Lonia Homemade Chocolate - updates

Corporate door gift for our corporate customer.  A box of praline chocolate complete with islamic pattern wrapper and ribbon. Theme colors are green and blue. More story here

Syawal melabuhkan tirai, insyallah jika diizinkan Allah kiter akan bertemu Ramadhan and Syawal lagi next year ok. In conjunction with that me and my sister (Lonia) would like to thank all our beloved customers for trusting us to supply chocolates, cookies and apam for Raya celebration. We are so delightful to know many new customers across Malaysia and would love to know more of you as we (Lonia) continue our journey in homemade food business.

Praline chocolate in moon and star shape (symbols that related to Syawal) , gift box shape and guitar pick shape chocolate decorated with transfer sheet pattern (hardly can see because color of the pattern is light blue)

Special edition oreo chocolate for Shyda’s cousin engagement/wedding (not sure) hantaran. More stories here

We received a lot of orders for the apam (sangat laku utk jamuan hari raya), so we have good news for apam lovers that we gonna introduce 2 new designs for the apam soon , which I think most likely will be the “Angry Bird” and “Rainbow” , the current design Polkadot, Fern and Ladybug remain available , we’re just adding more selections :)

Grated chocolate and polkadot design

As always enjoy few photos of Lonia’s latest creation/orders. Stay tune for next week as we gonna publish another special order featuring our chocolate bar in mini envelope for the first time, insyallah.

Till then…tah tah



Lonia's recent orders

Alhamdullilah here are few more pictures of our most recent orders for Lonia. I don’t photograph all of the orders nowadays coz I think Lonia have quite many photos already to showcase what we can offer to our customers. So, normally I’ll just snap picture of our products which is new in terms of ideas, design or mould.

When we started our business last year we received a lot of small personal gift and also chocolate for party favors orders. And now as we our business grow matured, we start receiving a lot of inquiries and orders to cater for bigger event like wedding especially. Up to date we have done quite a few “wedding gift” / “hantaran” orders and I truly loving it. I love doing decorations , fact is am a craft people :) I love craft and always get stunned whenever am seeing something is beautifully crafted with hand.

This chocolate gift is for Ary actually.  A friend of hers ordered the chocs from me and when I passed the chocolate to her Ichiro pau both of the lollichocs (buttferly and hat lollichocs) . Isk.

My mother dulu pon buat hantaran, I used to sit next to her waiting for chocolate hantaran yang terlebih tk dpt nk masuk atas tray so akan masuk mulut I. Hehe. Tapi tk pernah pula terfikir I’ll continue her legacy in making modern chocolate hantaran :D Like biar benarrrr?? ( I rasa I dah tulis pasal ni banyak kali dah, takper abaikan…huhu)

2 tier chocolate box!

Neway, enjoy the pictures, I pon dah update blog Lonia, normally cerita penuh setiap creation I tulis dekat blog Lonia. Dekat blog ni ringkasan jer lah. Happy monday ya’ all. Jangan moody2 ok. Nnt I tulis pasal my weekend is sempat. Very seronokss sbb I dapat jumpa many blogger frens and also menggayakan Kurung Pahang from my Nilam Traditional series. Yeap kurung babe. I think baju melayu traditional is evergreen so why not I include it in my Nilam collection kan :) Stay tune for the write up.



Pretty Chocolates

It’s time to update my readers with Lonia’s recent orders. Hope you guys don’t get bored ok as I always attach pretty chocolates photos in my entry :) At least, if you don’t like to read my story, you can just enjoy the photos right? But if can, bacalah okay. Sbb penat wooo jadi night owl malam-malam utk update blog ni, ehe. Mmg memenatkan jadi blogger ni sebenarnya “saya penat, saya okay” …(hehehe, saper faham…faham lah yer)

Today is 5th day of 2011, we delivered about 4 orders already. Mostly are similar orders that you have seen we made previously, pretty standard. However, there’s one that I really like, it’s a special gift box ordered by Isma for her sister’s birthday. We actually kinda running out of ideas for chocolate combination and composition, but since Isma gave us 100% freedom to design the chocolates, I was thinking to try something different, not a new design tho, but a new combination I suppose :)

I told my sis, instead of using the oreo chocolate as center piece, why not this time we use a chocolate bar with lettering and a ladybug! Chocolate bar with lettering isn’t new to us since we have made some before, but with a ladybug on it….that’s consider new :)

Other than that, this special gift box is among the first that gets to try our new lolli chocs called Lolli Rainbow Candy. Obviously it’s a chocolate , candy is just a name…like the ladies rocker group “Candy” from Sabah (I think lah..) Reason being named as “rainbow” because it can be coloured with colors of rainbow. Yup semua 7 warna pon boleh. But since Isma requested Pink and Purple theme, so we stick to these 2 colors only.

