kita perlukan alkali utk neutralize kan acid. Ok itu cerita lain kali. I really need to stop now hehe.

hexagon filter 4

Oh, by the way I baru jer daftar my first Cosway VIP Shopper, selalu daftar BO jer (business owner utk jadi stockist), process is quite simple. So siapa yg dh expire membership tu, boleh la renew thru me ok. Just fill up this form utk member registration

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Year End Shopping - YES

How time flies! We are about to reach end of 2013 year in only a couple of months. Have we achieved enough this year? Let’s hope each of us has achieved something at least. Betul tak? Set azam every year memang perlu, so that we know our aim and focus in achieving it. Kalau tak ada aim, kita tak tahu apa yg perlu diutamakan dan di akhirnya, kita tak akan mencapai apa2 kejayaan. Berapa banyak azam yg dah tertunai tidak penting, yg penting ada tak azam yg dh berjaya ditunaikan? Biar kecil, biar sedikit asalkan ada :) So insya Allah it would be a stepping-stone for you to materialize bigger and more important achievement in the future.

As for me, azam akhir tahun (haha org set azam awal tahun kan? ye, saya set azam akhir tahun, well…’s not really azam la pon) I’m thinking of getting myself a dress :D But this time around, I need a dress that can do wonders to my not so well…(rolls eyes) proportionate body. Not to mention overweight too. Arghhh. So I actually have 2 goals to complete. One to get a super pretty dress, second I need to lose weight in order to look super pretty in that super pretty dress. Do you copy? Ok good.

Why suddenly yours truly wanting a dress?

Hmm ok, am thinking to go for holiday in December (if time and money permit) Jadi macam nk pergi dinner dgn husband, kalau tk masa holiday pon, anytime yg sesuai. Since our last fine dining together was years back, and I really long for it to happen again. Sejak ada anak, we are too focus in raising our kids, till we forgot about our lovey dovey thingy. We definitely need a time off. Sigh…

And about the dress….I’m eyeing these 2 dresses available at Zalora Malaysia



A sharp black (loveeee black) dress with gold zipper along the sleeve and neckline by the famous designer Rizalman Ibrahim. The dress is partly kaftan and it has no waistline. I prefer dress without waistline, since I don’t have a waist, ok I lied…I do, it just that am not proud of it. Hahahaha. Damn it, I truly hope my protein shake diet would work, it used to work and i hope it would still work! If not waaaa nagess. My body weight fluctuates so easily, and I hate it to the max! I can gain 5kg overnight. How’s that? (I know I exaggerate but still benciiiii)


Second dress that I think I might look in it (I think okayy, but I doubted it) is a maroon colour dress by the talented young designer Jovian Mandagie It’s a traffic stopper dress I would say, one ought to be confident enough to wear this piece. Need to wear it with the right make up and hijab, if not just forget about it lah. You gonna ruin this lovely dress, if you plan to wear it with muka yg comot haha. I am hoping the waterfall ruffles can give an illusion of slimmer figure, really counting on it phewww. Huhuh. So basically these 2 dresses are in my wish list. But I do have a fickle minded, mind you. So who knows I might change my mind entirely tomorrow.  But for now, I aimed for these 2. Promise.

Zalora is also having a new line in their store Ezra. I kinda like the collection, it’s not muslimah friendly wear tho, tapi ala mcm tk biasa, nk match kan baju sleeveless with jacket kan? I love jacket, I always love jacket. Sebab? You boleh pakai t-shirt tidur underneath dan sarung jacket, terus nampak like million bucks lady dah. Betul tak? Jacket is the fastest way to look trendy, stylish in a jiffy. I macam suka tweed jacket Ezra ni, cantik tak?


Hmm apparently Zalora ni pon ada jual tudung. Hehe. Bagus gak eh, sbb I tengok la kt FB tu punya la ramai org jual tudung, tapi bila tanya manjang sold out jer. Jadi kalau lagi ramai jual lagi bagus la, dapat tampung demand. Boleh try usha2 Zalora tudung online

I guess, that’s all for today. Seriously, am actually a bit stressed sbb still tak dapat pharmacist to partner with me to run my Cosway Farmasi store. Tapi sabar itu separuh dari iman. Chill out a bit, tulis entry pasal dress, and doa for a better day tomorrow. Semoga dipermudahkan Allah, amin.


Main Ingredients for a Tasty & Healthy Smoothies

Red Smoothies

I’m into healthy smoothies now. For your info, not long ago, I used to consume protein shakes to control my weight and it really worked for me. But things have changed quite a lot after I gave birth to my first and second son. Not only I tend to skip meal but also I didn’t get enough sleep. I often staying up late to finish my work too.

