Baju Raya! Baju Raya!

Sebenarnya kan, I macam tkder semangat nk update blog lagi. It always like that. Bila preggie jer sure tkder selera dgn blog. When I was pregnant with my first child, pon sama tkder selera nak update blogĀ  up to the point tgk blog boleh nk rasa muntah. And it was then I changed my blog design and now I think I need to revamp my blog again. Arghhh boleh bankrupt macam ni. Kalau mengandung 10 anak? 10 kali nk tukar design blog? Huhuh.

So sorry for lack of updates. Mmg tkder selera nk berblogging sangat. But I still available on the social network site like facebook and twitter. So, apa-apa hola me there ok. Ok can also drop comment here, I selalu jer monitor comment and will reply soonest possible. Update blog jer jarang. Ehe.

Available in 5 colors. Biege sold to someone already. So, there’s only 4 left, light mustard, dusty pink, fuchsia and olive green. Price is RM299. Material is satin and comes with pretty border lace in black/white. I designed the sleeve as such (mcm ada fin at the back) so that you can roll up your sleeve easily while taking ablution (wuduk). I make all 5 in M size. Org size lain jangan sedih ok. Nnt kalau ada rezeki I can make for other size also. Actually there’s one more Abaya Dress available in grey-purplish , but that one material is cotton mix and ada ropol2 cantik dekat sleeve and neckline. Tapi yg tu, the sketch is in my other pc, so tk dpt upload. Size is M also and price is RM199 for that one.

Oh about the entry title. I mmg jual baju raya sebenarnya. Still dlm pembikinan. Insyallah June siap. Limited pieces available. Very very limited. Sbbnya, sajer nk try test market. I tk pernah buat baju ready made, so this is first time everrrr and it would be a very decent Abaya Dress for Nilam Boutique Ramadhan Collection. Very nice sesuai pakai masa gi terawih , but ada unsur2 glam sket sbb i letak narrow beaded lace along the neckline and sleeve utk kasi menyerlah sket so sesuai dipakai masa raya nnt :)

Tudung raya pon insyallah akan ada, very limited pieces juga dalam 10 pieces (5 colours), thinking nk buat half moon shawl/veil with beads and also thinking of selling some chiffon printed shawl. Tapi masih dlm planning sbb esok baru meeting with tailor. Other than that, insyallah next week I update gambar2 kain cotton comel utk buat kurung ok. Boleh beli kain and tempah kurung terus dgn I, save time, save petrol, save energy. Dah siap I can just post the kurung to you.

Paisley cotton kurung pahang. This one not for sale ya. It’s for yours truly. Heee. But if you wish to get lovely cotton fabric as above, wait for my next update ok. Am gonna sell some next week insyallah. Price range would be around RM85 for 4 meters. And to those who wants to tempah kurung pahang with me, yeah I still got some slot available for tempahan. But you must hurry ok, afraid if I need to close order soon.

Beria-ia nk raya? Puasa pon belum lagi? Ok, tahun ni mmg I nk buat preparation awal for my family and customers. Firstly sbb I deliver baby insyallah in August yakni bulan ramadhan! Tkkan la nk sibuk2 dengan tempahan lagi time tu kan? Another thing, I prefer bulan Ramadhan ni, my husband relaks and boleh menunaikan ibadah dgn tenang dan aman, tanpa perlu nk sibuk2 tolong I ke sana kemari, settle kan orders dan juga tailors pon dah cakap bulan Ramadhan tkkan menjahit sbb diaorg nk gi terawih. Jadinya, semua kene siap awal sebelum bertemu Ramadhan yg mulia :)

Contoh kurung untuk kanak-kanak. Harga tempahan bermula dari RM30 – RM50 (berdasarkan umur). Yang gambar ni, contoh kurung dengan border lace dekat lengan. Pretty pleaseeee.

Oh yer selain dari Abaya Dress, I ada juga sediakan telekung siap utk dijual. Juga limited pieces. Almaklum biznes kecil-kecilan , everything kene start small dulu. Design bahagian muka agak special, memandangkan kebanyakkan telekung dipasaran , bahagian muka selalu tk fit muka sangat, often terlalu besar dan longgar. Jadi, I try buat design yg bahagian muka tu lebih selesa dipakai. Yg confirm ada 5 pieces pink, grey and white (polyester) and 2 pieces white stripey emboss cotton with embroidery sarong. Price vary depending on type of fabric. Sepatutnya ada lagi 5 pieces from cheaper type fabric, tapi yg ni I tk sure lagi jadi ker tak nk buat.

Since, I ada quite many item to sell, I need few female models. So sesiapa berminat nk jadi model for my boutique. Kindly email me your photos at info [at] nilamboutique [dot] com. I juga tengah mencari duta for my product, meaning I akan guna model tu utk jangka masa yg panjang. Jadi saper rasa diri layak, boleh apply ok. Ciri-ciri adalah seperti di bawah.

  • Cantik, manis, pretty, lovely and beautiful (can’t stress more on this)
  • Photogenic
  • Good skin complexion
  • Height : 165cm – 170cm
  • Weight : 55kg-60kg
  • Preferably muslim (other race also can be considered)
  • Preferably a hijabi
  • Preferably single (married woman also can be considered)
  • Confident to pose in front of camera is an advantage

I know I jarang update blog, but watch this space for cotton fabric update, insyallah next week ya. I planned to buy about 10 set of fabrics only, hand pick by me. So, you guys got to be hurry ya.

Till then…oyasumi nasai (selamat malam)

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