Telekung berwarna untuk dijual!

Assalammualaikum, hi! It has been a month from my last post, I have many stories to write, but kinda lazy  and busy (good combo eyh?) and you know not good at language either, be it Malay or English, am not good at expressing my feeling or voice out my opinion through word. Totally have no idea why did I choose to write a blog at the first place.

Well, it’s too late to reconsider whether to blog or not, I guess I just have to keep going till the day I die. Ok, that’s sound bit creepy. Hihi.

Newayyyy, yup I got more coloured prayer robe for sale. Just replenish my stock and am dying to sell everything fast as my room is turning into some kind of a warehouse or storage room or something. And I definitely can’t live like that. So, please buy, I beg to you. If you don’t want to buy, ask your friends, your mother, your family members or anybody that you know that might be interested to buy. Or you can also buy for someone that you love, please…bring one bring all to buy Nilam Boutique coloured prayer robe. Heheee.

Ok, I have here a picture that shows set of colours that is available, I have another picture that show second set of colours but haven’t got time to edit the picture. Hence, at the moment I think I will just list out all the colours and type of prayer robe (telekung) that is ready for purchase in my stock. Will try to update the second set of colours soon. Tapi I belum upload the picture pon, 1 one of the colour dah sold out. So, sorry kalau ada yg minat pula with that colour, will try to restock later.

Please refer to colour swatch for true colour of the telekung. The colours always change under the sun, hence I can’t get the actual colour with my camera.

Colour available (jersey type – RM99)

  • Carribean blue (2 pieces)
  • Lavender (sold out)
  • Electric blue (1 piece)
  • Chocolate (1 piece available, 1 piece reserved)
  • White (10 pieces)
  • Dark blue ( 2 pieces)
  • Deep red ( 2 pieces)
  • Mustard bronze (sold out)
  • Candy pink (2 pieces, slightly darker than soft pink)


Colour available (polyester type – RM160)

  • Burnt orange ( 1 piece, the colour is actually darker and more to brownish)
  • Teal blue (1 piece, the colour is actually darker and more to greenish)

Limited Edition , cotton with digital embroidery and stripe embossing in white – RM185 , 1 piece available, no restocking.

Kindly email me at info[at]nilamboutique[dot]com to order. Thank you for helping me to empty some space in my room (if it can be call a room now…)

Good night all!



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