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Is that a flower? No! It's a Chocolate!

Can’t wait to balik kampung this weekend. My mom surely dah start busy baking cookies sekarang. Tahun ni Lonia | the sweet tooth fairy sponsor my mom some chocoflakes . Hehe. Kalau habis cepat sangat, no worries we can make sepantas kilat on hari raya tu jugak. Haaa hebat tk hebat Lonia Choc? Hahaha. Tapi shhhh tk boleh buat depan orang, sbb top secret tu, so nnt pinjam markas kuih mak I..heeee (top secret la sangat kan, nk buat senang jer, rajin tk rajin jerlah isunya…tukang buat tk ramai, tukang beli memang ramai, tukang makan lagiiiiiii ramai <—termasuklah saya)

Do you know that we can actually eat rose?

My sister seems can’t stop making chocolate. Macam terkena sampukan. Hehe. Hari-hari ada jer chocolate baru dia buat, and saya adalah suffer sbb byk sangat gambar-gambar yang pending dalam my pc. Itu belum gambar-gambar chocolate yg pending belum diambil (tengah teringat lollichoc disney yg ada dalam peti sejuk, nk kene shoot gak tu, haihhh)

Ahhh sometimes I can be a lazy bum. Hurmm it’s not that I’m lazy to snap photo , in fact  you guys pon tahu that I love photography so much, but setting up the background, adjusting lighting and all tu yg buat haku jadi malas. Sbb nya buat sorang-sorang ok.

Can you imagine, there were many times when I need to snap the photo alone, no one around to help me (most of the time lah, sbb normally I shoot pukul 2-3 pagi masa Ichiro tido, if not semua gambar ada muka Ichiro jadi model nnt..hehe) and I need to kepit lampu with my jari kaki, one hand pegang kamera, the other hand pegang lagi satu study lamp, then badan kene melentik and bend ke belakang sket utk dapat good angle. Boleh imagine tak? How hard it is to photograph a product photo alone without proper prop and tools. Jadilah cacat begitu. But, bila gambar-gambar tu cun and cantik, sure tk terbayangkan betapa acrobaticnya I nk ambil all those pictures. Hihi. I should get someone to photograph me during one of the shooting session nnt. Hehe. Macam gaya ninja ok…ehe.

Lovey Dovey box made of chocolate

Gambar chocolate dah berselerak, I should start organizing all the pics lah. Sbb once Lonia website siap revamp nnt, I need to re-edit the photos and replace the watermark with Lonia watermark. Baru nampak proper. Tapi zaman bila tah nk organize tu? Kena ada anjakan paradigma baru boleh nk sit down and go through all the piccies. Berpinau!

Oh btw, to those yang wondering whether not the chocolate is safe for long journey especially yang duduk far from KL, here a photo of ice box that we used to pack one of our recent order and sent it to Langkawi. After 3 days journey (if I’m not mistaken), the chocolates safely arrived in good condition. Tkder cair-cair bagai. You can request us to provide ice box for better protection upon placing order. Price per ice box is RM10, however delivery charge for sending item in an ice box is slightly high, but affordable.

Our chocolate nicely packed in an ice box

Langkawi is by far the farthest destination our chocolate has reached

At the moment we have two types of courier method; one is registered post and another one is pos laju. Pos Laju bit expensive but fast ,while registered post is of course much cheaper but somewhat slower bit than pos laju. Tapi tak la slow sangat, kami pernah deliver to Negeri Sembilan in 3 days dah sampai by registered post (tapi bukan I jamin ok 3 days dah sampai, if you are lucky sampailah disarankan berdoa banyak-banyak..ehe). Paling murah of course self-pickup lah. FOC. Ehe.

Nk tengok gallery chocolate kami, for the time being we just make use Facebook platform sehabis baik dulu, before migrating to our official domain and shopping portal.

Click Here to our Facebook group. Don’t forget to “like” the group page yea :) my blog page too kalau sudi :)


Proton and Lonia

I was so excited to enter Proton 25 years contest few months back, but unfortunately since Imran is an employee of Proton, I came to know that we can’t enter the contest, whadda bummer! The prize was no doubt very tempting though, RM25k cash, sape tanak kan? Haha but too bad for us. Ada la jugak try nk masuk secara haram…hahaha tapi dah haram namanya so tuhan tk restu, so plan backfire at the end.

Few days later after the contest has been closed, suddenly Proton announced internal contest for all the staffs. Even though the prize can’t be compared to RM25,000 cash money lah, tapi with competition spirit yg masih berbaki dalam diri (ehe), I pon join jerlah. Lagipon all the gambar-gambar dah siap just nk submit jer.