I was then quit consuming the protein shakes completely and decided to just control my food intake and try to lose weight without the shakes. I just don’t want to be too depending on it. To be very careful with the calorie intake is pretty easy to me as I’m not really an avid fan of food, but to consistently eating on time…….hmmm it appeared that I have problem to eat on time.

That’s where the smoothies (I prefer to call it smoothies than shakes now) come into picture again ^_^ I realized that shakes/smoothies are much easier to consume, so it seems that it fits the bill here. I would never have problem to have my meal on time again after this, if I take those healthy smoothies. I’ve always not able to eat on time due to my kids. They are very demanding you knooow. Sigh. Sorang nak susu, sorang nk kencing, sorang nk berak, sorang nk tidur, sorang nk dukung, sorang nk pegi sekolah, sorang nk makan, sorang panjat meja and the list go on! Jadi bila I fail to eat on time, it slowing down my metabolic rate and plus when I keep staying up late to finish my pending works (due to busy attending my kids during daytime) , it affects my health and my body ability to lose weight.

So since I’m now a Cosway Business Owner (Cosway Business Owner , BO for short and Cosway vip shopper is different, business owner can become a stockist, while VIP shopper can’t) , so I’m thinking why not I give Cosway protein products a shot? They are affordable (especially during promotion time) and high quality like the other good brands as well as all Cosway protein products are made by a well-known protein specialist manufacturer in US name Solae

So, I have few good and affordable protein products that I can use to make healthy smoothies. For now I chose Bio-Protein  + Lecithin as main ingredients. I cannot claim these combination is a meal replacement, but I would say it close to it lah (by right kalau meal replacement product adalah lagi mahal sedikit, Cosway ada juga meal replacement products but I nak give this combination a try first)

Protein is good to curb hunger as well as providing many good nutrients for body and brain at the same time, while Lecithin can eliminate fat bulges. To those who wants to buy this can buy from me. Contact me HERE. No worries, kalau dah member Cosway, I jual harga member juga just tambah duit pos (but I’ll buy the product using my ID tau, not yours) Kalau belum member pula dan nk beli, boleh beli juga pada harga retail dan kalau nk join member pon boleh juga, just isi form kt blog I ni dulu ok. Registration fee is RM30 only.

Cosway Smoothies Bio-Protein Plus, Lecithin , Shake n TakeShaker. Hmmm, just realized that I don’t have a shaker. Shaker dulu2 dah entah ke mana, ada my mother in law guna buat minum air teh tarik kt office. Haha. So shopping mode is ON. Teringat ada kawan jual Shake n Take. I know I can get it elsewhere bit cheaper, tapi atas semangat support business kawan, dan kawan I tu pon selalu support my business (selalu tempah baju cantik-cantik dan sangat tidak cerewet) , so apalah sangat mahal sikit kan, asalkan kawan kita happy and I dapat return the favor. So I ordered Shake n Take from her. This how the Shake n Take looks like. It’s a small blender that comes with 2 sports bottle/tumbler. You can just blend, remove the tumbler and drink the shakes straight from the tumbler. Easy kan? Siapa nak full set , meaning Shake n Take, Bio-Protein Plus and Lecithin pon boleh beli thru me. I can supply the Shake & Take. Anything lah as long as you guys happy. Hehe.I just love selling stuff.


So my first smoothies was too thick. Hehe. Terlebih excited campur segala mcm benda (sebenarnya I takut dia jadi tasteless, hence dumping everything into it, hahaha) Jadi esok I nak guna just plain water and not soy milk , then i nk add something sour like orange or lemon dan sedikit yoghurt sahaja. Sbb tadi I semangat tuang sampai semangkuk yoghurt. Hihihi. Will continue try on new recipe and kalau ada lah yg sedap, I’ll defnitely share it here ^_^

Till then, happy Smooth’ing!

p/s: I’ve make a point to sleep before 2am (kira 2am tu paling lambat and now it’s already 2o minutes past 2)

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Insidious Chapter 2 Horror Movie 2013



Berjaya tengok movie baru-baru ni. My sister voluntarily nk jaga my baby sampai the next day, meaning baby tidur dekat rumah my sister, then Ichiro pula nak tidur dengan grandpa, jadi me and imran cepat-cepat keluar rumah pukul 12 tgh malam, gi Paradigm mall, beli tiket and tengok pukul 12.30 malam punya show. Dah la cerita hantu mmg cari nahas kan? Hehe

The first Insidious movie took me few days to erase the creepiness from my brain, so does The Conjuring (another ghost movie by James Wan) , bapak seram The Conjuring. The Conjuring and Insidious are totally different. Conjuring quite straight forward and the movie was based on true story, meanwhile Insidious on the other hand is a clever movie. It requires a bit of thinking throughout the movie itself.

