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Sekarang ni cuaca berbahang betul kan? Apalah dosa anak adam di muka bumi sampai Allah murka dan uji kita dgn cuaca sebegini. Harap diampuni oleh Allah. My son tidur malam tk pakai baju and just pakai short. Kalau tak sure dekat2 nk pagi tu, dia merengek and terjaga. Marah-marah cakap sakit. Dia tak tahu lagi cakap panas, so dia cakap sakit. Hehe. Husband pulak dah pindah tidur atas lantai sbb tak nak kasi anak bertambah panas.

Kalau kt rumah my parent kt N9 ni, ok la malam2 boleh on air-cond so not so bad. Kalau kt rumah in law, i segan lah nk pakai air cond bagai. Ehe. Port utk pasang air-cond mmg ada kt dalam bilik, tapi we all sajer tk install any air-cond sbb nnt kalau dah ada asyik nk on jer plak. So better lah tk ada. Hope cuaca mcm ni tak prolong la. Sbb am going to deliver soon, kesian pula dgn newborn nnt kepanasan.

Dat day my friend Isma order a set of chocolates for her engagement hantaran. I haven’t upload the pic here yet. So here goes few photos that I manage to shoot just before I went back to Negeri Sembilan. Sekarang dah susah sket I nk snap gambar, since I’m not staying in PJ, so all orders mmg siap jer terus post, dah tkder shoot2. Insyallah lepas deliver I can continue balik kerja2 mengambil gambar ni. Huhu. Tapi order Lonia mmg still terima, still open. Boleh order anytime ok.

Other than that, scarf exclusive baru dah upload di website dan facebook. Boleh lah view ok. Ni link utk ke website http://www.nilamboutique.com/3-scarves Ni I tunjuk satu colour jer, sbb ada byk gambar tk larat nk upload kt sini. Boleh tgk di website or facebook ya. Kalau berminat nk order, boleh contact me mcm biasa. Scarf ni bentuk 3 segi, sangat lebar sesuai utk cover bahagian dada, material dia chiffon silk, ada mcm net kt depan tu sgt cantik, bila pakai n lilit jadi unik kt bahagian muka and atas kepala, then kt belakang ada crochet flowers and ada lace yg comel dan hot fix crystals. Limited pieces coz I tk beli tk banyak. Ada 7 helai jer lagi.

Sekarang nk masuk tidur dah. Nanait all!



Ahh how I missed my blog. Sorry for the long hiatus. Didn’t mean to stop blogging it just that I wasn’t well for the past few months. Not sure though if I had any fans (lol), it just that I feel the need to explain to those who still doesn’t have a clue of what is happening or to those who cares :)

I’m currently 4 months + pregnant and the pregnancy sickness that I’d to endure is about as same as my first pregnancy, which is quite rough. But if to compare, I would say my second pregnancy a bit pleasant but still the sickness especially during the first 4 months is very unbearable :(

But, syukur ke hadrat illahi, this is what my husband and I wanted. It’s about time we want to have our second child, we tried for couple of months and alhamdullilah…here I am 4 months pregnant :)

I’m not 100% well and I can’t really use computer to do my work and reply all emails. Lucky there’s a thing call iphone. I have no idea how to respond to inquiry especially, without my phone. Hail to technology and Steve Jobs.

I need to cut this entry short as I can’t stand the super terang cahaya from the screen monitor. It makes my head spinning. Just wanna inform that due to my sickness I wasn’t able to reply some inquiry regarding chocolate, hantaran, stormreaders, usana and etc. I was struggling to survive hence all other things was left unattended. I really want to say sorry to those who has contacted me and didn’t get any reply, hope you guys won’t think that I’m just another inefficient online business owner. No I’m not.

Alhamdullilah, I feel a bit better now if not 100% well. So sesiapa berminat to get my service or product, you can just email me and insyallah will try my best to reply on time if health permits me. Ramai orang bertanya, mcm mana my business di saat saya tidak begitu sihat. Jawabnya, mmg tkder buat sangat. Huhu. But now slowly start again. Yup, slowly.

