Trip to Tanah Aina in Bentong, Pahang (part 2)

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Selain standard room, Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya ada sediakan tent juga utk sesiapa yg nk pengalaman bercamping tepi sungai, selamat tak ada binatang liar dan selesa, disini lah tempatnya :)

Ok here is the second part. Hope I can compile everything about Tanah Aina in this entry. Another good thing about Tanah Aina resort is ……..jeng jeng….food. Yup! the food are all delicious and I personally agree that it’s really worth the amount that we paid for the vacation. Yeah, tourist/visitor like us are very easy to please. All that we wanted are nice service, nice food and clean room/toilet. That’s good enough to make us happy and trust me, you’ll get more actually from Tanah Aina.

Spacious and complete with stand fan. We planned to stay 1 night in a chalet and 1 night in tent but unfortunately the tent is fully booked so, we just settle with the room

Rainbow hammocks!

We missed the first day lunch due to late arrival, but we never missed any meal after that. Hahah. And sampai sekarang I wonder what was the lunch like, the one yg kiteorg miss tu. Huhu. They served us many type of food, many selection also. Macam kalau breakfast tu, ada cereal, ada fresh milk, ada nasi lemak, ada telur rebus, ada roti canai, ada fruits…very generous ok. And you can eat as much as you want no limitation. Because ada certain resort especially if they hosting team building punya group, diaorg dh ada limit berapa bungkus nasi sorang leh makan and etc. But at Tanah Aina, as long as you can still eat, do eat as much as you want. Then desert pon sedap, ada trifle, cakes, puding, bubur..and it’s killing me ok. The only thing I hate about Tanah Aina is it ruining my diet. How could I ignore all those delicious cakes and trifle. I totally cannot! Dah la tk leh nk ignore, I makan tambah some more. Arghhh. Regret but no regret. Hihih.

Main acah-acah masuk air :D

Buffet spread, meriah with food!

Ichiro tertidur while we were eating our dinner

First dinner they served us BBQ dinner, steak, baked beans, coleslaw, salad and etc. Then for second dinner, the manager suggested to us to try their steamboat at Tanah Aina restaurant. Tanah Aina restaurant isn’t part of the resort, it is located about 6km away from the resort. Apparently the owner of Tanah Aina resort loves to cook, so she ventured in f&b business too. We accepted the suggestion, thus second night dinner we dine at the restaurant. The steamboat was good also. We had tom yam steamboat, we couldn’t finish all, part of it we didn’t touch at all. Did I mention before that Tanah Aina is very generous in filling up our stomach? Hehe. The happiest person mestilah Ichiro kan? Because he got the chances to ride the truck back and forth. Masa nk balik the driver mintak kiteorg tunggu dia , sbb dia nk makan kejap, he told us that he could ask his friend to fetch us tapi that guy bawak truck besar, so maybe not very suitable la for us. Tapi silap besar la, kiteorg lagi suka, sbb anak kiteorg suka. Hehe. So malam tu kami naik pick up truck, duduk dekat belakang, dah la malam hari gelap, seram gak la. Tapi Ichiro was so cool, dia steady je. Dasar peminat truck.

Plenty of food , make sure you eat everything. Hahah.

At Tanah Aina restaurant, patrons can have their steamboat in the open hut. Happening!

Ayam goreng yg sangat sedap dan nasi goreng yg sedap juga. Sangat banyak tk terhabis makan.

Ini adalah component2 steamboat. Hihih. Yg ni kiteorg habiskan semua except tauhu.

Me and son at the restaurant. Abaikan kegemukkan saya itu. Ada lagi 10kg nk rid off. Ini lah dia aftermath selepas mengandung. Huhu.

The staff also are very nice, they keep checking whether everything is ok or not and if let say we need help or we need something, they’ll surely attend to us immediately. Sebab sometime, kalau kita pergi mana-mana, kita request anything ke, we need to wait lama juga, tapi dekat Tanah Aina ni, they help us very quickly. Tu yg I suka, because I hate waiting. And I as a business owner also doesn’t like my customer to wait. I mean tunggu reply from me ke, kalau tunggu pos laju, mmg la customer kene tunggu kan. Huhu.

Hihi husband tengah selera makan nasi and lauk

Husband tengah nk get ready utk buat terjunan leap of faith, can you spot a rainbow?

What else? Activities? Ok, you can involved in many activities, all of it are free except flying fox. The most famous activity is surely leap of faith la. Leap of faith ni adalah terjunan berani mati ke dalam sungai. Hehe. It’s not that high tapi org yg ada isu dgn ketinggian seram juga la rasanya. Plus tempat terjunan tu betul2 dekat waterfall and quite deep and not to mention sangat la sejuk! The waterfall current is very strong till you can spot rainbow at the waterfall. Ada orang kata kalau ada pelangi dekat air terjun jangan pergi sbb nnt lemas. I rasa mmg logik boleh lemas sbb sangat kuat. We didn’t go there exactly, just dekat2 waterfall tu la. I didn’t make the leap of faith, sbb penakut, but husband did it thrice as he needs to entertain his wife and son. Since, masa kami pergi tu, just kami jer satu family, kalau join dgn group lain seronok la kot tengok orang lain punya kerenah. To go to the waterfall is through river and jungle trekking. Quite tiring sbb jalan panjat and turun bukit. One of Tanah Aina crew, carried Ichiro on his shoulder along the journey. Very tough indeed that guy. Laju plak tu. Salute lah.We spent about 30 minutes at the waterfall, mandi2 sket, Ichiro dah terketar2 sejuk, so kami balik.

Balik from waterfall we noticed Ichiro ada bleeding sket at the neck area. Thought he scratched his neck till blood came out, then one of the crew told us , it looks like kene gigit pacat. Hihi. Merasa gak la Ichiro kene gigit pacat.

Busy dengan truck. Lucky we allowed him to bring the truck, if not mati kutu gak dia sbb tkder geng

Then diaorg ada board games juga, boleh main dekat hall. Or boleh tengok Astro. Siapa nk join night walk pon boleh. I thought night walk is leisure walk, little did I know that the walk is actually walking to puncak bukit. Dekat puncak bukit tu ada pangkin, you can baring2 and kira bintang. Ha romantik tak? Yeah romantic minus the part nk kene panjat bukit and semput cam nk pitam. Hahaha. Morning walk pon sama, panjat bukit yang sama only that in the morning you can see the sunrise la instead of bintang and bulan. But I tk pergi morning walk, malas haku. Hahaha.

Kalau you all nk tahu lagi anything about Tanah Aina ni, head to their website, they got many beautiful pictures there and also if you really want to know more, I guess kene datang la ke Tanah Aina kot. Amaran jangan datang satu malam jer, kalau u all jenis mcm I yg suka nature and river. Kene stay there minimum 3 days 2 night la baru puas :)

Last but not least, malam2 if nk feeling2 dengan husband boleh lepak depan bilik and enjoy candle light drinks, coffee and tea ada disediakan dalam bilik. Kettle pon ada so can make hot drinks, minum nescafe malam2 dok lepak depan sungai. HEAVEN! Next time nk datang lagi and nk bawak Kenji sekali. Sekian review Tanah Aina dari saya :)

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