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Sharing my experience consuming Usana

This entry is solely to share my experience using Usana products. Please be inform this is non-promotional type blog post, so I make the brand available to readers of this blog

Some time around last week, when I was pushing Ichiro’s stroller with a very bad body posture, suddenly there was a sudden twist at my back, (macam salah urat dekat leher), it was so hell painful! I feel like a robot for a moment, as I cannot bend over and stand straight! I can’t help from blaming myself since I didn’t push the stroller with a proper posture, now who suffer like hell? none other than me. Sigh.

I refuse to go for traditional massage, as am kinda paranoid. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine if it’s for other body part, but not around the backbone area. It’s scary, as backbone is very sensitive, it’s like a pillar of your body. Without it, collapse your may, or worst paralyze. My middle name is paranoid, so leave me with that ok.

I do think this happened because my body lack of nutrients. Reason being, I’d missed taking my Usana supplement due to my supplement finishing in the middle of the month. Usana has the autoship thingy, where all the products of your choice will be deliver to you bi-monthly or monthly on certain date. So, I’ve been waiting for it, since it’s only a couple of week away, so malas nk beli asing, just nk tunggu next delivery.

But since, my life (even though am not working in the office) is pretty hectic, with my demanding 1 year ol plus child, entertain my customers, buat susu, mandi anak, cuci poo and etc , I really think I’d used up every single nutrients left. I was lack of energy and badan rasa tk sedap,

I asked myself “tkkan lah miss 2 minggu dah macam ni rasa badan?”

Well to answer that, there are many factors contributing to my condition such as I always stayed up late and wake up early, I deal with computer a lot more than 12 hours a day, I need to play with my son and entertain my customers (via live chat and email) at the same time, I use my brain non-stop to think on next strategy for my businesses. All these requires energy and strong body foundation to support its function. So, when I makan pon teratur, then supplement pon miss, it’s not quite a surprise when I feel a little bit unhealthy and uncomfortable with my body and prone to injury macam pinggang tergeliat tu la I rasa kot. My skin also isn’t at its best condition now. Jerawat mcm lampu jalan.

So, it was a huge relief when new stock of Usana products arrived last week. Before I continue, maybe some of you little bit confuse and wondering why this time around I mention brand of the supplement products and sometimes not? Hurmm, ok it’s like this actually, I cannot mention the brand in any promotional type of entry, like advertising my business in blog post and invite my readers to purchase the product via me. But I can mention the brand and share with my readers my experience using the products.

The above picture is new stock for this month, some of it are for my personal use. I couldn’t stress more on this. As a reminder to myself also, exercising and consuming high quality supplement is really vital and in a polluted world we live in today, this is mandatory. You can consume any brand of supplement though, but only the best and highest in quality will produce results. Bear in mind, not all vitamins and supplements are alike. Make a good choice then ;)

Alhamdullilah, I feel lot better now, can bend my body already but I try not to bend too often. I’ve also increased my supplement dosage as well as keeping good body posture, especially during sitting in front of the computer and while playing with my little son to ensure my speeding recovery. Pray for me yeah.


High Blood Pressure ~ tips to lower high BP

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High blood pressure or hypertension is pretty common even among young people. When I started selling supplement from home back in year 2009 and make a living from it till today, I think…high blood pressure is the second highest inquiries that I’d received after diabetes and pcos (amount of queries receive for diabetes and pcos diseases more or less the same). You can read a testimonial for diabetes here. So, I guess it may beneficial to some if I write some tips and natural treatment for high blood pressure.

Ok firstly, to treat high blood pressure, we need to know some of its common causes, basically from where it comes from lah…

  • Old age. As we age, our arteries sometimes stiffen, causing the heart to work harder to push the blood, which leads to high blood pressure.
  • High blood pressure can also be caused by other medical conditions, such as kidney and thyroid diseases, and even sleep apnea.
  • In women, birth control medications or hormone medications may cause slightly higher blood pressure.
  • In children, high blood pressure is usually a symptom of another underlying medical condition. Very often, doctors are unable to diagnose the exact cause of high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is medically treated with prescription drugs, however, dietary and lifestyle changes often prove to be just as effective. Treating high blood pressure with supplement and natural remedies is relatively simple.

How to treat High Blood Pressure with basic nutrition supplement.?

Vitamin C Nutritional Supplements
High blood pressure has been associated with low levels of vitamin C. Vitamin C supplements are therefore taken to lower blood pressure. Additional studies are underway to determine how vitamin C prevents high blood pressure.

