Lonia Homemade Chocolate - updates

Corporate door gift for our corporate customer.  A box of praline chocolate complete with islamic pattern wrapper and ribbon. Theme colors are green and blue. More story here

Syawal melabuhkan tirai, insyallah jika diizinkan Allah kiter akan bertemu Ramadhan and Syawal lagi next year ok. In conjunction with that me and my sister (Lonia) would like to thank all our beloved customers for trusting us to supply chocolates, cookies and apam for Raya celebration. We are so delightful to know many new customers across Malaysia and would love to know more of you as we (Lonia) continue our journey in homemade food business.

Praline chocolate in moon and star shape (symbols that related to Syawal) , gift box shape and guitar pick shape chocolate decorated with transfer sheet pattern (hardly can see because color of the pattern is light blue)

Special edition oreo chocolate for Shyda’s cousin engagement/wedding (not sure) hantaran.¬†More stories here

We received a lot of orders for the apam (sangat laku utk jamuan hari raya), so we have good news for apam lovers that we gonna introduce 2 new designs for the apam soon , which I think most likely will be the “Angry Bird” and “Rainbow” , the current design Polkadot, Fern and Ladybug remain available , we’re just adding more selections :)

Grated chocolate and polkadot design

As always enjoy few photos of Lonia’s latest creation/orders. Stay tune for next week as we gonna publish another special order featuring our chocolate bar in mini envelope for the first time, insyallah.

Till then…tah tah


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