Nutella, Oreo, M&M & KitKat Cakes

I love to be creative, being creative is like feeding my soul with joy and it gives me satisfaction in many ways which hard to describe in words. Speaking of creative, I pun suka juga tengok benda2 lain yang creative, yang sangat menakjubkan, so I think start from now on, every hmmm ok lets say every Tuesday I’ll update an entry about creative invention ok. It can be anything, ala mcm blog Obefiend, tapi blog dia tu ada macam2 benda la kan, but I nk focus to creative ideas je. Sbb I mmg suka benda2 creative.

So, for a start look at these cute and perfectly done cake. Really hope the taste is as good as its look haha. I think in Malaysia we have sooo many talented baker kan, perhaps can try to order something unique like this for my husband’s birthday in May. Ada sesiapa nk suggest baker area Petaling Jaya / Bangsar?


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