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Under the weather & Preview of our Chocolate Hamper for Hari Raya

I’m not feeling so well. Ramadhan kali ini mmg sungguh mencabar, dengan nk menjaga anak, berniaga Usana dan Chocolate, dengan nk ambil gambar product, edit gambar, design works and not to forget my “scarf/hijab” for Nilam is also making progress. Last Saturday, we went to see tailor and I waited there with my husband until the tailor finished sewing the scarf. My husband slept on the floor, while me sat side by side with Kak Naimah to instruct on how to sew the scarf, she masa tu pon tk boleh nk imagine lagi my idea tu. I found that this is the best method to do R&D for fashion design.

So, for 4 hours we focusing on jahit, then kalau tk jadi, kene bukak balik and jahit lagi..sampai lah lastly dapat jadi mcm yg I imagine. Tinggal sket-sket nk touch up utk jadi elok betul. But roughly “scarf/hijab” tu memang dah jadi.

Thanks to Solleh (my ex-schoolmate) who introduced her sister to me. I have yet to try another tailor yg recommended by my readers, ada lagi 2 so far, kene try satu-satu , tengok workmanship as well as upah jahit. Hope I can finalize everything soon. Utk raya ni, ada harapan nk beraya dengan my scarf :) I showed my scarf to my mom and she said my scarf mcm scarf org arab . Hihi. I loike that.

One thing paling special with my scarf tu I rasa firstly sbb dia sesuai utk semua jenis muka, especially muka bulat and also scarf tu boleh jadi dress juga (aha!). The scarf was inspired by me, I mean the design was actually to suit my style. I need something that’s fast and less hassle to wear but still look stunning and stylish (because Imran doesn’t like to wait and sometimes my scarf doesn’t want to co-operate with me so I decided to invent something that’s easy to wear and no more bad scarf day) Other than that I also need a scarf that does not accentuate my round shape chubby face. So, siapa yg berminat scarf ala ladyimran ni, just stay tune ok. Skettttt jer lagi. Gimme some more time to finalize everything.

To me, I like lah scarf tu, tatau la org lain kan. Sbb I design pon utk myself pakai actually, idea nk jual the scarf tu datang kemudian. So, kalau u guys tak suka nnt, jgn marah ok. Haha. Sbb yg penting I suka!

On different note, my chocolate business is booming. Alhamdullilah. My sister and I worked so hard to prepare sample and completing orders. We never thought that the respond can be this good and fast too. Our Facebook group page has already exceeding 3000 members and we definitely need to open a new fan page soon since group page has limitation up to 5000 members only.

I need to sleep now, I don’t want to sleep too late anymore and fall sick often. Enjoy pictures of our Chocolate Hamper for Hari Raya. Details and pictures of the components for the hamper will be update later because now, I need to rest.

This is roughly how the hamper looks like.  We are pretty amateur in making hamper, so tk sure ribbon yg macam mana sesuai. Kain alas tu won’t be that big kalau utk real hamper. We will cut it to fit the box nicely. Yg ni kami sajer tk cut sbb nk kasik nampak mcm harta karun. Haha.

The boxes and bottles. We use hard type material. No cardboard or soft plastic box for hamper.

I fall in love with the wooden tray. It’s so beautiful and suit Hari Raya theme. Thanks to Ain who introduced me to the wooden tray.  However, it is pretty limited, so subject to availability. Saper nk wooden tray ni kene order sepantas kilat ok. You can buy 1 or bulk. Both also possible it just that price would bit cheaper lah kalau beli bulk. Price ranging from RM100 to RM120 kalau tk silap. We are pretty generous, there are lots of chocolates inside the box. Various type some more! Macam-macam ado!

The wrapper for the cbocolate bar was a bit oversize. Haha. Dah lama tk guna printer, kekok nk setting sizing masa print.


Blogging tips ~ Earn money via advertorials?

Note: Sorry this entry is pretty long, hope you guys can read till the end. Sekali sekala meroyan tulis panjang2. Hehe. Kalau malas nk baca tkper asalkan jangan malas puasa sudah lah :p

I dok lompat-lompat baca blog, banyak pula terbaca pasal make money online. Ada juga yg sampai jadi isu especially pasal advertorial. I think I wanna share my stand and opinion in regards of “advertorial”. I love to earn money multiple ways through blog, so, one of it is advertorial. But to think again, I don’t really make money via advertorials, since so far I deal with friends and business owner yg baru nk berkembang, so tk sampai hati nk charge mahal-mahal.

Ok before you guys start to assume things, let me do some explanation here. It’s not that I kemarukkkkkk sangat nak write advertorials, but somehow advertorial is a benchmark to measure blog performance. It’s a privilege that not all bloggers can obtain.

Need more explanation? Ok meaning, when you get an advertorial, somehow, someone , some company has acknowledge your talent in blogging and entrust you to present their company. And at that point you know that you’ve done something right. Sama mcm apply kerja, bila u dapat interview and hire bekerja, meaning u dah buat sesuatu yg bagus, mungkin resume you bagus or masa interview you menyerlah. Similar concept.

