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Storage Idea for Small Bathroom


I’m a sucker of storage and I believe that we don’t need a big spacious house to live comfortably, but good and creative storage will definitely help to increase the living experience in a small space


Awesome Layer Cake Slicing Kit!

cake slicing kit

I’m not a baker but I’m a cake lover ^_^ …found something useful for all my baker frens (or perhaps for my sister and mother also, since they love to bake too!) Say goodbye to crooked cutting when slicing a cake. Now, there’s a layer cake slicing kit available for purchase. Not quite sure whether it comes in various size, if it does, that would be a bonus! You may buy it at Amazon


Wordless Wednesday : Super Daddy

superhero daddy and little boy


Wordless Wednesday

fairy tale baby


Creative Chair Socks

chair socks

I found this image while I was browsing the internet. It’s a very clever solution to protect expensive wooden flooring and it looks very cozy too! What do you think? However, it may not suitable for chair that comes with rollers. I believe it’s a handmade piece and you can order crochet chair socks similar to this from my talented Facebook friend, she’s a crocheter and you may visit her website MisFydKrafts and be stunned by all of her handmade crochet collections as they are all amazing and very very very pretty ^_^

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