Trip to Tanah Aina in Bentong, Pahang (part 1)

At the guest area, Ichiro was busy playing with his truck (my watermark was a bit different due to change of computer)

My laptop needs a major overhaul, I’ve sent it to repair center and I tell you what, using other computer than the usual one that I normally use, is really a pain in the ass. End of story. I think 4 years is consider a very short life span for a laptop since it’s coming from a good brand, nevertheless am not complaining since it has been a good device and I think it’s worth the price and now I need to replace certain parts especially the battery. Battery is totally kaput.

Due to laptop-less, it’s kinda a big challenge for me to get my things done using my husband’s computer. Firstly my hubby’s desktop is too large and my son always using it to watch movie, so every time I wanna use it, I got disrupted and it really takes my mood to work awayyyyy..far awayyy.

But this time around, I got to finish this entry, otherwise the story is no longer fresh and exciting.

My heart leap with joy upon looking at this. Honeymoon mode ON! White English style furniture. The poster bed was really romantic and memanggil2 utk tidur and relaxing :)

Wanna write my experience visiting jungle sanctuary in Bentong, Pahang. It’s indeed an exciting experience, hence I think I must share it with my readers. My husband, myself and Ichiro went to Tanah Aina resort last 2 weeks. The resort situated in a jungle and by a river, the area is quite small but very well kept and clean. Toilet and room are very clean and comfortable, hotel like…but it’s in a jungle tau (wink)

Tanah Aina try their best to maintain the back to nature style, so toilet is unattached to the room. Yup, kene jalan keluar from room di malam hari kalau rasa nk terkucil. Hihih.

Ichiro playing with the laundry basket. He was wearing pyjamas because he didn’t take his morning bath, he refuse to come along sebenarnya, so we just grab him and place him in the car. Hahah. Tried to make him understand that waterfall and river is fun, but he didn’t buy it. He wants to spend the weekend with my mom actually, but once sampai Tanah Aina dapat naik truck, he’s ok already.

When we arrived there, we were greeted with few friendly staff and a glass of lemon drink. Oh before that, we got to park our car about 20 minutes away from the resort, since the road is not suitable for normal car, so they drove us to the resort using pick up truck or 4WD. Ichiro was very happy since it was his dreams to ride a truck (Ichiro is obsessed with trucks, he even brought his big truck along) Road was bumpy and it made our short journey to the resort even more exciting. Sbb rasa nk tercampak keluar dari truck hahaha.

View from the bed, glass window and door with wooden frame. There’s a “santai” area at the verandah, complete with table, chairs and canopy facing the jungle and river.

We booked honeymoon suite and we were so glad that we got the nearest room to the dining area. Meaning easy to eat and feels rather safe also since our room is near to the hall and activity area. Don’t be afraid, kalau dapat bilik lain yg further up pon, not bad, bukan lah the area scary cuma it’s easy for us sbb we got a child with us. Nk pergi makan or mandi sungai pon senang sbb ramai can tolong tengok-tengokkan us, sbb bawak budak kecil and lasak mmg mencabar sket, especially in jungle and near river.

Ichiro and daddy ready to jump into the river. Just nice, budak tk mandi pagi ni terus masuk air sungai mandi.

There’s a stair attached to the verandah for easy access to the river. I mandi sungai 3-4 kali sehari sebab sangat senang nk turun sungai. Balik2 muka I jer yg tengah berendam dalam sungai :)

Hmm..hate to say this, but I got to stop for now, will continue second part in few days time insyallah. Kids want to sleep and they won’t sleep if mommy is still awake. Haihhh. That’s the price you need to pay for having kids. No more stay up late to surf internet or blogging. See ya guys!

p/s: i really wanna make a comeback to blogging world (comeback means, update my blog frequently, like 2-3 times a week, wish me luck!)

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