Premium Rose Hip Oil

Premium Rose Hip Oil for Sale

Would like to share about Premium Rose Hip Oil. I wasn’t that keen to try the product as my experience with Vitamin E oil that I bought from Guardian Pharmacy was so-so. Plus it’s a bit oily so I stop buying any kind of face oil after that.

So, to cut the story short, this angel was actually sitting deep inside the box , hidden behind many other products that I bought from Cosway. Jadinya last-last kinda forgot that I have this. Tapi hari tu pergi selongkar the box, cari apa lagi yg boleh dicuba (sbb saya dalam fasa mencuba product2 :)) , found this gem. Quickly took it out and decided to give it a try.

Premium Rose Hip Oil for Sale!

Siapa yg concern tentang ingredients yg ada dalam Rose Hip Oil ni jangan risau, kebanyakkan product Cosway adalah organic dan natural. Jadinya memang selamat digunakan tanpa was-was ok. Tak ada agen cancer in sha Allah. It has No Artificial Colouring, No Synthetic Fragrances, No Mineral Oil , No Parabens, No Animal Derivatives, No Bleaching & Deodorising agents & No Solvents (Produced using eco-friendly CO2 extraction process)

My first impression? WOW!! Harum semerbak , bau bunga ros dia sangat sedap dan harum. Silap2 kalau bau ni di malam hari leh teringat benda lain plak hahaha. Kidding! The scent is very soothing and I was so excited to try it on my face. Can’t remember how many drops that I use for every application, perhaps around 5-6 drops including neck area as well. The oil is very thick and once apply on the face it easily settle and penetrate into the skin layers and leave the face surface smooth, supple and not oily at all! It also provides JUST the right amount of moisture. I’ve fallen in love with this Rose Hip Oil, it totally had me at hello :) Oh one more thing, the best part is, when I wake up in the morning, my skin doesn’t feel oily or anything, but smooth and fresh which is far different from my past experience with Vitamin E oil that I bought from the Guardian Pharmacy. Maybe my skin that time was oily so the result turned out to be worse, I don’t know.

Alright let’s discuss what this Premium Rose Hip Oil can do. It’s actually excellent in aiding all types of skin imperfections.

Moisturises very dry, flaky skin and helps improve Eczema & Psoriasis
Nourishes damaged, chemically-treated hair and strengthens brittle nails
Minimises scars from acne, burns, stretch marks and surgery
Reverses signs of ageing such as pigmentation, age spots and uneven, darkened skin
Smoothes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet

Jadi kalau rasa nk cuba utk kurangkan kesan2 parut jerawat ke, parut pembedahan ke, boleh try Rose Hip Oil. Lagipon it also act as anti-ageing oil. Muka dan kulit kalau kering, akan cepat muncul tanda2 penuaan seperti kedutan terutama sekali la. Dan juga kalau terlalu kering, any face powder yang kita guna nnt wil have problems to blend well. Sure bertompok2. Utk tapak kaki yg mengelupas pon boleh cuba minyak ni juga. Tapi we got another type of products that good for crow’s feet, will share in the future.

Price for this Premium Rose Hip Oil is RM67 for member and non-member (April 2013) If you want to buy can contact me using contact form and send me your message. I do ship worldwide. Just send me a message will quote you in USD plus shipping fee.

Tested and proven clinically

Premium Rose Hip Oil for Sale

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