Wordpress Application That Would Make You Want to Dump Your Laptop


Switching on my laptop and try to use it for blogging is quite a big challenge for me. My baby , Kenji would definitely not allow it to happen. He wants the computer all for himself but of course he can’t have it. It’s a RM4k machine and I’m not ready (or rather I don’t have that much of money) to replace it with a new one. Hence, I prefer to blog or reply comments straight from a much smaller device like my iphone which is less attractive to my baby (yup he doesn’t really fancy the phone)

I know that WordPress has its own smartphone application but I did try it once and was not really impressed with it. Due to too many bugs, slow in importing my blog posts to the size of my blog, size restrictions in uploading image (often image that I uploaded via the previous WP application will be downsize and I really don’t like it) and many more turned down aspects I just abandoned the application then, but luckily I never deleted it, perhaps still keeping some hopes for it to be useful for me.


Today I visited the application again after upgrading it and guess what? I think I starting to like what I see. Yeah. It is now easier to navigate within the application, there’s a reader section where I can read “freshly pressed” blog and follow many good blogs (I’ve been wanting to follow many blog but it’s rather too time consuming to check all the blog directories available and only to discover that there are too many lousy/boring blog more than the good ones) It’s a tiring and soul killing process but with this application, I promise you it’s a breeze!


The best feature that made me feel like jumping to the roof is the ability to reply comment straight from the application itself. Yay! That’s mean I can reply to comment while am lying down on the bed with my 2 boys trying to get inside into my tummy again. How’s that? Super easy right? There’s no need to secretly use the computer just to reply to a single important comment. Yippie!

This application also allow me to use whatever size I like for my photo. What a big relief! I use a lot of pictures on my blog and would like to have the ability to set the photo’s size. Previously, I need to login into my wordpress dashboard via laptop and upload the image, but now I can just upload it via this application and I can never be more thankful that I already am.

There’s also a reblogging option, but I’ve yet to know how it works as it kept crashing the application everytime I tried to reblog. Will check on that later.

What is blog without traffics? With this WordPress application, I can now check my visitor stats too. Cool huh? And whatelse? Oh yeah you can also view and add new page to your blog by just using this application. Awesome. But that would not be so critical for me as I think I prefer to edit and compose my page using bigger screen like laptop or desktop computer.


So buddies, it’s time for blog evolution and join WordPress today! Haha I sound like a sales person already, but this isn’t a paid post. I wrote this with my heart pounding with joy as I really really really love the WordPress application, no amount of money can pay me for my happiness. This is truly an application made in heaven.


Si kerbau merah

Before I start to Sharida Mohd Sharif, please kindly contact me via Lonia contact form. I was trying to reply to your message yesterday but the email bounced back due to incorrect email address given. Maybe typing error and you tak perasan kot. So hope you can contact me again via Lonia contact form ok.

My laptop has started acting weirdly for the past few weeks and I can feel that it’s no longer fast and very responsive like it used to. And receiving email from Apple announcing about new Macbook Pro and iPad2 isn’t helping at all.

Buying a new laptop is not an option since my laptop is quite new. I still remember how much I need to pay for this laptop (it’s rather terrifying), so I cannot buy a new laptop. What I need to do is some housekeeping work ;) I need to transfer all the pictures and movies and etc from my laptop to an external hardisk.

I do have 1terabyte external hardisk. But it’s bulky and need a plug point to turn it on. So, it’s kinda troublesome for me. I prefer something that is more portable and on the go. At the moment 1tera hardisk tu kami letak atas meja utk computer husband yang besar bagak yang mcm tv dan tk boleh gerak ke mana2 tu.

So told hubby that I need a portable external hard drive and he agreed straight away. Good, senang kerja haku sket. Tiada perlu hujah2 tambahan. Heee. Off we went to Digital Mall. Membeli barang mmg cepat jer lah kan. Huhu. After weighing a few pro and cons we settled with Buffalo in Red Ruby 500GB. Another brand that we are quite keen was Western Digital, however WD doesn’t have anti-shock resistant. Memandangkan haku adalah third degree punye pengganas, jadinya haruslah membeli yang anti macam-macam. Hehe.

