Ichiro first day to school and more coloured telekung!

To be honest, I’ve tried to compose an entry on the 9th, but couldn’t finish it and can’t find suitable time to continue. Only now, I got the time to log into my blog and erased my draft. Cerita dah basi dah pon. Huhuh. Sebenarnya nk cerita pasal Ichiro first day going to school, tapi ni dh masuk minggu ketiga dah pon.

Ichiro ok la pergi school, on second and third day he cried when we send him to school, but once at school, after few minutes he stopped crying. Then on the fourth day and so on, he didn’t cry anymore but keep saying that he doesn’t want to go to school, but bila i siap2 kan utk pergi school, dia tak der la memberontak ker apa ker. He just quietly sit down and let me put on his uniform, socks and etc. But, from the face I know la he’s kinda sedih and mcm homesick. How did I know that he’s homesick? I know, because I’m like that. Even bila dh dewasa pon I still feel homesick bila I nk pergi office or kene pergi outstation dulu. So, I’m pretty sure my son is as same as myself. Thus, can’t complain much on that. Plus, he still a small boy, for his age I think he’s doing pretty good dah. I dulu 6 tahun baru gi tadika, Ichiro at 3 year old dh masuk preschool, so he’s way more advance than me.

Send him to Genius Aulad, after few weeks ni, I ada la few things yg I rasa the school can improve, but I just keep it to myself lah sbbnya, hidup kita ni kalau nk asyik komplen jer, baik buat sendiri semua benda kan? And so far, benda2 yg cikgu dah ajar Ichiro ni, belum tentu I can do, now ok sket lah, I just ulang balik apa yg cikgu dah ajar, sbb the hardest part cikgu dah handle. But still, hope during parent teacher sharing day nnt, I could highlight some of my thoughts and observation.

What else? Hmm ok, I have few ready stock coloured prayer robe (telekung berwarna), banyak dah sold out. So, tinggal sikit lagi. Kalau berminat email me ok at info[at]nilamboutique[dot]com or click here

Ok I know it’s still early, tapi pejam celik pejam celik dah tinggal about 6 months before Ramadhan. So, saper2 yg nk tempah baju ker, or nk telekung ker let me know awal2. Tempah awal2, sbb tahun ni I rasa mcm tkkan ambil tempahan utk baju byk sangat sbb I nk focus produce tudung sahaja, utk jualan harian dan hari raya. I akan terima tempahan baju tapi kene menepati beberapa criteria huhu. Baju pengantin mmg akan sentiasa terima, sbb I suka buat baju pengantin yg cantik2. Baju kurung biasa dan kurung moden biasa pon akan terima sbb ia mudah dan tk leceh. Tapi baju kurung moden or baju fashion2 , yg tu akan I limitkan, sbb dari segi harga dan kesusahan utk menghasilkan baju2 fashion ni, sometimes ianya jadi tk berbaloi. Dapat stress jer lebih. So, I nk avoid those situation, hence I akan ambil but being selective a bit lah.

My next entry maybe a month from now, but lets hope I can update more often sbb hosting and domain ni isn’t free I kene betul2 guna the web, if not rugi bayar mahal2 setahun. Ok lets say that I can only blog again in a month time, insyallah will write an entry about kiteorang punya holiday nnt. Excited, can’t wait for it. Everything dah bayar and booked, hope Ichiro will always be healthy so he can enjoy the holiday nnt, because we are going to the wild….jungle, waterfall…sanctuary..yes back to nature!

p/s: feel so relief…finally manage to finish this entry after few attempts!










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