But then lama-lama we totally forgot about it. Until Imran saw this on Proton official website (for an unknown reason, the website load extremely slow, I think Proton must do something. I tunggu loading petang tadi sampai tertido boleh? Seriously mmg I tertido sbb I was on my back atas katil masa tu)

Notice picture of a small boy with the steering wheel? Yessssss…that’s my son Ichiro! Apparently, photo of Ichiro has been chosen to be featured at Proton main page. Wah kembang sungguh rasa hati :) Menang ker tak menang dunno yet lah result belum announce, but dah jadi gambar hiasan utk main page pon dah cukup seronot ok! Tak sia-sia mommy terbalik-balik dalam kereta nk amik gambar si kicik ni.

Here the picture in larger size.

Muka pemandu berhemat dimasa hadapan. Heeee. Drive carefully ok sayang.

Another great news, logo design work for my chocolate is finally finished. I’m so excited and happy with the end results. After some amendments (of course..knowing me selagi tk perfect dimataku selagi tu kene edit..hehe), here the final look of the logo. I would say that am pretty happy with Miezam service and definitely would love to recommend him to all of you especially business owner yg perlukan logo or other business stationary, do head to Miezam’s blog and be prepared to awe. Hehe. He’s a dude tapi gifted with creative fingers. All the lovely craft works pon done by him. Perempuan-perempuan yg keras tangan (like yours truly :P) haruslah mengambil iktibar. Ehe.

Cute little fairy with gigi. Gigi saper tu ada cop bintang?

Actually, I ordered full package business stationary, will write about it in special entry once semua yg I order dah siap. I’m pretty impress with anak muda melayu bernama Miezam ni and harap-harap ramai lagi orang-orang melayu specifically youth yang can shine and of course rajin like him. And by the way, thanks to Emma who introduced him to me couple of weeks ago. Actually, I wasn’t looking for designer tapi masa tu  sajer-sajer asking around for designer to introduce to my friend. Tapi bila tengok mcm best Miezam punye design, so I pon try la for my choc biz. Hihi. Can’t wait for my other biz stationary like header/banner, gift tag, sticker, call card and the best part complimentary “Official Lonia Chocolate Bar Wrapper!” coooooooooollll!

Ni ada some of his craft work yg I minat. I tatau apa benda ni sebenarnya, tapi tengok mcm lawa :D

Those yg interested, here is Miezam’s contact number. And don’t forget to check his blog ok. Tolonglah tengok blog dia…comel sangat all his creations! rugi tak tengok okkkkk.


SMS to:0129227754


Busy weekend

Me with my uni frens (back in year 1999 till 2003). Picture courtesy of Teejay.

What a busy weekend!! Went to buka puasa with my uni friends on Saturday and then with my hubby’s frens on Sunday plak. Before that on Saturday morning we woke up unusual early just to shop at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman or best known as Jalan TAR. Bought some fabrics for my scarf, new shoes and samping for Imran and some brooches. We rushed back home after that sbb tanak susahkan family to jaga Ichiro lama-lama sangat. Nnt susah pula kalau diaorg nk keluar. Lagipon, petang nk pergi Sunway to buka puasa with my frens so memang tk boleh lama-lama dekat Jalan TAR.

Meriah kt Jalan TAR lagu raya dah berkumandang, walaupon still too early lah kan, puasa pon tk sampai 2 minggu lagi, but those raya songs memang buat suasana lagi seronok dan meriah :) Imran sampai baik hati belanja entah pakcik mana beli butang baju melayu. Hahaha. Actually bukan lah nk belanja, both of them were actually plan nk share beli, mcm kalau beli 2 kotak dapat lagi murah compare to beli single box, so masa nk bayar he kinda tkder duit kecik, and we pon tkder duit kecik nk pulangkan baki, so since Ramadhan, lets us do something (bak kata Zleqha)…Imran just hadiahkan jer the button, so, the pakcik happily walked away with free butang baju melayu. Rezeki dia :)

I still belum beli kasut, thinking of buying something in “turquoise blue”, pakai turquoise shoes dengan golden+mustard dress?? Well…lets see nnt =) Furthermore, pagi tadi I went to Ampang Park with my mother in law, she belanja me kebaya sulam kerawang (ala kebaya nyonya ~ my fav!), so ada pertambahan baju raya disitu. Hihi. I mmg dah banyak similar type of kebaya so thinking nk stop buying kebaya for a while, but if it is for free…haha can’t say no lah kan. I chose Olive Green (my fav color also) kebaya, so matching la kot dgn kasut turquoise blue but I don have a matching kain and scarf. Hmmm. Tk sure sempat ker tak nk cari scarf and kain ni.

