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Busy gila last week, Kenji dah makin besar, jadinya dah kurang tidur dan less time for me to do my work. Normally I would stay up to finish all my pending work (including updating my blog), tapi sekarang disebabkan siang hari dah terlalu penat dan kerja dh semakin bertambah , I pon dah menambah usaha2 utk memasarkan produk2 di lebih banyak tempat dan website di internet ni, jadinya terpaksa lah upload gambar berkali2 kt setiap forum/social website yg I join. That task mmg betul2 time consuming sebenarnya.

But I can say it really pays off, as more and more people buy and love Nilam Boutique KL products. Telekung dan tudung memang laris. In sya Allah utk raya dan puasa ni, kalau Allah izinkan sempat la saya keluar dgn produk terbaru.

Last week, dalam pada penat2 melayan anak2, tiba2 tengok ada surat for me, it didn’t excite me as it just a normal white envelope sent via snail mail. Haha kalau pos laju cepat jer mengelupur nk tengok sbb selalu kalau pos laju tu , baju2 la yg I order online. Heee. Yg surat biasa2 ni selalu dari bank la, statement la bla bla bla. Boring.

But when I opened the envelope, I felt like jumping but manage to control lah. Hihi. Was so happy because of this….

cosway cheque

It’s a cheque! From Cosway or eCosway. Allah dah janji, setiap yg berusaha pasti akan membuahkan hasil kan. Alhamdullilah. This is my first cheque and hoping for more to come. Actually I do expect for a cheque but I do not know when will I get it and for the amount, it was quite a surprise since it is more that I expected. So double joy there ^-^

Siapa yg baru baca blog I ni, maybe ingat the income I get from doing sales, well it’s actually partly correct. True, I did sell Cosway products too but this income is mainly came from my networking activities. I am acting as a franchisor looking for prospect who would be interested in opening a shop and becoming a Cosway store owner. My myself want a Cosway shop too. Why not kan? It’s free, operational cost, bills, rental and many more is all paid by Cosway. So why should I say no this opportunity right?

To date I dah met a few prospects and some of them dah pon register dan dah pon start build up their network. One of my downline planned to open a store in UK and I can expect more UK folks joining my network soon. UK as United Kingdom ya, not Ulu Kelang.

Here are some photos that I snap during discussion with prospects :)

Discussion cosway

Discussion cosway

By the way, since we are approaching Ramadhan (alhamdulilah syukurrr), mothers and orang bujang might need some help in preparing sahur meal, why not buy and try this Egg Boiler with Timer. This boiler operated without electric and it has a timer complete with a bell. Just pour sufficient amount of boiling or hot water into the egg boiler and set the timer. Once the bell ring, you can enjoy your half boil eggs or instant noodles. Ini bagus utk org yg nk lelapkan mata sekejap sementara tunggu telur or mee segera siap dimasak. Tahu la kan, time sahur tu dapat tidur 3 minit pon cukup bermakna woooo. Siapa nk order or nk meet up utk tahu lebih lanjut tentang nk buka kedai cosway sila contact me here. Harga RM45 sahaja tk termasuk pos.

Egg Boiler with timer


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