Knowing me, I bukan nk jadi kaya dengan iklan. I prefer to run my own business dari jadi penulis iklan forever ever. Dan iklan-iklan yg ada diblog I ni, semua nya adalah dikalangan wanita-wanita yg buat home biz. Fees yg I charge adalah sangat minimum, sampai ada yg tk percaya. Kadang-kadang ada juga yg I just write for free (contoh paling latest, yg rainbow cake I order for my husband n son. Itu bukan advertorial, tapi since the cake is good so I share link)

Tapi ada juga yg berpendapat kenapa nk charge? Kenapa tk tulis for free jer? Ok ada banyak sebab.

Firstly, I tk tahu org lain, tapi utk I, I berusaha keras siang malam utk naikkan quality blog as well as to better in rank which will also benefit my advertiser. Bersengkang mata dan bertungkus lumus menjaga anak sambil2 blogging, dan entry2 iklan yg I tulis bukan cincai poncai sekadar ada. Sometimes I spend masa utk amik good pictures and draft entry yg bagus. And many times I go extra miles! I even provide after sales service! I make use my skills in selling stuff to help my advertiser as well. So, I rasa kalau u nk cari good photographer than nk cari sales assistant itu dah nk kene bayar lagi mahal kan? No?

For example hari tu ada someone nk beli kain cotton from Textileshoppe and she have yet to receive any reply from the seller, so she dropped by my blog and chat with me at 3 am ok! Ok am not complaining, this is one of many example on why am charging for advertorials. Bukan I tulis advertorial hari ini, and it ends there and then. If tk percaya can ask Textileshoppe and she finally managed to close order with that customer and guess what? Value of the order was about RM1k in one single receipt. Sweet. Dan juga advertorial cotton fabric ni dah lama dah, tapi baru sekarang dapat big orders mcm ini (ada juga dapat small orders masa I publish entry tu dulu). Bermaksud, tak bermakna bila entry dah basi, I pon buat-buat lupa and tanak tolong layan customer yg berpontensi nk membeli.

Here I paste appreciation email from the seller;

Buat baik dibalas baik, lepas tu seller tu beli coklat dgn I =)

So, for me tak salah for charging as long as bersebab and berpatutan. Tk semestinya Nuffnang bayar kau this much for advertorials, dgn org biasa2 pon kau nk charge mencanak jugak. No no no ok. Honestly, I tk suka nk label advertorial as advertorial because I don’t really earn money from advertorial, it’s more to tolong-tolong org-org melayu yg rajin business.

Secondly, I provide space yg senang utk my readers spot any iklan on my blog ni, especially yg feature post slide dekat bawah header blog I. So, your iklan takkan terbenam dalam entry2 utk jangka masa yg agak panjang as long as tkder iklan or feature post baru.

Thirdly, normally lepas I publish entry, I will ping and submit my blog to few blog submision website. Other than that, I amik berat tentang SEO juga. Ini utk make sure entry-entry di blog I, disukai oleh Mr Google dan bila org search, my page can easily be among the top page for that particular keyword. Again this is not cincai poncai punyer advertising service. You nk bayar org buat SEO? Can also, but it’s not cheap ok.

Fourthly, kadang-kadang I provide free gift utk galakkan readers tinggalkan komen. If possible I nak entry tu dapat byk comment so advertiser boleh buat their own survey from feedback leave in the comment area. All those gift I bukan beli dengan daun ataupon buih-buih sabun.

Fifthly, I write honest advert. That’s why you can’t locate any “advertorial” label or category on my blog. Ada jumpa tak? Haaaa sbb, I label all advertisement as “I heart & recommend” (baru jer create 3 bulan lepas), campur sekali dgn entry yg non-advert tapi I suka and nk rekomen juga. Sesuai dengan tajuk label itu, saya cuma akan menerima permintaan utk membuat iklan utk benda-benda yg saya suka dan berminat sahaja. Oh yes, am being selective.

Sbb I don’t want to write fake advertorials. Lagipon tk ker susah nk tulis satu benda yg kiter tk suka, tapi nk tulis macam kiter suka? I can’t do that. Tak tahu la org lain boleh ker tak. So to be fair to all (to me, to advertiser and to readers), better I take offer utk tulis advertorial for things that I like only, so that I can write with passion as always, advertiser get a good write up for their products and readers can buy product without hesitation. So all of us can live happily ever after.

So, conclusion, whenever I publish advertorial on my blog for product or service, I treat it as my own. I take ownership of my review and you can have my word on that. I ada 3 lagi iklan dah queue tapi I belum dapat nk publish due to certain reasons.

Yes, I’m charging for advertorial, but a pair of Vincci shoes is much more expensive than my advert fee, so worry not. To advertiser you are not suppose to be so berkira nk bayar iklan or mengharap iklan free. Sbb, I pon business owner, I tk pernah mengharap iklan free. If I nk mintak tulis write up, I akan sponsor or bayar fee. For example review for Nutrimeal di blog Emila Yusof di taja oleh I, sbb I sponsor Nutrimeal tu for her. Jadinya, jgn berkira utk pengiklanan dan jangan mengharap iklan free juga. Tidak bagus begitu. Sbb tuan punya blog tu berusaha utk sampai ke tahap otai dan ada ramai readers. Bukan mudah, bukan taip entry satu baris hari ni, esok dah berjuta org masuk blog.

