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I’m so sleepy and can’t think of good words for my entry but got to show you guys some of my new sewing project. Well it’s not a new item though, it just that before this all of the telekung was sewn by someone else, but now with sewing ability that Allah has granted me, I manage to sew all the telekung myself, alhamdulillah. 

Those who are interested to order, may do so by contacting me or make your way to my Nilam Boutique blog and fill up a contact form there. Will sew with lots of passion and love. Pinky promise!


Feedback from one of my customers

p/s: insyallah I’ll blog about my husband’s Organo Gold Coffee Business soon. To those who have heard about it before and want to know more, feel free to contact me.


Jahit Tepi Halus


Mocha Brown shawl yang dah siap dijahit tepi

Busy sket 2-3 menjak sbb nak siapkan orders, tiba2 ada rush order utk jahit tepi halus, kuantiti masih dalam lingkungan boleh di buat utk dlm masa 3 hari.

Proses jahit tepi kadang2 boleh buat rasa nak karate mesin jahit.  But most of the time it wasn’t the machine’s fault but fabric.

Lain fabric lain rupa jahit tepi tu bila dh siap walaupun setting dan benang sama. Yg paling tension bila jahitan tk nak lekat bila guna kain chiffon. Jahitan tu mcm tk “menggigit” kain, lagi² kalau kain chiffon tu jenis yg ira dia jarang² (biasa chiffon jenis ni guna utk buat lining) Jadi “tips” saya kalau nak jahit tepi kain jenis mcm chiffon ni, terutama di bahagian kain yg melawan arah ira kain atau bahagian yg dipotong serong atau melengkung, semasa nk jahit tu jahit ke dalam lebih sikit, maksudnya kena potong tepi kain tu dgn pisau mesin jahit tepi lebih ke dalam sikit jgn sipi hujung sgt, nnt mesti jahitan tk lekat.

Benang pon guna boleh tahan banyak guna kalau jahit tepi halus ni, sediakan benang extra kalau nk jahit banyak ok.


My Little Barney


Kenji falling asleep on the floor while playing with his toys

Look at thatttttt, isn’t he adorable with the cute purple Dino tail tied to his waist. Heheheh, yeah, I made that thing. I was in dire need to sew something easy and simple as I’ve been off from sewing far too long (due to raya holiday) till I felt soooo lazy to get the ball rolling again. Hence, the dino tail project. It turned out that my kids love it so much so I was thinking that maybe I can try to squeeze my time for a proper photo shoot session with the boys wearing the tails (will make one more too for Ichiro) Yeah… wishful thinking… I know, but I’ll try, insyallah

But only after I finish my “real” sewing works as i’ve got couple of telekung to be sewn asap. Already working on one. Wish me luck to finish all of it on time and I can have some fun sewing the tail.



My New Gadget! Brother 3034D Serger Machine


Iyahhhhhh krup krup krup (bunyi tulang jari jemari) Wahh gila lamaaaaaa tak update blog, my last update was for MH370. That was like more than a month ago. The ill fated plane still has not been found yet, pray for the best.

Thousand apologies, for abandoning this blog, I am too preoccupied with my current obsession….SEWING!! Haha finally , daftar masuk kelas menjahit. I should have enrolled longggg ago. Better late than never. Ingat lagi ada la sapa tah, perli I kt blog ni, kata I fashion designer cokia sbb tak tahu menjahit. Well, I would like to thank that lady (I believed she’s a lady) for leaving such comment in my blog, sbb her comment did motivate me to learn more about sewing. Big thanks to you stranger! Really appreciate your mean comment. Hehehe.

Tujuan utama belajar menjahit bukanlah utk mengambil tempahan, tetapi lebih kepada untuk “backup plan” , sbg contoh kalau tiba-tiba tailor2 saya ada emergency atau masalah kesihatan tidak dapat jahit, tidaklah production terhenti terus, saya masih boleh keluarkan produk ataupon sambung siapkan kerja2 yang terhenti itu.

Tetapi kalau nanti ada cara ada kelapangan, saya berkemungkinan akan mengambil tempahan juga. Tetapi yg pasti adalah sangat limited kuantiti tempahan yg akan saya ambil utk sebulan, kerana utk menjaga kualiti (ye saya jahit sgt lambat) dan juga saya nak kasi ruang utk benda2 lain boleh dilakukan juga, jadi tk boleh ambill banyak sgt orders. Insyallah nnt saya kongsikan gambar2 jahitan saya. Setakat ini saya dh jahit kurung moden, kurung biasa dan 6 panel skirt.