Insidious & Insidious Chapter 2 ada berkait. Jadi kalau nk tgk yg chapter 2, kene tengok yg first movie dulu. Kalau tak nnt tk faham and menyebabkan tk dapat nk feel tgk movie yg kedua. Orang lain semua dah faham , kau dok apasal cam ni ha? apasal cam tu plak? nanti menyebabkan tk dapat nk catch up dgn movie kedua. Chapter 2 is quite fast and less creepy. It’s actually serve to tie up loose ends in the first Insidious movie. But still an interesting movie to watch. But to those who are easily frightened, do not watch these 2 movies alone (Insidious 1 & 2) I masih ada beberapa soalan yg berlegar di minda yg belum ada jawapan. Sesiapa yg dah tengok dua-dua filem ni kan, boleh tak share korang punya pendapat. I ada 3 soalan.

  1. Siapa hantu lelaki yg pakai jaket hitam yg cuba kacau baby yg tidur dalam baby cot dalam first movie?
  2. Macam mana hantu Parker (yg pakai baju wedding hitam + veil) punya mak, boleh jadi hantu juga? Adakah dia mati dibunuh oleh Parker?
  3. Dan macam mana hantu mak Parker ni bleh contact dgn team ghostbusters + Lorraine masa diaorg main dadu utk contact dgn Elise? Kan sepatutnya diaorg nk contact roh Elise masa kat dalam bilik bacaan Elise, tapi macam mana hantu mak Parker pula yg respond dgn dadu tu?


Yang Benar.

Saya yg sangat mengharapkan jawapan kepada persoalan di atas sbb dah berhari2 tk senang duduk fikir benda ni. Hehe.

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Ubat Apa Tok Wi? Ubat Sendi Tulang

joint pain

I think I’ve used the same blog title for my entry before :) But it’s ok since nobody would have a memory about that except Google :P Received few inquiries recently regarding supplement for aching joints and I’m so pleased to share my experience using 2 different products that I reckon as quite similar in many aspects especially main ingredients, result after using and efficiency.

What are the differences then?

My answer would be price and popularity :)

Ok, the first product is from Usana and it’s call Procosa. Procosa’s active ingredient is glucosamine and it’s good for joints. Usana is actually very popular among supplement and dietary products fans, and not many brand can be in the same league with Usana. It is not too much to say that Usana is a champion among its kind. Kalau dekat Malaysia ni jer dah menang award brand produk kesihatan terbaik berturut2 selama beberapa tahun, sehinggalah sekarang dan di peringkat dunia apatah lagi. Even Usana products are also listed is some nutritional books. Yeah, the brand is superb like that. Price wise is a bit on high end but still affordable and reasonable considering the quality and potency. I’m still an active distributor and you can still order the products through me. Contact me here

RM35 sebotol, 50 tablets (pos RM7) . Boleh diambil 1-2 biji setiap hari (based on individual response and budget) . Kalau nk order boleh contact saya di sini

But I’m not going to go into details about Procosa as this time around I would like to introduce another product with the same active ingredient which is Glucosamine, same result (joints ache – healed!) and also with the same efficiency (I consumed the products for about 1 – 3 weeks to slowly feel the improvement, which is consider quite efficient). The product is Bio-Glucosamine from Bio-Iberica, Spain. Bio-Iberica is a manufacturer that specialize in joints and bones (I think, diaorg byk juga buat kajian in many other areas, it just that many of it related to joints and bones lah) Meaning the products are being developed by a specialist, bukan dari makmal singam lingam ok :) , so worry not. You may check Bio-Iberica website, to read more on their research and specialization. The best thing is price is not that expensive , with only RM35 for 5o tablets , I think it is a steal! I take only 2 tablets a day, so roughly if I skipped 1 day a week from taking this supplement, easily a bottle can last for a month :) Bear in mind, this is a supplement not medicine, so recommendation dosage printed on bottle is only a suggestion to get optimum result, but you can also adjust the dosage to be more wallet friendly ;)


  • Prevents the breakdown of joint cartilage
  • Repairs worn joint cartilage to provide a slick surface so that bone ends can glide easily over each other, without friction, during movement
  • Renews synovial fluid for better joint cushioning that serves as a shock absorber
  • Reduces joint pain and swelling to restore flexibility and mobility


Jadi, kalau ada rasa sakit sendi dan tk berapa nk ada budget to buy high end supplement, I highly recommend this. It’s a high end supplement too , so do not underestimate this brand, walaupun harganya sangat murah dan berpatutan. Kalau nk order boleh contact I seperti yg tertera di bawah gambar ok.

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