Isma came to my house with her sister to pick up the chocolates. Adik dia muka dah monyok semacam because nobody wish her happy birthday and there was no celebration for her also, no cakes, no chocolates…just nothing. Mana la tak bengkek kan. But when Isma signaled to me to pass the chocolates to her sister, tiba-tiba itu muka monyok sudah berubah jadi bersinar-sinar. Hehe. She wasn’t expecting it and terus amik gambar dekat rumah I, and Ichiro pon terus lah enter frame. Tiba-tiba ada muka anak I dalam gambar. Hehe. Sorry la yer Isma anak I comot time u datang sbb tengah makan.

Hope Isma’s sister and the entire family love the chocolates. Happy Birthday Ella!

On similar note (about Lonia), here is a picture of Feena Manaf’s son. She bought 2 bottles of “chipoatmond” cookies and later told me that her son has took 1 bottle for himself and hide it in a secret place. Apparently, he doesn’t want to share the cookies with anyone else. I’m so glad to hear it, because kids only like to eat delicious and tasty food :) This is really a good testimonials I should say, hehe. To those who wants to order, and makan sampai lebam, price for Chipoatmond is RM38 per bottle and RM35 per bottle for every purchase of 3 bottles and above.

Feel free to visit Lonia | the sweet tooth fairy fan page at facebook for more pictures. Ok time to sleep! Daaaaa


I can't sleep and chocolates chocolates chocolates..

I can’t sleep!! I call it a night quite early tonight as I wanna have a good sleep and rest. Lagipon, 1-2 hari ni takder order chocolate so I guess it’s time for me to qada my sleep. Went to bed at 10.30 pm and suddenly woke up around 1.30 am. Then, I decided to edit some photos, upload it to Lonia fan page, shut down my pc and try to sleep again.

But, dah bergolek2 about 1 jam lebey, still tk boleh tidur. I guess my brain and body dah biasa tido shift siang, so mcm when I try to sleep at this hour, brain and body refuse. Haihh.

Am pretty excited since weekend is approaching :) Yay! I want to do some shopping la this weekend. Wanna buy new clothes and etc for my Singapore trip. Reason that I rarely buy clothes is because I cannot find clothes that I like , or if jumpa pon, often from a high end brand yang price confirm tk kurang RM300. I really love brand like Warehouse, they often carry clothes that I like and love. But I don’t really heart the price tag tho. Hihih.

Talking about style…hmm I love dressing up. It just that this year has been a struggling year for me. So, I don’t want to spend so much on clothing. I’m struggling to establish all of my business and I invested lotss of my money for my biz hence, got to save up and not to splurge on unnecessary things. I just hope next year I can start be “me” again in terms of style.

I suka tengok budak-budak sekarang berfesyen. Very colourful and creative too. But I guess I cannot pull off that style sbb I don’t fancy wearing too many layers of scarfs / inner tudung, clothes and etc. I admit it does look pretty, tapi for me nahhh….I nk something yg cepat yet stylo and comfy. Especially with our hot humid weather, wearing too many layers of clothing akan buat ketiak basah dgn cepat yer. Hihih. I tk suka pakai tight inner, tapi have to, sbb baju sekarang yg santek2 kebanyakkan nya adalah sleeveless or short sleeve.

I can’t wait to find a good tailor for my Nilam, sbb I want to introduce clothing line also. There’s always a reason behind Nilam tagline “style savvy boutique”. Yup, sbb I nk all my head gear (tudung) and clothing to be wearable, easy to wear but yet stylish. It got to be savvy bila berfesyen sbb you nk wear the look everyday yo! Nnt dah ada anak bagai, dah tk boleh nk berfesyen sbb bila dah ada anak time is luxury :) Nk lilit tudung satu pusingan pon tkkan sempat nnt hehe :D (i exaggerate…yeah  i know…)

And also wanna have fun at Proton family day juga. Hope it won’t be too hot la nanti..amin. Sbb panas-panas ni sure tk enjoy nnt. But lately ni heavy downpour jer, so if hujan lebat pon susah jugak nnt.

Oh sudah terpanjang pula! I should try to sleep again. Before that, here are few photos of my chocolate recent orders, yeahhh yg buat I busy satu minggu, tak tweet sangat, tk on chatting, tk update blog…yada yada..Yg ni just a few, ada lagi yg I tk upload sbb yg lain2 tu order yg without decoration just utk self-consume. Yg I highlight ni order utk special gift. So enjoy! Check out more photos at our facebook fan page

Appreciation of love. Ordered by Nor for her husband. Takder special occasion tapi Nor just nk give something special for her husband. I wasn’t aware about this order sbb my sis yg entertain Nor. Then, my sis called me and ask me to design a gift tag for love. I was like ha…? Gift tag for love? Nk tulis apa sehhhhh. My sis cakap sajak ker..sajak melayu ker. Oh wow that’s new to me. I tried to look up for the sajak but couldn’t find one yg tk buat I muntah. Haha. Finally I gave up, then I decided to take some lyrics from Iris by Awie instead. I love that song. I think the lyrics is very nice and very very meaningful.

