Give me RM5

Ekceli kan..sebelum I pergi kerja, suami kesayangan I mesti kasik I duit belanja. Kadang-kadang kalau dia baik hati dia kasik la RM10, kalau tiba-tiba hari tu mood dia jelik..dia kasik la I RM5. Tapi pelik tk pelik, I lagi suka dia kasik I RM5 dari RM10. Tahu kenapa? Ha sbb nyer…nilai dan bilangan hari yang ditentukan oleh suami saye adalah agak meragukan la. Saye pon tatau la berdasarkan apa dia timbang tara itu, selalunya la dia kata RM5 utk sehari…okey la kan. Tapi yg RM10 tu utk seminggu!!. Ha pelik tk pelik suami ku itu? Nk kata tk pandai kire…dia punye add math SPM lagi terer dari haku…tkyah kata add math la…ni matematik darjah satu pon dah boleh solve dah kire-kire ni.

So..i sebagai isteri yang pandai bijak lagi jelita, haruslah akan memilih yg RM5 sehari kan?

Hmm…neway kenapa la I tulis ni pasal ni hari ni kan?

Firstly sbb skang ni tgh bosan.

Kedua sbb I tgh nk hilangkan malu kt diri sendiri sbb I teringat hari tu kt KLCC masa exhibition palm oil, tengah I berdiri dgn eksyen depan booth kampeni I, tiba-tiba I terperasan I tk zip seluar. Celake. Dah la I pakai panty pink ok…nyesal tk pakai black..sbb pagi tu dh nk pakai black dah…tapi disebabkan I dh pakai suit all I decided I tk nak pakai panty black…nnt mcm all black sgt…tapi mcm lah org leh nampak kan color panty apa yg I pakai kan?. Tapi disebabkan I tk pakai panty hitam la…kejadian ni jadi lebih meruncing.So I telah diam-diam mengzip seluar sambil menutup dengan fail. Hohoho.

Ketiga, sbb Imran lupa kasik I duit belanja hari ni. Waaaaaaaa. I kene pinjam duit kawan tauuuuuuuu sbb dalam wallet ada 2 hengget je. Heeeee.

Okeylah…sambung kerja.

p/s: tj…marilah ketemukkkkk.



Second Anniversary



TOUS..why la so mahal?

It does feel good when you finally managed to buy something for your love ones. Even tough at beginning I was pretty clueless and the image of the perfect gift for him remains vague, I just walk directionless and enter every single mannish shop one after another to see if there’s a thing that might light up the spark. 3 hours had passed, I was still walking empty handed. I was thissss close to give up. But suddenly, I found myself stood in front of TOUS shop. The price was pretty phewwww, expensive for the entire item. I did complain about the price to the salesgirl. I know I might sound so kampong, but then again..mahal ok. Aku komplen la. Huhu. There was a bangle that looks so nice, but the price made me backed off.

After I’ve finished looking and adoring at all of the TOUS item. I just simply walked away. There’s must be something that isn’t so expensive, I told myself. Something that, I could reckon as a perfect gift … perfect price.

While walking away slowly from TOUS, I can’t help myself from thinking about the bangle. Revolving images of my favorite guy wearing that bangle made my step even slower.


presenting….the TOUS bangle for my husband.

I don’t care how much the price of the bangle anymore, as the happy face of my husband while receiving this bangle was……….priceless.

p/s: our anniversary is actually on 14/8 but for some reasons I have to give him the bangle early. One of the reason is for sure…sbb haku tkleh sabar la kan. But there is also another reason. Stay tune. Cewahhh mcm La Usurpadora la plak kan. Suspen. Huhu. Neway I baru bace komen for previous entry ,I baru perasan Hanis suggest beli bangle TOUS. Hehe. Hanisss I dh beli dah bangle TOUS..taraaaa.



What shud I buy for him?

What is the perfect anniversary gift u guys think wud be? Since I’ve gotten my anniversary gift (the watch..but honestly, secretly I hope he wud surprise me with a second anniversary gift..ehe), it is so inconsiderate of me if I dun buy anything for my favorite guy. When it comes to buy something for my man, am, always dun have a clue what to buy. Man is not like woman. We, woman got million…zillion of things that we crave for and the list will never meet its end. But for man things that we cud buy for them wud always rotate from shoes, shirt, watch, perfume, wallet, belt and shoes again. Haihh. And they also seem errr not bother at all. Am I right? ( kalau bother pon..haku anggap tk bother jugak..huhu)

Newwaysssss…I really want to buy him something, something expensive (tapi tkleh lebey bajet la) as the values of having such a good husband like him, worth a lot more. I could never measure that value with any kind of measurement tools exist in this world.

Tomorrow I think is the perfect day to go to the mall, since my husband need to work, so I will have my own time to choose a gift for him or maybe errr a couple of tops for me, a pair of shoes for me, few books for me….ok ok fine. I should just forget about myself this time. Oh God please give me the courage to do that. The MegaSale Carnival is so damn tempting. That’s the problem ok. Bukan I sajer-sajer ok. Eleh u all pon sama jerrrr. Ehe.



His List

Ok…hmm I dunno what’s wrong with me. Sometimes I can get angry easily and almost all the time I will blame my husband for everyyyyyythingggggggg that went wrong. I know it’s not good and not nice to treat a husband like that. It considers as nusyuz already. But, ..ok welllll am not that hmmm how to say…am not that “batu besar kepala dalam ada duduk” times I can be so mean, but a second later I could be… well…insaf. Muahaha.

So…few months back there was an incident happened between me and my husband. Perhaps at that time, I got angry easily because we hafto live separately, as I couldn’t secure myself a job in KL, so we got no choice. I was still working with my former company in my hometown.
Because of the distance, I’d become extremely sensitive and every single thing seemed wrong to me.

So, there was one night when I called up my husband and stormed at him. I’d accused him to be so insensitive towards my needs, ignoring me, preoccupied with other things and totally forgot about me…and a lot other more accusation. Only God knows. So, under influence of angriness, I’d asked him to make me a do(s) and don(s) list in order to highlight his mistakes and to correct things so that our relationship wouldn’t face any problem anymore in future. Okeyyyy fine maybe I can’t 100% avoid problem in relationship, but it is possible to minimize it right?

A few minutes later, I got an email from him. He made me a list. (not that p/s: I Love You list ok….that’s…errr creepy laaaa). I did go through the list and I just made an assumption that that list isn’t that hard to be done. He could just simply type whatever things that I’ve been complaining and mad at. I had accepted that list and appreciated his effort to do the list…but still….I thinks that preparing the list wouldn’t be so tough for him. I can do that also in such a short time. No sweat. Seriously.

But yesterday…while I was cleaning my room, I found a diary. It belongs to me. But I don’t use it anymore as it full with my credit card bills. Hohoh. I was about to throw it away, but then I just simply browsing few pages of the diary so I won’t mistakenly throw some other documents that might be important.

To my surprise, I found my husband’s list written in there. The way he wrote it, it showed that how hard it was for him to prepare the list and he was actually struggling with language and phrase just for the sake to make me that stupid list which later when I read it through again…I think, that list should be prepared by ME instead of him.

I was and always always in the wrong.


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