But downside, Buffalo ni takder plak 1tera yang portable. WD ada. Hmmm well we can’t always have everything we want kan? And I chose Red Ruby, because of ….no reason. Haha. Maybe because bukan banyak pon choices, ada white black n red jer rasanya. Since black is boring for a gadget (but not for clothes), white is too suci for me – tak sampai 5 saat sure kepam nnt , so Red it is lah :)

Glad that we decided to purchase this external hardisk. Tak sampai 1 jam, my pc dah clean, no more clutter on the desktop wall  yg dah mcm sampai nk terkeluar dari screen dah all the icons for shortcut and gambar2. Movies semua dah transfer. Now my pc dah boleh breath breezily.

Utk menunjukkan laptop sudah bersih , haruslah meletak gambar Ichiro yang ketawa riang ini ;)


Proton Family Fest 2010

Ichiro was dying to play on this, tapi once come near dia tak berani. Sbb budak2 kt situ melompat dgn ganasnya..hihi

This is me cam whoring, sorry mulut berminyak sbb baru jer lepas makan nasi beriyani. Ichiro tgh tido kt sebelah ehe

Family day Proton adalah tk best kerana saya tk menang any luck draw prize ponnnnnnnn. Tunggu sampai lebam tapi tk dapat. Arghhhh. Tensen haku. Hahaha. Mmg la target nk menang kereta kan. Tapi kalau tk dpt, busuk-busuk nak la jugak menang TV 40 inch ker…haihhh. Neway, tkyah nk citer banyak sbb tk bertuah pon, Ichiro jer lah dapat menang belon free banyak. Huhuhu.

Main stage utk kids activities

Kereta innovation. Tapi mcm I tk nampak kegunaan atap gelembung tu. Mungkin just utk sajer-sajer jer kot.

Dapat belon hijau bentuk love. Boleh lahh…later Ichiro buat asah gigi dia belon nih.

Tapi apa-apa pon, I’m kinda proud to be part of Proton actually. Ok am not the one yg kerja dengan Proton, my hubby is. Tapi, so far ni lah am in the opinion that Proton concern la jugak about staff’s family. Always family first. So, no wonder family day quite out standing. I tk sure la if ada company lain yg lagi hebat family day nyer, tapi to me this is the biggest family day yg I pernah attend. A lotss of activities such as paintball, go cart and many more (semua i tk try pon..huhu) , free foods, ice creams, tid bits and etc etc.

Tengah beratur for the tid bits. Nk habiskan kupon makan yg ada. Itupon terlebih2 jugak, ended up kami kasi ada satu mamat tu, dia kata boleh jugak la kasi dia kupon tu sbb dia nk amik ice cream lagi..hihi

Just like old times. Benda ni la yg buat saya tk sabar nk habis kelas n nk balik masa kecik2 dulu. Hehe. marukuuuu marukuuuu

Letih badut ni nk kene pintal2 belon, budak2 kerumun tk habis-habis…Tk termasuk mak-mak anda bapak-bapak yg kerumun sekali :D

Yang ni dah terpenat, so tertido. I’m blessed with a child yg senang nk tido walau di mana berada, asalkan penat or letih jer tido. Alhamdullilah….

Me posing time nk balik,  baju tk semengah, tergebeh2 kt bahu..hehe abaikan jerlah..

I hope Proton keep it that way lah. Tingkatkan benefit yg sedia ada (ngeh ngeh) dan berilah saya peluang menang kereta!

p/s: pictures were snapped using Instagram apps for iPhone. great apps! love it and the best part it’s free :D


Iphone 4 - Application (apps) for photo editing and camera

Sorry I was too sleepy last night and missed to update my blog. I was actually wanted to publish a simple entry about my favourite apps (applications) for iPhone especially for camera and photo editor. Currently there are not so many apps in my iphone yet as I am still testing out some of the apps and prefer to do it one in a time. I don’t quite like it if my iphone cluttered with useless apps. To those who knows any good apps, feel free to share in the comment section. It’s lot better if the apps is free. Hehe.