And then, my sis datang with ribbons and flowers.  Nah buat lah deco. Oh my my….dah la I tatau “soul” order ni tiba-tiba nk kene buat deco. Hahaha. I was blind for a second. I can’t imagine apa yang Nor nak kan sebenarnya from the chocolate. But the I just…bam! terus amik gunting ikat tampal and I also added the white ribbon inside the box yang dekat cupid love besar tu, sbb I think the chocs are too red for my eyes! So letak putih kasik kurang sket spotlight merah tu ok. Hihi. Whatever it is, we are really glad that Nor love her chocs so much! She even put it up as her facebook profile pic. Sweet!

Oh I make this for a gift for my “internet” friend. I thinks he’s the only guy yang I kenal thru internet and jadi kawan sampai sekarang. He’s the one who guided and taught me about photoshop. So I really really appreciate his favor tu sbb without him I think sampai sekarang I tk berani nk sentuh photoshop. I won’t be attending his wedding sbb I’ll be in Singapore. Kinda sad sbb Khai rajin datang my kenduri kendara. Ahhh sedihhh. Neway, about the chocs, dia nak loose jer actually sbb dia cakap his sister will do the deco to match up with his wedding theme. Walaupun am dying to create something lovely for him..but afraid that my decoration would not match, so this is not a proper decoration actually. I just tie the ribbons for shoot and also kasik nampak la sket this is a gift kan :) Selamat Pengantin Baru Khai & Tini!

These are chocolate bar complete with personalize wrapper ordered by my sister Riqzmie Creation. Yer adik beradik pon kene order ok takder free of charge pon. Hehe. I design the wrapper and sticker on the top of the boxes. Ini tunjuk cuma 2 bekas jer, she ordered 24 boxes if I’ve not mistaken. I like the outcome. Pretty neat kan?and I love the background colours of the wrapper that I designed. Colours of rainbow!

Ohh look at thattttttt. Isn’t it lovely? This is my sister new creation for the oreo chocolate. Suitable for VIP wedding gift. I lurveeee it. I don’t have a name for it, so I call it oreo cantik! :) Bila I nk mintak my sis prepare quotation for this, I cakap “along, quote oreo cantik sekali …” hehe

Yo, new lovey dovey in the house! Gosh this is so cute. When I first saw the mold I didn’t quite impress actually. I just thought that..”alaa another typical love shape..huhu” But when my sister showed the final product to me, I was…oh wow not baddddddd. This is going to be my favourite too :)


"Moment with Lonia" contest

I have been meaning to update about “Moment with Lonia” contest but haven’t got chance till now. Before it’s too late, here goes the details and I hope that everyone can participate in the contest. It’s pretty simple, all it takes to join this contest is only a picture of you and Lonia products (or several pictures also can, but only one will be selected for the contest).

How to join?

You just need to submit one (or many) picture of you or your friends or your families with Lonia products (be it chocolate or cookies). Oh, but you must first purchase Lonia products. We’ll appreciate if you could submit the pictures at our facebook fan page or email it to us info[a]loniavillage[dot]com. Those who has blog, you can also blog about the picture. Kindly put title of your entry as “Moment with Lonia”.

The prize?

The best picture ( judge by Lonia crews ) with highest number of votes from my blog readers will walk home with

And if the winner with the best photo happen to blog about the picture, he/she will win a BONUS prize on top of the main prize. Double winning, yay! But if you are the winner and you don’t blog about the photo , don’t be sad you can still win the main prize which is a basket full of lovely chocolates.

This contest is only valid for ORDERS and DELIVERY made in November 2010 and December 2010. So hurry up! There’s still plenty of time left but bear in mind that our slot in December especially mid of December is almost fully booked. So, be quick if you want to participate in the contest.

These are 2 sample photos submitted by our customer Azalea and Iena. Thanks bunch!

A group of happy school children during their graduation day with Lonia lollichocs. They are so lucky to have such a nice and generous teacher like Azalea. Cikgu I dulu takder pon kasik chocolate..huhu.

Lovely twin with handbag and lipstick. Great pose indeed! :) – Great job Iena, dapat anak pandai posing ..hihi

Here a sneak peak to Lonia cookies sample. Will up for sale soon, stay tune…

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