Ichiro kami nk cari samping for him, mesti cute pakai samping…hihi. Baju raya belum beli, but we don’t worry much lah, sbb baju Ichiro ni mmg hari-hari beli baju. Dah melimpah ruah dalam bilik, sampai I histeria bila Ichiro datang mood rajin dia tolong kemas baju-baju dia tu. Arghhhh mcm baru lepas turun hujan baju dari langit.

Hmm tadi buka puasa with Imran’s frens dekat Bagan Lalang (jauh kan?). But too bad I makan tk kenyang. We got to take turn utk makan and since Imran mmg suka sangat seafood, so I let him makan puas-puas while me jaga Ichiro or to be exact dukung him most of the time sbb he’ll be running everywhere and tempat tu mcm bahaya sket sbb bawah ada air laut, so I takut karang lari-lari terjatuh dalam laut. Ahhh sudahhh. The thought of it terrified me so much, so takper biar I penat dukung asalkan anak I selamat.

Balik sampai jer rumah, the first thing I said to my hubby…

“i lapar…”


Hamper Raya!

I know many of you always skip reading entry about my chocolate di siang hari sbb takut terliur. But, heyyyyyI want you guys to see  pictures of my chocolate ok :P Adalah tidak bermakna I tersenguk-senguk di tengah-tengah malam in front of my laptop to edit the chocolate photos….and later nobody baca and tengok.

So, before any of you skipping reading this entry, I put up a photo of our special edition chocoflakes di awal-awal entry. Haha. So, kalau nk skip pon baca entry ni, still dah tertengok gambar kt atas ni kan? Tahniah! Hahaha. So, does it looks yummy? You bet!

Well, am pretty tired and I think am gonna cut today’s entry short to give more space for pictures of Aidilfitri and Ramadhan Hamper. Have been meaning to update about the hamper raya since past few days unfortunately I don’t have the time to sit and update the details, furthermore editing photos is really tedious and tiring work. Lucky I have a very good laptop that makes my work a little easier.

Still, I need to do the editing batch by batch sbb tk larat nk buat sekali harung semua. Kalau pc slow nk buat editing and design mmg sakit hati and bertambah lambat la I can update pasal hamper raya. Orang dah habis raya, hamper baru nk start jual. Huhu.

Ok straight to point now, I’m helping my fren Ain selling some of her hamper raya as well as my chocolate hamper. Ain’s hamper is more to raya cookies while mine is of course chocolate hamper. So, saper-saper interested nk order mana-mana hamper, tk kisah Ain punye hamper or my chocolate hamper , you can just order via me. There’s always something for everyone kan? Am taking orders for both kind of hampers. Feel free to bother me with your query and orders ya.

As for my chocolate hamper, we offer only one type of hamper which is as above (you can check my previous entry HERE for more pictures of the hamper(, it is pretty generous because we throw in various kind of chocolates up to 8 types of chocolates with different kind of designs and pattern. Fascinating! Raya hamper would never be the same again with Lonia | the sweet tooth fairy chocolate hamper! Check out the pricing details below.
Less than 20 unit : RM 110 per hamper
More than 20 unit : RM 100 per hamper
More than 30 unit : RM 90 per hamper
*Wooden box subject to availability. We have rights to replace the wooden box with other type of box shall the supply fall short.
*Price quoted not inclusive delivery

And check out details of biscuit or raya cookies some mix with dates hamper. All the details such as price and content of the hamper already provided in the catalogue. We are still open for orders, but afraid going to close orders soon. Do place your order soonest to ensure that you get what you see in the picture as the boxes or tray used for the hamper selling really fast due to festive season. So, we gotto hurry ok.

To order, make your way to my contact us page and send me a message. Will reply your message soonest possible.


Zleqha ~ contemporary muslim clothing

My baju raya! Yayyyyyyy!

Yayyy! I bought my baju raya already. Finallyyyyyyyy…..and terbukti my god feeling was right, I bought a dress from Zleqha. Sbb nye I fikir-fikir, I don’t have time to browse and search for other baju on internet and maybe by the time I find the right one, it would be too late already, so tanak amik that risk. Plus there’s no certainty on size, colors, delivery and stock availability. So, I made my mind to just simply purchase one of Zleqha lovely dress (to be honest, I wanted to buy more than one!)