  • For your info, my Usana business still running as usual and surprisingly demand on Usana products increase tremendously as I’ve been getting so many emails inquiring about Usana products and request to register as Usana member and my husband has been actively helping me to place the orders via Usana online website and get it deliver to customers. Bisnes Usana ni memang senang sket kalau nk beza dgn my other business. Sbb order semua online and deliver pon company yg akan deliver product. What you need to do just place the order. That’s why my husband boleh buat hehe.
  • Itu Usana, then utk homemade chocolate Lonia, masih berjalan seperti biasa but limited to orders yang tidak memerlukan hiasan atau graphic. Sbb I still tk larat utk design graphic and kerja2 menghias. But if just chocolate gift pack yang tanpa deco or bulk orders utk wedding, insyallah mmg boleh sbb my sister yg in charge dalam pembuatan chocolate, my part is only taking the orders and design/deco.
  • Stormreaders pula, quite similar to Usana, bisnes jual buku2 islamic online. Can check my online bookstore here http://www.stormreaders.net/mrmrsimran Siapa berminat nak beli buku or nak jadi agen boleh contact saya.
  • Then, my Nilam Boutique…”sigh” the only business that I cannot do if I’m not really fit. So I had to decline few orders due to my health issue and it really breaks my heart. Because in order to design a beautiful clothes and to instruct the tailor to sew the clothes accordingly is not an easy work. It requires lots of thinking and energy put up together. Without that I’m in doubt that I could deliver my best design hence I had to say no. But alhamdullilah, syukur now I’ve started designing few designs for wedding attire to be presented to my customers soon. I’m accepting orders for raya clothes as well but only till June ya. As I wish that all orders to be completed before July sbb di masa itu adalah sudah sarat :)

Insyallah I’ll give birth in the month of July/August. My EDD is early August but I had a feeling that I will deliver my baby earlier than date.¬† So, it will be end of July or early August then, if everything goes well. Insyallah. We’ll talk more about baby later ok. Truth is I prefer to keep it low :) , but sikit2 boleh lah cerita :)

Oh I do miss blogging.



Pink-White Hantaran from Lonia

I wanted to sleep but perut memulas. Rasa nk terberrrrrr….Gross kan? Well I hate when rasa memulas2 yang acah2 ni. I can’t decide whether to sleep or to wait. Cisss.

But since kinda decided to wait (if nothing happen in the next 10 minutes, haku tido!) so, wanna fully utilize my time with updating my blog. Monday is public holiday, I believe many are not working today so less visitors to my blog. Am getting more and more visitors actually but makin ramai datang makin sunyi. Semua jenis silent readers. Huhu. Am cool with that. Komen atau tidak komen bukan penyebab saya berblogging. Tetapi kalau anda komen, saya happy :) dan lagi semangat nk update selalu kot.

Neway, 10 minit dah nk berlalu, I just wanna show you guys my latest hantaran creation for a friend of mine Ain, she ordered the hantaran for her sister in law and I made something that is traveling friendly. Theme colour is pink and white, but I blend it with a bit of purplish flower to give some tone.

Initially I wanted to do something else, but I changed my mind and it took me about 3 hours to finish up decorating the white filigree tray. It’s pretty easy to assemble the hantaran, just place 2 boxes of Lonia chocolates that on top of the silver platform located in the middle of the tray. That’s it, ready for action sudah :)

More pictures for this hantaran and other products at http://www.facebook.com/loniavillage

Send inquiry if you want to know my price. To those who ordered a pair of wedding outfit, will entitle for 10% off for 10 trays hantaran decoration. TNC applied.

Salam Awal Muharram and happy holiday!



Decoration and Design

Wooden frame in black with picture of the baby, daisy flower in a bottle, chalkboard table greet tag, polkadot table runner and candle in glass to halau lalat. Huhu.

I know…I know…I have few entries pending and stories going stale, but better late than never. Even though at this time, am so tempted to write about our football team, but I guess that has to wait. Apa-apa pon congrats to Malaysia!

I made this on the eve of the event. Sangat2 last minute because my friend requested it. Sebaik sempat siap :) Nampak simple, but the signage was actually printed on piece of paper, glued on the board and shrink wrap with shrink wrap film to keep the paper intact.

Last weekend I was busy preparing decorations for my friend’s kenduri (aqiqah for her son) It was my first time experience decorating for an event and I was glad that it was only a set of simple decorations as I don’t think I can handle big event just yet. Lots to learn, especially time management.

Another set of centerpiece, this one comes with baby’s biodata

So about the event, I was being informed by my friend (customer) that the theme would be “English” and color scheme for the event would be red & black. Even though I think pastel colors is more suitable for “aqiqah” ceremony, but I honored my friend’s request still. The cradle was a huge pumpkin cradle and surrounded with teddy bears. Sorry no picture also because I was working hard that day. Huhu.

