Introducing my second prince (2)

This entry is continuation of my earlier entry here.

So, on 27/7/2012 (7th Ramadan) I went to the hospital to deliver my baby. Was a bit hesitate to give birth via csect at the beginning, but said to myself…ahhh belasah. do it. once and for all. Nurses have been in and out from my room, to help me ready for the procedure.

Tukar baju, tukar kain and etc. Hubby looked steady and calm while waiting for me compared to last time when I was about to deliver my Ichiro. Well, that’s the different between csect and normal birth, husband didn’t look so mess up. Hohoho. But wait till you see his face when he wants to pay the bills…haha, not so calm I guess.

I hate baju hospital, it make me feels naked albeit the fact that I’m fully covered. Menyampah. So depa pasang CTG to my tummy, and I could hear the sound of the baby was very loud. Bising betul as what I remember it ain’t that loud, tapi kali ni mcm gila bising. Thought that the baby move actively inside, which caused the loud sound. But oh mannn..I was wrong.

The doctor came and was also curious why the CTG machine screaming like that…then bila check…the doctor’s face looks bit troubled, “oh are having contraction!, you tk rasa ker?”

…hmm no I don’t feel anything…

“You tak rasa ker perut tegang ker anything?”
“I rasalah tegang tu, tapi perut I ni mmg 24 jam tegang jer manjang. Hihih”

How do I tell it’s tegang contraction or tegang biasa kan? Manalah nk tahu. Ehe. Jadi, doktor pon cepat2 check kepala baby, unfortunately baby’s head didn’t engage as expected lah kan. So, doctor pon kata, ok it’s confirmed you need to undergo an operation.

So, itulah ceritanya, dari nk normal birth, terjadi csect, pastu ada harapan nk normal birth, then found out kene csect gak. Tapi at least, akhirnya I pergi ke OT tanpa rasa bersalah to myself, sbb mmg situasi yg memaksa I buat csect. Mmg tiada harapan utk normal birth.

On 27/2/2012, friday, 7th ramadan 1.17pm (senang tgk jam, sbb jam ada depan mata I masa kt OT) , first cry echoed in the OT as soon as my baby being taken out from my womb. Tak menyabar2 nk menagis. Ichiro dulu steady sket, tunggu few minutes baru dia menangis.

I love Prof Zawiyah, tak rasa suspen and takut sangat nk deliver. She even told my hubby, lepas 2 weeks dah boleh dah make another baby. What a jaw dropping statement from her. Hahah. Husband I sudah tentu geleng kepala sampai nk tercabut. Hahahaha.

Enjoy Dawud Kenji Azmi pictures, was taken on the 5th day of his life. About the name, kali ni kami mmg pening nk pilih nama. Apparently i cuma fikir satu nama jer utk baby, and dah digunakan utk nama my first son. Lepas tu dah tkder dah nk pikir2 nama. Tapi lepas tu fikir la jugak kan , karang tak bernama la plak, concept sama, nama klasik/arab + jepun + nama my father in law. So, fikir2, I cakap I nak Dawud sempena nama nabi daud tapi dari segi ejaan arab, i search kt internet ada “W” , since nk sama kan dgn Darwis kami pon letak la ejaan Dawud. I know husband sure tk reject nama dawud, sbb kawan baik dia nama dawud. Suka lah tu :P Kenji plak maksudnya anak kedua lelaki yg sihat dan kuat, dan Azmi adalah nama my father in law.


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