Noryn Aziz, wearing “my” (ehem) dress in maroon colour

I dah lama tahu Zleqha ni cuma, belum sampai seru nk beli. Zleqha specialty is more to modern contemporary muslim wear. Very nice baju-baju dia. I went to Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya around noon today with my sister in law Hani. At the moment we sampai di booth Zleqha, we went ahhhhh…ooohhhh…ahhhh…santekkkkkknyer. Pastu tengok harga..terkedu sekejap pastu sambung balik..ohhhhh ahhhh…santekkkkkkk. Haha.

There are few dresses that I really like especially the polka dot dress. I would say the design is very classy vintage and it resemble design of dress worn by english lady during colonial years. If you remember my fashion illustration sketch earlier HERE, dress with empire waist or high waist is sooooo me, it favor my body shape really well and make me look slimmer & taller a bit. (tinggi itu penting…hehe)

So, when I saw this photo at Zleqha Facebook page, I just knew it that I gotto buy this dress. Apparently, faith has spoken that the dress gonna choose me to be her new master, since there’s only 1 dress with that color and size available at the booth. Memang betul-betul was meant for me. Haha perasannnn. I choose M size since I prefer the baju tu be loose a bit especially around tummy and waist area. So, senang nk bergerak, duduk, and tk panas sangat sbb ada ruang utk air ventilation. Heeee. Kalau beli S size, dia akan ngam-ngam fit lah tiada ruang utk menjadi gemuk walau sedikit. :P So, cane nk makan lemang nnt? Lagi satu tip from me lah yer, utk fabric especially satin or silk ker, better to buy slightly oversize sbb nnt bila u duduk or bent, baju tu tkkan jadi terlalu meregang dan menyebabkan fabric yg sensitive tu jadi tetas dan merekah. I ada baju from Forever 21, size S mmg ngam2 fit me, tp after awhile I tengok kain dia dah merekah dekat bahagian belakang sbb bila I bent dia teregang. So, itula dia simple tips dari saya :D

To those yg interested nk try and pegang2 baju Zleqha yg tulus-mulus, can visit their booth di Tropicana City Mall. Price range around RM300-RM1k. Better pergi, sbb Zleqha mmg takder outlet di area KL ni, so ni diaorg join Ramadhan Bazaar, so merasalah org PJ cam I nk try baju-baju dia. If not nk kene pergi Kuantan youuuu. Below details utk booth and contact number;

Venue : Tropicana City Mall, Ramadhan Bazaar ( Ground Floor)

Date : 18/8/2010 – 8/9/2010

Time : 10am – 10pm

Contact number : 013 9987066

Kak Fazlin and assistant kt booth, dok mention I lah customer pertama utk hari pertama booth dibuka today. Haha mmg I gigih pergi awal-awal, sbb saya dah tkder baju raya, kalau Zleqha pon sold out, harus I tk raya tahun ni.

Don’t forget to mention my blog yah if it happens you guys visit Zleqha booth nnt, who knows Zleqha baik hati nk grant you discount ker (tapi i tk jamin la dapat discount but since this is a paid write up for Zleqha, maybe diaorg happy la tengok respond from my readers and sempena ramadhan ni semua org hati baik-baik belaka kan? Kan Kak Fazlin kan? Hehe)

I really heart and recommend Zleqha to all. Oh btw, Zleqha is looking for a great spot for their new KL boutique.

Kak Fazlin (owner & designer Zleqha) : U tahu tak dekat area mana yg best nk bukak boutique?

Me: Oh kalau nk area best, surelah yg dekat dgn my house best….(hahaha, tidak membantu kan?)

So, kalau u guys tahu ada tempat best utk bukak boutique can suggest kt sini. I ada suggest area PJ jerlah yg I tahu. Area Jaya 33 and Jaya One not bad jugak. Then ada 32 Square nearby Masjid Bulat PJ, yg ada JM Briyani tu. Situ pon not bad juga. Banyak Shoplot baru. Kalau nk best lagi, surelah masuk mall , mcm OU ker, KLCC ker kan. Kat Taman Tun (TTDI) pon ok. Tapi Taman Tun ada Munawarah dah. So, ada suggestion do speak up yeah.  So nnt kiter ramai-ramai can buy Zleqha easily di area KL. Selamat membeli baju raya!

p/s: there’s no picture of me with my dress, sbb I need to get it alter first. Will pick up the dress from Zleqha in 2 weeks time. Ohhh love it, I always find excuses to revisit the booth. Haha. Today jer dah memancing few friends to bring me to the booth sbb Zleqha kata next week ada lagi few more designs sampai. Diaorg tk dapat nk bawak semua sekaligus katanya. Ishhh itchy to go. Saper nk pergi, can me tumpang?

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