More custom shoes

Hi, it has been a while. Yes…I know, it’s redundant, has been saying that so many times. Well, I guess I have to accept the fact that I’ll be never able to blog as frequent as before. I tried and failed berkali-kali. With 2 kids and my current addiction/obsession towards pattern making, I only have little time to blog which often I prefer to do something else than blogging.

I dunno why I keep explaining myself  about not able to blog, like there are thousands of people reading my blog and care if I don’t blog. Huhu. It’s ok, zaman kegemilangan blogging sudah berlalu. My blogger fren yg dulu tegar blog pon , semua dh membawa haluan masing2. Only few left…

By the way would love to share new pictures of custom shoes that I made for wedding. To those who are still looking for the perfect wedding shoes, don’t worry am here to help. Drop me an email and we can discuss further. Save your time to look for the matching shoes for your wedding dress, because sometimes that shoes never exist dear. You need to custom make it. That’s how I fit into your wedding story :D Hihi.

Lilac / Purple peep toe patent shoes 3 inches for Nik Fatima , wedding in February 2013

Burgundy suede pump shoes, cone heels 3.5 inches/9cm. This is part 1, since I need to decorate the front part of the shoes with jewels. Will upload picture with jewels as part 2 soon. This shoes belong to Farhah, wedding will be in December 2012

I’ve uploaded this shoes few months ago, but just in case new readers wanna see it, so I upload it for the second time. Made of synthetic leather in mint green , this peep toe shoes that comes with ankle strap and champagne ribbon lace on the heels is super cute and adorable. Owner of this shoes is Abby (refer to my previous entry), her wedding was in September 2012

And another thing, am currently in process of learning how to draw pattern for dress, blouse and skirt. I would say that am doing quite good. My very first muslin fits very nicely and perfect. So, super super happy and excited. Lepas ni, I don’t need to explain berkali2 to seamstress how to draw and cut the pattern, sbb selalu ada jer la yg silap. I intend to do it myself. I still remember masa I baru mula berniaga dan mengambil tempahan baju, ada somebody tinggalkan komen yg agak menyegat. Dia cakap yang I tk layak mengambil kredit diatas kerja2 tukang jahit. Maksud dia, yg I cuma design, walhal yg membuat dan menjahit baju itu adalah tukang jahit. You know what dear, walaupon you are partially correct (sebab sepanjang pengalaman I, kalau tanpa I memberi instruction kepada seamstress, baju2 tu semua boleh la masuk tong sampah, huhu. tukang jahit dan designer adalah 2 pakar yg berbeza bidang), but still kata-kata kamu itu memberi motivation kepada I utk belajar lebih mendalam tentang rekaan fashion dan baju. Jadi, terima kasih di atas sindiran itu, kerana itu lah titik permulaan percambahan benih minat utk belajar membuat pattern. Dan sekarang I dah boleh lukis pattern dan potong kain sendiri. Thanks again.

Insyallah once my full muslin (muslin ni baju sample yg diperbuat dari kain murahan, utk tujuan mendapatkan good fit, sebelum gunting kain yg lebih mahal) dah siap, will upload it here.

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