Al-Arqam using new scheme to "steal" good people money

rumah amal buah hatiku arqam

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Few weeks back I came to know about an orphan house that needed help so badly. The picture of the orphan kids circulate through FB very fast and it is an indication that we Malaysian are very generous and concern. That’s definitely a good thing.

But here comes the bad thing…

The truth finally reveal which was started by one of Mazidul ‘s entry on his blog and followed by this blog . You guys can read it there, sbb malas nk copy paste kat sini. To cut the story short, the truth is, the orphans aren’t orphan. The kids’ parents are still alive and in good health masyallah! The house seemed sort of a hostel or nursery that take care Arqam’s children.

Again the children is not an orphan. The owner of the orphan’s house itself is a mother and father to some of the children who are staying there, I believe.


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Why is this happening? Well…what I understand from the article, Arqam encourage all of its male member to marry more than 1 woman. Which is legal and sah in Islam la kan. So, when a man has 4 wives, how many children he would have then? Sure banyak kan? So, they kinda “used” their own kids to raise illegal fund and makan duit haram! There I said it.

So, if you were about to help to raise fund or donation for an orphan house, please do some investigation and checking ya. Jangan just amik gambar and post to FB. Niat nk tolong itu baik, tapi jangan sampai jadi mcm ni lagi ok.

Donia oh donia. Macam2.

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