Own a franchise store/pharmacy for FREE?

Me in one of Co***y/eCo***y Pharmacy in Kelana Jaya. Many other brands are also available besides co***y products. Love it!

Ok I exaggerate a bit, there’s no free lunch in this world. No …nada. But this one is close to free. Would you like to get a high end store, with nice ambiance and interior forĀ  well…almost FREE? But in return you need to some tasks (it’s do able to those who have a very strong friends connection) and some initial capital. Not that much, it’s affordable.

I was introduced to eCo***y business ni last 2 weeks. When first being approached I wasn’t so interested, sbb Co***y, hehe rasa mcm tkder la minat sgt pon barang co***y, entah tatau la maybe minat sbb dulu pernah join as member tapi dh lama tk tgk katalog so jadi lupa dah la apa yg ada, yg ingat ada sabun basuh yg wangi n pekat tu je. Hehe. Lagipon masa tu muda remaja, so barang2 yg co***y jual takderla minat sgt, tapi ni dh jadi mak orang, haaa terus berubah. It’s true people change over time.

Supplement and vitamins section, there are blackmores and many other brands of supplement available

But then, when I was told that, dapat kedai yg ditanggung sepenuhnya oleh co***y dan kedai co***y sekarang dh boleh upgrade jadi farmasi. I mula la memancar2 minat kan. Sbb since semua cost ditanggung, itu sudah baik. Kalau tk laku tkder la panas hati sangat. Pastu sbb boleh apply for eCo***y farmasi. Wahh itu sudah best ok! Farmasi mcm guardian tu, kan best kan? I can shop in guardian for hours tau. Haha geram tengok barang2 banyak. So takder la just jual barang co***y, but boleh jual barang2 lain juga dan juga drugs (ubat-ubatan)

Drugs section, pharmacist is also provided by Co***y

Tapi masa tu tk berapa clear sgt sbb person yg introduce the business is in Penang, so she arranged for her leader to meet me. Sementara nk sampai hari appointment tu, I dah start research (sbb I mmg jenis tk sabar punya orang, semua yg kenal I tahu perangai I yg satu ni, buat semua benda mesti nk laju especially benda yg I suka or minat) So, kaji2 makin lama makin interesting. By that time I dah tahu dah apa tasks yg nk kene buat in order to qualify and ada kene letak capital sikit (ada risk sket kt sini sbb kalau tk qualify or tk perform tkleh dapat shop tu), but am willing to take the risk. Sbb, hello? mana ada investment tkder risk? Ada ke? Lagipon it’s not really bad lah, sbb from the capital money I can get tonnes of co***y products, bermacam jenis bukan just satu product jer sampai 10 pieces. Plus seriously the initial capital it’s not that expensive, no need to apply for personal loan and in return you get a high end shop yang boleh disentuh, that you can pass to your heir if you dah tanak the shop later on. Sweet.

For bigger store, 2 cashier station will be provided, complete with computer and POS software. RM200 being subsidize to every store for internet and phone billing. CCTV is also provided, that thing is actually hanged above and facing the cashier so I didn’t take any photo.

And bila dh register dapat katalog, phewww makin banyak barang co***y rupanya and the best part, semua benda yg kita guna hari2 cosway ada jual, and the best part lagi u beli, u dpt kupon, then boleh guna utk beli barang lain. Kalau beli kt giant ada ke dpt kupon? Dapat salah diaorg label harga barang ada lah. Huhu.

So, it’s a good business, dapat shop yg tk perlu dah nk jerih perih promote kt org suruh dtg kedai, sbb sapa tk kenal co***y? Dah 30 tahun in business and barang co***y tk pernah tk laku. So what you think? I terus buat research lagi and calculate the chances and risk. But I dah quite determine to try. So, I’ve already registered myself as business owner and on my mission to get the free store. Ada org kata, ada hidden agenda. Betul! benda2 free ni mesti ada udang sebalik batu kan? I think yg people think hidden agenda tu is part task yg nk kene buat in order to qualify and chances to pass the interview. It’s not really hidden since we have been told upfront kene buat this and that, so sapa tanak tk yakin tkyah buat, nobody going to force you. You decide what you want for your life.

Organic products is also available for those who are health conscious

Section signage , attractive and neat

I attached herewith picture that I took from a new eCo***y pharmacy at Kelana Jaya, for you to know how the store looks like. It will be the same standard for all eCo***y store, so if you managed to get your own store in the future, more or less it will look like this.

Demonstration station for water filter/converter. Enjoy life demonstration in your store :)

Co***y products. Shampoo, beauty cream and etc. Everything in one store, co***y and non-co***y products. Come come shop here!

Here are some of the details. About the tasks you need to do in order to qualify for the shop, feel free to email me, so that we can discuss more personally, through skype or ym or facebook. Email me mrsimran[at]mrmrsimran[dot]com or click here

About the ecosway shop

  • Renovation cost
  • Bills
  • Rental fee
  • CCTV
  • Computer
  • TV
  • CD player
  • Stocks (products, consignment basis, dh jual baru bayar kt cosway, kalau kedai sendiri masak la nk fork out money utk sediakan stock barang)
  • Pharmacist (if it is a pharmacy)
  • Everything paid by Co***y, for internet and telephone line RM200 will be subsidize.
  • The whole shop is insured, so in the event of robbery, do not protect anything in the shop except yourself.
  • The glass door of the shop is lock with digital lock.
  • As a shop owner, you can one day transfer ownership of the store and all income (from sales and network) to your heirs. So, it’s like a job insurance for your kids, since they already got a job and income waiting for them.
  • You can suggest your desired location for the store. Co***y team will survey the area in terms of population and etc, if it is suitable for the store, then location suggested will be approved. If not, they will suggest another location , which they think is more suitable
  • Shop ambient is very soothing and high end. Air conditioned and if the area is wide enough for toilet and meeting room, you can have that in your store as well. But co***y store in the mall, is quite small hence no toilet or meeting room, maybe only store room is available.
  • Open to Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, UK, Russia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, USA, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Columbia, Brunei and Mexico. If you are residing in these countries and interested to join, feel free to contact me.

About the income

  • eCo***y will pay 4 types of bonus and also direct profit income. Basic income you can get is 10% from monthly sales profit. Averagely, one eCo***y store’s sales profit is around 80-90k, so you can bring home RM8-RM9k a month from the shop at least. But that’s not including bonus from your network, so it would be more. In record minimum sales of eCo***y store in Malaysia is around 50k. Basically your income will not be static if your network is growing. If you earning is RM9k for the first month, don’t be surprise if your income increased to 6 figures in a year time. Yes it is proven possible.

About the requirements

  • Female (If you are male, your wife or family member can apply
  • 20-50 year old (if I’m not mistaken)
  • Can run the shop fulltime with assistant/staff at least for the first few months. After that, you are free to be at the shop at random period/time
  • Must open the shop 6-7 days a week, 12hrs daily
  • 2 days holiday for Raya
  • Must not fail to bank in the sales money in the same day, after closing the shop.
  • Must able to prepare RM10k as security deposit before running the shop. This amount is refundable once you surrender the shop providing all stocks are intact.
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