Introducing my second prince (part 1)

Ya ampunnn…gemuks! Hahaha

Sorry sebab it took me so long to update about the arrival of my second baby.

¬†Alhamdullilah, Dawud Kenji Azmi was safely delivered on the 27th July 2012, 7th Ramadhan, Friday at 1.17pm. I can’t thank Allah enough for the blessing and protection granted to me and my entire family. Despite the rough pregnancy experience and also a very adventurous labor through c-sect operation, I can now smile happily.

Why c-sect? Why not normal birth?

Well we discovered it quite late actually, gynea told me and husband that my water was quite much which causing the baby head can’t engage. It did engage, but kept on changing it position. So, we can’t be sure where the head will be when the time comes. So, my gynea Professor Siti Zawiyah, gave us few options. Including being admitted for few days till I give birth so they can monitor me and my baby. Hahaha, staying in the ward for 2 weeks? Haha boleh lebam tunggu ok.

I said, just make it quick and willingly to accept the cesarean procedure since I want to end the pregnancy fast. And also I don’t think I can’t wait any longer for a risky normal birth. Kalau dulu , walaupun overdue I can still climb the stairs up and down everyday and duduk dekat kerusi main internet. Tapi kali ini, even nk mandi or kencing n berak I kene guna maid’s toilet yg kat tingkat bawah sbb dah tk larat sgt2. Maybe because there was plenty of water in ny tummy plus the baby, tu yg jadi tersenget2 bawak perut. Nk tidur pon tk boleh, sbb perut nnt tiba2 tersenget kiri kanan walaupun tidur terlentang. Then, kulit jadi tegang and perit.

On Wednesday 25th July, I came to see gynea again , to make our final decision on method of labor. C-section was chosen and since it is Ramadhan and I need Imran to be able to look after me for at least 5 days without applying more leaves, we then agreed to do the operation on Friday. Semua mcm elok jer, bulan Ramadhan, hari Jumaat, Imran dpt 5 hari cuti and Jumaat is 27th, which means kalau diizinkan Allah, tarikh lahir my second son akan sama dgn Ichiro yg lahir on 27th juga but in June.

Then, Jumaat pon sampai. I dengan sengal2 pergi hospital. Deep inside my heart I wasn’t really sure. Betul ker nk operate ni? Berani ker aku? Luka kene pisau pon boleh pitam inikan plak nk belah perut??? The thought of it can make my nyawa feels like melayang2 already.

Yes I’m that penakut.

Ok it’s getting too long. To be continued…

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