Another baby in the family that being celebrated. Different set of centerpiece. I love to combine more than 2 types of decorations to give more variety. This set comes with a zink tub with bunch of flowers (compose by my husband :)) , white black table runner, table greet tag, wooden frame and candle in orange skin (the orange has been removed leaving the skin that I used as a candle pot)

This one comes with the other baby’s photo

So these are a few shots of the decorations. Very decent, nothing huge. I supplied the guest table center pieces, table runner, chalkboard table greeting tag, chalkboard style menu label and buffet table center piece. But later I spotted a wooden table in the gazebo so, I decided to take the buffet centerpiece and place it on the wooden table. It’s nicer there. But too bad I don’t have a picture of it, as I didn’t have much time to snap pictures around.

Front top part view of the dress

Other than decorations, she also ordered a pair of 2-piece dress to be worn on that day. The day she confirmed the order was actually pretty late, I have less than 4 weeks to make the dress and as she sent me the payment I quickly sketched the design (can check the sketch here ) , fabric scouting, send it to my seamstress and beader for doing the 3D flowers and beading. It was a very fast forward process with no FITTING! Can you guys imagine? It was kinda panicking as I don’t like my customer to take the clothes without trying it first before my eyes, because I don’t want them to feel worried or unsatisfied when the fitting isn’t perfect. But in this case, I know my friend wouldn’t mind (but I don’t take that for granted, I still prepared the dress the best I could). Thank god everything went well, she fits the dress nicely and she looks fantastic :)

Close up of 3D flowers and beading

The only full frame picture of Rufida wearing the outfit that I made for her that I manage to snap. Ini pon mcm curi-curi ambil sekejap sbb marhaban semua tgh berlangsung masa ni. Fid pon tk sempat nak betul-betulkan her baju sbb she was carrying her son masa tu. So sorry tersenget-senget. He shawl pon wasn’t properly fall into it’s position. Insyallah we will be having a special photo shoot session for Fid featuring the same outfit soon.

Everything went quite smooth and in case my husband reading this (I know he wouldn’t, he seldom read my blog, this year…never once pon huhu), I just wanna say thank you soooooo much to him for being such a helpful, supportive and good husband. He knew that I was too busy to prepare my baju for the event, without me asking him to…he ironed my baju kurung. And he also woke up very early the next morning to help me arrange all the decorations stuff in the car including the flowers. And when I was preparing the deco at site, he’s willingly to help me to cut the flowers and put it in the vase, yeah he did all that. So dear, I just want you to know that I wouldn’t be able to make it this far if it’s not because of you. From the bottom of my heart…thank you so much for being a husband, cheerleader and a best friend.


A week's worth of stories

Oh boy, time is indeed luxury for me. I can’t seem to find a proper time to sit down and write entry for my blog. Lots of things happening and if I don’t update now, nnt more things happen and lagi tk larat nk update secara pukal. Last2 semua cerita jadi basi and unrecorded. Since siang-siang ni time for me hog the pc very limited, coz I have a very demanding child under my care, need to feed him and so on, so I will just update short summary of my activities (FYI I didn’t manage to finish up my entry, now dah malam dah pon…haihhh)

Last week Raya haji kan? My husband cuti till Wednesday, so long weekend for us. Petang raya haji kami balik ke kampung saya. Then on Tuesday we went to Air Keroh Malacca Zoo. Nnt I cerita more details in my next entry ok.

Then hari Jumaat, I was invited to Puma event at Cosmic Bowl Midvalley. Went there with my husband. Lama dah tk main bowling, so lepas gian main 2-3 round. I met many other bloggers that I know at the event too. I feel good when socializing and get to know new friends, should consider to do this more often. Also more details about Puma event in next next entry :P

Pastu hari Sabtu was so busy with event preparation. Went to buy flowers, fabric and finishing up some painting works. Since some of the event details were sent to me pretty last minute, I ended up tk tido malam tu siapkan semua kerja and when Ahad menjelma terus jer pergi site and deco. Lepas tu balik qada tidur. Hehe. My customer ordered simple deco for aqiqah, she also ordered some lollichocs and 2-piece dress from Nilam Boutique. Pendek kata semua air tangan I. Hehe. Ok nnt cerita lagi in details in next next next entry ok.

Happy Monday to all!


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