Book Review : Membongkar Misteri Dajjal

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It has been a super loooong time I didn’t read any books. Totally zero literature, shame on me. I should cultivate the reading habit again. Therefore, it feels incredibly great when I managed to finish reading “Membongkar Misteri Dajjal” book in only few hours.

Here details of the book and short review from me (spoiler alert! I attached few snapshot of the book content below)
Author: Muhammad Nurani Maarif
Pages: 277 ++
Price: RM37.90
Where to buy?: through me or through my bookstore here (register as a user first at the bookstore to purchase books)
Synopsis: Book was written by someone who was initially wanted to write a book about world’s wonders but at the end of the day he found himself writing about Dajjal since the evidences and hundreds of facts found lead him to Dajjal instead. To those who is always (like me) and really want to know further and deeper about Dajjal’s mystery, this book is definitely for you. Simple language use and clear explanation will surely help you to solve all the puzzles and mystery of Dajjal. Logic and facts were carefully included to ensure no missing link in between stories. Personal opinions of the author all backed with facts, hadis and nas. Dajjal is undoubtedly exist, is he a human? or half blood? some kind of animal? is he still chained in the cave as many believe? when will he be released? where did he live now? what are his plans? how do we prepare ourselves to face Dajjal? had we prepared enough? how can we spot Dajjal among us? All these can be answered and discovered by reading this book. Buy one today as a gift or for yourself. You can buy the book through link provided above or also through me just simply drop me a message.



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Happy reading!

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