Color Splash

I love this apps, since it makes my photo editing work lot much easier. I used to use photoshop to do the color splash effect, but now I can just edit the photo straight away after I snap it by using my fingers! Color splash effect is an excellent way to accentuate certain part in your photo. Here is an example of photo that has been edited using color splash apps. It’s not a perfect choice of photo for example, but good enough to showcase capability of this apps. Color splash apps is not free tho, feel happy to pay USD1.99. Hehe.


I have been dreaming for all my life (bit exaggerate here) to make my picture to look like drawings in retro comics….like in those marvel comics. In photoshop there’s an option to apply the sketch effect, however the result doesn’t look cartoony enough to me and I can’t color it the way I want it to be colored (actually can, but bit troublesome).

So, ToonPaint is pretty superb and easy to use too. It will be much easier if you have slimmer fingers than mine. Mine are too fat for everything. Haha. Here an example of half way done cartoon picture of myself. I have yet to learn how I can save as draft and continue my coloring work later. At the moment, I need to finish up the coloring and save it. Can’t remember whether not this apps is free.


This apps allow you to edit your photos like a fake miniature with soft focus and vignetting effect. It’s not as good as DSLR aperture or bokeh effect tho but you can get an outcome close to photos taken by DSLR, providing you know how to play with the soft focus point and brush/feather size. very well Other than that, you can also adjust the hue saturation of the pictures so that I would looks like it being taken in the 80′s. Cool aight?

One drawback, I can’t seems to be able to upload pictures from library / from my camera roll to this camera apps and edit the existing picture. I need to snap the photo using this camera apps and later edit it there and then, meaning u got to remember to use this camera instead of the standard camera apps and also quickly edit the picture the way you want and save it. And also it won’t save your original photos, it will only keep the edited ones. Pretty bummer huh? Because, I always prefer to keep my original photos as well. So  utk this apps, gambar yg you rasa tk penting and tk perlu simpan original version boleh la guna kot.

Updating my blog via blogo and at the back is inbox of my Usana email.

Similar result can be achieve by using Picasa software also. Here is an example of photo that I edit using Picasa.

Here how’s the original (pretty similar to original, couldn’t find the real original, I might  have accidentally deleted it) photo looks like. Ada tong sampah, tiang letrik, kereta and gambar adalah senget sket. Ehe. And it was a bit dark too.


Currently my favourite! Why? Because it is super easy peasy to use. One rules to get the most out of this camera apps is to take a nice pretty shot. That’s all you need as the apps will do the rest for you. If gambar yg diambil mmg sedia tk berapa lawa, result pon ala-ala jer lah. This apps capable to give you different preview of the pictures for different effects, so u got to choose which effect you like the most and save it.

Here a sample of image with different effects. I always love Helga, Instant, Magazine, Cinema, 1974, Mono…o mannn seems liking it all! Haha. Camerabag is not a free apps. Need to pay USD1.99. But hey, it really worth the money. Good thing you can upload your picture anytime, apply the effects and it will also save the original version. Very cool.

So, I think am done for now. Hope that to those yang tanya-tanya I before this, which apps I use to edit my pictures berpuas hati :), so far cuma ini sahajalah if later I bump into another good apps, will certainly share it here.

I’m yearning for Camera+ app, but it has been banned by Apple and only god knows when Camera+ will ever make it back on the market. But Camera+ used to be a top paid app, it was simply the best app ever created for photography purposes. Too bad I got my iPhone after it being banned. Hehe. My next hunt is watermarking apps and also photo layout template software like Photoscape

Wanna say thanks to James owner of Friedbeef website. He’s the one who introducing me to lots of cool camera and photos apps. I met him once during my homestay trip. He’s one of the participant. Never thought he’s the owner of such a famous website! I should thank my lucky star :D He blogs/writes about technology,  lotttsssss of tips and stuff like that. I like the web very much, since am really into gadget and applications. Unique visitor of Friedbeef websiteI assume must be around 18k a day or more. Salute!