Calcium Nutrition Supplements
Supplements containing the mineral calcium have shown benefits for high blood pressure. Calcium is vital in the function of muscle tissue, which plays a role in maintaining the arteries and the muscles of the heart

Co-Enzyme 10 (CoQ-10) Supplements
Another supplement to consider for treating high blood pressure is called coenzyme Q10. CoQ-10 is a compound in the body. It is believed that CoQ-10 deficiency may be a cause of high blood pressure. Early studies show that persons who take supplemental CoQ-10 can often discontinue prescription medications for high blood pressure.

Fish Oil Nutrition Supplements
Fish oil supplements are made with the oil processed from the fatty tissues of fish such as salmon or tuna. Fish oil capsules are often consumed as a source of omega fatty acids. According to an August 2002 medical study published in the Journal of Hypertension, individuals with high blood pressure should take fish oil capsules because they may reduce the health risks and symptoms associated with high blood pressure.

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Kindly CONTACT me if you need to get the best nutritional supplement in the market. I will provide details that you need for the products as well as pricing. I’m kinda bored to repeat the next line again but have to….to those who are still new with my blog, wanna inform you guys that I can’t mention brand of the supplement product that am selling in my blog post since company policy prohibit unauthorized advertising.

However, if you are brilliant enough, clue is everywhere on my blog :) and I’ve been selling the products since a year ago till today and it is actually my main business besides Lonia Chocs and Nilam Boutique. The supplement is from US, it comes with Halal cert and currently being recognize as the best supplement brand in the world (oh we got proof from many third party for this, we don’t simply make a self-proclaim statement). Email me if you need more info of the products.

Other than taking the supplement religiously, body care and exercising also will help a lot in improving your health condition particularly for high blood pressure patient. Take a brisk walk, breathing exercise and healthy diet routine will help a lot, because overweight often associated with high blood pressure.

This article is not to be considered medical advice. If you have questions about making dietary or lifestyle changes, consult with your health care provider.
Contact your doctor before reducing dosages or replacing blood pressure medication with supplements.
If you feel faint or ill, call your doctor.
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Hello hello…how’s your weekend? Mine was blast mixed with ballistic. Hehe. I got myself an iphone 4 already! Hahaha…but you guys won’t believe the ordeal that I went through to get this most influence gadget on earth. Will tell the full story tomorrow. Sbbnyer today I tk prepare apa-apa blog post. Hihi. Ada laaaa satu I dah taip siang smlm…tapi dah berapa malam terlajak tidur cepat and tahu-tahu semua kerja yg I plan nk buat at night dah terbengkalai.

I ada entry pasal iphone and DIGI of course! then also entry for high blood pressure and supplement that good to help high BP patient, gambar-gambar chocolate baru and heart shape chocs order from Maria. Then hope by this week I can publish first photo shoot session for my Nilam scarf. Stay tune okeh!


Top 25

Well, am not going to comment anything about my interview as am a bit paranoid especially when knowing that employer can actually spy on the candidates through blog and social media. Yeah, it was in the newspaper last week, full spread ok. Scary. Intrusion of privacy is so inappropriate. Employer should just make use info stated on the resume to analyze any candidates or potential employee.

Nothing interesting happened neway (if u guys still wanna know) during the interview, only that my session last for an hour (yeah the longest by far) and I was also being requested to present something on the spot (Ohhh la la la) Other than that, I also met my senior back in Science Muar, she was also invited to the interview. What a small world! After 14 years, since we left our school, out of a sudden we met up in the most awkward situation! Both waiting for name to be called upon. Hahaha. Hadoi berdebar-debar but excited nk berborak juga. Kak Aini tk aci, her session was only like 10 minutes jer, mine an hour. Goshhhh pengsannnn. But of course different department lah, so different interviewer. Wish Kak Aini all the best then :)

Enough about the interview. Remember my entry about the Photomama Workshop? Saiful Nang has took the liberty to upload 3 photos taken by me on his Facebook! How cool is that? Being featured on SN facebook! I felt honored and perasan best already sekarang. Sila jangan muntah. Haha. You guys can take a peek to Saiful Nang Facebook and check out other photos too.

I intend to sleep early tonight as tomorrow I wanna pay a trip to “the brand” HQ to collect some orders for my customers. Based on my performance in “the brand” biz so far, I am proud to announce that my name has been included in Top 100 Distributors list who are currently in the running to be one of 2010 Malaysia’s Top 25 Growth Distributor. The competition is pretty tough I should say and considering that my method in selling the products and recruiting new member to my team is pretty conservative whereby I always encourage my customers to buy only what they need and not to put some amount of money for investment, so I am quite surprise with the current result for the competition because I didn’t expect it.

I always prefer the ol’ skool method in doing biz. It’s not that I’m against the fast forward method, it just that I have my own reason,I will blog about it some other time. Wish me luck to be among Top 25 Growth Distributor for Malaysia and Asia Pacific, so that I could go to Hawaii and take lotssssss of picturesssssss. Hehe.