Selamat berpuasa hari kedua =)


Edible image design & Chocolate hamper for Raya

Goshhh, I spend lot of my time and money too to design custom edible image for our Oreo Chocolates. I bought all of the elements that I use for my design from several scrapbook websites and they are all lovely. Here are few designs that I manage to finish in 2 days time. Planning to do more design especially for the chocolate wrapper.

In the meantime, I can’t never thank God enough for the blessing. I’m so happy as everything goes very well for my Usana business and chocolates as well. Syukur alhamdullilah. Tk menang tangan nk membalas email dan menjawab pertanyaan di FB dan chat mesengger. Thank you to all for the support.

Due to good responds that we received from customers, some say macam “Kit Kat” , some say anak2 suka makan sampai jadi hyper, some say sedap bangat sampai tk cukup nk makan, some say superb and etc , so we are thinking to appoint agent for our chocolates

Criteria yg diperlukan…ehe;

a) Tkder kerja nk buat, tapi perlukan duit poket utk hari raya

b) Ada ramai kawan-kawan atau sedara mara yg suke beli coklat dan kuih raya

c) Hmmm…itu sahaja rasanya

Siapa berminat boleh contact saya di SINI. We are anticipating to announce our Raya Chocolate Hamper. What I can say for now, lawa ooo chocolate tu semua my sis buat, I just dapat tengok preview jer hari tu. Hehe and content per hamper is quite generous, price tentatively would be below RM100 for bulk orders or around RM110 per box (if you want to buy less than minimum order). So, mana-mana company yg dah boring dengan hamper biasa, can order chocolate hamper from us pula ok. Hope we can launch it soon :) Me can’t wait!


Ichiro dah big boy

Thanks to Auntie Tj for the jubah. It fits him nicely! Boleh join jemaah terawih kt masjid lepas ni =)

Ichiro refuse to sleep and it’s really really really hard for me to hold my temper. I tried not to raise my voice but rather spoke to him more firmly (voice quite loud but no shouting or screaming). Surprisingly, Ichiro did listen to me quietly and not making any sound out of his mouth. He just looked at me and put on his guilty face as if he knows that he has done something wrong. I just can’t go on with scolding, immediately I stop, hug him and sing lullaby again with hope that he’ll buy it this time.

Poor boy, am not suppose to be angry, but on the contrary am pretty happy as he understand how mad I was. Now, he’s already sleeping. Temper has slowly leaving my being and am no longer a monster mommy. I love my son so much more than anything else that world can offer me.

On similar note,  it’s getting easier to travel with Ichiro nowadays. Dulu he used to scream and shout after 5 minutes sitting in the car seat, but last night he broke the record. He sat in the car seat without struggling to get out from it for almost 3 hours journey! Once a while he’ll pinch my cheek as if nk ajak me main dengan dia. Lucky we always bring along some toys in the car, so I took the musical phone and play with him. Alhamdullilah and we hope that he will continue behaving well in the car after this.

Hmm husband isn’t really well, down with fever because he was too tired looking after 2 babies during the weekend. Oh no two? Nope I’m not expecting, the other baby is me. Hehe. And for me, I plan to do few more design for the edible image, but since Ichiro did not want to sleep early tonight, all my plan went backfire. Haihhh. I think maybe I can try to make 1 simple design now.

Till then….


More design for the chocolates! Yay!

I’m having so much fun playing with photoshop as well as designing edible image for Lonia Oreo Chocolate (oh yes we got a brand for our chocolates already, it’s now being named as LONIA | the sweet tooth fairy <–ainol is my name and my other sibling’s name too being spelled backward).

Interested to make one for your blog? Contact me for pricing and details! :)

My first design (well, I didn’t really design this, just edit and add text on it) for the edible image is none other than my own blog logo. 3 lucky person (who “like” my status in my FB earlier would stand a chance to get a box of 2 Mr & Mrs Imran oreo for FREE =) But don’t be sad, I’m gonna have 24 sets of image, so just stay tune and wait for another announcement to win free chocolates ok =)

I purposely poured black ink on the background so that you can see the circle shape clearly, so that the image won’t blend with my blog layout and we can’t spot the circle shape of the image

And this is my second attempt, not for sale YET though as I need to get in touch with the creator of the elements to give me permission to use all of the elements for my chocolates. Actually I’ve already purchased the elements such as flowers and LOVE text , just that I forgot to buy the commercial license version. I should buy the license if I wanna use it for commercial purposes. I reckon this design is suitable for any occasion that relates to love, for example wedding anniversary. June, kalau sempat will print this and decorate your oreo chocolates, hope I can make it and pass your order this Friday.

The best part is, I created the second design much faster than the first one. I started to feel that me and photoshop connects really well ;)

On similar note, here the wrapper that I designed earlier….in action! Come join our Facebook Group and check out other photos of chocolates there. Click here

Oh happy monday!

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