Iphone 4 Review - Camera!

Father and son…and errr balloon?

It’s pretty easy to take pictures of my son nowadays kerana apa? kerana sudah ada iPhone 4 lah! Haha rasa nk lempang diri sendiri sbb tkleh blah. Haha. Neway, yippie!…(sajer nk buat org yg tengah berkira-kira nk beli iPhone sentap and jadi lagi tk sabar nk beli. heee)

This is my iPhone. Picture taken using Macbook camera.

iPhone camera is pretty fast capturing photos and I have to admit that it totally beats my N97  camera. Don’t get me wrong here, N97 camera is awesome too, it just that it lacks of sensitivity and rather bit slow, so bila I nk capture it takes time to focus and all, so jadinya tk dpt amik gambar sbb nk amik gambar kids kene cepat because they won’t hold and pose for you. Huhu.

Dah lama tk camwhore dalam kereta. This is me, on the way to Raya open house

This is me again posing with Nilam scarf! Sila beri tepukan utk my Nilam scarf :D

Hello, me again. Haha, sila jangan muntah. Ni adalah pose perasan cantik, lagipon masa ni adalah terajin sket nk pakai liquid foundation. So, terasa cantik sket dari biasa. Hihi.

So now I suka la berjimba-jimba amik gambar and sedar2 dah beratus2 gambar dalam my iPhone! Haihhh baru pakai 1 minggu jer ni. And the best thing, ada banyakkkkk apps to edit the photos straight away lepas capture and then terus sudah boleh tweet the pic. Easy peasy beb!! If dulu, I mmg kurang upload gambar dekat Twitpic sbb mcm leceh, need to snap and load into my computer and then baru upload to Twitpic website and it will tweet the pic for me. Sangat jauh route tu kan?

Ichiro yg tengah bergusti dengan Nicky

Haihh..budak-budak zaman sekarang. Kecik-kecik dah merasa pegang computer, touchscreen plak tu. Ni gambar dekat DIGI center.

It’s not easy to get him sit and stay sitting like this for even 1 minute. Thanks to iPhone yg sangat cepat snap photo. From now on I won’t miss any action

Model DIGI, baju pon kuning. Perfect!

Tengah bersyarah dalam kereta. Tk reti duduk diam betul! Grrrr

Guna N97 pon boleh juga snap pic and load to twitpic, tapi I still prefer to use my laptop than the phone and when I don’t have my laptop with me, I don’t tweet photo at all. But now thing has changed! iPhone is as easy and as good as my laptop. If dulu bila my husband pinjam my laptop sekejap, I jadi mcm nyamuk ok. Bingit kt telinga dia suruh cepat because I want my laptop back. Now tidak lagi dgn superbusa! – motif tiba-tiba superbusa? I mean iPhone lah. Sekarang, I siap offer him my laptop…hihi, sbb I dah boleh chatting and tweeting sambil baring atas katil :D

Now, I snap gambar then masuk twitter apps, type my tweet and attach photo and SEND! Taraaaa. I know I sound like a jakun, but who cares :P And utk saper-saper yg tkder DSLR, don’t be so sad sbb dgn iPhone pon u guys can snap picture ala DSLR. Ada aperture (bokeh) and all. Thanks to apps!

Edit this photo using one of the camera apps in my iPhone. Effect used is vignette tone with soft focus (bokeh/aperture)

And below is my twitpic account. You can click on it to get better view of all the pic or create an account to leave comment. Some of the pic mmg I tk pernah upload di blog, sbb tu semua gambar-gambar spontan and ceritanya sangat ringkas. Sbb tu I suka twitter, small things also can update in your status. Unlike blog, cerita di blog sedikit berat and major compare to cerita spontan di twitter.

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