Pink-White Hantaran from Lonia

I wanted to sleep but perut memulas. Rasa nk terberrrrrr….Gross kan? Well I hate when rasa memulas2 yang acah2 ni. I can’t decide whether to sleep or to wait. Cisss.

But since kinda decided to wait (if nothing happen in the next 10 minutes, haku tido!) so, wanna fully utilize my time with updating my blog. Monday is public holiday, I believe many are not working today so less visitors to my blog. Am getting more and more visitors actually but makin ramai datang makin sunyi. Semua jenis silent readers. Huhu. Am cool with that. Komen atau tidak komen bukan penyebab saya berblogging. Tetapi kalau anda komen, saya happy :) dan lagi semangat nk update selalu kot.

Neway, 10 minit dah nk berlalu, I just wanna show you guys my latest hantaran creation for a friend of mine Ain, she ordered the hantaran for her sister in law and I made something that is traveling friendly. Theme colour is pink and white, but I blend it with a bit of purplish flower to give some tone.

Initially I wanted to do something else, but I changed my mind and it took me about 3 hours to finish up decorating the white filigree tray. It’s pretty easy to assemble the hantaran, just place 2 boxes of Lonia chocolates that on top of the silver platform located in the middle of the tray. That’s it, ready for action sudah :)

More pictures for this hantaran and other products at

Send inquiry if you want to know my price. To those who ordered a pair of wedding outfit, will entitle for 10% off for 10 trays hantaran decoration. TNC applied.

Salam Awal Muharram and happy holiday!


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