This blog is a continuation blog of my first blog and initially I used blogspot platform to blog, 3 years later I’d decided to secure a dedicated domain for my blog. In the earlier days my intention to blog is just for fun. I don’t have any direction nor niche in my writings. I just simply…blog whatever things that crossed my mind or things that make me pissed off. LOL.

(will continue later..keep checking this page, in the meantime check out my other websites and blogs , you can find the links below)

Feel free to check below links and do contact me if you have inquiry. I’ll reply your message within 24 hours.

Nilam Boutique KL
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Twitter : @nilamboutique

Lonia | The Sweet Tooth Fairy (Homemade chocolate and such)
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Website : (under construction)
Flickr :
Twitter : @loniafairy

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