And who dare say without money game one can’t succeed in MLM? I beg to differ. As long as you know your target, good nawaitu, strong determination, insyallah jalan akan terbuka utk kamu. Where there’s a will, there’s a way…

Oh I feel much better now. Every time I write or talk about “the brand”, seperti ada suatu kuasa transformers yg merasuk. I feel so energetic! Btw, I have prepared an entry about Cancer and how good supplement can actually help cancer patient, will publish it in one of these days.

On a different note, I’ve set a new goal to achieve in my life, I wanted to start photoshop self-learning course seriously. My husband out of sudden handed me a complete training book for the Photoshop CS4 Digital Classroom (he saw the book in his office, borrowed it from the owner and brought it back for me, how sweet :)). I will begin to ace my skill in graphic design as well as photo editing, things that I never tried before but no doubt that I do have passion in design too. Whatever things that got to do with art, will definitely attract me.

Well, I think I can call this an entry. Wanted to update latest order for the chocolates and also photo of the mini pack which consists of various type of chocolates. Tapi gambar baru jer habis snap and need to edit and whatnot, hence later jer lah yer. Saya sudah penat.

Selamat malam semua!… (walaupon I know many of you gonna read this siang nnt =D)


Testimonial ~ Diabetes with severe wound

FIRSTLY , please don’t get bored and hang on with me for few seconds. The title didn’t do enough justice to the content. Urmm…well I have quite many testimonials for diabetes already and I totally understand if you guys going to say…“yawn..just another diabetes testimonial” upon reading the title of this entry.

but WAIT! this ain’t just another diabetes testimonial as this time around I have a before and after picture of diabetes wound. Yes, I think many of us know that diabetes patient is very sensitive to wound. For example even an ant’s bite can cost a serious injury. No joke.

SECONDLY, since I need to abide to company policy and regulations hence I will not mention brand of the products that have been used but perhaps I will just name it “the brand”, but to those who has followed my blog for quite sometimes, I think it will take no time for you to figure it out..wink ;)

THIRDLY..hmmm…ok there’s no third.

This is a story of Mak Z. She used to babysit my mother in law when my MIL was a kid. Few months back my family went to visit her and they were quite shocked to see condition of Mak Z, particularly her legs. She’s having diabetes wound on both of her legs and my MIL was so worried and concern about it so she decided to order a set of “the brand” supplement from me to give to Mak Z.

To be honest, I didn’t put much hopes for Mak Z to gets better as judging from the wound, I could say it was pretty severe, however optimist I still….

Here is a picture of both of her feet 2 months before taking “the brand” supplement.

  • skin is cracking and tearing apart for the entire feet up to the calves
  • you can see some open wound and flesh too
  • some bleeding can be spotted at certain areas

And here how it looks like after consuming “the brand” supplement.

Sorry the lighting was too dim. I should not use the chandelier lights for photography. Big NO-NO. Hahaha. [bijak sangat gi guna chandeliar dah la jadi kuning emas semacam..]

Photo was taken yesterday. Mak Z came to our house to get new supplies of “the brand” supplement.

  • skin is starting to cover up the open flesh and wounds
  • less noticeable skin cracks
  • some wounds are showing great improvement in healing
  • Mak Z also mentioned that she was actually had a breathing problem especially at night before, but now it seemed that the breathing problem has gone away after consuming “the brand” products.

Ok here’s the thing, products claim or whatsoever is prohibited. I came to know about it quite recently that products claim is actually against the RDA rules or something lah, I can’t remember the teeny weeny details but as far as I concern products claim is outlawed and it is applicable to all brands [not only to "the brand" anyyyy brands] even though it’s proven working and does wonders.

So, company rules and policy that has been set the way it is now, started to make sense. All these while I admit that I was a bit furious, but now….hmm still furious. Hahaha. Pening bebbbb. I was thinking to set the entry to private [already did for some previous entries], but then again what’s the point am writing it?

However, even though products claim is prohibited but no one can deny the fact that by taking good and high quality supplement [like "the brand"], we will experience a significant improvement in health, especially to those who had suffers diseases [any kind] for years.

Supplement is the safest and natural way to improve your health. I would always recommend ehemm…”the brand” [darnnnnn! I feel so awkward okay!! yerlah nk kene berkias-kias bagai walhal ramai yg dah tahu apa itu “the brand” sebenarnya…

{take deep long breath…and continue}

So, if you wanna know further about “the brand” [cisss, retard sungguh perasaan ini] , not only for diabetes but also for any other diseases or simply to maintain health, feel free to CONTACT me. I will be more than happy to assist you.

{gosh..this is soo wrong, but i just wanna say….}

“the brand” pon…”the brand” lahhhhhhh

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