Oh selain itu, just bought a new serger machine. So excited! I can now do the narrow roll hem (normally seen on shawl edges) Yay! Sesiapa nak hantar jahit tepi biasa dan jahit tepi halus di area PJ/Kelana Jaya boleh lah hantar to me ya. Utk jahit tepi halus harga ialah RM1.20 semeter (minimum 4 meter utk setiap kali jahit) dan utk jahit tepi biasa warna hitam atau putih cuma RM0.80 sen semeter Saya tak guna benang polyester yg bulu2 dan senang sangkut tu, saya guna benang nylon yang sama dgn benang jahit baju biasa, lebih tahan lebih cantik.

Ini adalah contoh hasil jahitan mesin jahit tepi Brother 3034D , to those who are interested to buy this, harga ialah RM1300. Memang mahal machine2 ni, tapi berbaloi beli dan cuma peminat2 jahitan jer yg tahu feeling bila ada mesin jahit yg bagus dan boleh jahit cantik. Heee.

serger brother 3034D 2

Contoh jahit tepi biasa

serger brother 3034D 1

Contoh jahit tepi halus

Ok sambung next time ok.


Usana, Fashion Illustration and Tourism Malaysia

I am supposed to update something here, but was too busy with Usana orders, packing orders, checking the address so that post office won’t get it mix up,that’s the most important thing. Baru-baru ni dah terkena sekali, package tertukar. It was such a nightmare for me, sbb normally bila customer order I will try my best to courier it immediately or at least in within 24-48 hours, most of the time 24hrs. I hate waiting and I believe I should treat others the same aight? But, when the package wrongly delivered and customer need to go through the hassle to return the package and yada yada, I felt terribly ashamed and guilty [even though it wasn't my fault at the first place] aisyah and ila sorry banyak2 yer.

Oh yer, I chose to deliver the products/orders myself [using pos laju] sbb it is way faster than City Link. Of course pos laju postage fee is much higher compare to flat rate RM4 charged by City Link / Usana but at least I’ll have a peace in mind knowing that it will surely arrived within 1-2 days. By the way, am willingly to absorb the extra charge for pos laju, worry not ok:) My postage fee will always RM4 no matter how big your order is.

Oh fyi, I found a new hobby to keep me preoccupied so that I won’t think about food much. Huhu. I love colors, drawing and painting, even though I am not really good at producing such a great art let alone masterpiece, but sikit-sikit tu boleh lah kot. I bought some fabrics the other day and thinking to get my auntie to sew a dress and shirt for me. Since, I was in the mood to play with my color pencils and markers, so di pagi-pagi buta around 4 o’clock in the morning, I came out with my own fashion illustration. Haha. The pink dress was my first attempt to draw fashion illustration and the olive green obviously my second attempt. Yg hijau tu sajer2 jer lukis, since I was bit boring smlm. Nk update blog malas and nk buat apa2 pon malas, thus, decided to sketch the olive green dress. Ok tak my sketch tu? I main taram jer asal boleh.

Meanwhile, it’s rather hard for me to find a home base tailor that could sew dress that I want. Kalau tailor dekat kedai-kedai sgt la ridiculous the charge fabric plak mahal. For example fabric for the pink dress, is about RM60 per meter and I need around 4-5 meters. Mmg pengsan. So kalau hantar kt sebarang2 tailor, takut rosak pulak kain. Hmm dilemma betul. Kalau you guys tahu any tailor yg boleh jahit as my illustration above to feel free to contact me ok. Mana lah tahu, kalau jahit bagus harga bagus, maybe I can consider selling dress and casual wear for my Nilam Boutique. Ok ker?

Picture source:

Tomorrow I will attend a briefing session for homestay program in Malacca organized by Tourism Malaysia. My blog has been invited and shortlisted to join the program, I can’t thank god enough and hope there will more rezeki pouring in, insyallah :) I can’t believe that my humble blog yg tk seberapa ni got spotted by Tourism Malaysia [adakah mungkin sbb I dok bising nk pergi Tioman hari tu?] Huhu. If yes tak sia-sia riuh sekampung uuuu. Thank you Tourism Malaysia!

I have no idea what are the activities that awaits , looking forward for the briefing. Oh and the best thing is, Imran and Ichiro will join the program too! Awesome.

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