Ramadan Collection 2012

I’m aware this update rather late due to production delay (super sakit hati ok) and also due to my labor recently. But still we have about a week before celebrating eid, so to those yg nk beli abaya dress last minute, can contact me.

As for the telekung, all are sold out except 1 cotton telekung in white. Saper nk beli utk pakai for terawih or solat raya, or nk kasi as a present for mother raya ni, do not hesitate to contact me. Since tinggal satu jer, so first pay first serve basis ok :) Kalau nk courier, I akan guna DHL, sbb time2 nk raya ni pos laju dah tutup seminggu awal.

Ok the abaya dresses shown in picture is quite long, we purposely prepare extra length for those who need it. But it can always be cut to suit your height. So, sesapa yang not that tall, can also wear the abaya. Other than that, the bust measurement is loose, to those who prefer the chest area to be fit, we can provide lace ribbon and sew it on the dress.

Details of the abaya dress is as below;

Abaya wide flare series from our Ramadhan Collection. 3 colours available.

  • Dusty Pink with white beaded lace – 1 piece
  • Fuchsia with black beaded lace – 1 piece
  • Mustard with black beaded lace – 1 piece
All M size
shoulder : 15″
chest : 38″-39″
arm length : 23″
dress length : 55″ – 58″

Anyway, I tk dapat nk tulis panjang2 sbb nk kene bersihkan anak ni, berak la plakkk. So apa2 just contact me here

Selamat mencari lailatulqadar.


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