My first bridal wear creation

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Hye all, sorry for lack of post. I tried to update my blog but didn’t manage to make it happen, since often at the moment am free to update my blog, I’m already tired and very fast fall asleep.

Abby (my customer and now friend :)) buzz me the other night, she showed me her wedding pictures. I’ve been waiting for the pictures and glad it materialize timely. Big thanks to Abby for trusting me to make her wedding dress, veil, scarf inner, wedding shoes and her husband suit + baju melayu as well. At first she just want to make her reception wedding dress but ended up ordered almost everything with me :) Thank you soooo much again! Allah has been so kind to me, I must have done something good to deserve that kind of trust from my customer. Sebabnya, I tak pernah buat baju wedding before this, and abby’s was the first one and yet she trusted me to do her wedding attire from top to toe and for the groom as well. Kalau I pon kecut ok nk tempah dgn designer/boutique yg belum ada pernah buat baju kawen. Huhuh.

I was so thrilled , like really thrilled! Kalau dah rezeki mmg tk ke mana because Abby contacted me when I was too weak to accept her orders as I was in my early pregnancy of my second child masa tu. Muntah sampai badan lembik. I replied her email and asked her if she can wait for few more months till I get bit better and I suggested her to look for other designer also. She said ok.

Then few months later, when my condition was getting better, I simply email her and alhamdullilah she replied me and said that she didn’t have time to choose her dress design let alone looking for designer/boutique. So, started from that point we worked together in choosing design, material and etc and I was so glad and syukur that everything went well despite few hiccups, but not to worry it was manageable kind of hiccups :)

Can’t wait to publish story for my second order of wedding attire , kali ni pon sama juga, ada kasut, ada dress ada tudung ada suit utk pengantin lelaki. But can only post the story after February next year (permintaan dari bakal pengantin)

To those nak tempah dress, suit pengantin lelaki, kasut and etc. Boleh email I, info(at)nilamboutique(dot)com

Till then….muahsss!

p/s: thank to my husband yang tolong teman cari material, tolong hantar ke tempat tailor dan juga tolong measure abby’s husband (masa tu tunang la kan) for the suit. I tkleh ukur lelaki, sbb I pendek terjingkit2. Hihi. And thank you also to kawan abby yang I introduce me to abby. jasamu dikenang. hehe.

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